tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSusan's Corporate Servitude Pt. 02

Susan's Corporate Servitude Pt. 02

byGeorge VI©

Disclaimer: This story and all characters are fiction. In real life, all nonconsensual sex is immoral and illegal, and not condoned by the author. All characters are over eighteen.



Susan had just returned from a lunch with another client, who managed to finger fuck her under the booth, the bastard. Since Gary had earlier made her go pantiless in a short skirt while she and Gary had sat in the client's office across from his desk, and give him a good wide open view, he was visibly aware of her lack of undergarment. Plus she was pretty sure that she accidentally flashed the quartet of young men at the opposite table in the restaurant when she climbed out of her booth and spread her legs.


But that wasn't as bad as the week before, when Gary made her give a lecture to the sales reps on the new expense account form. Gary was out of the office that day, but he left her orders to wear the shortest little dress with no panties. She cheated and wore pantyhose, but per her boss's orders she sat on a stool at the front of the training room as she forwarded the Power Point slides. She was glad for the pantyhose, but without panties she still felt bottomless, and with the little dress riding up and pulled tight, despite her constant attempts to pull it down, she knew that some of the men in front of her could probably see her pubic hair under her hose, especially since she had to keep getting off and on the stool to point out something on the screen.

The man in the first row center was Phil. Phil had been her first boss when she started working for this company, in the accounting area. Phil never would do the things that the others were doing to her, she thought. He was a fifyish man, very slender, completely bald, and bespectacled. He was married, but he was so reserved and quiet that she never thought of him in a sexual way at all. Susan was seriously considering approaching Phil about her blackmail problem, since there was nobody else she could talk about it with.

After the presentation was over, the rest of the group exited as Susan turned off the computer equipment. Phil hung back until everybody else was gone. He approached Susan at the front of the room in his casual manner.

"Uh, you know, Susan, if I'd known you wanted to use sex to get ahead in the company, you could have moved up in the finance department."

Susan knew he'd been staring at her pussy, knew what he was talking about, and was pretty sure he'd heard stories about her. She wanted to confide in him, to tell him her story. But before she could open her mouth, Phil pressed her up against the front wall, holding her hips in place.

"If I'd known it was that easy, I would have just done this when you worked for me." He ran his right hand up her thin tight clinging top, cupped left tit, and squeezed it over her flimsy bra.

"Oh, Phil," Susan whimpered. But with no physical resistance, He placed his left hand on her right tit, bending both of his wrists back and curling his fingers over her twin cones. Her nipples had been sticking out of her dress for most of the lecture, and they stayed hard as Susan's former boss felt her up. Susan just whimpered and endured the gropes, looking up at the skinny accountant.

Phil slid his left hand down her side, and down her hip. He slid it up under her skirt in back, and Susan felt it squeeze her right butt cheek over her pantyhose. Then Phil's right hand slid down her front under her skirt, and cupped her crotch over her hose.

Standing to Susan's right side, Phil pulled her tight skirt up to her waist. He found the waistband of her pantyhose in back, and slid his hand inside, feeling her bare ass. Then he did the same in front, sliding his hand down inside the hose, and rubbed her pubic mound over her fur. With his left middle finger sliding gently up and down her ass crack, and his right middle finger sliding up and down her pussy slit, his fingers actually touched each other under her crotch. Susan clenched her butt cheeks, but both the light touching of her ass crack and pusssy crack sent shivers through her.

Phil pulled her pantyhose down her legs, and Susan stepped out of her shoes and then the hose. The middle-aged accountant unbuckled and unzipped his fly, and whipped out a hard cock. He crouched a little, lifted Susan's left knee up, and slipped his cock into Susan's wet pussy. Her former boss humped her against the wall. Phil felt her thighs and ass, and made out with his former employee.

"Do you have any idea how many times I sat in my office and imagined doing this to you?" He asked rhetorically. In no time, he shot his cum up into Susan's pussy, while she gyrated though her own orgasm.


And a few days before that episode, Gary made her wear an outfit that he'd bought, which featured a short shirt that revealed her midriff, coupled with a pair of low-hung beige slacks, where the waistband was several inches below her hips. Susan knew that some of the teenagers wore these types of outfits, but her tummy wasn't perfect, and if someone looked real close they could see just a bit of short blonde peach fuzz on both her front just above her pubic mound, and some in back leading into her asshole.

And when Gary made her reorganize the file on the lower shelf, squatting down in the aisle, she new that quite a bit of her ass crack was visible to any person walking along the aisle. She knew this because Thom and Craig and two other men made crude jokes about it when they went by.


And Byron, Mick, Emil, Joe, and numerous other men took their liberties with Susan whenever they felt like it, squeezing her boobs in the cafeteria, rubbing her ass in the halls, lifting her skirt in their offices.


But this afternoon, she was hoping to just hide at her desk all afternoon and avoid the leering and comments and gropes that seemed to be around every corner for the past several weeks.

She felt someone's presence behind her. She turned to see Louis the maintenance man smiling down at her. Louis was probably in his forties, but he'd never been married, wasn't particularly attractive, and wasn't particularly bright. He was a little less than average height, had a slightly receding hairline, and had a bad haircut.

Louis shuffled his feet, smiling broadly, and cleared his throat. "Um, Gary said that you could help me in the back."

"In back? With what?" There was a large storage area, loading dock, and maintenance area in back, which Louis was in charge of. Susan had only looked in the door at it once.

Louis continued with his slack-jawed grin and said, "C'mon, I'll show you. Gary said you'd do it."

Susan slowly rose, and followed Louis down the hall to the maintenance area. He closed the door behind her. The area, including the loading dock, was about the size of an average schoolroom. It was dusty and cluttered with boxes and supplies.

Susan, wearing her short skirt, new white see-through blouse and white lacy see-through bra, stood in a narrow aisle surrounded by boxes. "What do you need help with, Louis?"

Louis stood in front of her with his shitty grin. "Uh, I helped Gary fix his car, and he said that if I did, that you'd let me feel your boobs."

Susan's heart sank once again, but she didn't doubt the story. Only Gary would use her as payment to save money on some car work. She felt her face get flush. She was alone in the warehouse with Louis. Louis wasn't a completely hideous individual, but he wasn't someone that Susan would ever have considered dating. At least Louis asked. Everybody else was just grabbing them.

Susan wanted to get this over with, and go hide at her desk again. She emitted a deep sigh. "Oh, okay."

Louis stepped forward and put his right hand on Susan's right tit, over her blouse. He rapidly groped and squeezed it, still grinning at her. Susan's blouse was buttoned low enough that Louis easily reached in, and felt her over her bra. The maintenance man awkwardly reached inside of her bra cup, worked his rough calloused fingers inside, and felt her bare tit.

Susan felt awkward and embarrassed, just standing there as the lowest full-time employee in the corporate food chain groped her breast. Louis was breathing heavy, even wheezing a little. He put his left arm around Susan, leaned forward, and kissed her, too hard and too aggressively. Susan gingerly put her arms around Louis's work shirt and kissed back.

With his right hand in Susan's bra, his left hand slid down over her ass, and squeezed it over her skirt. The skirt was so short that it was easy for him to slide the hand under the hem, and grope her bare panty-less ass. He pressed his torso into Susan, and she could feel his erection pressing into her stomach.

Louis's left hand moved to her front, still under her skirt, and rubbed her pussy. A calloused digit worked its way into her wet pussy slit. Susan spread her feet apart and bent her knees a little, to allow his penetration.

Louis was a sloppy kisser, and when he forced his tongue into her mouth, drool ran down Susan's chin. She was being jostled around, having an awkward time standing.

"Let's lay down on these boxes and fuck," Louis said. "Gary said you would." Susan looked over at the stack of cardboard boxes sitting on a pallet, that Louis wanted her to lay on. It was quite dusty. She didn't want to spend the rest of the afternoon with dirt all over her backside. She already noticed that Louis's dirty hand had left a handprint on her white blouse right over her right breast.

"OK, but it's too dirty. Let me take off my clothes."

Louis had no problem with that at all, and gleefully ogled Susan as she stepped out of her shoes, unbuttoned her blouse and gingerly found a clean spot to lay it, pulled off her bra and let her tits jiggle freely, and squirmed out of her skirt to reveal her light brown pubic hair. She climbed up onto the boxes. Louis quickly stripped out of his work shirt, jingling belt and key chain, dropped his dirty loose jeans and ripped briefs to his ankles, to reveal a short but thick hardon.

Susan lied on her back on the boxes, spread her legs wide, and waited for Louis to climb on her. Louis quickly climbed on the boxes, and lay down on top of her. Susan reached underneath her and helped guide Louis's dick head into her slippery pussy. Susan wondered if he'd ever had sex before. When he FINALLY got into a decent position, he fell on top of her and humped her rapidly. Susan looked at her surroundings; naked in a dirty stale warehouse, lying under the maintenance man. It was dirty. It was so beneath her. It was so bad. It was so bringing her to an orgasm.

"Uh! UH! UH! UH!" she grunted, wrapping her naked thighs around Louis, thrusting up to meet him the best she could.

Louis just wheezed and grunted. He got up on his elbows once, looking down at her jiggling tits. He had this "A real women is actually letting me fuck her" grin on his face.

He fell down on her, and Susan dug her fingernails into his back. She felt Louis cum quickly, and began to rapidly decelerate his pumping.

"Oh, Louis! Louis! Don't Stop, Louis!" Susan begged. She was so close! She kept thrusting up into him, and wiggling her pelvis sideways, to get the last feels of his softening cock. "Urrrg!" Soon she had a mild, not-completely-satisfying orgasm. She lay under Louis, panting as Louis grinned down at her.


Susan and Gary were spending the afternoon with another client. But after playing the company's high-priced hooker numerous times, Susan was relieved to hear that the client was a woman.

Lana was a fairly attractive woman in her mid-forties, Susan guessed, with short dark brown hair. She was tall, a good 5' 10", and looked taller in high heels. Her navy pinstripe business suit at first looked conservative, but on closer inspection Susan noted that the blazer was tapered quite narrow at the waist, accentuating Lana's large breasts, and the skirt was both tight and fairly short, hemmed slightly above mid-thigh. A little sexy but businesslike; unlike Susan, whom was wearing a sleeveless sweater with no bra, and a short flared skirt with white garters and white silk bikini panties.

At lunch, Susan sat across from Lana. The chain-smoking Lana leaned forward as she chatted with Susan and Gary, batting her heavily made-up eyes at them both. Lana's chest pressed into her arms resting on the table, and her low-cut blazer revealed the top of her shiny black brassiere, with no other slip or camisole under the coat. Susan found herself staring down at Lana's cleavage spilling out over the top of her bra. She just presumed that Gary was noticing the same thing. Susan wondered if Gary had ever had sex with this client.

Back at the office, Susan joined Lana and Gary in the conference room. After a high-level chat between Lana and Gary, Gary dismissed himself, leaving Lana and Susan to work out shipment details.

Lana sat to the right of Susan at the conference table, pulling her chair close to the younger woman. Lana's butt was up at the edge of her chair, and her face was right up next to Susan's, with her left arm resting on Susan's chair behind her. Susan could smell Lana's heavy perfume mixed in with her cigarette smell. Susan listened closely as Lana explained the shipping schedule. But when Lana's left knee pressed up against Susan's right knee, she became acutely aware of Lana's closeness. Lana's drooping eyelids over her brown eyes, half-smile, and lower-pitched husky voice reminded Susan of all of the recent times that men had hit on her.

"Is this making sense, to you, Honey?" Lana asked.

Susan repeated Lana's instructions, and assured the older woman that the company would meet the schedule.

"Mmmmm, very good. Gary told me I'd like you," said Lana. Lana pressed her leg firmer into Susan's. Susan caught herself looking down into Lana's blazer again, seeing the swelling cleavage and black bra. Lana's tight skirt had risen up quite high, and Susan could see the tops of her stockings and black garter belt.

When Lana placed her right hand onto Susan's right thigh, Susan instinctively tried to roll her chair away from Lana. But Lana's left arm wrapped around Susan's shoulders, and Susan felt trapped.

"Susan, you're very attractive. Gary said you'd satisfy me. Work with me, and I can bring a load of business your way." Lana's left hand gently but firmly grabbed the back of Susan's head. Lana leaned forward, and planted her lips onto Susan's.

Susan had that deer-in-the-headlights feeling again, and sat motionless, feeling helpless. Susan knew she wasn't a lesbian, never even considered herself bi, but over the years she'd had a few curious moments when she wondered what it would be like to kiss another woman, and had too many subconscious moments when she stared too long at another woman's body. She would NEVER do this of her own consent, but now that she was being FORCED to, she accepted her fate, opened her mouth, and she kissed Lana back, tasting another woman's lips for the first time in her life; still scared, still hesitant, but submissive. In fact, she had to admit, this wasn't quite as revolting as the time that she was forced to make out with the maintenance man.

Lana reached up with her right hand, and unbuttoned her own blazer. She took hold of Susan's left hand, and placed it inside her open jacket, onto her large black bra. It was a push-up bra, and Susan felt herself aroused looking at the large acreage of bare cleavage spilling out of and over the bra. Susan tentatively began to caress the silky bra cup, moving her hand in larger and larger circles. She found herself instinctively placing her hand on the bare cleavage, feeling the warm flesh.

Lana quickly reached up and caressed Susan's braless breasts over her thin sweater. Then she grabbed the sides of the garment, and quickly pulled it up over Susan's head, and dropped it on the table. Susan felt suddenly vulnerable and embarrassed, being topless at work, and with another woman. She watched as Lana slid her own blazer off of her shoulders. Then she dropped her black bra straps. Lana smiled as she let the top half of her bra cups fall, exposing her large dark areolas to Susan, leaving the big globes to rest on the cup's shelf. Lana grabbed her own left breast, arched her back, and pressed her nipple against Susan's right nipple. Susan gasped at the strange move, but instinctively arched her back and pressed her chest forward. Waves of ticklish eroticism shot through her breast, as if her nipple was now plugged into Lana's, drawing sexual pleasure from her body, as their nipples jousted and their tit flesh pressed together.

Lana leaned forward and slid her tongue into Susan's mouth, as the two women caressed each other's bare breasts. Lana was the dominant one, Susan still the hesitant one, but she was reluctantly taking pleasure from the older woman. Susan's high whimpers differed in sound noticeably from Lana's low, husky moans. The experience of fondling another woman's bare breasts was strange to Susan, but she'd always wondered what a really large tit felt like. If felt good; the older woman's big jugs were softer and less firm, but they rolled nicely in Susan's hand. And the softer hand of a woman on her naked breast was an odd sensation. Lana seemed to know just how touch Susan to make her feel good.

Lana's lips left Susan's and kissed their way down her neck and chest, landing on her right breast. Susan's libido exploded again as she felt the woman suck on one nipple and caress her other one. Lana's right hand slid down her stomach to her thigh. Her hand worked its way from her stocking-covered right thigh, up past the stocking top, onto her bare upper thigh. "Spread your legs wider, Susan," Lana instructed in her husky voice. Susan was scared, but obliged, spreading her knees far apart. Lana's hand moved up her thighs until her fingertips found Susan's moist silky panties. They tickled the edge, teased her pussy mound, and then slid in the side over her pubic hair. Lana's long middle finger tickled Susan's outer lips, and eventually moved inside of her lubricated pussy.

Lana pulled her head away from Susan's chest. "Kiss my breasts, Honey." Susan obediently lowered her head down, until her eyes looked directly at the pale tits and large areolas. Susan kissed the tops of them, then licked her cleavage between the two. She avoided the long nipples, kissing around the wide areolas, but her curiosity got to her, and she took the right nipple into her mouth, and sucked on it hard, flitting her tongue over the hard tip.

"MMMMmmm. Have you ever been with a woman before, Susan?"

"No," she mumbled from between Lana's tits.

"You're doing fine, Sweetheart. Touch my pussy the way I'm touching yours."

Susan moved her left hand down on to Lana's left thigh. Lana's skirt was already hiked up so high that Susan could see both her bare thighs beyond her stockings and black garters. Now Lana spread her thighs wide, until Susan could glimpse a shiny pair of black panties over her crotch. Susan reached between Lana's long thighs, ran her hands up her stockings and over her bare thigh flesh, and stroked her slippery but wet panty crotch. Susan continued suckling Lana's nipples as she slid her fingers into her panties. Susan felt a strip of hair, long but shaved back from the sides. Susan fingered the well-lubricated slit, emulating whatever Lana was doing to Susan's pussy. Both women were panting and moaning loudly.

Lana got more aggressive, kissing Susan harder, feeling her rougher, fingering her so hard that her chair rolled on the carpet. Susan now felt like she was being manhandled by one of the aggressive men instead of a soft woman. Lana tweaked her nipples and squeezed her tits hard. The older woman grabbed a handful of Susan's hair and pressed her face hard into her chest again.

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