Standing outside of her house, I watch the bedroom window, waiting for the light to go off. That's when I'll make my move. Her parents are gone for the weekend at some kind of retreat. Her father didn't want to go, but his wife thought that was what they needed for their tired marriage. You see, I'm their neighbor and I find out all the good dope on all my neighbors. That way I can practice my profession and my hobby. By profession I am a thief, and it's good to know when people are gone. I never take much just a few items here and there that might take a while to be missed.

My hobby, it may sound a little perverted but I get off on fear. And the best way to instill fear is threaten rape. I had never gone through with the actual rape, but the fear is overwhelming. That way no one gets hurt, and no evidence to catch me. I know, I should be shot, but first they have to prove it's me. Tonight is not work, it's pleasure. I have never worked this close to my own house before, but ever since I saw Jennifer I just had to have her. I have been planning this for almost a month, since I saw Jen at her pool. She is awesome, light blond hair, big blue eyes, a very sexy smile. Her body is to die for, pert little tits, great ass, tiny and firm, and as I was able to see when she went for a midnight swim the other day, her pussy is as bald as a newborn.

That same night she had a visitor at the pool, a tall lanky kid. You could tell he was trying his best, but the most she would let him do was grope her titties a bit. She always stopped him short of his goal. I think she stopped him when she started getting a little to hot and didn't think she could stop if he went any farther. It was after he left that she decided to give me a little show, though I don't believe she knew I was at the window watching. Without even being concerned if anyone was around, she slipped out of her shorts and T and finished the job that he had started. When she had cum, she tasted her fingers and went for a swim. That was the point that I decided to play my game with her.

So now I wait in the back yard out by that pool for my signal. I didn't have to wait long, the light went out and I started toward the sliding doors, Ann, her mom says that they are always unlocked. I love people from the country, so trusting. The doors slide noiselessly and I am inside. From my visits to the house I know that Jen's bedroom is at the end of the hall. Her door is open and I can see her bed from down the hall. She is laying on the bed on her back and in a very small teddy. She is a vision. I put on my ski mask and enter her room. While I stand at the foot of her bed I soak up her beauty. She is like a small doll.

Quietly I slip the bindings that I have brought to the bed post at the foot and start to walk around to the head of the bed. Attaching the silk to the post, yes silk, it doesn't hurt their wrist and it feels nice. She starts to stir a little so I move back to the side of the bed and prepare. I carry a knife but I would never use it. If they didn't do what I said, I would just leave. I don't want to hurt anyone, yeah I know, the cowardly rapist.

Her eyes open slowly and then with a start as she sees me. I, of course, show her the knife and tell her to be very quiet, or I will be forced to use it. She sits there with that look of fear that I love so much, I tell her I am not here to hurt her, just to please myself. Very bravely she tries to get up but I push her back down. She settles down and asks me not to hurt her, they always ask that. I tell her to remove her nightie and she hesitates. I again show her the knife and she removes the lace teddy. As I said she is a goddess, then I tell her to tie the bindings around her ankles.

When she finishes, I take her hands and do the same to her wrists. Now I can take my time. I tell her to talk to me, tell me what she is feeling. As expected she tells me she is afraid, not knowing that this is what I want her to feel. Something took me over this time, maybe the way she was looking at me, fear but trust, it was weird, and so hot. I yanked off my shirt and opened my jeans, slipping them off. Then I tell her to look at my cock and tell me she likes it and wants to lick it. She balks and I remind her that I still have my friend and she doesn't want me to make her say it.

Choking back the tears she says, "You have a great cock and I want to lick it." That sounds so good, so I kneel on the bed and slide my cock across her lips, like she said, she licks it and in a surprise she tongues my balls.

"Take me in your mouth and suck me deep." She does and again to my surprise she licks along my balls and sucks harder. She slides my cock in deep and I can feel her throat tighten around me. I reach back to play with her pussy and she is extremely wet and hot. She appears to be getting off as much as I am. She pushes her pussy against my hand as I stroke her clit and slip a finger into her pussy. She moans deeply and sucks harder.

"You like my cock in your mouth don't you? You are wet as hell. You want to taste my cum?"

I hear her softly saying yes as the words slip around my cock. My finger in her pussy finds that little spot and she goes wild as I massage it. She is sucking the shit out of me and fucking my fingers in her pussy.

"Please put your finger in my ass," she says and catches me off guard. I do as she asks without removing my finger from her pussy. I then push against her spot with the finger in her ass, playing with her G-spot from inside her ass. She is dancing all over the bed and cumming all over my hand. I want my cock in her pussy and ass now so I slip out of her mouth.

"Please don't stop, I want you to cum," once again, surprise, but I am to hot to care. I slide down and get between her legs, sliding my cock along her slit and rubbing it along her clit. She pushes her hips up as if trying to push me inside. Placing the head at the opening to her shaved clean pussy, slipping inside just enough, only an inch or so, and then remove it. She is humping and fighting to get me back inside. Once again, in just a little bit, and back out. I keep this up until she is begging.

" PUSH YOUR COCK IN DEEP, YOU BASTARD, MAKE ME CUM! I WANT TO FEEL YOU IN MY PUSSY HARD AND DEEP!!" I plunge in as far as I can go and start a slow rhythm, in and out.

"ooooohhhh GOD FUCK ME HARD!" she pushes against me and tightens. Then as I slip out of her pussy, thrusting hard back into her, she screams, "OOOOOHHHHHHH MMMMMYYY GGGODDDDD HARDER FUCK ME MY PUSSY IS ON FIRE!!!" she is bouncing off the bed to meet every stroke.

"I'm close , I'm cumming." I yell as I fuck her.

" CUM IN MY MOUTH, CUM ALL OVER ME, YOU BASTARD. I WANT TO TASTE YOUR CUM!" She starts cumming all over herself as I pull out of her straddling her with my cock pulsating. Then it's my turn to cum and she sucks and licks while I spray all over her face and tits. She continues to buck as I fuck her with my hand.

When she finally settles down and stops cumming I get up, give her a kiss on the cheek, and tell her that she was amazing.

"I want to see your face, please, I know it's you Dave." This almost knocks me over. I don't know whether to run or shit.

"I knew it was you when you were standing outside watching me, please take off the mask and let me suck on your tongue". I slowly remove the mask and kiss her, she sucks very hungrily on my tongue as I start to rub her pussy and build the fire again.

Well to make a long story short, I know too late, we play this little game about once or twice a week. We always change the setup a little, but the heat is always the same. I no longer need to practice my little hobby, but business has never been better. You know, she makes a great little second story man.

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