tagErotic HorrorSweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams


Part One

Carla turned into the High Street, hoping there would be a parking space and she would not have to go around the block again. She felt like a kid on Christmas morning. Her new house was finally ready and she was desperate to see it. Also, with so much unpacking ahead of her, she was eager to make a start as soon as possible. Fortunately for her the roads were empty at that time, so it was easy to park right outside the Estate Agents. As she turned the engine off and prepared to get out she noticed the shop next door with its bright yellow sign. It was called "Sweet Dreams." She could see a tall man moving around inside, before he eventually disappeared into the back of the shop.

It was one of those modern health shops, promising massage, hypnotherapy and something called life counselling. Whatever that was! Although, judging by its lush interior, whatever it did it was successful at it. Carla was intrigued, so she wandered over to the window and looked in. For a moment, all that she needed to do that day was forgotten. In the window were displays of crystals and other health-giving artefacts, all promising a healthy life! Carla smiled at the idea. She thought that all that stuff was complete rubbish. The man inside reappeared immediately looking in her direction. He appeared to be staring so Carla moved hastily away. The last thing she wanted to do was to get into a conversation with some spiritual hippy, desperate for new business or as she saw it a new victim.

As she moved away, she heard a noise behind her; the man must have come out of the shop! There was a jangle of keys as though he was locking up. She dived into the Estate Agents forcing herself not to look back. Once inside she realised he had not been interested in her at all. He had jumped into the car parked behind hers and roared off. Behind her the owner of the Estate Agency cursed and muttered that, "one-day he will kill someone driving like that." Carla took a step towards the window, but the car had already gone out of sight. She suppressed the urge to comment or ask questions, it was already gone eleven o'clock, she had to get on.

Carla turned and was surprised to see the two women working in the Estate Agents had necklaces like the ones in the shop next door. They are lovely she thought. Now smiling she held out the keys to the rental apartment. Once again she reminded herself she was running late.

Carla only every sung when she was in a good mood and driving along she felt very happy. For the thousandth time since Mike had put it on her finger she glanced at her shiny wedding ring and broke into a broad smile. The handover at the estate agency was done and she was on route to her new house at last. She turned onto the rough path that led to it, eventually parking outside the row of brightly coloured cottages, one of which was to be her new home.

The removal men smiled to each other at the long-legged and curvy girl, who had just got out of the sports car, but Carla ignored them staring at her. She was used to such attention and although she hated it, she preferred to ignore it. She put her hand up to shade her eyes, and spun through three hundred and sixty degrees, taking in the wonderful view.

The surroundings looked glorious in the bright sunlight. The cottages nestled under a hillside and above was a big house with a church beside it. From a window of the big house she spotted something shining back at her. She guessed it was sunlight reflecting on glass and wondered what it was. She stood looking at the glinting light for a while; this gave the removal men a long time to admire her.

One of the men whispered in his mate's ear.

"I could do wondrous things with those legs matey, and just look at those tits. A handful there and no mistake." His mate laughed at the usual banter they shared, quickly falling silent and returning to work when they saw Mike was approaching.

Carla ran into Mike's arms and he spun her round laughing. As he held her, he kissed her briefly on the lips.

"You made it." He said releasing her. "We have got a few more things to take inside and then we will make a start on sorting the house out."

It was a wonderful sunny day. The row of cottages looked great and one was now her home, hers and Mikes. That idea was going to take some getting used to. Carla could not stop smiling at the thought; this was going to be an amazing place to live. Nearby the removal men were almost finished unloading. It was exciting to think after all the chaos of the last few days, that Mike and her would finally be left alone. Carla with a sigh tore herself away from the view and headed into the cottage. If nothing else it would be good to have the bedroom habitable for their first night, in their new home. She wanted to christen the new bed properly. She giggled at the idea; it was great being a newlywed!

On the hill, in the big house, Edmon took his eye away from the telescope that had been focussed on Carla since she had arrived. It was a real bonus that she had worn shorts and a tee shirt, but the view had been all too brief. He was disappointed she had gone inside so quickly, but he had enjoyed scrutinising her whole body through the lens. Edmon had smiled as he studied every inch of her figure and face. She would do very nicely, very nicely indeed. In his hand, he played with one of the necklaces from the shop. He had been impressed the moment he saw her photograph, but he always had a slight anxiety till he saw the new recruits in the flesh.

Mike and Carla spent the day working through the unpacking; a couple of times the doorbell rang as neighbours from the other cottages dropped by. Carla greeted each one. She soon realised that Mike and her were going to be the odd ones out. For the other cottages seemed to have only single occupants. One by one they appeared, attractive young women, bearing flowers or cakes, generous gifts for the new neighbours. The kitchen was well stocked with treats by the end of the day and there were flowers in all the downstairs rooms. As Carla closed the door on the last one she realised that each lady had been wearing a necklace from the shop in the High Street. Wow thought Carla they are into this mystic crap around here.

They both worked hard and together they made good progress with the unpacking. They had just finished a hastily put together dinner when there was yet another knock on the door. Carla opened the door to find a man standing on the doorstep who introduced himself as Edmon. He had brought no gifts though. Carla was barely registering any of that, as she found herself suddenly unable to speak or move.

Edmon was staring deeply into her eyes. His eyes were the deepest colour of blue she had ever seen and it gave them a hypnotic feel. Carla felt like he was inside her head and now knew exactly what she was thinking. He has what they call, "Jesus eyes," she found herself thinking.

He passed a few pleasantries with them. Explaining he owned the new health shop in the town.

"But you know that already," he said, suddenly turning to Carla and once more turning those eyes on her. Carla dumbly nodded and then muttered quietly that she had looked in the window.

"Oh I meant because the other cottages are used by my patients," he replied. "I assumed you have met them by now. I told them to welcome you." All the time he held Carla in his stare so she barely registered what he had said. Edmon explained to Mike that he had owned the whole row of cottages

"I live in the big house on the hill," he said and then added, "well I better let you get on," and to Carla's relief Edmon went to leave. He hesitated and then rummaged in his pockets before holding out to her one of the necklaces. "A present for the new lady of the house," he said with a smile. It was different design to the ones she had seen the others wearing but just as nice. His eyes once more fixed on her. Carla was vaguely aware of him putting the necklace around her neck. In fact, she had held her hair out of the way to make it easy for him. Then Edmon left. She was left alone in the lounge feeling breathless as Mike walked to the front door with Edmon. The two men stood chatting for a while before Edmon finally left. At last she thought he has gone.

Part two

The brand new satin sheets felt and smelt wonderful as Carla lay gently back onto the pillow. There was nothing nicer than new bed linen, and this set had been one of their wedding presents. Mike's hard cock slipped easily into Carla's already wet pussy, making her gasp with pleasure. Ever since she had organised the room, she could not wait to make love in their new bedroom, on their new bed. She lifted her legs, and wrapped them tightly around his ass as he entered her, locking her heels together behind him. Mike began to slowly thrust in and out of Carla, supporting his body as he did. He positioned one arm either side of Carla's body, holding himself just above her. She reached up, as they rocked together, her legs lifting and falling with each thrust. She held Mike's face in her hands and as she pulled him towards her they began to kiss. Long lingering kisses, loving the wetness of the each other's lips, they continued exploring each other's mouth's as they continued to slowly screw.

"Harder darling," Carla suddenly pleaded, looking longingly at her husband as she repeated the request. She fell silent as Mike seemed to ignore her words and continue loving her in the same gentle way. It felt good, but she ached for something that felt amazing.

Mike continued to kiss her passionately, as she ran a hand up and down his back, before he lowered his head and began to kiss her neck and chin.

"I love you," he said almost apologetically, while continuing to be very gentle with her. Carla tried with her legs to apply pressure on his ass, wanting to make him push harder, but he reached back and lifted them into the air. His hand ran up and down the length of her thighs.

"I love you too," Carla responded quietly. Mike continued to fuck her slowly, her hands were now above her head, resting on the pillow as he moved inside her and he continued to kiss her cheeks and lips. His head moved down a little lower and he began to kiss her breasts, as she ran a hand slowly up her body. The sensation of running her nails across her skin felt good.

She smiled and pushed Mike away. He resisted at first, but in the end, he gave in. Carla rolled over, so she lay face down onto the sheets. Mike placed his arms either side of her and as she reached up to pull his head down, he entered her again. He lay on top of her, gently screwing her from behind, his hands stroking her arms and hands, as she stretched them out in front of her. Her hands gripped the satin sheets as he fucked her. He kissed her face, making her turn towards him; Carla tried to savour every touch of his lips.

Mike slowly turned Carla onto her side and they lay together spooning, as he continued to screw her. His face was now lying right by her ear, and his hands grabbed at her breasts as they fucked.

"I love you," he said again, and as Carla threw her head back, tensing her whole body, Mike came with a gasp. He rolled to the side and lay on his back as he tried to get his rapid breathing under control.

"That was, you are incredible," he said. Carla loved the fact that she made him so happy, she just wished she was as fulfilled by their sex life.

By the time Mike had cleaned up, and returned from the bathroom, Carla lay on her back in the bed, covered by the satin sheets. She watched him walk to the bedside table and then he surprised her by picking up her new necklace and holding it out to her. She smiled at him, but shook her head. Carla quite liked it but she was not about to wear it in bed. Mike shrugged as he slipped into bed beside her and then turned his head away, closing his eyes.

Carla stared at the ceiling. She loved him so much, but she wished he would be more vigorous and energetic with her. She enjoyed their lovemaking, and on their wedding night she had been so nervous. She had been grateful for how gentle he had been with her then. Now she was wondering if his gentleness meant he lacked passion for her. She knew he adored her, and she also recognised she could not be better cared for, but was it enough? Sometimes it felt to her that sex was a chore, not something he wanted to do. What if her desire for a more energetic man just got stronger and stronger? What, if she needed someone, who as the saying goes would be able to fuck her brains out?

Carla reached out a hand and placed it on top of the sheets where Mike's leg was. She affectionately squeezed his thigh.

"That was lovely," she said, trying to cover the sense of disappointment she felt. She was irritated by her own selfishness. Perhaps they both needed some time to get used to each other, perhaps over time their love making would get better she thought.

She felt his fingers gently caress her neck, and then they moved down to her right breast. The sheet slowly slipped off her still hard nipple as Mike touched her. He briefly studied it, smiling, before lowering his head and lightly kissing it. She grabbed his hand and moved it to her side, turning her head back to him as she did. They kissed again.

Let's get some sleep," she said firmly, moving her face away from his.

"OK," said Mike, kissing his wife again, before also turning away and closing his eyes.

At least their lovemaking had cleared the air thought Mike. After Edmon had left things had been tense between the two of them. Mike had accepted an offer of dinner from Edmon for tomorrow night and Carla was angry he had not consulted her. Carla, had said they had too much to do to go out. In her heart, she knew that was not it. She was just nervous. It was nice Edmon had invited them for dinner, but she could not get his eyes out of her mind. Also, the eyes were only part of it, there was something else, although she did not know what. He just made her feel uncomfortable even though she did not know why. Carla did not want to go and had protested, eventually arguing she had nothing to wear. Mike would not listen and so it seemed they were going. He was normally easy to get around, but on this subject, he would not budge.

It was obvious she was anxious about the meal tomorrow. Happily, the nothing to wear excuse he had already thought of, and tomorrow he would surprise her. Mike was looking forward to that.

Carla awoke at around two a.m. feeling very cold, and so she wearily got up, planning to grab her nightshirt from the chair and to put it on. As she bent down to reach it, she felt an ice-cold breeze on her bare bottom and she turned around quickly. As she slowly put the shirt on and did up the buttons she began to feel uncomfortable. A tingle of fear spread throughout her body and a sensation of being watched came over her. She stood still for ages, staring through the open bedroom door, into the gloom beyond. Carla listened intently, fearful of hearing a noise or footsteps, but there was nothing. Silly girl she told herself, it's a strange house with new noises you are bound to be on edge.

Finally, she relaxed, and breathing steadily again, she began to do up the buttons of her nightshirt. Carla was sure she had done them up already, but she couldn't have.

At around three a.m. Carla awoke again, this time with start. Under the blankets she felt a cold hand, sliding up and down her thighs. She giggled as she allowed herself to be pushed onto her back and her legs were firmly pushed opened. Two hands began to speedily undo the buttons of her nightshirt.

"Mike, be careful you will rip it," she said quietly. Surprised by how forceful he was being. There seemed no point in letting him rip her nightshirt.

She had never experienced Mike getting amorous in the middle of the night and she was tempted to dig an elbow into his ribs and tell him to stop. She wanted to sleep. It had been a strenuous day and she was tired.

However, there was something different about the way he was taking her. For the first time, he was being quite forceful and she found herself becoming very turned on. Carla closed her eyes and lay back, deciding to let Mike do whatever he wanted. Now with her nightshirt completely open she felt Mike's hand push her necklace out of the way before he caressed her breasts.

"Mmmmmm that's nice," said Carla.

Suddenly her breath was taken away as he began to go down on her. Mike's wet tongue began to lick at her pussy. Carla moaned with pleasure as two hands reached up and roughly squeezed her breasts. Carla's breathing began to get faster and faster. Mike's oral loving felt so good she wondered if she would see stars. Why had he not done this to her before? Carla moaned with pleasure as Mike moved up her body. He clamped his mouth over hers and suddenly he was kissing her with an enthusiasm she had never felt before. God, she loved this. She turned her head to the side, to escape his kiss, and opened her eyes. Carla meant only to say something loving, get her breath back and then to return the kisses with equal vigour, but by her side was her husband fast asleep.

It took a moment for Carla to react. Seeing Mike beside her was a big shock. She let out a yell and sat up in horror. In the bed was just the two of them, and Mike was clearly in a deep slumber. Carla cursed her stupidity, she must have been dreaming, but it had seemed so real. She pulled the blankets off her, but there was no one there. The next shock was her nightshirt was undone. Perhaps she had undone it herself in her dream?

Her cry had made Mike stir, but he simply moaned in his sleep and turned over. He briefly muttered something and then fell silent again. Carla sat up in bed and pulled her legs defensively up to her chin. She could feel her heart pounding, and she held the sheets right up to her neck. Her eyes fearfully scanned the room, terrified that there was going to be a stranger in the room. When she finally braved grabbing her phone and turning the torch on, she could see all around her. Naturally there wasn't anybody in the room. Around her was the empty bedroom, still with the one remaining box to unpack. The bedroom door was closed, so no one could have got in or out, it must have been a dream. The shock meant she did not sleep well the rest of that night, but by morning she was convinced she had invented the whole episode.

It must be the stress and strain of all the recent changes in her life she thought.

Part three

Carla pretended to be delighted that Mike had got her a new dress. Whilst she loved the idea that he had made the effort to buy her something, the style of dress was a problem. To be fair it wasn't just a dress he had bought; he had bought shoes and a little jacket to go with it. So, it was even harder to be ungrateful.

She had just showered, and was about to start getting ready for the dinner with Edmon when Mike showed her his purchases. When she began to argue, he had told her he wanted her to have something nice to wear for dinner. What he didn't get was this dress was going to make her feel uncomfortable rather than good.

Mike was downstairs now, making a call. So, Carla changed into the new outfit to see what it looked like. She headed over to the mirror and her reflection confirmed her worst fears.

The dress was black with a very tight, short skirt, well above the knee. It was too tight and too short. She would not have chosen this outfit for herself and most definitely not for dinner with a man she barely knew. However, Carla did not want to seem ungrateful or to upset her husband. So, she decided to say she loved it and to wear it. It wasn't all black; it had a white belt that went around her waist and thin white straps over her shoulders. It was very low cut, but a little white strap held the dress across her chest. It occurred to her it would be polite to wear the necklace from Edmon. It was then she realised it was already around her neck. When had she put that on? Carla could not remember. The little black jacket did help the outfit look less revealing. She had wanted to look elegant for dinner, but she would have to settle for this more daring outfit. The shoes were fantastic though; she loved them, high heeled and black to match the dress. There was no handbag; typical of a man not to think about that, but fortunately she had a bag that would do.

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