tagLesbian SexSweet Shelly's Story Ch. 02

Sweet Shelly's Story Ch. 02


Wow, I thought as I looked into her sparkling blue eyes. I had just made love to my best friend, my beautiful best friend. The one who I have longed for, the one I have desired these many years. She had given me pleasure that only she could and allowed me to pleasure her in ways I thought would never happen.

My body still trembled from the excitement and the thrill of our experience as her beautiful eyes penetrated my soul, seeing the lust and passion that I have for her.

My thoughts were distracting me from losing myself in the afterglow of our wonderful encounter. I was worried, 'was she as happy as I, did I take my own feelings for her to far, was this romantic encounter going to be the last.' I had to know, I had to find out if she shared the same feelings as I.

"Amanda, what are you thinking about?" I asked with the emotion of fear in my voice.

She responded by smiling at me and said, "I think if today was the last day of my life, I would die a very happy woman." Again the emotions that I had a short time ago came back and tears started flowing from my eyes. The realization that we were feeling the same thing made all my fears drifted out of my mind.

I bent down and placed my lip on to hers, kissing her tenderly, but passionately. Our tongues exploded our mouths, as our bodies pressed together to create one.

When we finally broke our kiss, I raised my head and looked down at her clothed body. I noticed to two damp areas around her breast, where I had kissed and suckled her nipples. I continued my gaze farther down the front of her dress to where I had ground my thigh against her private area. The front of her dress was a little darker than around her breasts. I began to giggle a little realizing I must have made her have as wet of an orgasm as she had given me.

She looked down at herself and began to laugh, she realized what I had noticed and asked if we could go back to the house so that she could clean up a little. I didn't want this day to end, but I relented, thinking that I probably should clean up a little, also.

I stood up from where we were laying, holding out my hands to her. She placed her hands in mine and stood up falling into my arms. She embraced me holding me in her arms as she kissed my neck, then my lips. I could feel her hands travel down my back to the waist band of my short. She paused for a second placing her tongue against lips. I opened my mouth to accepting her sweet tongue, and then I felt her hand pass into my short as she cupped my bare bottom and pulling me into to her, grinding her thigh against my soaked shorts.

She continued to knead my bare butt as she moved her lips from my mouth to my ear lobe, licking and nibbling it. She then began to whisper about how much she loved me and how she wanted to explore my body when got back to the house.

I pulled my head away from her and said, "I hoped that you were going to say that!" She then put her slippers on her sexy feet and grabbed my hand and we both turned towards to house.

As we walked slowly back to house, our fingers were entwined together. I must have a silly smile on my face because she asked what I was smiling about.

I replied, "Well, there are two reasons. The first is because I am happy about what had happened between us and the second is because you came so much that I made you wet yourself!" pointing to the spot on her dress.

She giggled a little and replied, "Sometime ago I discover that when I am very horny, I can squirt a little. But with you grin yourself against me and playing with my nipples the way you were, I think I squirted a little more than I normally do."

"Oh Amanda," I said "You made me come so hard that I thought I would lose control of my bladder."

"Oh sweet Shelly, "she groaned "That would have not been a bad thing."

I turned and looked at her saying, "What?!"

"A little pee between lovers can be enjoyable," she answered.

"So you are telling me if I had let my bladder go, that it would not have bothered you?" I asked.

"Oh god, no," she replied, she then stopped me as we neared the house. "Haven't you ever looked at yourself? Opened your pussy lips and really studied what you have between your legs?"

I looked at her face, trying to decide if she was serious about it, or if she was playing with me. Her facile expression told me that she was not playing with me, but I did not know how to answer her. Then I replied, "Of course I have. There have several times when I have sat on my bed with a mirror and look at myself and seen everything between my legs."

Amanda then asked, "Did you see your little pee hole just above your vagina."

"Yes I did," I answered.

She then continued, "Have you touched it as you played with your clitoris trying to put your finger in, feeling the wetness on your finger as little droplets of pee came out."

I moaned softy as she moved me closer, talking to me with the most seductive voice I could image. The more she talked to me, the wetter I was becoming.

"Have you ever been in the shower or in the bath tub allowing the water to spray over your pussy? Allowing the water to caress your little button and enter your tiny hole?" She asked with a salutary tone in her voice.

I had done what she was describing several times and yes, I had enjoyed the feeling and the sensations of the water pouring over my vagina.

"And then," she continued, "when you can't take it any long, with your whole vagina beginning to spasm you finally allowed your full bladder to release and your golden fluid escape as you touched and massaged your swollen clit." She purred.

"Yes," I groaned, feeling my pussy stat to throb again.

She moved closer to me, placing her arm under my body, pulling me into her. Looking straight into my eyes, "How did it feel to have urine gushing out of your pussy as an orgasm consumed your whole body?"

All I could do was moan with pleasure.

I was taken aback by how she was acting, being more forceful, more of a sexual vixen. This was a side of Amanda that I had not noticed before; I was becoming incredibly turned on by it.

Our mouths were so close to each other, that I could feel her hot breath against my lips. Her hand was again in my shorts as our erect nipples touched each other's though the fabric barrier between us. God, I wanted us to be naked, so we could press our flesh together, feel our skin melt under the heat of our passion.

She moved her free arm down to my closest leg and moved it between hers, pressing it hard against her sex. Her mouth moved over mine as her tongue explored my mouth.

She began to groan into my mouth as she rubbed my ass with her hand and holding my leg against her. Then suddenly I felt warm liquid running on my leg. At first I thought that she had another wet orgasm, but then I realized that pee was flowing down my thigh, to my calf and finally pooling at me feet. At first I was shocked, but then I found it intriguing and very erotic.

I twirled my tongue around hers, as the excitement of our kinkiness built within me. I grabbed the bottom of her dress, exposing her sweet ass to the morning air, discovering that she was missing her panties. I felt her moan into my mouth with appreciation as both my hands caressed the cheeks of her ass.

As her flow began to dwindle to a trickle, the warmth and wetness of this encounter began to hasten my need to return the favor. I lifted the front of her dress to expose her pussy. I then broke our kiss to rip my shorts down to my feet. I grabbed her ass and pulled her pelvis towards me, allowing the tops of our pussies to touch, causing me to gasp at our first skin to skin contact.

With just the slightest bit of concentration I began to feel my bladder let go, and I let out a low hiss as I began to release my golden flow. At that some moment Amanda must have known what I was doing because she slightly bent her knees and began slowly to move her hips, allowing my pee to hit as much of her pussy as possible. She placed her hand behind my neck a pull me towards her, kissing me with more passion than I had ever encountered.

As she continued to move her hips, the small amount of public hair on the top of her mound brushed against my sensitive clitoris, causing bursts of pleasure to shoot from my body. The combination of the splash of pee against our pussies and the continuing rhythmic touch of our privates was just too much for me to handle.

I suddenly began to feel my pussy spasm as a hard and intense orgasm began to crash through my body. I moaned into my lover's mouth, as she continued to suck on my tongue. Before I knew I was gone, into the blissfulness of pleasure that I had never known, causing my legs to give out and my head to spin. My only saving grace was that Amanda was quick to hold me before I fell into the pool we had created.

As Amanda held me and I came back reality, Amanda whispered into my ear, "See I told you it was not a bad think to share a little pee between lovers." To which I smiled and groaned in agreement.

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