tagMatureSusan's Plaything Ch. 02

Susan's Plaything Ch. 02


The following is a continuation of Susan's Plaything, Chapter 1. I would recommend that you read it first to learn about the characters, or else this chapter will just seem like mindless sex with no foreplay. Thank you to all those who sent me feedback on the first chapter. I have incorporated some suggestions into Andy's story in this chapter, and plan to use more as it builds. Once again, I encourage more feedback, but please, as always, be gentle!


Susan crawled up onto the foot of the bed, her small breasts dangling from her chest, accentuating her hard nipples pointing down to the bed. She kept her eyes locked onto mine, like a cat slinking towards its prey. Though I had just cum moments ago, I felt myself growing again at the sight of this gorgeous older woman writhing so seductively before me. I scooted myself up, sitting naked with my back against the headboard. She crawled up between my legs, staring into my eyes, her face right before mine. I leaned forward just enough to connect our lips. It was the most erotic kiss I had ever had. I felt her soft lips with my own before slowly sliding my tongue into her mouth, caressing her own tongue as gently and slowly as her mouth had done to my cock minutes before. I would have kept us locked in that kiss if she had not pulled away.

"Well, you sure kiss like a tried and true lover. But, let's really make you into one," she whispered with a sly grin. "Lay on your side at the foot of the bed. It's my turn to play."

As I turned to my side and moved to lie at the foot of the bed, she took my place with her back on the headboard and her knees drawn up, feet planted in front of her. I drank in the sight of her displayed so openly before me. Her taught nipples seemed to tighten even more as she moved her knees apart enough to show the damp patch on her panties between her legs. As I watched, she put the middle finger of either hand on the top of each foot, and traced a line along her skin very slowly up her feet, her shins, and her knees, then sloping down the inside of her thighs. As she neared the silk fabric covering the heated apex between her legs, she moved her feet apart even wider. She closed her eyes for a split second as she shuddered from her own touch. She stopped her fingers right before touching her panties, and instead spread all of her fingers along her smooth inner thighs, running her whole hand on either side back up to her knees. Her eyes had been half closed as she did this, but she reopened them fully with flared nostrils as she told me to do to her what she had just done.

I placed the fingertips of my left hand on the top of her right foot and the fingertips of my right hand on top of her left. Starting at the tips of her toes, I traced my fingertips softly along the top of her foot to her ankles. Slowly, I drew them along the inside of her calves to her knees. I slid my fingers to the soft spot under her knees, then slowly along the outside of her thighs. Once I got to her hips, I traced my fingers across the front of her panties, carefully avoiding the ever-growing wet stop in the center, and moved then back along the inside of her thighs to her knees. As I made this last move, I watched her muscular thighs shudder involuntarily.

Though I had been watching my hands move along her skin, I glanced up to her face and saw that she was watching my every move. Staring into her eyes, I moved my fingertips very slowly along the inside of her thighs from her knees and closer her silk covered pussy. Instead of stopping at her panty line, I tickled my fingers along the edge of her panties, where her skin flared red from arousal. She moaned and pushed her hips slightly up from the bed. When she did this, I slid my fingers under the fabric of her panties from either side, feeling the soft, downy hair of her pussy mound moist with damp wetness.

Suddenly, she hooked her thumbs under the band at the top of her panties, and pushed them down as she pulled her knees towards her chin, kicking them off with her feet. I moved back, sitting on my knees, and stared at her now unveiled femininity as she put her feet back down on either side of me. Soft and dark curls in the shape of a triangle covered the top of her pussy, while the outer lips on either side of her slit were swollen and full with arousal. Her outer lips were deep red compared to the tan of her legs and hips, and I could see the moist line of her inner lips sticking out slightly from the puffy labia on either side. Sexiest to me was that with her legs apart, the base of her slit was slightly open, and was shiny wet with leaked moisture from her pussy. A musky yet intoxicating odor came from her pussy and met my nose, and I swear I became even harder than I already was.

"Andy, I want you to only touch my pussy with your hands. Explore it, learn it." She stared at my face with heavy-lidded eyes, running her fingers and palms flat along her legs to the top of her firm belly.

I moved the fingers of my right hand along her outer lips, feeling how soft they were. I ran my index finger along the entrance of her slit, from the top to the bottom, feeling the slick fluid coat the pad of my finger. Dying to feel the heat and wetness inside, I nonetheless controlled myself, and continued running my index finger and middle finger along her slit, up and down, until they coated the rest of her pussy with her seeping fluids. Every so often, I'd push lightly on the top of her aroused lips, watching her buck her hips up as I did. Finally, with agonizing slowness, I ran my fingers again to the wet base of her slit, and slowly pushed them in. I watched in awe as her inner lips spread apart to accept my fingers. I slid them into a tight, hot tunnel, feeling the sides coated with the liquid that I had by now spread around the outside of her pussy. As I had pushed them in as far as I could, Susan reached down and held my wrist tight against her mound, pushing my wrist against the top of her pussy slit and moving it in a slow circle.

"Push your fingertips up until you press against the front of the inside of pussy. Yesssss…keep the pressure there," she whispered. I did as she asked, and felt a small patch on the upper wall inside cunt, about the size of one of my fingertips. As I pushed on it, she cried out and tightened the grip on my wrist. I watched her close her eyes tight as she threw back her head and gasped the word "yes". I felt the tunnel of her pussy tighten in repetitive squeezes on my fingers as her hips shook. I couldn't withdraw my hand because of her tight grip, so I kept pushing my wrist into her clit and pressing my index finger on the patch inside her pussy. Slowly, she stopped twitching, and relaxed her grip on my wrist. She opened her eyes and smiled.

"Damn, you found my G-spot on a first try. Don't get proud though, the only reason I came so quick was that I had already gotten pretty hot from holding your cock in my mouth." So that was a G-spot! I grinned and mentally chalking a new experience up in my brain, but I wanted to do more.

I withdrew my fingers from deep inside her and watched her twitch as I did. She never moved her eyes from mine though, and kept a slight smile on her lips. As I removed my fingers, she moved one of her hands down to her pussy and spread her inner lips apart, showing the deep inner pink with two of her fingers. I was entranced as she brazenly opened herself before me. She ran her fingers along her slit, gathering more liquid onto her fingertips. Susan then spread her juices over the little nub sticking out of her lips on the top of her slit, moved her fingers in circles. Her nipples tightened noticeably as she circled her clit, and she purred softly with the movement of her hand.

"This is my clit, Andy. It is a little sensitive right now, so I do not want your fingers on me. However, I do want to do one more thing before we get to some real fucking. Is that a good idea, d'you think?" I nodded vigorously, smiling. She kept up her fingers in a lazy circle on her pussy and watched me with her heavy eyes.

"Good. I want you to lie down, and do just like you did with your fingers, but this time use your tongue. Don’t focus too much on my clit though. Taste all of me. If you can help me come again, you'll like your reward." I scooted down the bed, and placed my head along her thighs. I kissed the inside of her right thigh, then trailed my tongue along her left thigh. As I moved my face closer, I could feel the heat emanating from her cunt. I moved my face directly over her pussy, and kissed it right on the center of her slit. I then stuck out my tongue flat, and dragged it from the base to the top of her slit, licking her pussy juices. I was shocked to find that they did not taste bad, but instead were sweet. I drank her juices in, lapping at her aroused pussy like a thirsty dog. Her taste was intoxicating, and I was amazed at how much love fluid she was producing. As I licked along the edges of her pussy, along the top, and under her slit, I spread her juices around. I felt it coating my chin and lips. I kept licking up her slit in long strokes. I would every so often tickle the tip of my tongue on along her puffy outer lips, hearing her moan as I did so. As I continued licking the outside of her pussy, I felt her move both hands to the top of my head, slightly pushing my head into her with each lick. I could hear her sighing as the followed the movements of my tongue. She whispered to me, urging my oral exploration of the center of her pleasure.

"Yes. Oh yes. Lick that pussy. Yeah, lick it. Mmmmm, lick that wet pussy," she sighed over and over. "Fuck, that is good. Fuck me with your tongue, Andy, push it in me!"

I starting pushing the tip of my tongue harder along her slit as I licked, feeling it enter and run along the inside of her labia. Each time it hit the top of her slit and brushed against her clit, she thrust her hips into my face. I stuck my tongue as deeply as I could inside her, running the tip of my nose in circles around her clit as I thrust it in. The more I did this, the harder her hands pushed on my head. I ran my tongue back up her slit to her clit, flicking it with my tongue as I had read about in advice columns in the various Penthouse magazines I had hidden in my room back home. This had exactly the effect I had hoped, as Susan grasped my hair and held her breath, releasing it in short sighs. She tightened her thighs along my head, holding me in place. I could feel the pounding of my heart in my ears, as I kept flicking her clit. Who knew that I could get turned on so much by the pleasure I was giving her? A realized I had been thrusting my hips into the bed at the tempo of my licks, relieving the pressure building in my cock as I focused on her wet, hot pussy at my mouth.

I grasped her ass from behind her with my hands, holding her thrusting hips in place as I ran the length of my tongue along her clit. Wanting to shift my assault on her moist pussy, I placed my lips around the tip of her slit and softly sucked as I ran my tongue along her dripping inner labia. She screamed as I did this, thrusting back against my moving tongue. I released her clit from my lips and returned to flicking it up and down with the tip of my tongue. I worked it, alternating with running the tip of my tongue in quick circles around her hard clit. Suddenly, I felt a soft spray of liquid hit my chin, and Susan let out a huge moan, quaking her hips. I pressed the flat of my tongue hard on her clit, and she pushed the back of my head tightly against her pussy, moaning continuously. I didn't move, and instead waited for her shakes to subside. Slowly she relaxed her grip on my head and quieted her moans to a soft whimper.

I lifted myself up from the bed, wiping the back of my hand across my now soaked cheeks and chin. I was proud in a way to have made her come so hard as she had done to me earlier that night. I leaned back kneeling before her open legs, my hard cock jutting upwards from between my legs. Susan opened her eyes and smiled at me. "Are you sure that you have not practiced that at all?" she asked.

"No, but I'm one hell of an avid reader," I responded smiling.

She moved her hands to my hard cock, lazily running her fingers up and down the shaft. "Well, you must have quite a library then to have done that well with no practice. I should bring you to parties!" she laughed. Part of me wondered if what she said was less of an expression and more meaning exactly what it sounded like. As she kept up the motion on my cock, she lowered a hand to my balls, kneading them and rolling them inside my scrotum. "I want this cock inside me, Andy. Do you think you can do that? I want this hard dick to make my thighs quiver like your tongue just did. Give it to me. I want you to shoot your cum inside me. I want to feel you pull out of me, spent and complete. Don't you want to come inside me? Don't you want my pussy to milk your cock like I did with my mouth? Come here."

I was so turned on by her words that I felt huge in her hands. I felt like she was holding on to my entire body through my cock. I crawled up between her legs (a bit awkwardly, honestly). My cock hung down, pointing up achingly towards her warm and slippery nether lips. I leaned back a bit to touch myself, but Susan shushed me and whispered that she would guide me. I felt the heat of her pussy near my cock as I waited for her hands, almost hovering over her. She again reached between us with both hands, one cradling my scrotum while the other's fingers ran over the head of my dick. I closed my eyes to the sensation, feeling her pulling me closer to her. With my eyes closed, all I could feel was the humidity and warmth around my cock. I suddenly felt the wet and warm softness of her pussy's folds of skin rubbing the head of my cock. Susan shifter her grip from the head of my dick to its base, guiding me inside her as if I were merely a living person attached to a dildo. The slippery and steamy feelings of her pussy engulfed the head of my dick. I moaned loudly with the pleasure of it all, and felt her stop pulling me inside her. "Open your eyes. I want to see your expression when you enter a woman for the first time," she said.

I opened my eyes and locked them on hers, but I cannot honestly say that I was seeing anything. I felt her hand tug on my cock, urging me deeper. Suddenly, she removed her hands from between us and placed them both on my ass, lifting her legs at the same time and placing her heels at my butt. With steady pressure, she pulled me into her. I collapsed on top of her as I felt my straining cock enter the warmest, slickest, tunnel I had ever felt in my life. Her hard nipples rubbed on my chest, as I pinched one with my fingers. The sensation between my legs made completely forget about how I had enjoyed her mouth earlier that evening. Her hands and heels pulled me in until I could go no further. Instead of allowing me to withdraw, her hands held me there as she watched my face. I felt one of her hands reach further behind me and massage my balls around, causing my cock to jump inside of her. Susan moaned in satisfaction, and moved both of her hands to my hips, guiding me to slowly withdraw from her slick tunnel. I lowered by head to watch as I withdrew my cock from her. It glistened with her juices, spreading her lips apart as her inner pussy lips still attempted to grasp along the shaft. I was enthralled with the slick frothiness of her juices she left along the skin of my cock. I couldn't wait to watch myself drive deeply back inside her.

I watched as Susan pulled on my hips, urging me to thrust slowly into her again. My cock disappeared inside her, sliding through her outer pussy lips as I sank deeper and deeper inside her. I saw her engorged clit rubbing along the top of my cock as well, and grinned knowing that I had to be exciting her as much as I was myself. Susan whispered into my ear "Yessss, watch my pussy hold onto your cock. Watch my lips slide along you as you thrust in and pull out. Uhhh…." I felt her hands and feet pulling and pushing at my ass at an increasing rhythm. I tried to keep my pace slow and steady, but the tightening was beginning in my balls again, and with each agonizing slide out of that hot pussy, all I wanted to do was bury myself in again deeply. In and out I slid, in and out, watching her pussy swallow my shining cock with each eager thrust. Wet sounds accompanied our thrusts as I withdrew and thrust in again. We both watched Susan's copious pussy juice froth around the heat of our connection, moistening the soft hair of her engorged and reddened pussy lips and clumping up in the hair around the base of my cock.

Susan's words had been lost to high-pitched sighs and groans as she increased our tempo even more. I closed my eyes as I lost myself in the intense pleasure of thrusting inside her. I focused only on her sounds as I flexed my ass, driving myself repeatedly into her hot hole. Suddenly her hands grasped my ass cheeks hard and held me deep inside her as she squealed loudly. I could feel her pussy spasming around my cock like a tightening hand, milking my shaft. The sensation was too much, as I felt my balls tighten beneath me. Time felt like it had slowed to a craw as I felt the cum travel up the shaft of my cock to the taught, purple dickhead buried as deeply inside her cunt as I could go. As she screamed out her orgasm, I felt sprays of her pussy juice coating my pubic hair and balls. The first load of cum shot out of my cock and I grunted, collapsing down to hold onto her hips with both hands, thrusting as deep as I could get inside of this hot lover. It was as if I could feel the pressure of my cum travel from my balls, up my shaft, through her slick and tight lips, and out of my engorged cockhead. Shot after shot of my cum emptied into her as I held her hips in a deathgrip until my balls felt sore with the effort of releasing so much of my seed. I felt the last stream of cum travel out of my shaft as I let out one last groan, dropping my sweaty head to her chest. I lazily took one of her hard nipples into my mouth and ran my tongue around it as she shuddered beneath me. I felt her grip on my ass loosen, and she moved her hands to my head to lazily run her fingers through my hair.

I laid there on her, enjoying the feeling of still being inside her, as we caught our breath. "Andy? You alive?" I heard her whisper.

I pushed myself up on my arms, looked at her face and just smiled. "Oh my God, is it always like that?" I asked. I looked behind me, gazing at how her legs were still locked around mine.

"Not always, to be honest," she said. "But if you always try to make it like that, you will definitely make one hell of a name for yourself." She smiled up at me, laughing hard. I could feel her insides squeeze my softening cock as she chuckled, causing me to jump at the feeling.

I leaned back and looked down as I slowly withdrew my softening cock from her now completely liquid covered pussy. As I withdrew, Susan quickly rolled off the bed and went into the bathroom to clean up. I could do nothing other than lie on my back on the bed and absorb what had just happened. I shut my eyes and listened to her movements in the bathroom. I heard the door open again, then a cool wetness on my softened cock as she used a washcloth to wipe our fluids off of my balls and dick.

"I hope that you enjoyed that as much as I did, Andy." Susan mused as she cleaned between my legs. I nodded, and laughed, "How could I not?"

"Well, you have definitely opened the door to something new for yourself." She finished wiping me down, and lowered her head to kiss the shaft of the soft dick resting on my thigh. "I'd love to stay and show you some more, but I actually have to be up at a decent time tomorrow morning to run to the airport to pick up some friends. You don't mind, do you?"

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