tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSuzi's Webcam Experience

Suzi's Webcam Experience


This was exciting to her in a way that she had never imagined. Suzi looked at the screen and saw herself in the video window. Forcing herself to be objective, she reviewed every aspect of the frame. Lace curtain backdrop, red pillow cases, candles on the bed stand, and her body in the foreground. Wearing a deep v-cut teddy which was black lace and red trim, her body looked good. She adjusted her shoulder straps, pushing them apart just a bit to reveal more of her cleavage in the computer window. Just a few strands of her golden curls were visible at the top of the frame. Her long neck, complete with ribbon choker and red rose, was the highest glimpse her viewers would be able to see. Marveling at her own daring, she was not daring enough to reveal her face to the public. Besides, hopefully they would be focused on more intimate views!

She started some sexy music playing softly to help her with the mood. Then she took one last sip of her vodka infused drink to enhance her courage. It was time. She was ready.

Standing in front of the computer laptop, she glanced at the webcam which was mounted on a tripod beside the table. She had purchased a good model webcam, although she was sure that the sales clerk at the computer store had guessed her intentions.

Now it was time. She took another sip (it tasted so damn good!) and reached over to hit the "Connect" button. There. It was done. She had entered into the "exciting world" of webcams promised by the website. Now what?

Her fantasy was that some handsome guy was watching her in secret, lustfully eying her tastefully, yet suggestively displayed body in the lingerie. She would lightly tease him, and then would watch as he grew in excitement, and together they would make a connection resulting in a mind-blowing sexual encounter in the safety (and anonymity) of cyberspace. But here she was, unsure of herself and beginning to wonder just what the hell she was doing.

Of course, it started with a jerk of a boyfriend. He was the jealous type, and she got in trouble any time she even spoke to another guy. Now she was standing in a sexy number in front of a webcam!

"Bing" the computer chimed. Startled, she glanced at the control panel. A new message had just arrived in the live chat window. "Take it off Baby"

Wow. This guy evidently was not into conversation!

"Ohh, you are a bad boy!" she typed as she gave a little shimmy to soften her words and to be playful.

"Slut!" he typed.

Stunned, she looked at the words on the screen. Angrily she hit the disconnect button. She was not going to take that from him, or anyone! Fuck him!

It brought back the anger she felt from being with her ex boyfriend. The sexist bastard. He had come home more than once with perfume on his collar, and once she found lacy red panties in his briefcase. But he expected total devotion from her, and a regular blowjob on the weekends when he was drunk. Well, she was done with jerks like that! This was about her. And if she wanted to strip naked in front of a bunch of strangers looking at her body while they played with their dicks then damn it she was going to do just that. But only for the nice guys. No bastard calling her a slut was going to get any satisfaction from her!

Suzi slammed the rest of her drink in a fury and walked off her "set" to pour another one. Doubt assailed her, causing her to wonder if she really wanted to do this. She sipped the drink, careful not to get tipsy, and thought about it.

When she considered it, the feelings in her body betrayed her desires to strip for the camera. It gave her a twinge of excitement between her legs just remembering the thought of being totally in control of the situation, and the feeling of inhibition as she would take off her clothes. A mix of sexual energy and power were what she felt. And damn it, she wanted to do this!

Resolve in place, she stood in front of the mirror and glanced again at her body. Nicely proportioned, her 24 year old body was at its peak physically. Her tits were not huge, but 34b cups were perfect for this outfit. She reached into her teddy and slipped her tits so they were right on the edge of bulging out of the lacy straps. Then she strode over to the webcam, and stood proudly in front of it, with her tits pointing at the camera as if daring the whole world to try to make her back down. She was doing this, and no one would stop her!

Reaching over she boldly hit the "Connect" button once again, this time with the knowledge that she had control, she had the power, and she was going to take charge of the situation. She began to slowly sway in front of the camera, careful to keep her face out of the shot. Very soon she had a viewer.

"Nice!" was the text message.

"Thank you." she typed as she swayed to the music. She waited for another message, but the viewer was silent. It made her wonder about him (or her!). Why was he not typing? Was he chatting with another girl now? She was curious, but not overly concerned. He was probably just watching her. She imagined him staring at her body on the screen of his computer, her nipples becoming erect in the lacy teddy. She slowly reached up her hands to run her fingers through her hair, gently pushing her breasts together as she did so. She closed her eyes and imagined his reaction as she slowly swayed back and forth. Perhaps his cock was getting hard. His hands slowly reaching down to his dick, rubbing it through his jeans as it began to grow harder and harder.

"Wow, you have a great body!" came the text.

Suzi smiled, and typed "thanks," and hit send. Only then did she notice the viewer count had increased. Now she was at twelve views! She glanced at the text box, and realized that the message was from someone different than the first message. Interesting. This seemed to be working. But, then again it was not about the men, it was about taking control of her body and doing whatever she wanted to do.

On an impulse, she slid her hand down her neck, allowing it to trace the curve of her neckline down to the swell of her left breast. Her hand traced the contour of her breast as she lightly pushed it together with her right, providing a pronounced level of cleavage for the camera. Damn, this looked sexy to her, and she knew she was starting to drive the men crazy.

"Oh My GOD!" was the general theme of the texts which began to light up the screen. It gave her a tingle in her private parts as she could imagine the guys stroking their hard shafts as they watched her move her hands over her tits. She closed her eyes, and allowed both hands to travel upward, this time not being too coy as she ran both hands over her perky, full breasts. She gently cupped both for the camera and let her fingers lightly trace the contours of her rock hard nipples. Glancing at the screen, she was amazed at how good her tits looked! This was really starting to make her wet as she leaned forward to let the camera have a good view down the v of her lingerie. Still no direct views of her nipples, but she knew she was getting close to letting them out of the lacy cover. In fact, feeling just a little naughty she pulled back the lace straps of the teddy slowly, bringing the dark areola of her nipples just into view on the edges.

It felt so good to do this! She was really hot now, and the drinks and music were working their magic on her body. Mostly she imagined the reactions of the men watching her on their computers right now. Some of them were lonely guys, and this was their only human contact. She was really doing a social service, right? She glanced down at the views, and gasped out loud when she saw that she now had 52 viewers.

She remembered her friend from work who had told her about the website one night as they cleaned up behind the bar after closing the restaurant they worked at. They had sat down at the bar, mixing drinks for each other to try, and before too long the subject turned to sex. She confided that sex with her boyfriend was less than stellar. Her friend looked at her closely for a moment, then said "If I tell you a secret, will you promise not to judge me until you try it?"

She thought for a second that her friend was making a move on her, but then she decided to agree. On the one hand if her friend had something that could help her out of her situation it was worth listening to. On the other hand, would it really be so bad to have a pretty girl like this try to make a move on her? It might even be fun!

The girl grabbed a cocktail napkin, and a pen and began to jot something down. While she was writing Suzi glanced at her friend's body, seeing her ample tits in her waitress uniform with the silly suspenders they made them wear. She had known that her friend had a great body, but until then she never really thought about it. Funny, now that it was about to come true, she wondered what it might be like to take those full breasts, and to lick on the nipples.

"Here" her friend said, handing her the napkin.

"Oh" she said with a start, feeling guilty about the mental fantasy she had been engaged in. She glanced down at the paper, and saw the website address, with a login and password.

"I'm not a whore or a prostitute, so don't judge me!" her friend said leaning back and sipping on her drink. "But a friend gave me this site where I can do whatever I want to do. And it's a safe site, so I tried it. And now I love it!"

"What is it that you do?" Suzi asked, unsure of the unexpected turn in the conversation.

"Well, there are guys there, and they watch me. Sometimes I just give them a little tease, sometimes I go all the way!" She leaned forward as she said this, and her tits brushed against Suzi's arm causing all her suppressed fantasy images to come flooding back in.

"What do you mean, 'all the way'?"

"I mean," her friend said looking intently into Suzi's eyes "I go all the way on webcam."

"You mean you..."

"Yes!" her friend whispered with a sly smile.


Now, here Suzi was in front of her own webcam, about to go "all the way" for the audience which had now grown to over 60 viewers! Mentally, she was sure that "all the way" meant stripping naked, but something in her friend's eyes had suggested that it might mean even more than that. Suzi was not clear on that point, but she was pretty confident that her "all the way" stopped with stripping. At least for tonight.

Her eyes caught her own body in the webcam. She continued to sway to the music, letting the rhythm guide her movements. She moved her hands freely now, cruising over her breasts, barely contained by the flimsy straps. Her nipples were erect and seemed to send an electric shock through her body when her fingers brushed them. Seized with desire she cupped both tits and pointed them at the glass eye of the webcam, pinching her nipples through the lace.

A running string of encouragement scrolled in the text box. Men were clearly enjoying the show, and they kept encouraging her to take off her top. Deciding to be playful, she turned her back to the webcam and stepped away allowing her nice ass to come into view. She reached up to one of the straps, slowly pushing it off her bare shoulder for the camera. Then she undid the other strap, holding them over her chest as she spun around to see the reaction.

Wow! She had over 100 views now. This was incredible, and it gave her a sexual rush knowing that she was barely covered in front of 100 men (and perhaps some women too, perhaps even her friend!)

Not able to contain it any longer, she slowly lowered her hands as she stepped even closer to the camera. Allowing everyone a great close-up she slid down her hands, pausing just for a moment as the fabric clung tenaciously to her nipples. She tugged on the straps, allowing her tits to bounce up free from the constraints. This was exhilarating! She hunched her shoulders to push her breasts closer together for her audience of admirers.

The messages came faster now. "You have such a great body!" "I want to touch you please" "view my webcam". This last one caught her off guard. She had known of course that many of them had webcams too, but she never thought about watching them as they watched her. Somewhat tipsy now, she thought "what the hell!"

Clicking on the link, a new window opened to the side of her screen. Of course, she expected to see the guy stroking his dick, but she was taken aback by the sight in front of her. He was seated in a chair, his chest nude. What caught her eye was his muscular chest, completely shaved. My God, he looked good! She looked down but his penis was not on the camera. This was not what she expected, and she was somewhat disappointed that he was not showing himself. But damn, he looked good!

"Thanks for the show," he typed. She could see him lean forward to reach the keyboard just off camera.

"Nice chest," she typed.

"No, you have a nice chest!," he quickly replied.

She was kind of excited to be talking with one of the many men who were watching her. It gave her even more of a sense of connection and power. She reached up and cupped her tit for the camera again. The lace straps were down at her sides, the waist of the lingerie holding it up, covering her from the waist down. She continued to rub her tits and she watched as he moved his hands down to his cock, just off camera.

"I've shown you mine, now it's your turn!" She taunted with a jiggle of her breasts.

"Okay, but I can't compete with what you got," he replied. Sliding back his chair, he stood up revealing a set of dark blue bikini briefs which were bulging in the front.

"What do you have in there?" she asked as she stared at his enormous package. She felt herself getting even more excited, and she knew her pussy was soaking wet at this point.

Instead of typing an answer, he moved closer to the camera allowing his clearly defined penis to fill the frame. She could see the veins bulging through the blue material, and suddenly she had to see more! "Come on, take it out to play!"

"You first!" He replied, while he rubbed his throbbing dick through the fabric.

She was horny as hell now, and she allowed one hand to move down to her pussy. Sure enough, it was wet through the dark fabric. She knew that the other were all watching her as she rubbed one hand on her cunt, and one on her tits. She had not known her senses would be so alive at this point. She was standing on top of the world!

Moving closer to the camera so that her tits filled the frame, she rubbed them for the camera. She watched as he stroked his dick through his briefs, and it turned her on even more.

Suzi typed with one hand, "you must do what I tell you, or else you don't get to watch!"

She hit enter, and saw him reach for the keyboard. When his hands moved off his shorts she saw a dark wet spot on the fabric where his head was pulsing with pre-cum.

"Okay, what do you want me to do?" he asked.

"Slowly pull down your shorts," she instructed.

Immediately he grasped the sides of the bikini, and began to push the fabric down. She watched as the base if his shaft came into view. Completely shaved, it looked huge on the camera.

"Keep going," she typed as she stepped back allowing the viewers to see her full body.

He continued his torment, revealing a long penis as he just kept pulling the shorts lower. It seemed like it would never end! Suddenly free, his enormous cock sprang up, immediately rising to full erection.

"Damn!" She typed with one hand, as she rubbed her pussy with the other. Seized by desire, she slid her hand down the front of the teddy, allowing her finger access to her throbbing clit. She was rubbing her shaved pussy under the lace and every time she touched her clit she felt a mini climax course through her body.

She watched as his hand grasped the shaft of his erect cock, and he began to stroke it.

"You are so sexy," he said.

"TY," was all she could type, her fingers rubbing her cunt. She was aware if all the other viewers watching this, but all she could do was watch the beautiful dick in his hand as he stroked it for her.

"Take it off," he typed with his free hand.

She stepped back, and turned around to face away from the camera. Slowly, she pushed the sides of the teddy down, bending over to give a full view of her naked bottom as she pushed the lingerie to the floor. Standing back up, she felt a rush knowing she was now completely nude for the camera! Slowly, she turned around to face the webcam, her shaved pussy feeling the heat of a hundred stares.

Feeling completely free, Suzi allowed her hands to rub over her body, fingering her cunt shamelessly for the audience. Her eyes were locked on her virtual lover as he stroked his cock vigorously on the camera. She stared as pre-cum moistened his penis, glistening in the light. His cock was beautiful, with the sliding of his hand causing it to pulse with the build up of cum. He moved closer to the webcam, and moved the dick up until his large balls bounced on camera for her.

She gasped as she continued to finger her pussy, letting her hand slap against the shaved skin as she felt her own orgasm build. Suddenly, she needed more! Throwing abandon to the wind, she grabbed the camera and moved to the bed. She pointed it down on the covers, and hastily repositioned the laptop so she could still see her Adonis stroking his cock.

She slid down on the bed, spreading her legs for the camera. She knew a hundred men were jacking off right now watching her do this, and the thought of it caused her to go wild. She reached down with both hands. With one hand she slid two fingers in and out of her dripping pussy, and with the other she rubbed her clit, showering waves of pleasure over her body.

Reaching over to the keys, she managed to type three letters, "CUM," to her lover.

As Suzi continued to masturbate, his hand moved faster on the shaft of his penis. Reaching over the top with his free hand he poured a stream of baby oil on his cock. He paused for just a moment, her vision tracing the flow of the oil down his erect shaft. Suddenly, both of his hands were on the slippery monster, stroking with abandon for her, as she continued to finger herself.

Just when she knew she could not hold out any longer, he came! Shooting a huge load of cum directly on the lens of the camera, she opened her mouth as if to taste his semen. Just then her pussy began to spasm as her orgasm climaxed over her body. She screamed in delight, mentally picturing a hundred cocks erupting in a warm cum bath like her mystery lover had done. She arched her back as wave after wave coursed over her body, her fingers deep inside her pussy.

Gasping for breath, she slowly stopped her masturbation, and lay back, completely spent.

Suzi knew that she had won a victory, and as she regained her strength she felt sexy in a way that she had never felt before. She had done it. She had gone "all the way," and she knew she would be back for more.


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