Part I

He had agonized for weeks. How to tell her about his secret? How to put in plain words his love for her and to reveal safely a long-hidden side of his personality.

Would she reject the whole "thing" completely as "kinky"?

Could he describe how he knew she would look dressed as he imagined?

Dare he risk losing her?

Because, at last, David had met this really neat lady. He was 63 and he'd seen her first in the grocery store. Kate was about 6 years younger than he and, at his invitation, was prepared to join him for a cup of coffee every once in a while. Then, the relationship progressed first to dinner, then to dinners at his or her house, then to a weekend away and then 6 months later to the prospect of living together. So, now, should he approach the "thing" or sublimate his fetish in the totally unrealistic hope that it would never resurface?

At last, common sense prevailed and so, after dinner, one Tuesday, sitting by a newly started fire he took a deep breath and began.

"There are some things about me, I'm sure you don't know."

"Well," she said, "that's probably true for both us, especially as we've only been seeing each other for a few months."

"Of course," he replied, "but there are a few things I've told almost nobody and I'm so scared that I'll frighten you away," and his voice trailed off ...

"David," Kate said, "unless you're a child molester or a necrophiliac, there is not much that would deter me from continuing the relationship we've been building over these months." "So, what is it?"

So, taking a very deep breath he said, "I'm turned on by rainwear, preferably rubberized."

The silence was deafening! And, he waited for the rejection which he, knew, had to be coming.

"I only have one raincoat," she said softly, "And, it certainly isn't too sexy by anyone's standards. What did you have in mind?"

"I got some brochures from the Internet. Do you want to take a look?" David went up to his den and brought down the envelopes containing the catalogs he'd ordered via the Web and shyly handed them to Kate. "If you don't like any of these, there's lots more that I didn't send for," he stammered.

Kate opened the first one and turned the pages without speaking for what, to David, seemed an eternity. Then she turned and smiled. "Some of these are very attractive," she said. "Is this what you've been trying to tell me about for the last month? I knew there was something on your mind and I've been hoping you'd get to it."

"Yes," David replied. "Well, now it's in the open, what do you think?"

Kate thought for a moment, pushed up her glasses, and said, "I don't fully understand it yet but, it would perhaps help if we were to choose one for me and one for you. Or, don't they come in men's styles?" "Oh yes" answered David. "In fact there are some in that other catalog you have". Thumbing through the pages again, Kate asked, "there are some terms I don't know like single and double-textured. What's the difference? And, which do you like?" Double-textured, David explained, means that the rubber waterproofing is sandwiched between two layers of fabric while single-textured means that the rubber layer is a kind of lining.

"Well," said Kate, "if the attraction is the rubber why would you want to hide it. So, I don't think I'd choose that unless it's what you'd prefer." David breathed another sigh of relief as, while it would be better than nothing, double-textured was his least favorite. "Actually, there are several that I really like, such as rubberized satin, rubberized polyester and ones made from SBR." "What's SBR?" asked Kate, and David explained that it stood for shiny black rubber but that it also came in other colors such as white. "Oh, so with those, the rubber is on the outside but with rubberized satin it's on the inside like a lining. Now, I'm confused about what I should get because I do like the sound of the satin but I'm intrigued with the idea of a shiny white raincoat." "Why not get both?" said David, the words tumbling out. "You're on," Kate answered, "but what about styles and colors."

David helped Kate turn to the pages that had the color charts and it was then that Kate saw the prices. "Oh wow! These are not cheap so perhaps I should only get one." David pretended to think for a moment but he knew he wasn't going to let anything get in the way now. "No, Kate, I'd like you to have one of each and you're going to need rainwear for our trip to England in October".

So, after much discussion, Kate chose an A-line style in shiny white rubber and a navy blue rubberized satin belted style with a hood while for David they ordered a single textured cotton raincoat, again with a belt.

"Now, where did this rainwear thing start with you? It's obviously an important part of David and I really want to understand." He tried to explain that he did not know where it had started. Somewhere, somehow, long ago, perhaps in childhood or even infancy something had triggered this ...this. He struggled for the word. "This fetish", he whispered. "As far as I know, I've always had it and I think I always will. And," he added, "The worst aspect is that you know that no one else feels this way and that you're all alone." "Well, now you're not," she said, "but, keep talking." "In a way," he continued, "after you the second best thing that's happened to me is the Internet because it showed that there were thousands upon thousands with the same feelings. And, that really did help to lessen the guilt if not the loneliness."

So taking another deep breath and another leap of faith, he asked the all-important question. "Now I've revealed my deepest, darkest, secrets, will you marry me?" 'Try to stop me," said Kate, "and let's make rainwear part of the trousseau because that's our personal, private thing". By this time, David's head was swimming with a heady mixture of love, relief and anticipation.

Part II

The next few weeks were a whirlwind of activity. Kate and David had decided to sell both their homes and buy a new one together so avoiding any "my house, your house" syndrome. They'd found the new house fairly easily and David's old home sold quickly also but Kate's took a little longer. However, she now had a buyer but they decided to live in Kate's home while the new one was being remodeled to their taste.

Two days after David moved in, there was a note in the mailbox saying that a package requiring a signature was awaiting pickup at the post office. As David was away, on yet another business trip, Kate decided that she would pick it up on her way home from work but decided to keep it as a surprise for David. She had a pretty good idea that it was their order and, if so, she planned to surprise him at the airport. Fortunately, it was early spring in Northern California, when rain was not only possible but also quite likely. With the mailbox notice in hand, Kate approached the counter and handed it over. The clerk grunted his acceptance and lurched off to get it. Kate was surprised at the size of the package he came back with and also, the weight. She had intended to wait until David returned before opening the package but she couldn't wait to try to understand the fascination these garments held for him.

So, after getting home, she took a shower and, as she didn't plan to go out again, dressed in a pair of silk pajamas. A glass of wine in hand, Kate went into the living room and opened up the package. The raincoats were in individual clear plastic bags and the first out of the box was David's off-white cotton coat. In order to shake out any creases, Kate got a coat hanger, unzipped the plastic bag and took out the garment. Three things struck her immediately, the weight of the coat even though the fabric itself was lightweight cotton, the powerful scent of the rubber backing which she found to be not unpleasant and put it down to the fact that the coat had been sealed up inside the plastic. However, the most surprising thing was the swishing sound as she unfolded it and placed it on the hanger.

Next, was the blue rubberized satin, which she opened, unfolded and slipped her arms in. On top of the previous surprises came two more; how wonderfully whisper-smooth the rubber lining felt against her bare arms and the coolness of the material as she fastened the buttons and cinched the belt around her waist. Standing up, she did a twirl in front of the dresser mirror and, again, was struck by the sensuous rustle that accompanied every movement.

Kate drew up the hood and was immediately reminded again of the smoothness against her cheek and that heady aroma. She also noticed that the raincoat was now warming to her body and was pleased by that, as she had been a little afraid that it would not be able to withstand the cool temperatures of Northern California winters. Taking a last look at her image in the mirror, Kate also marveled at the satin's gloss, almost a glow and knew she had made a great color choice. She reluctantly took it off and hung it in the closet next to David's and turned quickly to the shiny white rubber.

Again, as she slipped it on, a slight shiver went through her body due partly to the coolness of the coat but there was something else as well; a sensual excitement? As she started to fasten the coat, Kate was stunned to note that her nipples were erect and pushing through the silk of her pajama jacket. Kate was beginning to get a glimmer of David's feelings, not nearly to the same extent as he but, nevertheless, she was starting to understand.

With the coat fastened, Kate took another look in the mirror and decided that, other than wearing the beautiful lingerie David had given at Christmas, she had never looked so sexy. She also felt sexy and could not resist stroking her already erect nipples through the shiny white rubber. Within a moment or so, she began to breathe heavily, her cheeks flushed, her knees felt as if they were about to give way and the familiar feeling of her orgasm swept over her; perhaps not the most intense she'd ever felt but not bad for a slow Tuesday night, she grinned to herself. What was surprising though was that she'd achieved it alone with no clitoral contact.

She considered calling David to tell him but realized that, as he was in Atlanta, he'd probably be in bed already and, anyway she didn't want to rob him of the happiness he'd feel when she was in his arms and had, what she was already starting to call, a rubber orgasm. Kate hung up the shiny white rubber raincoat with the others, cleaned her teeth, and went to bed After about a minute she got up again and took down the satin raincoat and draped it across her counterpane. She turned on to her side and fell asleep with one hand on the raincoat, while beginning to think of other erotic possibilities and there was still that wonderful, lingering scent of rubber. Kate hoped it would never fade completely and it didn't.

Part III

It was not often that Kate prayed for rain but the forecast for the next two days was for warm, spring weather. However, the day after that, a storm was brewing in the Pacific. Anyone, who has lived through a couple of winters in Northern California knows that most storms come from the Gulf of Alaska but the real, so-called, "gully washers" come from the South and when the storm track turns that way, look out! It's known as the "pineapple express" because it contains the warm, wet winds from Hawaii. It was this picture that greeted Kate as she watched the morning news and then "The Weather Channel". David was due to arrive at the airport in San Francisco at 4.00pm and Kate planned her day accordingly.

The first chore was grocery shopping and, apart from the everyday stuff, Kate bought a bottle of Domaine Chandon Brut Reserve, some sea scallops and two filet mignons. Leaving the store, she was gratified to see that that the skies were, indeed, darkening with rain clouds.

She went home, showered, toweled off and considered her lingerie choices. Kate had been brought up in the mini skirt era during which pantyhose was the norm. Many yeast infections later and, after many subsequent visits to her doctor, she had taken his advice and had chosen underwear that allowed a natural airflow. In fact, there were times that she chose to wear no panties at all, but today was not one. So she opted for a virgin-white 6-strap garter belt with a matching French panty; her stockings were light-creamy beige, no bra and over it a silk shirt and a silk knee-length skirt. Checking the mirror confirmed her beliefs; if she wore that outfit and stood with the light behind her, she'd get arrested.

So she said, "That justifies a raincoat; but which?" Kate's mischievous nature opted for the satin and also decided to take David's new raincoat as well. Just in case! "And, if it's going to rain, I need boots." She went back to her closet and chose her best buttery soft cream boots with heels higher than she normally wore,

As Kate backed out of the garage the heavens opened and she turned the windshield wipers up to almost full while, at the same time, loosening the belt of her raincoat. Without, really meaning to, her fingers brushed the rubber-lined satin over her nipples and a, now familiar, feeling started to creep up on her. "Just concentrate and drive Kate," she said to herself. The rain eased a little which made the drive less hazardous but she was forced to keep a little heat on to prevent the windshield from misting. That, and the heat from her body, caused the scent of her raincoat mingled with that of David's to infuse the car completely. And, every time she turned the wheel or reached to adjust the radio, there was that rustle of the rubberized satin and the brush of the rubber lining over her breasts and thighs.

Kate was also something of a linguistics buff and a little research on the Web had revealed that this sound that she was becoming to know so well even had a word to describe it. According to Picken's "Dictionary of Costume and Fashion", the word was "Susurrus" and was defined as "a whispering, rustling sound sometimes applied to the swishing sound of skirts".

The events of September 11, and the enhanced airport security it triggered, meant that Kate couldn't meet David at the gate nor would the police allow her to park outside the baggage claim area. So, she was forced to circle the terminal, slowing down as much as possible as she passed the passenger pickup area. On her third circuit, she refastened her raincoat, cinching the wide belt tight, which made the coat emphasize her waist and breasts as the satin was drawn taut over her body. Just as she'd done so she spotted David emerging with his suitcase and hit the horn to attract his attention. After a couple of seconds he recognized the car and hurried over.

Kate climbed out and pulled up the hood of her raincoat, looked at him and said, "Welcome home!"

David's gaze took in Kate's smile and could not believe his eyes. There was the love of his life wearing the most sensual, exciting rubber raincoat he'd ever seen. The navy blue satin glowed like a dark sapphire and was highlighted with raindrops that were beading up on the surface. David dropped his suitcase and took Kate in his arms, completely oblivious to the rain, which had intensified. He was immediately conscious of the smooth, silken feeling of the coat, the wonderful aroma as he buried his face against the hood covering Kate's cheek and the coat's whisper as he moved the material with his embrace.

"David," she said at last, "You're getting soaked." Kate could see over David's shoulder that a cop was approaching to move them on and was pulling out his citation book.

"Let's get going before we get a ticket. I'll drive and you get out of that wet old raincoat and see what's in the back seat."

After throwing his suitcase and laptop computer case into the trunk, he climbed into the passenger seat and Kate drove off. At Kate's bidding he shrugged off his old trench coat and reached into the back seat for his new one, all the while not taking his eyes off her and shaking his head in disbelief.

"You look absolutely amazing," he said.

"Do you like it?" she asked.

"Like it, Like it", he repeated, "I love it! But more importantly do you?"

"Oh yes," she replied, "Perhaps not yet with your passion but I have to admit it's really attractive and very practical; just look outside. My old raincoat would have been useless in this and, oh by the way, I've given that away to Goodwill."

David had by now put on his new rubberized cotton raincoat and Kate smiled appraisingly. "How does it feel?" she asked, "I must say you look very smart," and she put out her hand to stroke the fabric.

"Kate, it feels wonderful; and by the way did your other coat come as well?" Kate explained that it had and she liked it too as it reminded her of a PVC raincoat she'd once owned.

But, she went on to say," I could only wear one of them today and I thought the hood on this one was more practical. "Besides", she added, "That will be another treat for you when we get home, always assuming we ever get out of this traffic".

Part IV

Kate pulled into their driveway, breathed a sigh of relief, and said again, "Welcome home."

"It's so good to be home but I don't think we are going to light a barbecue fire in this weather," said David.

"No problem," replied Kate, "We've got some pate to start with and I'll just sauté the sea scallops. But first I need to get out of this silk shirt and skirt as I'll only splatter them as I cook."

Kate took off her raincoat and hung it up next to David's. "I'm glad you like it David. You know what I found surprising about all three?" she asked. He shook his head as he started to unpack his carry-on bag.

"Well," she started, "First the weight. It really makes a substantial garment even with a lightweight fabric and that's good because you know I'm usually cold. Then, that wonderful swishing, rustling noise every time you move and the scent, which I'm really starting to be turned on by. Last, but my no means least, it's the smoothest, silkiest feel I've experienced in any fabric and I love the way it starts out cool and then warms to your body." David smiled to himself, ecstatic with the thought that she might become as turned on has he one day.

"I'm going to grab a quick shower," he said.

"I'll get you a bathrobe", said Kate and she pulled on a full-length silky housecoat over her stockings and panties. A pair of medium-heel slippers on her feet, Kate went down to start getting dinner together.

"Kate," David smiled, "Thanks, that was great and I'll go and load the dishwasher." He returned in a few minutes with the remaining wine and topped up Kate's glass. They watched the evening news and Kate noticed that David's head had started to nod.

"Hey, sleepy head," she said, "How about an early night?"

"Sorry," he replied, "But what with the wine and the journey and my body still thinks its on East Coast time, I am tired but you haven't shown me the shiny white rubber raincoat yet."

Kate turned off the TV while David checked the front door and followed her up stairs. As they reached their bedroom, David groaned as the phone in his home office rang. It was David's boss calling him to congratulate him on the success of his trip and to add his own welcome home message. In the meantime, Kate had slipped of her robe and donned the shiny white rubber, starting slightly at the coolness against her bare breasts and back. She fastened the buttons and completed the picture with a pair of high heel shoes.

David walked into the bedroom and there was Kate dressed in shiny white rubber with her arms outstretched. "Welcome home again," she said quietly. "How do I look?"

His voice shook as he said "It's amazing, totally amazing" and he took her in his arms and kissed her as his hands stroked her rubber-covered back and buttocks. "You look," he said, "Exactly, as I'd hoped you'd look and enjoying it. Right?" "You didn't have time for the bottom button," he added, dropping to his knees, "I'll get it". As he did, he smelt Kate's aroma mingled with that of her raincoat, so he opened the coat, saw her beautiful silk French knickers and the garter belt and stockings framing her vagina. "Just stand there," he said, and he lifted the hem of the shiny white rubber aside, and inhaled the combined scent of her and her raincoat.

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