tagChain StoriesSuperstitions Ch. 11

Superstitions Ch. 11


Ricky Rodriguez hurried home when he got the call. He didn't bother to warn his subordinates nor did he notify his superiors that he was leaving work. He just left. Nothing was more important than this. He drove his car like a madman and nearly bowled Mr. Valenti over on his daily walk to the local hot dog vendor. Mrs. Nelson was not pleased to see him and not pleased to have to sign for a purchase of his.

"You should have told me that you had something coming." His landlord shoved the box into his hands roughly and he cradled it, giving her an angry glare. "It's not my responsibility to sign for things for tenants."

"Thank you, Mrs. Nelson."

"What's lepi ... lepi ... "

"Lepidoptery. The science of studying butterflies and moths."

"So there's something live in there? Ewww!" She gave him a hateful glare. "I will never sign for anything for you again! Next time, have your wife do it!"

Ricky didn't hesitate for very long after she slammed the door. He took the steps two at a time, carefully juggling the precious box and trying to control his excitement. Finally, he thrust a key into the door of his fifth floor apartment and stepped inside, dropping his keys on the side table and hurrying through the living room.

She was still there, waiting for him. His beautiful Maritza laid silently, her golden body draped in snow-white sheets and her hair arranged on the pristine pillows. His adoring eyes drifted over her perfect form, the 38C breasts, the child-bearing hips, the Ava Gardner lips ... but he overlooked the mottled purple and yellow of bruises on her jaw and arms, the black line of dried blood at the corner of her luscious mouth and the anthill-sized lump just hidden under a wing of her dark hair. He did not want to see them nor remember them. There was only now, only the future.

He waited until the clock on the wall read 11:59. One minute till midnight and one minute until the New Year was officially crowned. With shaking hands, he slowly unwrapped the package, keeping his gaze averted until the mantel clock chimed. He took a deep breath and looked down, his breath catching at the beauty inside. The butterfly was like none he'd ever seen. The ad had said that it was only found in the darkest reaches of the Amazon jungle and possessed healing powers second to none. It was for the healing powers that he paid $5,000 for and had anxiously awaited three weeks for its arrival. On this little butterfly's powdered wings lay all of his hopes and dreams.

He sterilized a pair of tweezers from the bathroom, cracked the protective packaging open and fished the quarter-sized insect out, holding it up to the light and gazing at the ethereal luminescence, a pearly light that seemed to emanate from the butterfly. His heart leaped in his chest as he realized that the superstition was true. If the first butterfly of the New Year that you saw was white, good fortune would follow you all year long. Whispering a silent and fervently thankful prayer to his god, he laid the insect between Maritza's perfect breasts and held his breath.

At first, he saw no change. Her chest did not fill with oxygen nor did her sallow skin bronze with life-giving blood. And the lifeless butterfly lay still on her flawless skin.

"Please. Please, Maritza. Come back to me."

As he waited, he thought back to the last time he'd seen her alive. She was so wonderful, so vibrant and beautiful. And she was so good in bed! He missed the way she used to suck his dick, on her knees wearing whore-red lipstick and how she'd ride him to climax after climax, juicing his nuts and cock with her cream. He suddenly ached to bite her coffee-dark nipples and to bury his fingers in her shaved pussy. Oh, Maritza!

The butterfly moved. Ricky glared at it, wondering if he'd blinked and imagined the movement but the wings separated and flexed as the insect awoke from its slumber of death. At the same moment, Maritza's body began to stir to life. A halo of pearlescent light surrounded her body and blood suffused her golden skin, magically erasing the bruises as if they'd never existed. He reached up and pulled the covering sheet away, his mouth watering as her nipples plumped and filled and the lips of her waiting pussy pinkened.

Finally, her dark eyes fluttered open and she smiled at the butterfly that perched on her finger, then floated upward to find a satisfactory place to rest in her lustrous hair. Ricky knelt at the side of the bed, tears streaming from his eyes as his wife sat up and turned those warm, dark eyes on him.

"Ricky, my love. You brought me back."

"I love you, Mari."

"Then come and make love to me. Make me complete."

"Oh, Mari!"

Ricky lost himself in the lusciousness of her body as he quickly stripped and sucked one of her beautiful nipples into his mouth, licking, sucking and biting until she was trembling with passion. She seemed so different. The old Maritza wouldn't have let him bite her nipples. She would have whined about the pain and then complained that he sucked too hard. His cock hardened as he teased her pencil-eraser nipples with his teeth, moaning as he drew a small amount of blood. She threw her head back and growled her pleasure, opening her legs to his assault.

He roughly shoved his fingers into her pussy, groaning at the juice that coated his fingers. The old Maritza would have started crying by now, upset at the intrusion of his digits inside her and the roughness of his touch. He flicked her click with a finger until it stood proudly, then bent down and bit down on it. She moaned, forcing his head down into her pussy and rubbing against his nose, coming close but not yet achieving her orgasm.

Ricky whimpered at her violent response to his roughness and pushed her backwards, stabbing his rock-hard prick into her belly. She answered, pressing her mound up into him and taking him more deeply into her. He shuddered and started slamming into her, his balls clapping against her ass with each grunt. God, this was so good! He felt his cock growing larger, responding to her thrusts and welcomed the familiar tingling that started at the base of his spine and speared its way into his heavy balls. "Oh, baby. Mari, I'm going to cum inside you!" Something else that the old Maritza didn't like but he made her accept his seed. It was her job as a woman.

"I'm cumming, too, Ricky!"

He felt her cum first. Her pussy wrapped around him and rippled around his buried shaft but ... something was wrong. Her muscles tightened, painfully clamping down on him even as he fought to erupt inside her canal and a beatific smile played upon her face. "Maritza?"

"You never let me cum first before, Ricky. Now, you'll always cum last."

Ricky Rodriguez just screamed.

* * * * *

The recent widow sat quietly in a kitchen chair and Mrs. Nelson lightly touched her shoulder. "Here's your tea, dearie."

Maritza Rodriguez looked up with red-rimmed eyes and managed a shaky smile. "Thank you for staying with me, Mrs. Nelson. I really appreciate it."

"It's not problem, dearie." The landlord patted her hand. "After all, it's not every day that something like this happens." Mrs. Nelson's gaze fell upon the half-closed bedroom door and what was going on behind it.

Two detectives and emergency personnel stood above the dead body of Ricky Rodriguez, watching as the medical examiner finished his preliminary examination of the victim.

"He used to beat the shit out of her all the time." One detective said to the other. "Landlord used to call us all the time but she'd never do anything about it."

"Helluva way to go."

"But one he deserved."

The ME stood, motioning for his office personnel to come forward and begin taking care of the scene. "It's natural. First I've ever seen, but it's completely natural. He ... without better words, blew his balls out and bled to death."


"Well, let's go give her the news. The sooner we're out of here, the sooner she can begin a new life."

The detectives found Maritza and Mrs. Nelson at the kitchen table and gave the widow the news. Her husband had bled to death due to an unfortunate blood clog and as such, no charges would be filed. It took another couple of hours before Maritza was alone in the apartment that she used to share with her abusive husband. She looked down at the bed where she'd laid, dead, and plucked the suitcase she'd packed days before from the closet. Ricky had killed her when she'd told him that she was leaving. Now, she could do as she had wanted.

Looking around, she made certain that the lights were out and that the stove burners were off before collecting the only other thing she wanted to keep from this place. The little butterfly climbed onto her finger and flitted up to her shoulder, brushing its wings against her cheek as a kiss.

"Time to face the New Year with good fortune, eh?" The butterfly flexed its wings in response and with a smile, Maritza shut the door behind her and headed out into the world.

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