tagFetishSweet Melissa Ch. 01

Sweet Melissa Ch. 01


Chapter One: That Smell

[*A note of explanation. The name I prefer is Bob. Melissa however chooses to call me Robert and her slight Spanish lilt [it sounds more like Row-bert] is so sensual I wouldn't have her call me anything else. Also many of my relatives call me Bobby even though I'm 60 something. I still love them even the ones that voted for W. Thanks to all who sent me a message, even anonymous who just wrote to say I was a jerk. I don't mind criticism, but don't send me a note just calling me names. Tell me why I'm a jerk. While most of the incidents in my story are based on real life events, some of them are from my warped imagination. This story is currently taking place in 1972 when STDS consisted of gonorrhea and syphilis (crabs were around also, but they're more a nuisance than a disease). Today everyone should practice safe sex when having casual sex because there are too many life-threatening STDS out there. If I continue this tale into the late 70's Melissa and I will change our ways to reflect the changing sexual mores, some in surprising ways.]

It was nineteen seventy-two. I was living in Lakeland, Florida (while going to Florida Southern College). I was living with Mr. and Mrs. Owens a couple in there 60's. They owned an upscale apartment complex were I did maintenance and when their pool was open (April 1st - October 30th) I was the lifeguard in exchange for room and board.

On a typical day I went to school until noon, came home to do whatever the Owens' had lined up, which usually only took 2-3 hours, then if the temperature was over 70 degrees, I'd head for the pool to catch some rays and study or read a book.

It was in March 23, 1972, a Thursday and the temperature was close to 80. The next day was my birthday so I remember the date exactly. I was about to get an early present The greatest present I was to ever received.

It was about 2:30 when I got to the pool. Melissa Diaz was already there wearing a two-piece with a towel around her waist. The pool was not ready for swimming, but occupants could sunbath. Melissa had recently moved into the complex and worked at a local Winn Dixie from 8:00 AM to 2:00 P.M. so on weekdays we had the pool area to ourselves. We had introduced ourselves shortly after she moved in. We would exchange pleasantries and, since we were mostly alone, put lotion on each other's backs. I knew she had moved to the USA from Columbia at the age of eight. She was 22 and had lived in Miami until moving to Lakewood last September. She'd had to wait until the beginning of this month for an apartment to become available in our complex. I'd told her I was also a transplant from New Jersey, had been in the Navy for four years and was going to FSC on the GI Bill.

Although I was attracted to her and fantasized about her. I hadn't considered asking Melissa out. I was living on the G.I. Bill, a $1,000 a semester work-study grant and a $2,000 a year government loan. I was too poor to woo her. And an older man called on her once or twice weekly since she moved here. He usually took her out, to eat I presumed, and then spent an hour or two at her place. I thought she was his mistress. Melissa had a light olive complexion when she arrived here, but it had gotten darker from lounging in the sun since she started living here. Add to that great bone structure (high cheekbones on a heart shaped face), kissable lips, big brown eyes, and curly chestnut hair that fell to her shoulders. She also had nice sized [probably a B but verging on a C] breasts crowned with great nipples and with very light brown puffy areolae. (Twice since she moved in, she had sunbathed topless with me present, asking if I minded both time. What can I say I'm a lucky guy.). She had an ass that amply filled the bottom of her two piece. The kind of ass you hated to see leave but liked to watch go. It was difficult to keep my gaze form her especially when she was topless.

I was wearing a tight bikini style bathing suit that day. It showed off my equipment to good advantage. I didn't wear this suit very often. Melissa probably hadn't seen me in it before. I saw her looking at my crouch. She made eye contact with me and held it for a second longer than necessary, then turned away. I went back to reading. A few minutes later Melissa asked if I minded her going topless. I didn't.

I heard Melissa stirring and resisted looking toward her. Shortly her shadow invaded my space. I looked up and the first sight I saw was a pair of breast with nipples jutting skyward. I also noticed she'd removed the bottom of her suit as well.

"Roll over and I'll put some lotion on your back." She Said.

She straddled me, sitting on my ass and grinding her groin subtly against me, while rubbing lotion onto my back. Our contact had never been so intimate. She got up and reversed her position sitting on my back and rubbing lotion onto my legs. Her hands and fingers were definitely teasing me. She'd get to the top of my legs and slide her hand over my inner thigh grazing my balls. That's when I got a whiff of 'That Smell', a moist vagina.

'Melissa you better stop I'm bursting out of my swimsuit." She chuckled and stood up again saying, "Roll over on your back."

'I have a raging hard-on. I'm really embarrassed."

"Of course you do that was the idea Robert. I'd be disappointed if you didn't."

"If you don't want to fuck I'll understand. But I'm going to need some relief."

"Why won't I want to fuck you?"

"My cock is huge and it scares some women. I have been turned down because of my size."

"I know you're well endowed you new suit makes that clear. I'm hoping you have a huge load too."

I rolled over. She stuck her hand under my suit and fondled my cock.

"My God Robert it's not huge it's enormous." She said her pupils expanded in arousal. She pulled my suit down and exposed my cock. Her eyes widened and she licked her lips as my full erection became visible. "It's magnificent! It's not the longest I've seen, but it's the thickest."

She pulled my suit off and straddled me again, this time with her knees on each side of my head. I look up to see her magnificent hairy pussy. Her hand grasped my cock and started sliding from the tip to the base very slowly. I reaching for her inner thigh and she said, "Robert no fingers in my cunt."

"Okay. How about some tongue."

"Please do Robert.' She said as I pulled her down to my lips and inserted my tongue into a very moist vagina.

Luckily, the bunting on the fence that ran around the pool afforded us some privacy.

"Robert I'm going to start stroking you in earnest so you'll cum and we can go to my place and proceed at a more leisurely pace."

"Will you let me cum on your face?"

"Not this time Robert. When you are ready to cum tell me and I'll take you into my mouth. I want to taste your seed."

I stopped eating her and concentrated on my impending explosion.

"I should warn you I cum a lot."

I told her I was ready. She took the tip of my cock between her lips while continuing to jerk me off.

I don't remember how many spurts flew into her mouth, but the last one caused her to gag and sperm started dribbling out of her mouth and down her chin. She caught the excess with her finger and after making sure I was done and my cock was clean, she stuck the finger in her mouth and cleaned it off too.

"You did have a huge and delicious ejaculation, Robert. Very few men make me gag. Let's go to my place. I want that cock filling me up?"

"I've been fantasying about fucking you since you got here."

"If you fancied me all you had to ask, I'm easy," she chuckled while looking at my still hard cock, "for a big cock. " While Melissa put her suit back on, I was trying to stuff my still hard cock back into my suit. I eventually just used the elastic to hold my cock against my body, Melissa wrapped a towel around me and we headed for her apartment.


As soon as the door shut, she dropped to her knees, yanked my bathing suit down to my feet and took my cock in her mouth again. She only had the tip of my cock in her mouth but was doing very stimulating things with her tongue. After a bit she let, it slide out continuing to stroke it and asked, "I can believe you still so hard. How big is it Robert?"

"Right now, erect, it's about 9 ½ inches," I said. "And about 6 inches around."

"Just relax . I want to give you a really great blow job." she said.

I nodded. "When I'm ready to cum I'll pull out. Can I cum on your face this time?"

"No, Robert, I need to taste & swallow your man juice but I want this to last."

"Are you kidding I'm almost there again."

She took me past her lips, only this time she kept going until her lips reached the base of my cock. Most women only managed about half or less. After sliding my cock from her lips to her throat for a minute or two, it again left her mouth. She licked her way down my shaft to my balls then slide her tongue up my shaft until she got to the tip, which she kissed, then licked her way down to the balls again. This girl knew how to give head.

"Melissa. Oh, baby!" I was moaning. "I can't hold on any longer." I groaned.

She put my cock back in her mouth, but only the head. She was flicking the head with her tongue and while sliding her right hand up and down the shaft her left hand cupped my balls gently squeezing them. I came. I thought I would never stop cumming. It was an all-timer. She caught the entire load in her mouth this time, sloshed it around and then swallowing.

"Robert, a second very big load and it tastes just as yummy; I don't think I'll ever let you cum on my face," she giggled, "only in my mouth. Yummy, yummy, yummy I got your love in my tummy."

"If you let me cum on your face, I'll swab it off with my finger & stick it in your mouth."

She looked at me quizzically, then said "Robert let's have a couple of beers while I let you rest up."

"Sweetie, I'm 25 and I've been told I have the quickest turn around ever. See I'm still pointing to heaven."

"I've noticed." She replied


I took her hand as we walked to the kitchen. She got two Buds' from of the frige we then sat side by side at the kitchen table. I reached behind her and unclasped the bra on her two-piece bathing suit; she shrugged the straps off her shoulders they slide down her arms revealing the two perfectly round and nicely tanned orbs with large puffy nipples that I'd seen before, but would now set to caress . I groped her tit and started pinching her nipples. She pushed my hand away and stood.

"I've been masturbating thinking about what just happened for months. The real thing was much much better. Your breasts are... wow!"

"Let's talk for a while. The sex will be better if you rest." she said, while taking her bottom off. "I'm 22, Robert, I need a lover. With your beautiful penis, I hope it will be you. Why didn't you ever ask me out?"

She was sitting next to me while we sipped our beers she fondling my still erect cock and balls, while I caressed her breasts, "I usually don't make moves on other guys gals. Besides I don't have the bread to treat you properly."

As we walked back to the bedroom, Melissa said, "Whose gal do you think I am?" "The older guy that calls on you a couple of times a week." I replied.

She laughed, "That's my uncle, Sergio. My parents moved back to Columbia after I graduated from high school. I wanted to stay here. They agreed, but only if I would allow my uncle to check in on me occasionally. We usually go out for dinner; then talk about things, especially my prospects. Tell me about yourself?"

"I'm 25 at least I will be tomorrow, I'm 5'9' tall & weigh 175 pounds. I like rock & roll, baseball, reading and sex. I love Latinas because they have the sexiest butts. You have the greatest ass I've ever seen."

"Thank you Robert. You can have my ass. However, there are three rules: 1) You must always wear a condom when fucking my pussy unless I tell you differently; 2) never put anything in my cunt except for your cock or tongue, no fingers and no toys; and 3) we both may have as many additional lovers as we want. I already have several and in the future expect many more."

"I'm pretty sure I can live with those rules for now. However, don't be disappointed if I fall in love with you. I'm already half way there."

She sighed, "The rules are not just for now. I will be your willing slut, but only if you are not possessive and follow my rules. I want you to love me and I you, but no jealousy. You seem to think I should be concerned with your wealth. It is you cock I want. I have enough money."

She rolled over and opened the drawer on her nightstand. Out came some lubricant, a condom and a joint.

"Care for some weed Robert?" I nodded. "But only a little because this is potent stuff. I don't want you to fucked up, I have plans for you."

"Sure but I don't think that condom will fit."

"We'll see."

After getting a buzz on Melissa said, "Robert will you to eat me?"

"My first meal at Melissa's, and I'm starved." I said as I headed south for her furry slit.

"Whoa boy, not so fast." She laughed. "Give me your hand."

While applying lube to the fore & middle finger of my right hand she said, "I've been bad today, sucking your dick and eating your cum. My pussy needs a real tongue-lashing. In addition, when I say now, stick first one then the second finger up my ass. Slowly slide them in and out then pick up speed until they are pounding me hard. Remember no fingers in my pussy."

After getting a buzz on, I started to lick her lower lips. Her juices were already flowing. She tasted wonderful, pungent with a slight musty taste.

Melissa said firmly, "Robert you are being too gentle. Treat me more roughly. Nip at my clit. Don't bite it nip it. Then thrust your tongue deep into me as if you're frenching my cunt only harder then when kissing. Fuck me with your tongue."

I followed her instructions and in a few minutes she began to moan, "yes, Robert Yess! Now Robert, your fingers."

I stuck my forefinger in her butt and slowly slide it past the second knuckle, wiggled it around until I felt her sphincter relax. My middle finger then joined the action and Melissa started moaning very loud "harder, harder, please harder."

I was pounding her ass so hard I was afraid of hurting her. All of a sudden, her body shuddered. I started slowing down "No, Robert keep it up," Melissa screamed. She spread her legs wider, my tongue and lips went deeper into her snatch. My nose was rubbing her clit, suddenly I felt a spasm centered in her vagina, Melissa was screaming, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" and a stream of what I thought was piss drenched my face.

"What the fuck!" I yelled, "You just pissed on my face!"

Melissa's body was twitching like a spastic, she was trying to catch her breath and laughing.

"You think it's funny to piss on someone's face?"

"Robert I wasn't pissing. I was cumming."

I knew woman had orgasms, but had never heard of them releasing fluid during one.

She must have seen a skeptical look on my face, she said, "Truly Robert you made me cum, us girls call it squirting. Did you see me twitching, that was a whole body orgasm."

After resting for a few moments, Melissa said, "You're a great lover. I think I'll keep you around."

I wiped my face with my fingers and stuck them in my mouth. "Damn, you're tasty, woman. But me a great lover, nah, I only did what you told me; if I was great you were responsible."

"What was rubbing my clit while you were eating me?" "My nose."

Melissa let out a belly laugh and said, "The 'real' Eskimo kiss. It felt delightful."


Getting out of bed, she headed for the kitchen. "I'm going to make a pot of coffee and call my uncle." I followed her. After putting the coffee on, she dialed her uncle's number.

"Uncle Sergio will you be down tonight? No, well call me before your next visit. I will introduce you to a guy I am interested in. No, he's not Columbian. I don't know his nationality. He's very sweet, but he's not Latino. Okay see you later."

I was standing next to her. She reach out and grabbed my cock, stroked it a few times

"Robert you're still hard. How long can you keep an erection?"

"As long as your naked and in bed with me, my cock will always stays stiff. ."

"Oh stop it silly. In my experience men need some strange tail from time to time to keep their interest aroused. I know I am a better lover from having varied experiences and I definitely need multiple lovers."


"It's time. I want to be fucked properly. I can't wait to have that beautiful giant piece of meat stuffed in my love tunnel," she said, while she stroked my cock.

"I love it when you talk like that; but you're going to make me cum before we get a chance to fuck." I said as I rush back to her bed.

I rolled onto Melissa's bed; she wasn't far behind me and jumped, landing astride me, almost impaling her self on my still erect cock. She reached for the rubber, removed the foil and then slid down until she was at eye level with my big unit. She took me in her hand, but instead of putting the rubber on. She just stared at my cock.

"Honey, you really have a very beautiful cock. I absolutely love your cock." She said, as she placed it once again to her lips. She kissed it & licked the pre or post cum from it. She slipped the head past her lips and playfully bit the head while doing that flicking thing with her tongue again. I started to moan. Sensing I was getting too excited, she stopped.

"Robert you're going to have to learn to control yourself. A girl can't even give you a decent blowjob before you're ready to shoot your sperm down her throat," she chuckled as she tried rolled the condom on to my shaft. It wouldn't fit. "Never had that happen with a civilian before. Oh well you're going to have to settle for sticking 'The Monster' in my ass."

"I usually have better control. It's your fault. You are too much of a turn-on: beautiful, sexy and eager." I said. "I think it's the eager part that really gets me revved up. You are the most sexually eager women I have ever met. That's a complete turn-on for me and he's 'King Dong' not the monster."

"King Dong!" she laughed, "Oh shut up and meet me in the bathroom after you called Mrs. Owens to tell her you won't be home for dinner. We're going out to eat."

"I can't afford that."

"Don't worry. It will be my treat."

"I don't know. The guy's supposed to pay. Moreover, how can you afford it? I know your rent is $300.00 a month and I doubt your job even pays that much"

"Don't be stupid, I told you I was wealthy. If I want to pay for our date you should graciously accept."

I was speechless.

I went to the kitchen to call Mrs. Owens but first I sat down. I had to think. This woman mesmerized me. I truly lusted for her and yet I was perplexed. For a twenty-two year old, she seemed much too sexually mature. She was a virtuoso who cherished sex and what did she mean by civilians. Yet I had never seen her bring a man into her apartment except for her uncle. Could I question her about this? Where did she get her money? Winn Dixie did not pay enough for this apartment let alone her other monthly expenses. Was she a hooker? I wasn't sure. Did I care?


She was standing next to the shower soaping up a dildo. "What's with the dildo Melissa?"

"It's not a dildo. I called it Mr. Clean. It's an Asian device for cleaning your colon; its twelve inches long about two inches around and covered with soft bristles. If you want me to lick your cock clean after you cum in my ass, my colon must be clean. Now slowly stick it in up to the hilt then rotate it a few times. I'll be cleaning your rectum with it one of these days.

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