tagBDSMSweet November Ch. 06

Sweet November Ch. 06


Sunday, November 10th

I woke up Sunday morning as a hint of sunlight broke through the window. I was still naked and still bound, but I was now alone and cold with no way to cover myself. I strained to listen to find if anyone was around, but I heard nothing. I looked over at the alarm clock next to the bed and saw that it was now 7:52 a.m. I called out to see if anyone was here, but no one answered. I lay there for several more minutes.

At precisely 8:00 a.m. the alarm feature on the TV clicked in and turned it on. Seconds later a video started to play. It was my wife and the other three women. They were all wearing various forms of black leather dominatrix clothing and standing around a man shackled to the wall. He was completely naked except for a mask which hid his identity.

One by one they would walk up to him and do various different things. They slapped his erect cock, they raked his balls with their finger nails, they pinched his nipples, grabbed his ass, and many other things which drew many different reactions from him.

I was incredibly aroused watching these powerful, sexy women prance around as they played with him. Then Jess turned towards the camera and said, we'll be with you in a minute. Then she flipped off the camera and the video tape ended. As soon as the tape rewound, the TV shut off and I was left in silence once again.

I lay there contemplating what I had witnessed and what I had been a part of. When I heard about Jess's bondage website membership I was curious as to how into it she was. Now it was apparent to me that she, along with the other ladies, were into it a lot more than they originally let on. I started to wonder how long she had been planning this. I wondered who else had been involved. I even wondered who else had been their slave. Before I had a chance to think about those things too much I heard the front door open and the ladies filed in.

Amber walked straight into the room with a bag from a fast food joint. She released my hands and told me to eat. Before she left the room she slid her hand up and down my semi-erect cock a couple of times and then laughed.

As I ate my breakfast sandwich I could not help but wonder what was so funny. I had a feeling it was going to be a long day.

Right as I took my last bite, Jess walked into the room and released my feet from their bondage. You have ten minutes to take a shower. Hurry up, she commanded, as she walked right back out.

I turned on the shower, allowing it to warm up a little before I got in. I started to wonder what my chances were of masturbating without getting caught. After all, I needed the release so bad. When I got in, I changed my mind very quickly. I had no hot water and it became apparent that I was not going to get any no matter how far I turned it up. Obviously they had thought ahead and shut off the hot water. I hurried and got out.

When I got out, I found a bottle of the same lotion Jess had instructed me to put on yesterday and did the same today. My cock was now soft and small from the cold water, and I had zero temptation to jerk off, despite the lotion.

I walked out of the bathroom and into the bedroom and found Laura lying naked, face down on the bed. She looked over at me and said, "Right now it is nine o'clock. For the next hour you are going to give me a massage and whatever else I ask for. At the end of the hour, one of the others will come in and you will do the same for them, and so on. Do you understand?"

"Yes", I responded, and she laid her head back down.

I started at her feet and massaged my way up her legs and skipped over her bottom to the small of her back. At this point I spent a little more time loosening her up and helping her muscles relax as I moved up to her shoulders and neck and down her arms. I could tell by her breathing she was enjoying it.

Her arms were to her side, so as I finished both hands I returned to rub her round bottom. I was not at it long before she started to raise her hips up to allow me better access to her pussy. I accommodated her and got her off slowly with my index and middle finger. Then she rolled on her back to allow me to massage her front for the remaining ten minutes.

Even though her breasts were implants, they were surprisingly sensitive. Her nipples grew to over an inch as I caressed them, and she moaned as she held my hands to them. I rolled them in my fingers and pinched them slightly while she held her eyes shut tight and rocked side to side on the bed.

"Time's up!" I heard Jess say as she walked up behind me.

Laura stood and slid her hand across my crotch as she left the room with a grin.

Jess lay down naked in front of me on the bed and I started all over again. I massaged her in much the same way I did Laura, but she was not interested in anything sexual. She wanted a nice, relaxing, deep tissue massage, and that was it. I did what I was told until her time expired and Amber walked in.

Jess got up and slapped my ass as she walked out and Amber took her place on the bed. I started to massage her just as I had the other two, but she decided that was boring and flipped over onto her back.

"I want you to massage my front first," she told me in a commanding, but sexy tone.

I started at her toes and worked my way up her shapely legs to her pussy. She invited me to pleasure her with my hands and tongue for quite some time. Because it was a massage she did tell me to take it soft and slow.

I obeyed and brought her to orgasm over the period of at least forty-five minutes. She moaned deeply as she came and squeezed her legs hard around my head.

Then she raised her hands up over her head pretending to get comfortable. This had the obvious effect of causing her perky tits to jut out even more than normal. I took my cue and began to rub, squeeze, and pinch them until she was breathing heavily once more. She told me to climb up on the bed and straddle her while I did this.

"I want your hard cock between my breasts," she cooed.

I was only too happy to oblige as I sensed my first real opportunity to come since the ladies started torturing me with pleasure last evening. I positioned my cock between her milky white breasts which she held seductively together. I rolled my hips back and forth as I began to tit fuck her. I could feel my sperm rising up inside me, and I watched as she opened her sumptuous lips to receive it.

Just then I felt a hand on my shoulder as I was pulled off of her by Kate. "My pleasure has been denied once again," I thought, as Amber scampered out of the room, and Kate sat down on the edge of the bed.

She waited just a few seconds before she grabbed my cock and balls roughly and slid a cock ring on. "I wouldn't want you to have an accident," she said curtly, as she snapped it tight around the base and then lay face down on the bed.

Once again I took my cue and massaged away. Kate was a bit more athletic than the others, so I found myself working her muscles a little harder. She seemed to enjoy this, but just like Jess, she was happy to be getting a massage and wanted nothing more. I must admit I was disappointed. Something about Kate really turned me on. I found myself fantasizing about her often and slipped off into a bit of a daydream as I finished her massage. I must have done a good job, because she thanked me and grabbed my ass as her time ended.

"Follow me," Kate said, as she left the room.

I followed her to the kitchen where I found the other ladies had just finished making lunch. I was not one for salad, even when it did have chicken in it, but I was not complaining. After all I may have been naked, but the robes they were wearing did not cover much either. If you would have told me a year ago that I would find myself in this wonderful predicament, I would have died laughing.

I sat there and ate while the ladies chatted and ate as well. They talked about work and various other points of interest as if nothing out of the ordinary was going on. It was a little disconcerting but kind of fun at the same time.

One by one they finished their food until they left me sitting at the table alone. "We'll be back for you in a bit," Kate told me, as she was the last to leave.

Several minutes passed before they returned. They were each holding a manila envelope with a number written on it from one to four.

"Your selection will decide your fate," Laura teased. "Pick a number."

There was no way for me to know what any of them held so I blindly picked envelope number two, which Jess held. She opened it to reveal two words: THE CHAIR. I had no clue what that meant, but suddenly I felt like I should have picked a different number.

The ladies left me alone at the table once more as they disappeared into my bedroom. When they returned several minutes later, they were all wearing various forms of dominatrix wear. Everything they wore was black leather and incorporated different arrays of chains, rivets, and spikes. They also wore heavy make up and high-heeled boots. Once again they all looked sexy and powerful in their own way.

"Stand up, slave," Jess commanded, as she walked toward me. As I stood she grabbed my cock and balls in her gloved hand and quickly removed the ring that held them.

"You aren't going to need that anymore," Laura chimed in. "We are going to keep you hard for the rest of the night without it."

"But don't worry;" Amber followed up, "we still aren't going to let you come."

I did not know what to think. They planned to keep me hard all night without allow me to come even once. This was going to be one long night and I was not sure I was ready for it.

"Now it is time for the chair," Jess announced. Then she put my collar on, attached the leash, and cuffed my hands behind my back before she led me down to the basement.

As I hit the bottom step I turned and saw 'the chair'. It looked peculiar to me, and I was confident this was yet another contraption one of Amber's suppliers had given her.

At first glance it looked like a normal wooden chair, but when you looked closer there were obvious differences. There were o-rings at the bottom of all four legs as well as one that attached to the front. There was also a hole a little bigger than a quarter in the middle of the seat. The back of the chair was simply four wooden pieces that rose vertically and met at the top.

Jess handed my leash over to Amber, and she led me over to take a seat. As I began to sit she stopped and told me I was facing the wrong direction. What appeared to be the back support was actually a vise. With my hand cuffs still on, Jess helped Amber get me into position and opened the two slats that would soon grip my genitals.

Just as I was about to sit Amber stopped me. "I almost forgot," she gasped, as she stepped over to a small box on the floor. Then she pulled out 4" long rubber butt plug, squirted some lube on it and locked it in place where the hole I noticed earlier was.

"Now you can sit," she said with a smile, and pushed my shoulders down until my ass was firmly on the seat and unhooked my leash.

A high-pitched gasp escaped my lips as I sat. With my hands cuffed behind me and my legs straddling the chair I could not slow myself down and was forced to take the plug all at once. Then Jess hooked my cuffs to the chair so that I could not lean any further forward than they wanted. After that she tied my ankles to the legs of the chair and secured them in place using the existing o-rings. Finally, Amber slowly tightened the two slats together around the base of my cock and balls and took out a small connecting piece and locked them firmly in place.

The combination of the bondage on my member and the plug in my ass, in fact made me very erect. However that was only the beginning.

Once Amber was satisfied with my restraints she signaled to Jess to begin my delightful torture. Jess pulled a chair over and sat down right in front of me and just admired my bondage for a minute or two. I took that time to admire her outfit.

She wore black leather gloves that extended passed her elbows and a black leather bustier. There were small silver chains that ran under each breast and came together in the middle. With her hair pulled back and the silver spiked choker she wore her shoulders and neck looked rather inviting.

Her breasts were pushed together and up giving her ample cleavage that almost leapt out of her top. She also wore a tight black mini skirt with a chain that matched the one on her bustier as a belt. Her look was completed with 3-4" stiletto-heeled boots that zipped up the side and reached the middle of her calf.

After she looked me over for some time she leaned over and ran the tip of the index finger of her gloved right hand up the underside of my cock. I closed my eyes and groaned at the pleasure of her touch. Then she stopped.

I opened my eyes to see the sinful smile on her face as she leaned forward to tease me once again. For several minutes she continued to tease the bottom side of my cock using only the tip of her finger. It was torturous. I squirmed more and more with every touch as my body longed for the release I knew I would not receive. With every squirm I was reminded of the plug deep inside me and the painful pleasure it gave.

After twenty minutes of teasing, Jess slapped my painfully erect penis, stood, and joined the others where they had been sitting and watching on a couple couches nearby. Then Amber stood and headed my way.

As she walked towards me, I took those few seconds to take in her delicious look. She was wearing a pair of black leather boots which were composed of more leather than the rest of her outfit combined. The toes were pointed, as were the 4" heels, and there was a pattern of rivets than ran from the tip of her toe back and forth to the middle of her thigh where the boots ended.

Her thong panties had a similar pattern of rivets across them; however a chain ran up the crack of her young ass. Her top was like a bra with the same crisscross pattern of rivets, and matching chains took the place of straps. Her milky white skin stood out against the contrasting black leather giving her an even more sensuous look.

Once she stood before me, she wasted little time. She got down on her knees and wrapped her deep red painted lips around my cock and teased my balls with her finger tips. I watched as her head bobbed up and down my shaft time and time again and sheer pleasure raced over my skin. I could feel my balls rising as she played with them, and I approached climax. The anticipation of her pulling away and denying me of that release was ever present in my mind, but she kept going. I soon realized she had no intention of stopping and my excitement continued to build. My balls rose a little more and I clinched the muscles in my ass as I felt the explosion building up inside of me, but it never came.

She kept sucking, licking, and teasing, but I could not come. I looked down into Amber's incredible green eyes as she looked up at me seductively while she continued. That was when it hit me. This contraption would not let me come. With my hands pulled back and the plug in my ass I was held back just far enough away from the vise that my balls could not rise enough to erupt. I was bound to endure this pleasure without actual satisfaction for as long as they wanted.

Amber continued to pleasure me orally for another fifteen minutes before she stood and walked away. At least I got another great look at her ass as she sauntered away.

Kate was next. She looked amazing. Her boots were completely different from the other two. They looked more like something you would expect to see if she were about to jump on her Harley. The rest of the ensemble went right along with that item.

She wore a pair of black leather chaps with no panties. To finish off the outfit she wore a black leather vest which she left unbuttoned so that her toned mocha abs and round tits could be shown off.

She soon stood just inches away from me. I stared longingly at her naked pussy and licked my lips. She knew the effect she had on me, and she loved it.

She took her time walking around me and ran her nails across my naked skin as she did. Finally she stood next to me and leaned over my shoulder and nibbled on my shoulder, neck, and ear as she firmly grasped my erection. She continued to kiss and nibble at my body as she stroked my cock.

She started slowly at first, then minute-by-minute she picked up the pace until I felt my balls struggling to rise once more. She continued her assault for several more minutes until the smallest amount of fluid trickled from my cock. Then she took her finger and scooped it up. She brought it to her lips and tasted it.

"Almost," she teased, and then walked back to the others.

Naturally I expected Laura to join me next, but she just sat there with the others. They chatted for a little while, just quietly enough that I could not hear a word. Finally they all stood and walked toward me. Once again they held the three remaining envelopes in front of me, and told me to choose.

"Three," I said, nodding towards the one Laura held.

Laura opened her envelope to reveal the words: "THE GARAGE" Once again I did not know what to expect.

"We're going to go finish getting it ready," Laura said. "Since you picked Jess's card first, she will keep you company until then." Then Laura, Kate, and Amber fled up the stairs.

Jess walked over and told me not to say a word while she released me. She untied my legs and unhooked my cuffs before finally releasing my genitals from the vise. She left my hands cuffed, so she took my arm and helped me stand. The sudden release of my cock, balls, and ass was refreshing and I stretched my legs a bit after I stood.

Once I was completely free, she reattached the leash and led me to the edge of the couch were she sat down. "Kneel," she commanded, as she hiked her skirt up to reveal her naked pussy.

No sooner had my knees reached the floor, then she pulled my head between her legs and I was forced to lick her delicious treat. It was relatively hard to do with my arms bound behind me, but I got the job done and was able to use my arousal energy to bring her to climax.

As soon as she finished and caught her breath, she adjusted her skirt, stood and grabbed my leash, and led me up the stairs to the door to the garage. Then she grabbed a blindfold off a nearby decorative table and slipped it over my eyes. Finally she led me through the door to the middle of garage and removed my leash.

Soon, I felt my handcuffs being removed and my hands pulled in front of me. They were soon tied together with a long piece of rope which had been attached to a pulley over head. Then I felt the rope being pulled, raising my hands over my head. It was pulled tight enough that I could barely rest my feet flat on the cold cement floor.

I was made to stand there for quite some time in the cold garage. Although, for some reason, it was not as cold as I assumed it would be. I figured the humming I heard in the background must be the sound of one, possibly two, area heaters, which would explain the milder temperature. I stood uncomfortably for a couple more minutes until I heard the door into the house open and then shut once more. I hoped they had not left me here alone. I was not disappointed.

Seconds later my blindfold was pulled off. As my blurred vision returned to normal I saw that I was hanging naked in the garage with just Laura. She was striding around in front of me in a leather body suit while slapping a leather strap in the palm of her hand.

The body suit appeared to be just one-piece that tied up the sides. It actually started at her boots and ran all the way up her voluptuous body encasing her legs, midriff, and arms on the way up to her shoulders and arms. It had a gaping V-neck that ran down almost to her navel and teased me by showing almost all but the nipple of her fabulous tits. They looked like perfectly-round cantaloupe halves encased in leather. I wanted so badly to feel their ripeness as she strutted before me.

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