Surprised By Wife's Best Friend Ch. 08


It took almost half an hour before eggs and sausage were cooked and on the table with the four of us sitting naked and eating.

"So where's the baby today?" Linda asked Em.

"Dave took her to see grandma while I was shopping."

"Oh. Good. I'd hate to have Dave show up about now."

"That would be a bit awkward." She said with a giggle.

"Ok," My wife said quietly. "I need an answer to something. If you're married to Dave, why did you want sex from Mike on the camping trip?"

"Seriously?" Emily asked, looking at my wife as if she had two heads.


"Oh god. I'd wanted to have him put that dick in me since I was as teenager. I kept trying to catch him in the shower an stuff and when I did it just made me want it more. He's lots bigger that Dave is. I mean Dave is a big man, but his dick...well, let's just say that physical size does not indicate a big dick."

"Oh," My wife said, clearly confused about the answer.

"You didn't know that I was trying to peek at him?"

"No. I probably would have been upset if I had."

"Looking back, I suppose so. But now that we've all been together like this, I hope we can do a few more things."

"You are on the pill now, aren't you?" My wife asked, suddenly concerned.

"Um, no. I'm not. I just figured that nursing would keep me from having another one."

"OH god!" My wife and Linda both said at the same time.

Emily looked back and forth at the two. "What?"

"That doesn't work." Linda said quietly. "I would have thought you knew that. The famed breast feeding block only really works for a few months, and even then it's not fool proof."

"Oh lord." She said quietly looking down and rubbing her bare stomach. "That might be a problem."

"When was the last time you had your period?" Linda asked.

"Um... It was due this weekend?" she answered, chewing her lip.

"Oh lord." My wife said quietly. "You may well have a permanent remembrance of seducing my husband."

I sat looking at her and Emily in shock. It had never occurred to me that she wouldn't be on birth control.

"Well, if I do I do. It was my doing, and I'm NOT telling Dave!" She said, tossing her hair over her shoulder and looking confident, much more confident than I am sure she felt.

"We'll know soon." Linda said.

"I suppose that means that I don't get to fuck him any more today?" Emily said with a giggle.

My wife and Linda looked at me, the shaken look apparently obvious. Getting up from the table my wife walked around the table and hugged me. "Don't worry. I just wanted to scare you into never ever having sex with either of them without them being on birth control. And yes, they both are at the moment."

"Oh thank god." I said, sagging in my chair.

The three ladies laughed at my expense and then got up to clear the dishes.

"Since we're all naked and all, I have a request," Emily said to the group.

"What's that," Linda responded.

"Before they get dressed, I've always wanted to be fucked on the trampoline. You have no idea how many times I laid out there with a dildo pretending Mike was doing me."

"Ok. Last one for today." My wife said. "I'm sure he would like to go to work some time today."

"Good!" Emily said as she got up from the table and pulled me by the hand toward the back door. It didn't take her long to get us on the trampoline and swing around in a sixty nine, pushing her pussy into my face while she started sucking my slowly hardening dick.

I licked gently up her lips, pushing my tongue deep into her while she ground her clit into my chin. "Oh god. That feels good!" she said as she pulled her head from my dick. "As soon as I get this hard I'm going to ride you like you've never been ridden."

I laughed as I pushed my tongue in and out of her pussy, my dick growing bigger by the minute.

"Ok stud! Now you get a real rid!" She said as she turned around and quickly aimed my dick at her pussy. She settled down my shaft as she lowered herself to her knees, and then began bouncing. Each bounce took us higher until she found the right speed which would bounce her slightly higher than I was, my dick pistoning in and out of her pussy with each bounce.

"OH god this is so good! I want you to cum in me. I want to feel your hot fuck juice fill my pussy!" she said in a sultry voice. "I've wanted this since I was fifteen. I dreamed of you sucking my little tits and fucking me with your big dick. Every time you were over and watched me doing gymnastics, I always tried to aim my pussy at you, wishing I was naked so you could see how wet I was getting thinking about your dick. Sometimes, I would do my stretches naked and look in the mirror at my pussy and think about how it would look with you inside me. Some time we have to do that. Play like I'm still fifteen and you're taking me, driving your big dick into my teenage pussy while I'm naked or wearing one of my leotards. OH yes! I can feel you getting bigger thinking about fucking my little pussy. I bet I could have made you cum by just stripping and showing you my tiny little titties, couldn't I? Or would I have had to sit on your dick with my tender little pussy?"

"Oh god." I groaned, thinking about how she used to look in the skimpiest of her leotards. I used to wonder if she wore the tightest one when I was around, Linda once complaining that she was wearing an old one that was too small. Remembering how the material used to pull up into her pussy as she pushed her ass out at me while she stretched.

"You do like that don't you? I'll remember that!" She said as she continued to bounce almost effortlessly. "I'll wear a leotard and let you eat my pussy through the material, or pull it aside and stick your big dick into me. Maybe pull the top down so my tits stick out at you and do my stretches!"

That was more than I could handle. My dick jumped, squirting cum deep into her pussy.

"YES!" Emily cried into the trees as she ground her pussy hard on my shooting dick, her own orgasm no longer allowing her to bounce us. The two of us bounced, locked together, in smaller and smaller bounces, her tits showering milk across my body. Finally she lay down on top of me, her pussy squeezing me as my dick twitched gently inside her. "I was glad you came, I wasn't sure how much longer I could have held off. But I was serious, I want to pretend some time."

"That would be fun."

"I'm glad. I can think of several fantasies I used to use with my dildo that I'd like to try."

"As long as you include Nancy."

"Where are they anyway?"

"I don't know. Maybe we should find them."

"We don't have to," she said with a giggle, lowering her lips to mine and kissing me sensuously.

"I think we better," I answered after we had kissed for a full minute.

"Ok." She said, rolling off my now limp dick. "I think I need a shower anyway. I smell like sex."

"We all do," I said as I rolled off the trampoline and followed her cute naked ass up to the house. It only took us a few minutes to find Linda and Nancy in the shower, gently kissing and soaping each other.

"Looks like they got a head start," Emily said with a grin. "Since that one is full, let's use the other one."

"What other one?"

She stepped over to the corner garden tub that I had helped Linda install some years ago, and turned on the water. Stepping into the tub she picked up a hand held spray head and turned on the control, diverting the water from the spigot to the hand held head. "This once works fine!"

I stepped into the tub with her as she gently directed the water across my body, pulling my hand down until we were both kneeling in the tub. She scooted close to me, and slipped the shower head on the bottom of the tub so it sprayed up from below us, most of the water spraying on my balls and her pussy. She pulled my face to hers and gently kissed me. I felt one of her hands leave my neck, the other holding my face to hers while our lips and tongues mingled. There was a quirt of cold liquid in my back and she broke the kiss, her hands rubbing the soap around my body while she pulled away for me to see that she had squirted soap across her big tits.

"Nice," I said simply as I rubbed the slippery liquid around her tits and body, lathering her whole body while the water continued to tickle and tease my dick and her pussy. The combined effect was slowly bringing my dick back to some semblance of hardness, although I wasn't sure why, given the workout it had the last day.

"Are you ready to rinse?" I asked her.

"Oh not yet. I just got you hard again."

"So what are you going to do with it?"

"Let you fuck me from behind!"

I nodded while she turned herself around and aimed the shower head up at her pussy, the tickling streams of water now pointing toward her exposed clit. My soapy dick slide easily into her and even though I knew I wasn't going to cum again, I started stroking in and out of her while she played the spray on her clit and pussy.

"Yes. That's good. Just keep doing that." Emily cooed while I stroked into her using her hips as handles.

I felt a pair of hands on my body and looked behind me. Linda and Nancy had finished showering and stepped into the large tub behind me, both of them rubbing their hands on my body.

"He has a cute ass too," Linda said to Nancy, her hands working down and allowing my motion in and out of Em to stroke it against her hands.

"It is kind of cute," Nancy said as she slid her hands around and stroked my chest and played with my nipples.

I felt Linda's hand slide down and my balls were now rubbing along her soapy hand as I stroked.

"OH god!" Emily cried as she grew closer to yet another orgasm as she aimed the water at her clit and rubbed the shower head against it.

"Get ready." My wife whispered in my ear as Emily drew closer and Linda played with my balls, each stroke into Emily allowing her fingers to slide up my balls and across my puckered anus.

"AHHHHH!" Emily cried as her body shuddered and I felt her pussy clench around my dick.

Just as suddenly I felt the finger that had been sliding across my anus push against me, slipping inside. My body suddenly jerked, jamming my dick deep into Emily, nearly knocking her over as my dick erupted and spewed a huge shot of cum into her pussy. My mind seemed to go blank for a second as my body jerked time and again, pumping shot after shot of cum into her pussy while the finger in my ass stroked in and out in time with my jerks. My body finally collapsed on top of Em and we rolled onto the bottom of the tub, the finger sliding from its place inside me.

"Oh god. What was that?" Em asked a she lay on the bottom of the tub, my wife gently showering us off with the water.

"A little something we tried a few times. I wondered if it would do the same thing to Mike." Linda said as she sat back and watched us, her legs now laying over Em's and mine.

"God that was like getting hit with an electric shock," I panted.

"I could feel each squirt of your cum. It was even harder than on the trampoline."

"Oh did he enjoy it out there," Linda asked.

"Oh yes. And it gave me a few ideas to play some time."

"That could be interesting. Maybe we'll have to plan another outing. I'm afraid my body has had all it can handle for now." My wife said.

"Mine too. There can't be a drop of cum left in me," I answered.

The girls giggled and we soon finished rinsing and drying. My wife surprised me by requesting that we go home naked, to which I agreed. The twenty mile drive was mostly back roads, so there was little chance of anything embarrassing happening.

"So, did you have fun?" I asked her as we headed out of the drive.

"I did. We need to go shopping though. I'd really like to get a vibrator and have you try it on me."

"Seems like there were a lot of things you tried."

"Uh huh." She said, leaning the seat back and propping one leg on the dash so her pussy was fully exposed to me. "There are a few we might try tonight too, if you're up to it?"

"For you, I'm always up to it!" I said honestly.

"good. I was afraid that after today you might not want just me any more."

"I'll always want you, with or without them."

"I'm glad," she said quietly, leaning her head back and closing her eyes.

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