SuperFutas and the Age of Lust Ch. 04

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Ronnie introduces her sexy assistant to her new life.
5.5k words

Part 4 of the 4 part series

Updated 06/16/2023
Created 04/02/2023
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Chapter 4 - Sam

"...And that was the scene in downtown ButterWater Bay this evening as the malevolent Dr. Disaster was defeated by the combined power of the super titans Typhoon and Ravage. We owe them both a debt that can never be repaid in my opinion. I know this reporter will sleep safe tonight knowing they are out there watching over us all." I said, turning to the camera and flashing my trademark smile.

"Doesn't it worry you that these... creatures are capable of such incredible destruction on their own?" My co-anchor Jeff spoke from my side, turning with a look of concern on his brow. "That Ravage? So big and violent."

"It doesn't worry me in the least." I said. I still think Jeff is a sweetheart, but he's a typical man. Threatened by a strong women. If he knew how big her beautiful green cock was, he'd likely hide under his table for a week. "You saw yourself how Ravage dove between that blast and a bus full of children. Lets not mistake raw power for danger. She's a true hero, just like Typhoon. Just imagine where we would be without them."

"That's a wrap people." The director called out, bringing our broadcast to a close as we faded to black. Jeff shrugged as he stood and removed his microphone. I didn't have to remove my own. Before I could even reach for it there were tender hands at my collar. I looked up and smiled as I saw a familiar face tending to my needs.

"You don't have to do that, Sammy." I said. She blushed.

Samantha Karlson is my camera girl, assistant, sidekick, and all around girl Friday. She's absolutely adorable, with a short mussed asymmetrical blonde bob-cut, a dusting of freckles across the bridge of her nose, a tight little body, and a perfect little heart shaped booty. If Miley Cyrus were about 20% cuter and had a thicker juicier ass, the two of them could be sisters. I'd keep Sam in my pocket and carry her around with me if I could. At nineteen years old she was just to adorable. I admit it. I wanted to fuck the shit out of her.

"I like doing it." She said, removing my microphone and stepping back. She struck her signature pose for me, hands tucked behind her back, posture perfect as she waited like an anxious puppy for my next command. "You deserve to be treated like a star. You're... You're incredible."

I stood, gathering up my notes and giving her a nod to follow as I led her back to my dressing room. She was smiling so brightly that we could have made our way in the dark, bouncing along at my side with a skip to her step.

I could feel her eyes on my body as I led the way, my ass perfectly framed in a mid-thigh length charcoal skirt, dark stockings, and a cream colored blouse that I always left open to the third button. Professional or not, I love showing off my big titties. Let the men drool and the women balk. I've had super-goddess cum slathered across these massive melons of mine, and they deserve to be shown.

I reached for my dressing room door but her hand was there before I could open it, stepping aside and following me as she regarded me with awe. As I removed my earrings and set them aside I turned to face her, sitting on the edge of my desk and taking her in. Her jeans had those little slash cuts at the knees that were always so trendy, and she wore cute little Chuck Taylor tennis shoes. Her top was a t-shirt with the station logo printed across her perfect little bouncy c-cups and her long neck looked so sexy it took an effort not to go full vampire on her. The hint of her taught little tummy peaked from beneath her shirt and the way the light glinted off her belly button ring made my pussy swell.

"I've told you time and again that you don't have to treat me like I'm some kind of royalty, Sam." I explained to her. "You were right there with me down town. You were in the heat of it right at my side, that camera on your shoulder holding your ground like a fucking boss."

She blushed as I complimented her. I couldn't have imagined her being more endearing as she bit the corner of her lip and averted her eyes, looking down at her tennis shoes as I lavished my praise upon her. Beneath that little top i could see her nipples getting pointy and fat for me. The blush on her cheeks was evident too, and the way she pinched her thighs together told me all I needed to know about the state of that steaming little pussy. She was so fucking hot. How could I have gone so long without devouring that gorgeous little cunt.

"Things are getting crazier out there, Sammy." I said, moving from the desk and stepping past her as I locked my dressing room door. As I turned back to face her I caught her checking me out from behind. My skirt was very form fitting, and my silk blouse hugged my body nicely as well. I grinned as I kicked off my heels and met her in the center of the room, reaching out to take her hand and pull her closer to me. "It's a lot more dangerous than it was a year ago. I know I can always count on you, but I want to look out for you too. If this is to much for..."

"No!" She bust out. "Sorry. No Ma'am. I... I need to be there for you. I mean. It's the job. I..." She stammered, and with every word that came out of her I felt my desire for her growing. As she spoke, I pulled her closer. "It's not to much. I... We... I would never leave your side. It's... It's not to much, Ma'am."

"No?" I asked her. "Not to much?" I pulled her even closer, slipping my hand around her waist and bringing our bodies together. Her nose and mine were just an inch apart as I looked deeply into her eyes. "Sure this isn't... to much?" I asked, no loger talking about the danger we faced together.

"No." She swallowed hard as I guided her hand to my hip. "Not to much. Not at all." She said softly.

I'd guided her hand to touch me, but now that her soft little fingers were in place I could feel her gripping me, squeezing me. The way we were standing allowed my stocking clad thigh to brush against her jeans between her thighs. The heat coming off her little muffin was incredible. FUCK! How could I have ignored her for so long.

The truth is I had known Sam since she was years younger, the daughter of one of the station executives. She had always been adorable, but had only been working for me since she'd turned eighteen. Maybe it was my newfound sexual awakening, having been brutally impaled on so much big beautiful super titan cock. I'd always been a sexual person, but Typhoon and others of her kind had changed me. I was like a predator in search of pleasure. How could I have gone so long with little Sam at my side without stripping her naked and bathing her with my mouth.

I kissed her. Totally unprofessional, I know. I couldn't help myself. I pressed my mouth onto hers and she melted against me as I fed her my tongue and felt her wet little lips encircle it and begin to suck. With my fingers sliding up the back of her neck I teased them through her pretty blonde hair and guided her as I devoured her sweet lips. Sexy as she was, I was certain I wasn't her first kiss; probably not even her first girl. I wondered for moment if I would be the first woman ever to fist fuck her tight little asshole.

Before Typhoon had become my lover and I had discovered a world of no inhibitions, I had been as guarded and careful with my sexuality as anyone else. All that had changed over the last months. I wanted to bring my adorable little Sammy into the fold and show her the pleasures I had discovered.

"I'm gonna fuck you." I purred to her as our kiss broke, reaching down and popping open the button of her jeans. I slid my hand inside them, down across her tight little tummy and over cute little pink cotton panties. She mewled as I cupped her pussy in my palm and nudged her with my nose, bringing her eyes back to mine as I felt her sopping muffin quivering in my hand. "I'm gonna make your little pussy drip baby, I'm gonna take your ass too. Are you ready for that?"

She nodded. I don't think she was capable of speech. She just stared back at me, her body trembling as I handled her. As my fingers molded the cotton over her gooey sex she pressed against me, once more sucking in her lower lip as she settled her heat into my searching fingers.

"I wanna hear you say it." I told her. I kissed her again, licking the innocence from her pretty lips as I teased the fabric of her panties aside and entered her with two fingers, slipping them deep into her well greased little passage. "I'm going to fuck your pussy, ruin it too. Say it."

"You... You're going to ruin my pussy." She spoke, so soft it was barely a whimper. "You're gonna fuck me."

"What else?" I asked, leaving her mouth behind to search out her little ear and give it a playful tug between my teeth. "Tell me what else, you sweet little whore?" I asked. She shook as I spoke to her like that. No one else ever had. She needed to hear it, so I repeated myself. "You're my little play-toy whore, and I wanna hear the words. Tell me Sam. What else?"

"You... You're gonna fuck me in my ass." She said. FUCK! I could feel the heat from her breath as she spoke, her mouth close to my cheek as I teased her ear. "You're gonna fuck my asshole. You're gonna buttfuck me."

We were on the couch at the corner of my dressing room in an instant, kneeling together and tugging at one another's clothes. My mouth was latched onto hers, and she was groaning as I showed her how to properly kiss a woman. As I cupped her cheek, I tilted back her head and rose up over her, letting my spit dribble from my lower lip across her tongue. She closed her eyes, mewling as she rolled it around in her mouth. With my thumb I opened her mouth wider with a tender touch at her chin, then I spit into it. She gasped out loud and nearly cracked her jaw as she opened wide for more of my presents.

I could see the angel pink of the inside of her mouth as a pool of my sugar formed around her tongue and I watched her throat muscles work as she swallowed, welcoming what I had given her into her tummy. I covered her mouth with mine once more and the outside world faded away as we lost ourselves in one another.

It was adorable how she fumbled with the clasp of my skirt, finally peeling the material down over my butt and across my stocking clad thighs. I let her work, petting her pretty head as she helped me out of my bottoms. When she saw my naked freshly shaven pussy she froze, staring in awe at my sex.

I brought her back to my world as I pushed her back and grabbed hold of her jeans. She was blushing as I tossed her tennis shoes aside and tugged the denim down over her own angel thighs. With her back on my couch she held her feet high in the air as I tugged her bottoms off and reached for her panties. They were soaked through, and to be quite honest, they offended me. How dare they be in my way? She gasped as I ripped them off her and tossed their remains to the floor.

Bald and smooth, her pussy was as bare as my own and so puffy and pretty I couldn't resist diving for it. With tender hands I pushed her thighs up and open as I made my best attempt to crawl right up inside her, smashing my chin into her sopping mound and ravaging her button with my tongue. I felt her reach out for me as I ate her alive, stroking my hair as she wriggled on my couch, whining out loud as I brought her to new heights of pleasure. No one had ever eaten her like I was, and I felt my reward gushing across my tongue almost at once as she began to cum.

FUCK! Her scent, the heat of her, and the way that tight little hole clamped down on my searching tongue. She was so sweet I couldn't stand it. I felt like I was going to lose my mind as I continued to gobble her up.

I slid both my hands under her, lifting her perfect little ass as my kisses traveled south. She groaned, and I felt her rise up on her elbows to look own at me. The shock in her eyes as I entered her tiny butthole with my tongue was to much to bear. While she had been so quick to give me permission to have her little ass, it was clear to me in an instant that she was a virgin between her cheeks. She wouldn't be for long.

Long slow licks with the flat of my tongue, savoring her flavors as I painted a trail of spit from her tailbone to her belly button making stops in between. I held her open and let her watch me as I moved away from her pussy and spit on her quivering flesh, assaulting it once more as I dove in, driving her crazy with desire.

While my mind was laser focused on getting her off, I couldn't help but imagine her little body being taken by one of my new and very powerful friends. I imagined how beautiful my little Sam would look, helpless beneath my gorgeous Typhoon, overpowered by a bulging black super goddess. I would sit back in the chair beside my bed, openly jacking my hot little box as I watched my pretty blonde assistant getting her tiny asshole obliterated by massive black lady-cock.

How cute and sweet would Sam look with ropes of hot cock-slime dangling from her pretty mouth as she wailed on all fours, her ass pushed up and the dark and brooding Dusk behind her, shanking her pink insides with her battering-ram cock? She would look up at me, kneeling before her and cupping her face in my hand as Bryce raped her butt, a look of utter bliss on my teenage cutie's face.

Sam pushed at my shoulders, shuddering from an intense orgasm and desperate for a short reprieve. I couldn't help but grin as I removed my lips from her sopping sex, lingering threads of her sweetness still connecting her and I, face to pussy as she shook and trembled before me.

I let her have her way as she gently pushed me back, crawling out from under me and tearing off her top at last. Those tits were so firm and perky I wanted to tackle her to the ground and cover them with tiny bite marks, but she had other ideas.

I peeled my blouse off as well, undoing my black lace bra and stripping down for her, leaving my stockings on as she moved behind me and guided me into position. I rested my elbows on the back of my couch, arching my back for her as I felt the heat of her breath along my lower back, down my spine, and finally between my cheeks. When her mouth found my tight little asshole first, I knew she and I were two of a kind. I closed my eyes and groaned out loud as she began to enter me, her tongue like a tiny little dick in my butt.

I would learn later that my little angel had never truly been fucked. She'd kissed other girls before and even rubbed pussies with other hot little hard bodies during senior high sleep overs, but she'd never been made love to. I was her first, and she had been waiting for me to take her since the day we had met. She loved me, and before you get all upset with me for taking advantage of such a sweet little angel, I was certain in that moment that I loved her too. Whatever incredible feelings I had about Typhoon and my newfound sexual bliss, I knew at once that I was going to be bringing my cute little Sammy along for the ride.

Like a depraved momma, I taught my little darling how to use her pretty mouth to find my gooey center. I watched her over my shoulder as she ate my asshole, licking my lips as she took my guidance like a good girl, slathering my opening with lots of spit, and encircling my hole with her lips as she probed my insides. Sam behaved herself like a good little whore as I explained to her that the more spit she used the better. She had no problem getting messy with me, and soon she was holding my cheeks open and painting my pucker with several coatings of her sweet slobber.

I turned to face her after she had had a proper meal, giggling with her like playful girls as we wrestled on my plush carpet together, chasing each others lips for kisses and groping every soft naughty curve we had revealed to one another. I finally got my chance to latch onto her cute little tits and bite down on those bullet sized nipples of hers, listening to her groan as I tortured her pretty body. When she had her turn at mine, we took our time with that as well. Those tender little lips of hers around my nipples, her big beautiful eyes looking up at me as she nursed at me, and the way she cooed and purred as I coddled her head and let her feed... Fuck! If I hadn't already been in love with her...

I knew in my head that I would be sharing every wicked secret I had with Sam. As we moved together so our legs were scissoring and I pushed my sopping peach into her own I reached out for her, lacing my fingers with hers as we began to stir our hips and rub our slathered pussies together. I imagined how she would react when she learned the truth of the super beings in our world, and how adorable she would seem the first time I held Typhoon's giant black cock before her little mouth. I couldn't help but envision her on all fours before me, grunting as tears flowed freely across her smiling face, both of us being hammered from behind by the cocks of living goddesses.

She felt so slick and sweet, that tight little pussy was like fire against my own. I soon began to lose myself in our shared lust for one another. Tossing my head back, I groaned out loud as my first orgasm racked my body, my lower half stiffening against hers, my gooey little pussy spilling heat over her own naked folds. I cried out in pleasure, and she gasped out loud, losing herself to me as well.

I felt incredible, on a level I had never known. It felt as if I had slipped inside her and her tight pussy was hugging me. I bit my lip and savored the ethereal sweetness of being lost in orgasm with my younger lover. I couldn't even see strait, it was such an intense and earth shattering moment between us.

When at last I came back to my senses, I was purring as I looked to my little angel and found her staring down between us with a look of shock. I know it was crazy, but I still felt her latched onto me somehow, and when i looked down where we met, I could hardly believe my eyes. For a moment I just stared. Her sweet little teen pussy was stretched and full. The length of my own enormous cock was inside her. I... I don't have the words.

I pulled out of her, slowly, staring in awe at my length. She looked up at me with those incredible eyes of hers as I withdrew, and once the swollen knob of my big beautiful pink dick was free of her dribbling pussy we looked at one another in mutual shock and awe. I must have been a foot and a half long, thick around as a rolling pin, and curved perfectly to reach her most gooey sweet insides.

I'll pause here for a quick question, just because I know you're mind is reeling. Join the club. So was mine. At this point in my and Sam's love making, one of two things happened. Either we stopped, held one another, and began to question how and why this was happening as we lay in fond embrace on my dressing room floor. Or... Think hard now. I took one look at that sweet little trembling pussy and shoved my fat cock back inside her, pinning her down and fucking the daylights out of my younger lover like the deserving little slut bitch she was. Any guesses?

She screamed out loud as I thrust my length back inside her incredible pussy where it belonged. The smile on her face was evidence enough that I was more than welcome to do as I pleased, and as I drew her legs up and around me I lost all notion of what made sense in our world. Just like that, I was fucking her.

I had absolutely loved having a steaming little pussy between my thighs, but if you took all the incredible sensations I had enjoyed with my hot little cunt and added them all together it wouldn't have held a candle to a single fucking stroke of my new cock. It was unlike anything I ever could have imagined. Utter and absolute ecstasy with every thrust. Holy fuck! No wonder men are ruled by their junk. FUCK ME! Soooooo fucking gooooodddd!!!

Sam threw her arms around me as I pounded her, staring into my eyes with unspoken questions and absolute shock. Her pussy was sputtering around my big cock as I pumped her deep, and we both became a pair of wild animals as we wrestled and rolled our bodies together on the floor.