tagLoving WivesSuperstitious Me? Of Course.

Superstitious Me? Of Course.


Thank you Angel Love, for reading through and correct me where I make mistakes.


It is not logical, that me, an intelligent man should be superstitious. But I am, and it has brought me into trouble. Well to say it brought me into trouble is not quite right; it was my wife that brought our marriage into trouble. But it was my superstition that helped her to cover it up, but the end result would have been the same.

Why I was superstitious is easy to explain, and this is how it happened.

I was 26 years old, had got myself a business degree, and a good job with one of our towns big and renowned companies. One sunny Sunday afternoon I was at the fairground with friends, and while some of them did target shooting, I was sitting in a booth with an old soothsayer who was reading my hand. She told me in no uncertain terms – or so I believed – that during the next few days I would meet a person that would be important to me. I asked her if she thought I would meet my love for life. She replied that as far as she could see that was a possibility. But she cautioned me, said I had to be careful and not rush into things.

The next Saturday I was invited to a party. When I walked in I immediately saw HER. She was not what you normally would call a classic beauty, but she had a pretty face and a very good smile. When I walked up to her, I saw the most gorgeous clear blue eyes. I presented myself, and she said her name was Judy. I soon discovered she had a good soft voice, and we had a lot in common. But the soothsayer had said I had to take things easy and not rush. So I did not monopolise her, but circulated and talked to the other partygoers as well. During the evening we ended up talking several times, and before the party ended I had her telephone number and a date.

Only a few dates after our first meeting, I was in love. And so was Judy. Six months later she moved in with me, and we were an item. Our friends saw us as a couple. The next year was good, and Judy was a pretty but shy girl, and dressed very conservatively. She had a lovely body and was great to be with. The lovemaking was good; she liked the cuddling, and intimacy in bed, but would only engage in vanilla sex. No cock sucking, no anal but soft good lovemaking, and she wanted it every night. I did not complain.

We wanted to buy a house, but could not afford it. We both had good jobs, but houses in the neighbourhood we wanted were too heavy an investment for us. One day I was sitting in my dentist's waiting room reading my Horoscope for the week. I am a Taurus by the way. It said; "This week will be a good week for you. You may expect a turn to the better for you, it may be that you will have a good experience, some very good news or even an unexpected financial windfall." Later that week I won $98,358 at the lottery. We married and bought the house of our dreams, and we were ready to start a family.

I started to be a bit anxious about my prospects in the company I worked for. Promotions had skipped me a couple of times, and I wondered if I should seek a change of career. Then I read my Horoscope on Sunday afternoon, where it said: "You may receive an interesting offer soon. But be careful; do not jump on any proposal without thinking it through. The first is not always the best."

So I was not surprised when I got an offer from one of our competitors to take a better job with them, with an increase of 10% on my salary. But thinking about the Horoscope, I told them I had to think about it. And sure enough, a few days later my boss called me into his office. He told me they where pleased about my performance, and offered me a better job with a 25% increase in salary. Our competitor applied for chapter 11 a year later. Is it strange that I started to be seriously superstitious?

Time went by, Judy and I lived a happy life, and a couple of years after moving into our new house we had a lovely daughter. Our sex life was as before. Good but not exciting. She liked to cuddle and to be sweet talked to, and the slow and good lovemaking. Her repetoir did not change, and if I tried to go down on her, she stopped me, only conventional sex please. Except for that, I was content, and had no reason to be concerned. I gave her what she wanted, but to be honest, she did not give me all I wanted. But you have to be reasonable; it is too much to have it all. She was a loving wife, good mother, good cook and all the rest you reasonably can expect. I had no reason to be dissatisfied, but I was, deep down. But I did not know it at the time.

We had been married 5 years when she expected our second child. She was a little more than 7 months into her pregnancy, and one day she had an appointment with the gynaecologist. I was at the local mall doing some shopping in the hardware shop. Before leaving I spotted a fortune-teller sitting in a booth with a large crystal ball. I went over to her for fun, asking if she could read my fortune. You know me by now, superstitious me.

She began to tell me what she saw in her crystal ball, but they were just generalized things. This made me a bit angry. "Tell me something of real substance," I demanded.

She looked at me, and then intensely at the ball, and said; "I can see you are married to a wonderful woman. I can also see that she is pregnant, let me se if I can see if this is you first child or not. No it is not your first born, I am sure it must be the second." She looked at me once more and asked if she was right.

"Yes you are, but can you see the baby's sex?" I replied.

"Of course" she said, "But you will only know if I am right in about a month or two, and I have a 50 pct chance to guess the sex you know. But I am not guessing, I can see you will be the proud father to a nice little baby boy."

When I was about to pay her, she said: "My normal fee is $25. I will come back to this stall in three months time. If I say to you, no money now, but you seek me up three months from now and pay me $50 when you know I am right, will you accept the proposal?"

"Sure" I replied, "And if it is a daughter I don't owe you anything".

"Yes" she said, "But you are going to have a son".

Two months later our son was born, and I was the happiest man in the world. Lovely wife, daughter and now a son. Good job, steady income, I was in heaven.

But how long was Adam in paradise. I was there three more years, then something happened that made a change. Not immediately, but I got to worry about Judy in a way I did not expect. She had never given me any grounds for believing she was anything else but a faithful wife. Our lovemaking was as before, and she dressed a bit timid, and did not use sexy clothing and even after some pressure from me declined to use flimsy sexy underwear.

Then by shear coincidence I found a box filled with the sexiest underwear you could imagine. It was stowed away so I should not find it, under a double bottom in one of her drawers.

After dinner, and when the children had gone to bed I asked Judy, "I have always felt your love for me, and I have never had any reason to believe otherwise. Is this still true?"

"Yes of course Kevin, you are my only love, have been and will be, why do you ask?"

I noted she had gone slightly pale, it could either be bad conscience or she could be scared about what this conversation could lead to. So I followed up:

"Today I had to do a repair job in our bedroom. I had to move the heavy chest of drawers you use, and to lighten it I took out all drawers. I lost the grip on one, and it fell to the floor and all the contents spilled out. I found that the drawer had a double bottom, and the lower part was filled with the type of sexy lingerie I want you to wear, and you refuse so use. I am confused Judy, why are you keeping this secret from me, and do you use it meeting other men?"

She looked at me, a little paler still, and said; "It is not what you think. I love you and only you. I have hidden the lingerie because I did not want you to see it. It is not mine; it belongs to one of my friends. I bring it in to the office for her to use when she want to feel sexy. Her husband is the opposite of you; he refuses her to have lingerie like this. She asked me to store it for her one day, when I told her about the chest of drawers with the double bottom I had. That's all Kevin."

The explanation was believable, so I did not push the matter. When we went to bed we had our nice little cuddle as usual, and she said quite convincingly that I was her absolutely only love, the children excepted.

A few weeks later, I was still a little uneasy about the lingerie, and her explanation. But her behaviour was as usual, and there was no sign of any cheating going on. We where at the mall, and when we passed the booth with the fortune-teller and her crystal ball, Judy looked at me and said:

"Why don't you ask her to predict your future, while I do some shopping for a pair of shoes at the shop next door?"

As a strong believer of such nonsense, I sat down and asked the soothsayer to look in the ball and come with her prophesy. It was the same lady who had told me I would have a son. She recognised me and asked me to relax and listen.

"You have a loving wife and a nice family, and I do not see more than the two children. But I can see you are worried. I don't know why, but I will concentrate on you and maybe I can find out," she said, and sat hunched over the crystal ball for a while.

She mumbled something, and said; "I don't think you need to be worried. Your wife is a good wife for you, but I see that she has caused you something that bothers you. But I don't see anything that is wrong. It looks like she is covering up for somebody else. I cannot see who she is covering up for, and how it is done, but you can relax, it must be another man that should not relax. I cannot see who this man is, but I think you don't know him because there is no aura around you that links to this man." She looked up at me and said that was all she could see. She smiled and asked for her $25.

The lingerie long forgotten, I did not look for any tell tale signs anymore.

A month later I told Judy I had to take a tree day trip to Detroit, and would be back Thursday afternoon. I was very lucky, and finished my meetings Wednesday afternoon, and decided to take a late plane back Wednesday, especially since it would be our 10th Valentine. I would be home around 11 that evening, but it would be better to sleep in my own bed and cuddle Judy and celebrate a late Valentine, than lying in a hotel bed alone.

When I paid off the taxi outside our house I saw a strange car in the driveway, and there was very little light in the ground floor windows. My heart skipped a beat and I got a very uneasy feeling. I felt nausea. I let myself in quietly, and heard slight noises from the bedroom. I took off my shoes and went silently up the stairs, and as I heard obvious fucking noises in the bedroom, my world fell apart. I heard her voice asking some guy in there to fuck her hard, and I heard her asking her lover to do all she would not let me do, and do to him all she would not do to me. After a while the fucking noises stopped and I heard the following conversation:

"Judy, I really love you. You are such a wonderful woman. Why don't we divorce our spouses and marry."

"John, because I don't love you. I love Kevin. He is the only man I love."

"If you love Kevin so much, why do you fuck me?"

"You just said it; I fuck you, but make love to Kevin. It may be difficult for you to understand. But you are only a fuck toy, nothing more. It is the thrill to do the forbidden, just as much as the fucking itself. Kevin is my loving husband who makes love, we don't fuck. He cuddles me, he whispers nice words in my ears, and I am his lovely wife, mother to his children and he the pillar in my life."

"But what will happen if he finds out?"

"He won't, because I am careful. I never keep my lovers for more than 3 months. Usually they last only 1 to 2 months."

"Have you had other lovers?"

"Yes, every year or so, when I get the urge, I go out finding myself a fuck toy. When I find a candidate, I seduce him and have a lot of fun for a few months, and then I let go of him. I have done this since before we married, and I enjoy it tremendously. It has been easy to keep him in the dark, because he would think my other life is so totally out of character that he never will be suspicious. However, a few weeks ago he got a hint, but I took care of that. So he is quite happy now."

"Judy, you really have me curious, how did you take care of his suspicion?"

"Kevin is very superstitious. It started when he met me. Some fortune-teller read in his hand that he would meet somebody of significance. He met me. Then his Horoscope told him he would have a financial windfall, and he won $98.000. Then his Horoscope said he would have a good job offer, and he got promoted with good pay. Then, and this is really funny, he was sitting in a fortune-tellers booth, where she was looking for his future in a crystal ball, when I saw him. I had been to a routine examination at the gynaecologist, and they had done an ultrasound scan and told me the expected child was a boy. When I strolled into the mall and saw him, I walked up behind him to say hello. I heard him tell off the fortune-teller, asking her to tell anything of significance. I was standing behind his back, and made sign to the woman that I was his wife, and pointed at my tommy, and I told her by forming my mouth – second child, boy – and I left and went home waiting for him to come home and telling me that we expected a boy. It was a big laugh really."

"Well this explains why he is superstitious, but how could this take away his suspicion?"

"He found some of my lingerie I use when seducing men like you. I told him it was not mine, but I kept it for a friend. He was not absolutely convinced, so when I saw the fortune teller back at the mall. I went up to her, and for $100 she promised to tell Kevin what I wanted him to believe. So when I came with him to the mall the next day, I just suggested he should have his fortune told while I was shopping for shoes. It worked perfectly. But John, I do not want to challenge the fate any more this time, so this is the last time you will fuck me. Your 3 months is at end anyway, so please fuck me really good as a farewell present. It will be a year till my next fling, so make me remember this."

I didn't need to hear more. I looked into the children's room and saw they where not there. They were luckily sleeping over at somebody's, which was good. The next few minutes would be unpleasant. I went silently downstairs and found my digital camera, and programmed it for a rapid picture sequence. There was light in the bedroom I could see through the small opening, so I only needed to push the door open slightly and start the sequence of still pictures. I zoomed in on the faces, and after taking a long series of pictures I switched on the blitz, went into the room and snapped a couple of pictures in their face.

Judy screamed, John looked like he was in shock with his mouth hanging open, and I shot a picture of that also. After a few seconds Judy saw it was me and started to cry.

"It is not what you think Kevin, I love only you, you must believe me. I fell for John only in a weak moment. Please Kevin, believe you are my only love," she cried.

I looked at Judy with a sad glance and told her; "I believe you Judy, but I have to punish you."

"Thank you Kevin, you will not regret this, I will make it up to you thousand times over, and I will do whatever it takes for you to forgive me."

"Judy" I said "You are jumping to conclusions. I said I believed you loved me. I do, but I don't love you anymore. My love for you disappeared tonight, and I have no feelings left for you. I will not forgive you. I have been outside this door 20 minutes and heard all that you told John here. You are a Jekyll and Hyde person. You are Jekyll with your lovers and a Hyde with me, and I cannot accept to have only bit and pieces from you, not the complete woman. You chose to satisfy your own needs without considering mine, you wanted to have the cake and eat it. No woman can treat and deceive a man like you did, and get away with it. My punishment will be that you will live the rest of your life without me. I will never cuddle you and whisper nice words to you again, and you will never have the thrill of doing the unforbidden, because you can in the future fuck whoever you like. And you don't have me as a pillar in your life anymore. If John here wants to keep this between us, he will testify to a judge all what you told him about your affairs from before we married and until today. I will have custody of the children, I will keep the house and you will only take your personal belongings with you, and of course the complete bedroom furniture with the interesting chest of drawers and the bed. You will keep sufficient cash for a down payment on a decent flat, big enough to have the children on visits. You are still their mother, but it pains me that they have such a slut for a mother. So in your own and their interest you better behave in the future."

She looked beaten, she understood she had lost, and in time she would know the magnitude of her loss. I felt slightly sorry for her, but the enormity of her betrayal made it easier for me, there was no doubt. My future would be without Judy.

On my way out of the room, I turned towards Judy and asked; "Do you know which day it is today?"

"No" she replied.

"It is the 14th of February, I told her. "Downstairs you will find 10 red roses, my Valentine gift to you," and quietly I left the room and Judy.

I am not superstitious anymore.

The end

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