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The Principal


I am sitting at my desk, going over some paperwork when I hear a soft knock on the door. I sigh loudly; its only the beginning of the day and I really don't want to handle whatever it is that might be on the other side of the door. But I'm the principal of a rather large High school and sometimes, well it just comes with the territory.

"Come in." I look up to see Natalie walk into my office, her head hanging down, unable to meet my eyes. A bit surprised by her appearance, I set my pen down and give her my full attention as she sits in the chair on the other side of the desk. "Natalie, what can I do for you?"

She blushes slightly, shifting in her chair as she stammers. "Ms Blake, Mrs Howard sent me here."

Surprised by this I look at her closely. She is flushed and I'm not sure how much of this is from embarrassment at having gotten in trouble or something more. Normally Natalie is a stellar student, not a troublemaker and very friendly with nearly the entire student body. Sometimes though she pushes the rules a bit and wears clothes that are very close to over the line; like today.

I eye her nearly too short skirt which has risen up her thighs when she sat own and give her a stern look. "And why exactly did Mrs. Howard send you here?"

She looks down at the crossed hands in her lap and blushes even more. "She told me I had to come here because of what she caught me doing."

This catches my attention and I lean forward a little. Based on the nervousness and the blush, I have a pretty good idea just what she might have been caught doing, or more precisely whom. Young Natalie has been dating Tom Donner for a couple of weeks now and they've been warned about displaying affection in the hall before. But I don't want to jump to conclusions so I decide to play stupid. "And what exactly did she catch you doing?"

She crosses her legs and still refuses to meet my eyes as she nervously tugs at her skirt. "I was in the bathroom and she caught me...ummm....she caught me touching myself...you know, down there."

Her soft spoken admission surprises me; I expected her to tell me she and her boyfriend were caught fooling around in the locker room. Maybe even half dressed, but this is far beyond the scope of even my wildest expectations. In a moment, I can feel something take hold of me and I decide to change tactics.

As the principal, I'm surrounded by young untouchable girls on a daily basis. I've looked and I've enjoyed but I've never indulged. I've been far too fond of my job for that. But there has always been something about Natalie that's pushed me closer to crossing that line than any other student I've ever known. And I've never been able to put my finger on it until this moment.

Natalie is a true submissive, a rare girl willing to do nearly anything to please whoever is taking control of her. A young girl eager, almost desperate to please; I've witnessed it often enough but never truly recognized it until this moment. I can feel lust hit me like a runaway train as I remember that Natalie has just turned 18. I find myself wondering if perhaps this might be the perfect opportunity to push the envelope with her and see how far I can take her. I feel a thrill pass through me as I realize I've finally been given the key to the kingdom.

I continue to play stupid giving her my best confused face. "What do you mean you were touching yourself? Aren't you supposed to touch yourself in the bathroom?"

Her face goes from blush to scarlet as she realizes that I'm not going to give her an easy out. She looks up at me for the first time since she entered my office, her eyes wide and disbelieving. She stammers as she realizes that she's going to have to say exactly what she was caught doing. "I was...I was touching myself, touching my...touching my ummm pussy." The last word is nearly inaudible as she shifts in her chair nervously.

I smile to myself seeing that I have her firmly in my grasp. She might be embarrassed, even a bit afraid. But she's still sitting there in the chair doing exactly what I want her to do. Just a little more pushing and she'll be mine. "While I agree the word is apt, I'm still not sure I understand. How exactly were you touching yourself?"

She looks down again, her voice soft and unsure. "I was touching my clit." She shifts a bit, still squirming in her seat.

I watch her squirm, feeling a great deal of power from her discomfort. I can feel my own pussy growing wet as I lean back in my chair. I continue to play stupid. "Touching your clit? Exactly how were you touching it Natalie?"

"I was...I was...masturbating." Her face is scarlet, her voice barely audible as she admits to her indiscretion.

I can feel my heart flutter in my chest as I find myself picturing exactly what Mrs. Howard had stumbled upon. Young Natalie, in the bathroom with her skirt raised, her panties down around her knees as she played with her pussy, desperate to cum. The image is so vivid that I can almost hear her soft moans, even smell the heat of her pussy from across the room. I need to see it firsthand. I need to watch this young woman recreate what she was caught doing. And I plan on cumming right along with her.

I cross my legs, giving my pussy a bit of a rub with the action trying to ease the ache there. I am so wet already I'll be surprised if I don't leave a wet spot on the chair. It's time to really push my young student. I give her my best skeptical expression. "Really? I find it hard to believe that you of all people would do that in the girl's bathroom. Perhaps Mrs. Howard misunderstood what she was seeing. Perhaps if you showed me what you were doing when she came into the room." The words are out of my mouth, hanging between us. There is no going back.

Realization dawns on Natalie slowly. Horrified she shakes her head, begging me. "Ms Blake, please don't make me. I promise I'll never do it again."

I slap my hand on the desk, and give her a stern glare. "Natalie!" She jumps and goes quiet. "Now, I must insist you show me exactly what you were doing; I cannot have any hope of determining your punishment if I have no idea what you did to deserve it. Now, what did Mrs Howard catch you doing, show me now."

For a moment I fear she will still deny me. But then, seeing the resolve in my eyes, she takes a deep breath before slowly spreading her legs and drawing up her skirt. Her hands are shaking a bit and I find I must take a deep breath as well. I hold it until her panties come into view. They are simple, white cotton and they make her look even more innocent.

Her hand reaches for the elastic circling her thigh, disappearing underneath it. I hear her give a soft sigh as her fingers make contact with the heated flush beneath them and I have to bite back a moan of my own at the erotic sight before me. Her fingers are moving slowly under the underwear; I can't see them but I can well imagine just what they are doing.

I sigh softly as she continues to play with her pussy in front of me. "Ah, I can see that she did in fact catch you masturbating." Her fingers continue to circle her clit slowly, waiting for me to give her permission to stop. I have no intention of doing that. Instead I lean closer, my eyes gazing at her spread thighs hotly as I watch the show. "Tell me Natalie, were you enjoying touching your pussy?"

Her fingers pause in her puzzlement. "Ms Blake?"

I shake a finger at her in admonishment. "I did not tell you to stop." The fingers begin moving slowly again, the bump of them moving slowly beneath her underwear. "It's a relatively easy question Natalie, simply answer yes or no. Did you enjoy touching your pussy?"

Her face blushes once more but she stammered out the truth. "Yes Ms. Blake."

I leaned forward even more, never taking my eyes from what she is doing between her legs. "And are you wet from touching your pussy?" I drop my voice, making it low and sultry as the lust builds in me. She is so wet, I can hear her fingers moving in it as she continues circling her clit. I can almost smell her as I lean across the desk.

She sighs, her eyes closing for a second as her own lust takes over. "Yes Ms. Blake." For a moment, her fingers speed up a bit, then slow back down.

Unable to resist any longer, I stand up, coming around the desk to stand next to her. "Show me."

Her eyes fly open, meeting mine as she again becomes confused. "Ms. Blake?"

I kneel next to her, my eyes inches from her panty clad pussy. I am hungry to see what the underwear is hiding, eager to smell her in the air in my office. I look at her heatedly. "I want you to move your panties and show me your pussy Natalie. I wish to see for myself how wet you are." She hesitates only a second before reaching down with her free hand and doing as I ask. As her young wet pussy comes into view, I have to bite back both a moan and the urge to simply reach out and bury my tongue inside her. Instead, fighting my own desire, I reach out to touch her softly. She moans at my touch, her eyes closing once more. "Yes, you are quite wet." I stroke her softly, gently, my own breath coming faster and faster as she simply sits there and lets me continue to stroke her hot wet pussy. I reach up to circle her clit as I ask her my next question. "Tell me Natalie, did you cum before Mrs Howard caught you?"

Her eyes are glazed, hungry. There is no hesitation there; she wants this as much as I do. I simply have to make her cum to make her mine. She shakes her head. "No Ms Blake."

I continue circling her little nub slowly, teasingly having to resist the urge to put my finger in my mouth and suck her juices from it. I give her a lusty grin. "So she interrupted you?"

She nods. "Yes Ms Blake."

I remove my hand, denying her the pleasure of my touch as I move between her spread legs. "Well then, I can think of only one punishment fit for this crime. You will finish masturbating in that chair."

Again she looks unsure. "Ms. Blake?"

I lay it out for her realizing that the lust and need to cum is likely clouding her mind. "I want you to pull down your panties Natalie and play with your clit until you cum in that chair. And I want to watch you do it." She does nothing and I slap her leg lightly, my voice firm as I repeat my command. "Now Natalie!"

Natalie, does as I demand. Slowly peeling off her panties and dropping them onto the floor. I take her leg and prop it up on the desk. I want a completely unimpeded view of what she is about to do for me. Her touch is hesitant and tentative at first, her earlier embarrassment returning as I sit on the floor and watch her rub her clit. But that does not last long as she quickly loses herself in the sensations the fingers in her pussy are evoking.

In moments, her head has lolled back, her breathing growing labored as her hand picks up speed on her nub. I look up to see that her nipples are hard, poking through her shirt. I so badly want to see them, touch them, taste them. But now is not the time; there will be plenty of time for that later during our next session.

She is close, I can see it. Her hips are rocking slowly on the chair as her pleasure grows. I decide that the time has come for me to join her. I stand, lean close to whisper in her ear softly as I slowly roll up my own skirt. "Are you going to cum soon Natalie?"

She moans softly, the feel of my breath on her ear turning her on even more. "Yes Ms Blake."

I smile, reaching between my own legs even as I feel my own wetness running down my thighs. I touch myself, pinching my clit, feeling my legs buckle a bit as pleasure courses through me. She watches me as I stand there watching her. Her eyes are on fire with lust as she watches my hand, busy between my legs.

I smile to myself knowing that I have her. "Good, I want you to cum when I tell you to. Do you understand?"

She nods dumbly. "Yes Ms Blake." Her hand picks up speed and she moans louder. She is so close.

"Good, now I want to watch you finger fuck yourself." I moan as I watch her do as she is told, burying two fingers deep inside her wet pussy, all the while, her right hand is busy strumming her clit. "That's good Natalie, bury your fingers deep in your pussy." I can barely speak, so turned on at the sight of Natalie sitting in my chair, her legs spread and her hands buried between her them as she finger fucks herself. My eyes close as I do the same, knowing that she's watching me even as I've been watching her. I moan as my fingers sink in deep going in easily. I am so close to cumming.

"Now keep playing with your clit. I want you to watch me play with myself. I want us to cum together. Are you close Natalie?" At my breathless words, she nods. "So am I. Are you ready to cum for me Natalie?" She nods again, her hand going even faster on her clit, her fingers fucking herself even harder. I feel myself reaching the peak, my orgasm catching me off guard. "Good, cum for me Natalie, cum for me now." I manage to pant out my final command before it crashes over me, bringing me to my knees with a loud groan.

She does so with a harsh cry, her hips jerking in the chair as her pussy clenches on her fingers, still buried deep inside. She continues to moan and cry out for at least a minute before she goes limp in the chair. I watch her in wonder, amazed at the power of her orgasm. Feeling a bit weak in the knees myself, I reach out, slowly pulling her hands from her pussy and give into the impulse to taste her, licking and sucking her hands clean. She is sweet and tangy and I promise myself that next time, I'll taste it straight from the source.

I stand up, dizzy and jelly legged, I straighten my skirt and sit down in my chair behind my desk once more. I take several deep breaths to calm myself before I once more turn stern with her. "That will be all Natalie. You are free to go." She grabs her underwear, preparing to put them on when I again stop her. "Natalie, you will leave those here. From now on, you will no longer wear any underwear unless I tell you otherwise." She nods and simply drops them on my desk. She turns to the door. I again stop her. "Oh and Natalie, you will return for detention after school is over; we need to discuss the rest of your punishment, do you understand?"

She swallows audibly even as she nods. "Yes Ms. Blake." Then she leaves my office, shutting the door behind her quietly. I sit there in awe of what just happened and wondering just how the hell I'm going to manage to wait until the end of the school day before my next session with young Natalie.

* * *

The final bell rings and I listen as the office outside my door slowly empties and grows quiet. I'm finishing some final paperwork for the day and of course waiting for my wayward student to show up for her detention. I've been thinking about little else for most of the day.

I hear a soft knock on my door and feel my pussy clench in response. I'm wet; I've been wet since the moment Natalie walked through my door the first time. I'll have no need of foreplay this afternoon and if I guess right, neither will she. "Come in." I manage to keep my voice even and all business despite the sudden lurch in my heartbeat.

Natalie opens the door, walking in quietly and sitting down in the same chair she sat in that morning. And without being told. I look at her sitting in the chair, looking down at the floor and wonder if she's remembering what she did in that same chair that morning. Was she picturing herself in that same chair, naked from the waist down, her legs spread wide open while I watched her fuck herself to orgasm? I know I was and if the river between my legs was any indication we were going to have a very good day.

I give her a smile as she sits there; I don't want her at ease, not completely but I don't want her terrified either. "Prompt as ever Natalie."

She looks up, her face blushing slightly as she gazes at me with hooded eyes. "You asked to see me after class?"

I lean forward, carefully moving the paperwork from the desk; I have no desire for it to get in the way later. "Yes Natalie I did. It seems we have a punishment to discuss." She squirms slightly, her skirt riding up as she does so and I wonder if she was still following my first rule. Time enough for that in a moment but now I need to make sure she understands just what I'm going to demand of her. "You were caught masturbating in the girl's bathroom earlier today. I hope you understand that is not exactly respectable behavior."

She shakes her head, her voice soft and barely audible. "No Ms Blake."

"I thought when I punished you this afternoon by making you fuck yourself until you came in my chair might be punishment enough but I think now I am mistaken. I think it will take a great deal more than that to make you understand just what it is you did." I put heavy emphasis on the f-word, watching her jump and take a hitching breath as I do so. I see her nipples harden under her shirt and I smile to myself, pleased that our earlier play is still having a profound effect on her.

"So I have come up with the following. You will be at my disposal in any way I see fit for as long as I desire. You will do whatever I ask, without hesitation, without question. And you will enjoy everything I do to you." As I pause, her eyes widen and she looks at me, a touch of panic in her eyes as I continue. "Now, first things first, let's see if you've managed to follow my first rule. Stand up."

She hesitates only a second, still under the spell I cast on her from earlier but also feeling a bit overwhelmed at the mess she's found herself in. Her short skirt flutters as she stands and I know she's naked under it, just as I asked. I find myself wondering how many others were flashed by her wet naked pussy today.

"Pull up your skirt, spread your legs and show me your pussy." I bark at her in a clipped tone and she finds herself obeying before she even completely realizes I've spoken. Pleased, I watch as her most private place comes into view. Its dripping, probably still wet from our earlier encounter. The sight of her standing there holding up her skirt is too much for me and I surge to my feet approaching her aggressively as I turn her to face me. I fall to my knees, taking her skirt in my hand as I give in to the hardcore need to finally taste her.

I bury my face between her legs, grabbing her ass to pull her onto my mouth and without preamble, let my tongue plunge inside her. She jerks, crying out above me before grabbing my hair in both hands. I can feel her hips rocking, rubbing her pussy against my face as I fuck her with my tongue. I moan at the taste of her, so wet, so sweet before drawing my tongue out to flick repeatedly across her clit. With a free hand, I tease her opening with a finger, pressing against her but not entering.

It does not take long, she goes off like a rocket, cumming on my face and mouth as I take her clit in my mouth and begin to suck it gently. She moans loudly, her hips snapping back and forth as I continue lathing her clit with my tongue, drawing out her orgasm for as long as I can. When its finished, she collapses back into the chair while I give her one last lingering lick.

Then seizing control once more I calmly stand, wiping my mouth off before moving behind my desk. I look at her sitting there dazed and confused and I continue speaking as if nothing has happened. "You will report to me, here every day after class. Some days we will leave to play elsewhere but most of the time we will stay here while I fuck you." I give her a stern look as I try to make her understand exactly what I'm telling her. "Make no mistake, I will continue to give you the greatest pleasure you've ever known, you will never leave this office without having cum several times. But there is a price; you are mine unless I say otherwise and you may not refuse anything I wish to do to you."

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