tagBDSMSweet November Ch. 12

Sweet November Ch. 12


Monday, November 18th

I woke up this morning in my hotel room and saw my alarm clock read 9:47. I hardly remembered going to bed and I must have slept like a rock. I felt relatively refreshed from the extra sleep I got, but soon the incredible urge to pee overwhelmed me. As I headed to the bathroom I noticed an envelope on the floor that obviously had been slid under the door. Despite my curiosity I kept right on going in order to relieve the mounting pressure.

A few moments later I reached into warm up the shower then quickly retrieved the small crème colored envelope from the floor and opened it. As I returned to the steam filling bathroom I read the note:


You will be picked up at 2:00. Your clothes are in the bottom drawer. Be sure to eat lunch prior.

Out of curiosity I headed back out of the bathroom and towards the bedroom to check the drawer. I was a bit surprised to find a pair of blue jeans, my boxer briefs, a t-shirt, chocolate brown sweater, some socks, and my tennis shoes. This definitely confused me. This had to be the most comfortable thing I have ever been "forced" to wear in my life. I picked them up and headed back to the bathroom to shower and shave.

After taking a nice, long, hot shower I took my time shaving, brushing my teeth, etc., and got dressed. I tinkered around in my hotel room for a little while longer until finally leaving my room just after noon and heading down to the restaurant attached to the hotel for lunch.

I would like to tell you something exciting happened while I sat at the bar watching a recap of the weekend in sports, but unfortunately the most intriguing thing in the bar that Monday afternoon was my bacon cheeseburger. I slowly enjoyed my burger in an effort to kill the next hour-and-a-half and then asked the bartender to charge it to my room. Then I watched the countdown of the top plays in sports before returning back to my hotel room.

I sat in my room for just a couple minutes before a knock was at my door. As I stood to answer it I glanced quickly at the clock in the room and saw that it was two o'clock on the dot. I opened the door to find the chauffer I had expected was standing there waiting to pick me up.

As we headed to the car I tried to strike up a conversation, but like all the other times had no luck. She just strutted ahead of me and opened the door to the Town Car without ever making a sound. The drive to our destination was no different.

After a relatively short drive we pulled up in front of the lingerie shop where Jess worked. I was not quite sure what to make of this. Figuring it out was not going to be an issue. I never had enough time to think after that. Seconds later my door was opened and I was instructed to head inside.

I headed towards the door and reached out to pull it open when I saw a paper sign taped to the window. The sign read "First Annual Customer Appreciation Event". As I walked inside it hit me that the shop normally was not open on Mondays but the parking lot had three or four cars in it. My mind fluttered with possibilities.

"Good afternoon, slave," Laura said, as she approached with a grin from ear to ear. "I guess I got quite a bargain judging by what some of the other women ended up paying for you."

"Yes, mistress," I affirmed as I stood before her, waiting for her instructions.

"I am just going to have you help me get this place ready, for now," she said. "We'll have some real fun later." Then she winked as she stepped to the center of the store and beckoned me to follow.

Laura was the owner/operator of this store for about seven years. Her husband bought her this place to get her out of the house and give her something to do. Frankly I do not think he would have cared if she lost money at it as long as she left him alone. Much to his surprise, she actually did quite well.

Laura set up her lingerie store in the front of an old house on Main Street and had a salon and tanning beds in the back. In addition to lingerie she sold a lot of adult paraphernalia to her clients as well. Most of her customers were incredibly loyal to her and spent a lot of time and money there. They apparently loved her location because they could park out back where passersby would not see them entering and they not be embarrassed walking in.

The ladies who worked there, Jess included, were very friendly and helpful and made sure that everyone that shopped there was taken care of. Laura's shop carried a lot of costumes and risqué items that most women would only dream of buying from catalogs, but wanted to be sure they fit. In addition, the women who shopped there were encouraged to explore and embrace their sexuality. This made most who shopped there feel as though they were part of a secret society. I was about to learn that the big spenders actually were.

"I want you to start by moving these clothes racks back into the storage area so we have more room. Then clean up the floor and find me for the rest of your instructions." Laura gave these commands as though I was an employee, not a slave. It was a bit uncomfortable.

It took me quite a while to get the racks out of the room and put away. They were rather heavy and bulky, which made them tough to maneuver, but I finally managed to get it done. Then I picked up the loose hangers and tags off of the floor before I vacuumed. When I finally finished my assigned task it was a quarter after three and none of the women who worked there seemed to be around.

After looking around the main floor for a couple minutes I headed out back to check the entry steps. My wife tells me that many great conversations occur out there while a customer and/or fellow employee is enjoying a cigarette or grabbing a breath of fresh air. However, when I looked out back no one was there. It was at that time I noticed that there was now only Laura's BMW convertible parked in the lot. The others had apparently left, although I did not know why.

I walked back into the shop and headed towards the basement steps to find Laura. When I pulled on the door I discovered that it had been locked. I was puzzled a bit by this, since all the times I had been to the shop before helping out, this had never been the case.

"Are you done?" Laura called down to me from the second floor, after obviously hearing me yank on the basement door.

"Yes, mistress," I called back, and took a couple steps towards the stairs.

"Good, then come on up. I have something I need you to take care of up here," she answered.

I headed up the stairs realizing that in the half-a-dozen times I had come to the shop I had never been upstairs. I guess I had never really thought about it, but I assumed she just had her office and other junk up there.

As I reached the top of the steps my suspicions were confirmed. There at the top of the stairs was her office, with boxes of samples and catalogs strewn about, and paperwork stacked on the right side of her desk. She also had a couple mannequins in various stages of dress and poses.

There were two other rooms on the second level. A small bathroom complete with shower and vanity, and another room with the door pulled ¾ of the way closed where I could hear her shuffling around.

"What did you need me to take care of?" I asked, as I pushed the door open and discovered, Laura naked as a jaybird, relaxing in the center of a four-poster bed. She was leaning up against the headboard looking at a catalog with a devilish grin on her face. Even in her late forties she turned a lot of heads with her toned body and 34DD tits that her husband bought her.

"Me," she answered, as she swung her short but shapely legs to the edge of the bed and directed me to lose my clothes.

I quickly began to strip as my cock began to rise and push against my boxer briefs. I was covered with dust and sweat, but she did not seem to care as she licked her lips in anticipation. Once I had removed all of my clothes she spread her legs and beckoned me over to lick her waiting pussy.

Even if I had not been made to be her slave, I would have had a tough time declining her advances. Not only is Laura an incredibly attractive woman, but even at only 5'2" she controls everything that surrounds her. The power she emanates draws many to her, to the point you practically beg to be under her command. Her passion might be the only thing that is stronger than her will.

In a matter of seconds I found myself furiously licking her beautifully trimmed slit. I knew from previous encounters that she wanted it hard and fast or not at all, and I was not about to disappoint her. She lay back on the bed as she wrapped her legs around my head. I heard her begin to moan and felt her push back against my face as I picked up the pace and plunged my tongue even deeper into her. After giving her first orgasm to her I switched from licking her hole to sucking on her clit and pinching and twisting her nipples.

In almost no time at all she was flooding my face with her glorious juices and screaming out in ecstasy as she gripped my head firmly with her legs. Her orgasm seemed to cause her entire body to spasm in endless delight for several minutes as I continue to lick her clean until she finally relaxed and let me free.

I slouched back to catch my breath while I watched her breasts rise and fall while she caught hers. Nothing gave me more pleasure than this.

"Stand up!" she commanded, after a minute or two of resting.

Then she reached out and grabbed my rock hard cock and squeezed. "You like eating my pussy, don't you?"

"Yes, mistress," I answered, as she increased the pressure on my member and began to fondle my balls with her other hand.

"You want to come now, don't you?" she teased.

"Yes, mistress," I answered as she increased her grip further. The intensity of both pain and pleasure was bringing tears to my eyes. I would not have thought even Laura had this much power in her hands.

"Too bad," she taunted, as she flicked my cock and released it. "This isn't about you. Have you learned nothing?"

She was reminding me of the first encounter I had with her a few weeks back when she made it perfectly clear that I was only there for her and the other divas' entertainment. If I received any pleasure whatsoever it was only because they wanted me to have it. It was never because I wanted it.

Then she reached over to the nightstand next to the bed and retrieved a glass of water and a small pink pill. "Take this!" she barked, as she held them out to me.

I looked at her with confusion, but took the pill and drank the water nonetheless.

"That will help keep your little cock in check until I am ready for it," she teased, as she took the empty glass back from me.

"No offense, mistress, but I don't need a pill to stay hard for you," I responded.

"Ha, ha, ha..." she laughed. "That pill isn't to keep you hard. It is to keep you soft. Like I said, 'you are here for my pleasure, not yours.' You will entertain many women tonight and when they can't get that tiny cock of yours hard they are going to punish you. I can hardly wait."

Before I knew it the pill was already taking effect and my erection began to subside. I thought it was embarrassing to stand in front of a bunch of women while I had a hard-on, but I knew this was going to be even worse.

"Let's go," she hollered. "We need to take a shower. Our guests will be arriving soon."

I followed her to the bathroom and into the shower where I washed her from top to bottom and front to back. Normally this would have had me sporting wood in seconds, but it did not even move.

After she was satisfied with my work, she jumped out and told me to hurry up. I rinsed myself off and quickly exited the shower and dried her off. Then she headed back to the other room to get ready. I took a couple minutes to dry off and then joined her.

"Lie down," she said, pointing to the bed.

I lay flat on my back and she went and gathered four furry handcuffs from her office. Then she locked me firmly in place with my appendages spread to the four corners of the bed.

"You don't get to watch me dress," she taunted, and then slid a blindfold over my eyes and smacked my cock one last time before I heard her shuffle back to the closet.

I spent the next several minutes just listening to her move about the room as she got ready. After at least twenty minutes had passed, I heard footsteps coming up the stairs.

"You look amazing," I heard the familiar voice of Jenny, one of Laura's employees, say.

"Thanks," Laura responded. "I wasn't sure if I should wear this one or the white one."

"You made the right choice," Jenny confirmed. Then there was a long pause as I felt Jenny walking around the bed that held me in place. "This is Jess's husband?"


"We are going to have fun with him tonight. I can't believe Jess is letting you do this," Jenny commented

"She didn't really have a choice once she put him up for auction," Laura shrugged.

"Oh, yeah, that's right. She's on her period right now and she did not want him to go to waste over the next few days so she agreed to auction him off," Jenny recalled.

"Crazy, isn't it? If he was my slave I would make him do what I want, when I want, period or no period," Laura stated.

"Me, too, but you know Jess. She loves him and thinks that is too far to go. Besides her loss is our gain." Jenny laughed.

Then I heard the ladies head down the stairs back into the shop as they continued their conversation.

Several more minutes passed until I heard someone climbing the steps again. This time no words were spoken as I felt a ball gag being pushed into my mouth and locked firmly behind my head. Then my wrists and ankles were released and a collar with leash was attached around my neck. The next thing I knew I was being jerked to my feet with the blindfold still in place. After that I was pulled harshly to the stairs and down to the store.

Had my hands been bound I would have certainly broken my neck, but I was able to find the banister and steady myself as I descended the stairs. Finally I was led to the far end of the store and up three more steps. My head and hands were pushed into a set of stocks and locked. Then the collar was removed along with my blindfold.

As my eyes adjusted to the light I felt a hand pulling at my still soft member and balls while I felt five quick, hard slaps on my ass with a leather-clad paddle. Before I had a chance to react it was over, but my ass was on fire.

Then Laura stepped up to my ear and whispered, "Don't move a muscle or you WILL regret it." After that she pulled a black sheet from off of the wall behind me. I was bound naked in the front window of her store with mannequins in dominatrix gear on either side. One of them held the paddle in position to strike again. It must have looked like quite a scene to the hundreds of cars passing by on that busy road, but I doubt any of them had any clue how real the scene was.

"Okay, girls, it's almost five o'clock. Let's get this party ready," Laura hollered, as she stepped down from the platform and back into the shop.

The backdrop to her display window prohibited me from seeing back into the store, but the music and laughter told me that they were ready to have good time. I had to imagine a good amount of alcohol was flowing as well.

It was tough for me to remain still, but I knew it was in my best interest to do so. I slowly flexed my legs from time to time to keep them from cramping, but it was still very uncomfortable. Every minute that I stood there it became harder and harder to stand still, especially knowing that I was completely exposed to anyone driving by. I had never been more happy that the speed limit out front was 45 mph so it was unlikely that anyone not privy to what was going on would know that it was me standing there and not the usual mannequins.

Eventually Laura returned to the platform where I was bound and began to unlock the stocks. I did not get a good look at her before, but I definitely got a good look this time. She was dressed to kill in a deep red latex corset that showed off her glorious tits and matched her lipstick. She also wore a matching latex bikini and three-inch heels

"It's five-thirty, now," she said. "My twenty best customers have arrived, and it is your job to make sure they have a night they will not soon forget." With that she put a leash with collar back around my neck and led me down off the platform to another small platform where she addressed the group.

As I stood on the platform next to Laura, I coyly looked over the crowd. All twenty women were dressed in the exact same outfit as Laura except in different colors and shades. It was quite the site to behold. Twenty women of various shape, size, and ethnicity drinking champagne and martinis, dressed in a rainbow of colors.

"First of all, I want to thank you all for attending this evening," Laura said, as she addressed the ladies. "I see you all got the outfits I had custom-made for each of you, and I must say you all look delicious. Tonight is my first customer appreciation event—a first of many, I hope. I want you all to have a good time this evening. Drinks are on the house and the same limos that brought you here will be waiting at night's end, so feel free to have all you like. As you mix and mingle, there are games and toys over against the wall. So if there is anything you have always wanted to try, this is your chance."

Then she paused briefly and gestured towards me. "One last thing, I have a challenge for you. Many of you have seen or heard of the talents of the slave I have here. In addition to him being here for all of your pleasures this evening, he is your challenge. As you may have noticed, his tiny little pecker is not aroused right now." She flicked it a couple times, encouraging a few giggles from the crowd.

"I have threatened punishment upon him if he becomes erect, but whoever gets him hard gets him for the remainder of the evening. You are welcome to use whatever means you'd like to bring him to attention...and you have my permission to punish him if he doesn't."

Once she made her announcement she unhooked my leash and pushed me into the crowd. "Enjoy!" she shouted, as I stumbled from the stage.

I was immediately grabbed and pushed to the floor. A couple of women I had never seen before, as well as a couple women I had seen at the weekend's events, had pulled me to the floor and held me down. I knew better than to fight them off, so restraining me was clearly unnecessary, but they seemed to enjoy the power the felt they had over me.

While two of them held my arms, the other two held my legs. Then I watched as another woman stepped over me and straddled my torso. She had long, strong chocolate legs that led up to her olive-colored panties and corset. As she pulled down her panties to expose her nicely trimmed pussy and apple bottom I got a quick glimpse of her perfectly round tits and her dark nipples were just peeking out of her top. Then she began to lower herself down onto my face with a satisfying grin on her full lips and a gleam in her deep brown eyes.

Without hesitation I began to lap away at her glorious pussy. I knew I would probably be doing this for a lot of women this evening so I wasted little time. I plunged my tongue deep into her and flicked it back and forth repeatedly. Once I felt I got her adequately warmed up I ran my tongue flat against her clit until she began to moan. With my arms and legs pulled to my sides I was having a tough time raising myself up to provide adequate pressure.

Out of frustration she grabbed the hair at the back of my head and shoved my face forcefully into her pussy. I took my cue and wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked hard and steady until her climax ensued. As her orgasm enveloped her I felt someone pulling on my soft cock and fondling my balls. Even though I could not achieve an erection, it felt good enough to cause me to pick up the pace even more. She immediately began to writhe and buck against my face until she was spent and collapsed off to the side of me.

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