tagLesbian SexSusan's College Girl-Lust Ch. 02

Susan's College Girl-Lust Ch. 02

byRoxanne Appleby©

Second and Final Chapter

As we learned in "Susan's Teen Lust Satisfied," Susan Smith is a wealthy lesbian whose greatest thrill in life is to seduce young women, introducing them to the joys of girl-girl sex. This story describes Susan's coming of age as a connoisseur of Sapphic sex while in college. Chapter one described her seduction at the hands – and lips - of the dykeish Laura. Chapter two tells how this led to an emotionally uplifting (and sexually satisfying) experience with the darling 18-year-old Kelly, and to one of the most erotic nights of Susan's life: An incredible lesbian orgy involving six beautiful, lusty young college girls.


The rest of the week after receiving Laura's invitation to what she suspected would be a lesbian orgy Susan was tossed by a rising tide of nervous anticipation. Her feelings swung back and forth, being at once terrified at what she suspected was coming, then aroused as could be by the idea, and then fearful that she had it all wrong and that this would just be an innocent evening of girl talk. At last, Saturday arrived, and the stylish Susan amused herself with a new dilemma: What does one wear to a lesbian orgy? Well, clean panties, a bra that unfastens easily . . . She selected the same tasteful outfit she would wear to any informal social gathering, with a slight extra emphasis on showing off her "assets" – A tight turtleneck sweated that highlighted her ample bosom, a slightly shorter-than-normal skirt that exposed a bit more thigh than she ordinarily would, but nothing close to "Brittney-slut" level.

She arrived at the precisely correct moment of "fashionable lateness," noticing the door to Laura's apartment open a crack in invitation, and hearing music coming from the tiny apartment. It was a silly pop love song, the kind with lots of "Oh, girl" and "Baby, baby, baby" lines – not the driving techno she would have expected. Susan entered, and smiled at the scene within.

Two pairs of girls were "slow dancing" with each other. One of these pairs was Laura and a thin, waifish blonde, taller than Susan but still tiny compared to the massive grad student, and with a boyish figure. Laura towered over the girl, and gave the impression of being smitten. Her arms were wrapped around the blonde's back, pulling her closely against her own large body. The girl's own thin arms reached up around Laura's neck, from which she appeared to be dangling, her body semi-limp, and totally under the control of the large lesbian. "OK," Susan thought to herself, "I think I've seen enough to know the score with those two."

The other dancers were both very attractive girls with outstanding bodies. One had medium length dark hair, was the same height as Susan, and below the neck could have been her double – curvaceous, more than adequate but not huge breasts, womanly hips, perfect ass, and shapely legs. The other girl was little shorter, a little less curvy, had B-cup rather than C-cup breasts, and had shoulder-length blonde hair. Susan vaguely recognized the two girls, and the waif in Laura's arms, as fellow undergrads she had seen around campus. But she shared no classes with them, and did not know their names. She thought they were a little older than herself, probably juniors.

This second pair was also dancing in a lascivious manner, and looked like they knew exactly what was planned for this evening and why they were here. Both girls had wrapped her arms around the other, and were grinding their breasts and crotches together in time to the music.

Then Susan noticed a fifth person, literally an "odd girl out," who was sitting on the couch alone and looking uncomfortable. Susan knew her – it was Kelly, a freshman in Laura's "Anthro 101" discussion section with Susan. She also was one of the girls that Susan suspected may be a victim of sexual blackmail perpetrated by the big grad student. "Ah-HA," Susan thought to herself, "Now I will get the bottom of this."

Laura vaguely acknowledged Susan's arrival, but kept dancing with the thin blonde. That was fine with Susan – she wanted some "us-time" alone with Kelly, because she planned to question the girl, gently but thoroughly. She smiled sweetly at her classmate, and joined her on the couch. "Hey, Kelly, how you doing," Susan said.

Kelly smiled, and said, "Hi, uh . . ."

"Susan . . " she supplied brightly. Kelly couldn't remember her name, which was natural, since there were 30 students in their discussion section, plus all the other new faces the freshmen was encountering every week in this, her first semester. Susan leaned over and whispered to Kelly in a faux-conspiratorial tone, "So, what's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?" She tried to say this in a manner that conveyed that she herself was nervous about being there, as the girl clearly was, as if the question applied equally to Susan herself.

Kelly had only just turned 18 years old. She was a small girl, only about 5'5" tall, with look of "sweetness" in her pretty, round face. She had beautiful strawberry blonde hair, and a roundish body that was fleshy, but not quite fat. Her breasts were medium-to-small, and she had a nicely rounded ass that fit with the soft flesh on the rest of her medium size frame. Kelly had lots of freckles to go with her reddish hair, and was very "cute," rather than beautiful. Personality-wise, she was the timid, retiring type that most appealed to Susan. Susan hoped her suspicions about blackmail were not true, because if Kelly were here of her own free will, for the same purpose that it was pretty clear had drawn the other women – a lesbian sex-fest – well, in that case things were looking up from Susan's point of view, because she would love to get her hands on - and in - Kelly's fresh teen body.

But she played it real cool, using her charm and social skills to draw Kelly into general conversation about school, campus events, the dorm Kelly lived in, etc. When the girl was comfortable with her presence, Susan got directly to the point.

"Kelly, I know that you have been struggling in class, and I know that Laura's sexuality and tastes are – unconventional – and that she has been coming on to you. I need to know if she has done anything – improper. You know what I mean – like promise a good grade in return for – something that she wants. I need to know just for myself, and if something like that did happen and you don't want anyone else to know, I swear I won't tell. And, if you need help, I can help. I'm good in Anthro, I could help you if you wanted. Kelly – I'm also rich, you might as well know it. I mean really rich. I could help in that way, too, if it was necessary to – take action."

Kelly looked shocked, and looked like she was about to cry. "Oh, thank you Susan, that's really nice. I wish it was that simple, but it's complicated. Yes, I am struggling in school. And yes, Laura offered to help, and is helping. And. . . .Yeah, she wanted – something – in return. I gave it to her Susan. Or, at least most of it . . . not all – yet."

Kelly laid it all out for Susan, and it was complicated. Definitely a gray area. It turned out that Kelly was struggling in several of her classes. Frankly, she was probably a bit out of her league at the elite university. She had been an "A" student in a small high school back in the rural community she haled from. But "A" level work at Podunk High did not mean you were ready for the major leagues of the ultra-competitive "Big U."

One of her academic shortcomings was bad writing, which was pretty deadly in this environment, and not easy to fix. Laura had offered to help. Kelly knew that the big dyke would probably want something in return, but there was no explicit quid-pro-quo. Laura wasn't offering anything blatantly corrupt like an "A" grade for "D" work. Instead, she offered services "above and beyond" what the teaching assistants were required to provide. Essentially, this meant time-consuming one-on-one tutoring - in Laura's apartment. And her tutoring was helping Kelly, not just in the Anthro, but for all of the girl's classes. In fact, if not for Laura's help, it is unlikely that Kelly would be back for a second semester.

But, as Kelly said, Laura wanted something in return. She wasn't acting out of altruism, nor was she engaging in honest trade, given her position of authority over Kelly. And with Kelly spending a couple hours at a time being tutored in Laura's little apartment, there was plenty of opportunity for hanky-panky. Not unexpectedly, one evening Laura had come on very strongly. Susan knew what that was like, and could imagine the timid little girl being putty in the lesbian amazon's hands.

"Susan," Kelly was whispering now, "She seduced me. She started kissing me, and I'm not into that sort of thing – with girls, you know. But it was - nice. Laura's a good kisser." Oh yeah, Susan knew all about it – Laura is DEFINITELY a good kisser. Kelly continued:

"I really didn't want to, but what else could I do? If I said no, or slapped her face, or something, Laura would probably stop helping me. And she IS really helping. So I did nothing, and – we had sex, Susan. Or Laura did, anyway. Oh, I can't tell you what she did . . ." Kelly was on the verge of tears, but she suddenly stopped, and looked at Susan strangely. "Wait a minute – don't tell me you too? But you're smart!"

Susan felt her heart go out to the conflicted girl. She decided to be straight with her, or mostly straight, that is. She would not tell Kelly that she herself was an experienced and dedicated lesbian, or about the "trick" she had played on Laura.

"Kelly – Laura seduced me too. And no, I'm not having any trouble in school. She did the old fashioned way – she IS a good kisser, isn't she?" The girls giggled nervously together for a moment, and Susan continued. "And you know what, Kelly? Laura is scary – she's so big, and that crewcut, and "dyke" manner, but - it did feel good . . . real good." Susan was whispering now. "Laura was good – I mean really skilled. I don't know – you say you're not into that sort of thing, but . . . was she good with you, too?"

Kelly's face turned bright red, and she whispered back, "Oh, Susan, I don't know what to think. You're right – it WAS good. But it's wrong, and I'm not one of those kind of girls. I'm not a – lesbian."

Susan took Kelly's hand in her own and gave it a reassuring squeeze. "Of course you're not, Kelly. But maybe you can not be a – lesbian – but still have a good time with another girl sometimes, can't you? I mean, I'm not trying to talk you into anything . . ." Not much, Susan thought to herself, somewhat cynically. "But, if it felt good and you liked it, it can't be that wrong, can it?"

Kelly looked uncomfortable, but she wanted to agree with Susan. Susan decided to give the girl a little more information. "Kelly, Laura seduced me right on this couch two weeks ago last night. Oh yeah, she's a good kisser, alright, and a whole lot more. Eventually she had me stripped naked and begging for it. And she gave it. And . . . Kelly – it was fantastic." Susan had told the girl the plain truth, and Kelly responded with her own truth, her words barely audible.

"Yeah, it was for me, too. Susan – er, I love sex. I mean, I've had sex with boys lots of times, and I'll tell you, I can't get enough of it." That revelation got Susan's blood flowing! Except for the boys part, that is. Kelly continued. "But I never – came - with a boy. You know, teenage boys all want just one thing, and don't care about the girl. I, uh, do when I do it with myself though, you know what I mean?"

"Absolutely," Susan said. "I masturbate all the time. And have orgasms doing it all the time, too."

"Yeah, that's what I mean," Kelly said, both relieved and embarrassed by Susan's frank talk. "But I never - had an orgasm with a boy. And I never was with a girl, until Laura. Susan – I had an orgasm with Laura." The girl appeared shocked and confused at this revelation. Susan gave her hand another squeeze. She felt great sympathy for the conflicted young woman, and a teensy bit guilty at the way her own pussy started getting wet at the image of the sweet little redhead naked, spread, and writhing under the skilful ministrations of Laura's practiced tongue.

"Hey, Kelly, it's OK. Uh – I did too. Twice, in fact. The woman is GOOD!" This triggered a spate of not-very-detailed comparing of notes, which ramped Susan's excitement up a couple more notches.

"Susan," Kelly picked up her tale of woe again, "I know Laura wanted me to do the same, but I couldn't. We did finger each other, though. I touched her with my fingers – down there. Um – did you . . ." Kelly was telling Susan that Laura had wanted her to perform oral sex, and asking if Susan had performed oral sex on Laura. Here things got a little tricky for Susan. She decided to reveal a bit more of the truth to Kelly.

"Kelly, Laura wanted me to lick her too. At first I wasn't sure. We did the finger thing, too. She was really hot, but wasn't getting what she needed from my fingers, so I decided, 'What the heck.' Yeah, I performed oral sex on Laura." Susan hesitated, but continued. "Kelly – Laura doesn't know it, and please don't tell her – but this was not my first time with another girl. When I was 15, my girlfriend and I 'practiced kissing' with each other, and things went a little beyond just 'practice.' I mean, uh, a lot beyond."

This was almost the same deception she had used on Laura, but Susan wasn't trying to play any tricks on Kelly. She just had a deeply ingrained reluctance to give up any of her privacy, and what she had told the girl gave her enough context that she could make up her own mind whether Susan's yielding to Laura's desire for oral sex had any relevance to her own situation.

Kelly was not too shocked at this story. What Susan described was not all that unusual – "practice kissing," things getting a little out of control - and wasn't necessarily indicative a predominantly lesbian sexuality. Lots of young girls "experimented" in a similar way, and most go on to live normal heterosexual lives. But Susan decided that to be fair to Kelly, she better reveal yet more.

"Listen, this is pretty private, and I'm not the type who goes around telling a lot of people, or telling anyone, what I have or haven't done in the bedroom. But . . . I have to be honest with you . . ." Well, the truth, but not the whole truth, Susan thought to herself. "My girlfriend and I – when I say it 'went beyond practice kissing,' you should know it went ALL THE WAY beyond, and that I LOVED it, and it wasn't just one time. We, uh, we did it a lot."

This "more than once – a lot" part was a little less typical for teen girls, and WAS suggestive of a more profound sexual identity issue. That more freighted interpretation fully applied to Susan's "practice kissing" with Becky four years earlier, which had been a part of a concerted campaign of seduction by Susan Smith, committed lesbian. Susan wasn't prepared to reveal all of this to Kelly, but she realized that to not reveal at least this much about her own preferences and attractions would give the girl a misleading impression.

It took Kelly a moment to process that part of Susan's revelations, and her head had already started nodding with understanding at the "practice kissing out of control" revelation. She stopped nodding when she realized that Susan was describing something substantially beyond an out-of-control, one-time "practice kissing" session.

"Thank you, Susan, for telling me that," she said. "I will honor your privacy, and I appreciate you being so honest."

"Kelly," Susan asked, "Do you know what's going on here tonight? Did Laura tell you to plan on spending the night?"

Kelly looked embarrassed again. "Yeah, she did. And yeah, I suspected, but I didn't know for sure until I got here. Susan – I didn't know if I wanted to come or not, and it had nothing to do with the tutoring. I mean, I wasn't sure that I didn't want to come, and that scares me . . ."

Susan decided to help the girl out. "You're curious. I understand. That's perfectly natural. I think you know now that I'm a lot more comfortable with this girl-girl thing than you are . . ."

"Understatement of the century," that cynical voice in Susan's head spoke again, and she shushed it.

"Even so, and even though I was also pretty sure myself of what this was about, I wasn't sure whether it was a good idea to come."

The cynical internal voice threatened to tell Susan, "Yeah, for about two seconds, not sure," but she trampled it under.

"Kelly, if you don't want to be here, you don't have to, and I'll help you, even if leaving means you don't get any more tutoring from Laura. There are other tutors, and you don't have to worry about the money - I can take care of it." Susan wanted to slap herself for being so virtuous – she didn't want Kelly to go anywhere, and couldn't wait to get her hands on the darling little teenager, and hoped like heck the girl decided to stay. But right was right, and Susan would not be a party even indirectly to sexual blackmail.

"I'm just not sure, Susan . . ." Kelly said.

"I understand. Well listen, if you want to stay, and I mean want to because you want to, because you're curious, or you liked Laura's kissing, or – you're horny – I'll help you out, and watch out for you, and make sure nobody tries to make you do anything you don't want to. And hey, if you stay – and I hope you do stay, Kelly . . ." Susan looked the tender teen meaningfully in the eyes . . . "I hope you do. But if you do it doesn't mean you're a lesbian. I mean, I really don't think you are. But that doesn't mean that you can't have a really good time, and – some really good sex. You know, the idea that everyone is 100 percent one way or 100 percent the other is mostly not true. Most people have at least a little curiosity, and if they were honest with themselves and society was a lot more open, probably a lot more people would 'experiment' a little bit, but they still they wouldn't be – that way. You know?"

Kelly was feeling a lot better. Susan had told her exactly what she wanted to hear, and it was nothing but the truth. Plus, she believed that Susan would and could help her with school if Laura would not. Having that potentially coercive quid-pro-quo taken off the table clarified matters tremendously for the girl. Susan tried to "close the sale" a little more.

"You know – I had the best orgasm of my life with Laura two weeks ago. I couldn't believe it – I mean the woman is a scary frickin' AMAZON – but she was so amazingly gentle and sweet and – good. And I don't mean just kissing. I mean – skillful, you know. I'll be honest – I want more. And that's why I came here tonight."

Kelly was nodding her head, now, and feeling much more sure of herself. She knew she was a horny chick, and she couldn't deny that sex with Laura had been fantastic. Like Susan, she was pretty sure she wanted more, but she had been so confused. Everything was a lot clearer now, and cleaner, and Kelly felt hugely grateful to Susan. She did want to stay, and she decided to have a little fun now.

"Susan – do you promise you'll watch out for me, and – help - me?" Kelly was smiling as she spoke the words in a mock baby-doll voice.

"Yes!" thought Susan to herself, lasciviously. "Yes, Kelly, I'll protect you from the big, scary amazon," she said out loud. "Now, who's gonna protect me?" she asked in a quivering voice. Both girls laughed, and Susan decided to close the sale a little more, leaning over and planting a chaste kiss on Kelly's cheek. The girl looked uncertain again for the briefest instant, but then smiled.

Kelly glanced over at Laura, still dancing provocatively with the waif-like blonde, and said to Susan conspiratorially, "Maybe neither one of us will need any protection. I think Laura's in love." The two girls laughed again. Kelly then became serious for minute.

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