tagFetishSusan at the Glory Hole

Susan at the Glory Hole


Susan is in the bathroom, nude, kneeling on the cool white tiles, sucking off a very long and very thick cock jutting through a glory hole, a freshly-lit Virginia Slims 120s poised perfectly between two beautiful fingers. The hand holding her cigarette is alternately rubbing her soaking wet pussy and lifted to her lips for a drag. The sounds of the man whose cock she is servicing are faint but distinct, and clearly he is enjoying Susan's ministrations.

Seeing Susan's fat tits, fat ass and ample hips, her big long cigarette next to that huge prick, coaxing the hot cream out of him is nearly more than I can stand, and as I watch the man's cum shower Susan's nude body, I find that I want to fuck Susan badly, but I also have the oral urge that not just a cigarette can satisfy.

I bend down next to Susan's cum-soaked form and see another cock replace the one Susan had enjoyed at the glory hole. The cock I am about to suck off is noticeably longer and thicker than the first one, and I can tell Susan is a bit jealous. Nevertheless, she lights me a cigarette and allows me to enjoy it as I begin to slide my lips up and down along the magnificent shaft, licking every ridge and texture, savoring its pre-cum.

Susan keeps urging me on, encouraging me to suck it harder and to take it deeper into my mouth. She is a beautiful sight herself with cum dripping from her huge tits and nipples, and she begins to masturbate freely as she continues to spur me on. My own cock is like an iron bar and aches to cum itself, but I dare not touch it nor allow it to be touched until I finish off the marvelous tool I am enjoying right now.

I find that sucking this huge cock tastes so much better with a cigarette. I love seeing my long cigarette beside my own cock when I masturbate, and it's an equal thrill for me as well to see one of Susan's in my own fingers, kissed with lipstick, as I devour this man.

From the sheer size and thickness of him at this point, and the muffled sounds of his desire, I can tell he's getting close to cumming, and I can't wait. I suck and suck and suck still harder, my head bobbing up and down on his shaft until I feel my mouth fill with each pulse of his hot seed. His cum tastes so sweet, almost like vanilla icing, and I find myself greedily swallowing each and every drop, Susan's head is thrown back in the throes of her own orgasm as she watches me give my very first blowjob, and swallow his hot sperm.

After I've drained that cock dry, Susan and I are quite ready to fuck one another. She leans back and we both light fresh long cigarettes to enjoy on our own as I slide my neglected cock into Susan's wet hot cunt. The cum bath she'd had earlier from her glory hole suck-off has pooled down into her bush and thighs, making her skin damp and shiny, and I love the feeling of my skin getting soaked with cum as I continue to drive my aching hard cock into Susan. In between my hard thrusts and frequent drags and exhales, she tells me how much she loved watching me suck off a cock and that I performed as well as any slutty woman she's ever seen. I tell her the same and let her know that her smoking has always made me horny, and that watching her take that anonymous stranger made me want to suck cock and taste cum too.

With such talk, we couldn't last long. Susan went over the edge almost soon after my cock was plunging inside of her, and she continued to cum loudly and wantonly as our dirty talk increased. Seeing her big wet breasts thrash about, seeing her lips close around her cigarette to drag on it so hard as she moaned through her orgasm, made me cum, and I blasted deep inside Susan.

Just as I came, Susan pushed a finger into my ass, and I pulled out to masturbate, shooting more and more of my hot cum all over Susan's nude form as a rare second orgasm overtook me. I cried out like Susan did as my cock felt as though it would never stop cumming. Susan loved being covered in cum a second time, and said she'd never enjoyed sex so much as she did just now.

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