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Sweet Temptation


From the beginning there was a sexual inferno building between the two. Pam met Michael on the Internet and they began exchanging messages, hers were simple and chatty, his were not, but incredibly arousing and erotic letters. There was a connection between the two that would make anyone blush, most of all Pam. It was as if any fantasy or taboo she’d ever allowed in her mind, he knew about. She certainly had never thought of most of the things he wrote about that was for sure. He wanted to teach her about the pleasures of the flesh and she wanted to learn, but from him?

They both lived near Boston so meeting seemed not so far fetched. Could she really meet a total stranger especially for what he described in his emails? Ok so they had met at a site that was known for sexual content but she was just seeing what it was all about, she never in a million years thought she’d ever participate; she was sexually inexperienced and thought that probably wouldn’t change. The things he wrote her made her jaw drop but she felt like one of those people that just had to look at a car accident, she couldn’t stop corresponding with him. He became like an addiction to her.

To say his emails were hot would be to say it might be cold in the winter in Alaska. Every time Pam opened one she would be so aroused that many times she would not be able to read them without touching herself, she would usually orgasm at least once. She read and reread each one, wondering what the hell she was doing even knowing someone who had those thoughts. Could she actually meet him?

Michael’s emails set her on fire physically. She was thinking about sex so much she thought she was turning into ……… what was the word, she couldn’t even figure out what she thought of herself. She was thinking if she did met him she would never be the same but wondered if that was a bad thing, she didn’t know. She was so intrigued about all the possibilities Michael offered and conflicted too.

It was the email about July 4th festivities that sent Pam over the edge. He described how he would like to celebrate the holiday; he left no detail out. Michael wanted Pam to know exactly what was in his mind, as if she hadn’t known before, there was no doubt now. The only question left was would she meet him.

Pam was so troubled that when he called her she was almost scared to even be on the phone with him, he had a way of getting into her mind and she felt defenseless against his words. Michael’s voice was so rich, she reacted physically each time they spoke and he knew it, he knew how to push every button. He could bring her to her knees so easily and he counted on that. He wanted this to happen, he knew she did but needed to be swayed just a bit. He whispered to her what he wanted to do with her and he heard her breath catch, he knew right then, she would be his.

“Do you feel that Pam? Do you feel my tongue?” Pam heard his rich voice turned husky with desire and she was touching herself.

“Michael, please don’t. I can’t, I just….” Pam wanted her voice to be stronger but it wasn’t.

“Feel it Pam, feel it on your clit. I have a finger inside you, sliding in so easily, now two. Baby you feel so good, I can’t wait to taste you. I’m flicking my tongue over your clit and sucking it into my mouth. Yea baby, that’s right feel it.” Michael knew he was getting to her and he knew by the time they hung up the phone she would agree to meet him too.

“Oh god Michael, yes! I feel you. I feel you so much, oh fuck Michael. Mmmmmm….” Even though she tried to resist she couldn’t, she was fully aroused.

“Yes baby I know you do, I want you to feel me. I want you to feel good. I’m sliding my fingers in and out, fucking your pussy, sucking your clit harder. Feeling your hips thrusting up. Yea babe, like that. Feel me right there, sliding my mouth down to drink your juices.” Michael didn’t let up on her, he listened to her moans and pants and kept talking. He heard it in her voice when she was about to explode, he urged her on.

“Feed me baby, I’m so hungry. Feed me, listen to me slurping up your juice. Give me more, I want more babe.” Michael brought Pam to climax more than a few times during that phone call and he was right, by the end she agreed to meet him.

“Darling you won’t regret it, I promise. It will be beautiful and loving.” Michael said all the right things and Pam listened to her body not her head when she agreed to meet him.

Michael made all the arrangements for their meeting and left nothing to chance. He booked a special suite at the Royal Sonesta in Cambridge. They would have their own private view of the fireworks over the Charles River after The Boston Pops Orchestra played on the Esplanade. The Artist and New England Suite provided beautiful scenery and the lights of Boston twinkled just as Pam’s eyes did when he escorted her into their suite for the weekend.

It was lovely, the Italian furniture and contemporary artwork gave the suite a modern décor unlike any in the city. There were custom Tibetan rugs, remote-controlled drapes and marble bathrooms with every amenity one could ever want. There was a dining room with the table set for dinner for two, complete with flowers and candles. The Bose CD/Radio was filling the rooms with soft jazz sounds. Nothing was left out, Michael had thought of everything and Pam was overwhelmed with the setting. Her nerves were still jumpy and as she looked out over the river Michael pour some champagne.

Michael gave Pam a soft kiss before handing her a glass of champagne. The two looked out over the river at the thousands upon thousands gathered on the Esplanade and the hundreds of boats anchored for the festivities. He remarked about the many boats that you could walk across the river without getting wet but Pam didn’t hear a word, she was just so nervous. She was about to say she couldn’t go through with the weekend when Michael took her hand in his, gently caressing hers with his thumb.

“Pam, if you want to leave you can, but I don’t want you to. What can I do to help you relax?” He searched her face and saw her eyes mist over. “What is it baby, what is wrong?” He instinctively pulled her into his arms.

“Nothing, well everything Michael. I don’t know what I am doing here. I’ve never, ever done anything like this in my life. I am shocked and scared but I don’t want to disappoint you or offend you in anyway. I’m so sorry.” Pam’s voice was weakening with each word.

“Sweetheart, please don’t feel scared. I know we, well I really pushed this and won’t deny that I want to make love to you. But if it isn’t now I will wait for you. I may have started off just wanting sex but it is so much more than that now, please believe me Pam. We can just enjoy the celebrations, have a wonderful dinner and relax together, no pressure okay?”

The sincerity in his words and voice helped to ease Pam’s fears. The tension in her body was noticeably reduced. He even heard her give a long sigh. Michael caressed her back and then held her hand; he wanted her to stay. Pam took her champagne and drained the flute; she turned to Michael asking for another glass. He laughed and she giggled too but said she still wanted another.

“Here you go sweetheart, just sip this one okay?” Michael teased her as he handed her the glass.

“I need to relax Michael but yes I will sip this one. I don’t want to get drunk and have you take advantage of me.” She teased him right back and moved to the living room area of the suite and sat on the love seat.

“Can I get you anything else right now? What ever you want I will get, just name it.” Michael wanted to please her more than he thought. She shook her head no and he took a seat next to her placing her hand in his again.

He was falling for her, even though he had sworn off getting involved with a woman again. In many ways they were very much alike, they both had their hurts and scars from the past. He had only wanted a physical relationship but that changed as soon as their eyes met that day.

Pam was glad she had taken a seat; she suddenly felt a rush from guzzling the champagne. When she hiccupped she gave an embarrassed laugh and Michael acted indignant with a fake shocked look.

“Well I never! And you call yourself a lady.” He let out a big laugh with his words.

Pam blushed and lowed her head in mock embarrassment and when Michael took her chin in his hand and turned her towards him, he saw her blush again and then kissed her. Not the soft kiss of a few moments before but the kind of kiss that lingered and begged for more. More is what they both wanted too.

He moved his mouth over hers again, his lips parted as he kissed her deeper, opening her mouth with his tongue. She was hesitant for only a moment then her mouth opened to his and her tongue joined his and they explored each other’s mouth. She let out a moan and pressed harder to his mouth, Michael slid himself sideways and pulled her into an embrace kissing her all the while.

Pam broke the kiss and moved herself into his arms even more and Michael gladly held her closer. The two sat in their embrace and gazed out the window as the sky took on the pinks and purples of a glorious summer sunset. As darkness grew Michael mentioned dinner and the two headed for the dinning room where the table was set for a romantic dinner. They decided on appetizers of pan seared crab cakes and risotto with heirloom tomatoes and dinner of slow roasted Maine lobster for him and grilled center cut filet mignon for her followed by ice cream sundaes for dessert.

While they waited for their meal he turned on some jazz he had asked to be in the music library of the suite. Pam was feeling in a dream and when Michael approached her for a dance she knew she was falling for him, the way he held her made her feel so womanly and wanted. Their dances were long, slow and sensual. Michael whisper into her ear and she purred and held on tighter as he danced her around the suite.

Pam was feeling the affects of the champagne and the setting as she looked into Michael’s eyes she thought she saw the future. She reached her hand up to caress his face and guided his head down to kiss him. She was feeling far more comfortable and when the suite bell rang letting them know their appetizers had arrived their kiss broke and she almost pouted. Michael gave her a sweet quick kiss as he moved to open the door.

Pam went to the dining room and the waiter prepared their table, lighting the candles, placing their choices on the table and replenishing their champagne and left them stating he would return with their entrees a bit later. Michael held the side chair for Pam he took the seat to the head of the table and the two sat to enjoy the delicious appetizers. They bid each other cheers and Pam fed Michael some of the crab cake in a very sensual manner. Both were feeling the chemistry between each other and he placed his hand over her free hand as he took the food into his mouth while his eyes bore into hers.

Pam felt that look deep inside her and shifted in her seat. She had never been so attracted to someone in all her life. Michael in turn fed her and the couple slowly enjoyed the atmosphere and the rising tension between them. The playful nature increased their desires and just as they moved to the living room again the waiter returned with their entrees.

Before Michael moved to the door he pulled Pam to him and kissed her passionately, dipping her backwards as he did. Pam grabbed onto him as one leg lifted off the floor and with it her shoe flew across the room. When they heard the crash against the wall they were startled into laughter when they realized what had occurred. With flourish Pam flipped the other shoe in the same direction and Michael did the same and the two padded towards the dinning room with smiles.

It might have been the champagne but Pam was feeling more at ease and almost bold. When the two sat for dinner Pam looked into Michael’s eyes and smiled at him. She wanted to reach out and kiss him but was just a bit apprehensive so she took his hand instead and kissed it, very softly looking at him as she did. Michael couldn’t take his eyes off her, she turned his hand over and kissed his palm, it was almost a lick and then kissed each finger too. She knew when she sucked one finger tightly into her mouth he was getting her message.

Pam released his finger and Michael caressed her face and leaned towards her for a kiss. As he placed his lips upon hers his tongue licked the outline of her mouth, tempting her to open to him. He pressed into her mouth easily, sucking on her tongue just as she had sucked his finger and she moaned into his mouth. Their kiss deepened and became so much more when he reached for her hand and guided her to his lap and dinner was forgotten to them. They were lost in each other’s mouths, a longing developed as the kissed became more frantic, with hands holding faces, tongues darting mouth to mouth and bodies pressing hard against each one another.

As their kiss broke Pam looked at Michael, “Wow” was all she could mutter and with it a big sigh.

“I’ll say it was a ‘wow’, that was one of the best kisses of my life Pam” as he kissed her hand.

He returned Pam to her seat and the two began to enjoy their meal. She glanced at him and when he noticed her smirk he laughed and asked what she was grinning about.

“I was just thinking is all.” A coy grin crossed her lips.

“Care to share what you are thinking about sweetheart?” Michael had the smirk now and Pam began to blush. Could she really tell him? The thought made her giggle and she fed him a piece of her steak telling him how delicious it was.

“Yes, it is delicious my dear, now what were you going to tell me before you tried to distract me?” He had her dead to rights on that one and she laughed at being found out so easily.

“I have so many thoughts Michael, what would you like to know first?” She was batting her eyes in that “oh so female” way.

“Don’t even try that woman! Why don’t you tell me what you were grinning about a few moments ago?” His eyes held hers with a depth she fell into, it actually made her catch her breath.

“Well I was thinking of what I’d like to do to you.” Pam immediately blushed and bit her lip as she surprised herself with her boldness.

“Hum, that sounds intriguing. Please go on.” He knew she was moving outside her comfort zone and treaded somewhat lightly but also wanted to pull her along, he wanted her to know it was safe to share it all. “I have lots of thoughts of what I’d like to do with you and to you sweetheart.”

Pam’s eyes widened and her blush grew, she hated when she blushed so much but there wasn’t anything she could do about it right now. “Well if you share one with me then I will share one with you. How does that sound?” She looked directly into his eyes now, feeling a touch more comfortable with each passing minute.

As they shared their meal they also shared their thoughts. Pam kept surprising herself as she shamelessly shared her erotic thoughts with Michael and it didn’t hurt that Michael shared his thoughts too. Pam was more aroused with each shared idea and thought, as was Michael. They were no longer interested in their meal, the only hunger they had was for one another.

Michael stood up and bent to kiss Pam sweetly and lingered a bit too, then left the dining room. She heard him talking but couldn’t make out what he was saying. When he returned he took her hand and led her to the bedroom without making a sound. Pam didn’t think to care who he spoke to, she only cared that he was with her and what she was feeling.

Pam was feeling sensual and she loved that, she wanted to touch and be touched and the two moved into an embrace, which lead to a kiss, and then their hands began to roam and the pace quickened. Once again the two became frantic to feel each other. Michael reached behind her and she heard the zipper on her dress go down, his hands moved to under her shoulders and slid the dress down. Pam stepped back and out of the dress, which was now a puddle on the floor. She stood before him in her lace bra and panties and the matching thigh-high stockings.

She was so aware of his eyes on her and almost moved to cover herself but he took her hands in his and held them out to the side so he could take all of her in and a smile crossed his lips and he whispered how beautiful she was to see and pulled her into an embrace.

Pam held herself to him and then let her hands wander, first to his waist to free his shirt from his pants and then moving back slightly to begin to unbutton his shirt. He looked at her and then her fingers as she tried not to fumble with the buttons. His fingers joined hers and his shirt was quickly removed and then as quickly his undershirt. Pam touched him, his skin felt wonderful to her and she let her hands roam slowly and gently, her fingers tracing around his nipples and up his neck and finally looking into his eyes. She saw a fire building and she felt a fire within her.

Michael pulled her quickly to him, kissing her hard, holding onto her arms as he pushed himself deep into her mouth. She had wanted to remove his belt and slide his pants off but he held her so tightly she couldn’t move. She didn’t want to move either, she clung to him as they kissed hard; it was as if they had been toying with each other all night and now it was time to get serious. He pressed against her so she would feel his hardness and then broke their kiss with a growl.

“Do you feel what you are doing to me Pam?” Michael’s hands moved to rid himself of his pants quickly; he looked at Pam as his erection grew out of his boxers he asked again. “Do you see this Pam? Do you know how much I want you, now?”

“Yes Michael I see and I want you too, right now.” It was the boldest statement she could make at the time and then her actions matched her words as she moved her hands to the waistband of his boxers and slid them down and he stepped out, she quickly tugged his sox off too, he was free of his clothing. She only had to turn her head slightly to taste him, to feel his cock on your lips and face. Pam reached her hand up to caress him when Michael stopped her.

“Oh no you don’t, not yet sweetheart. If you don’t mind I’d like to finish undressing you now, if you keep touching me I’ll explode. Didn’t I mention you are my dessert?” Michael smiled with his eyes and as she was about to say something but he preempted her, “That was the call I made. I postponed our dessert until later, much later.”

Pam giggled and immediately blushed, “Michael now everyone will know what we’re doing!” She was half mocking and half serious.

He loved to tease her; already he knew how private she was, but also knew she was very playful too. In fact she had told him before that she was ‘privately playful’ and he certainly understood that now as he felt her hand take his hard cock into her hands.

“And just what are you doing there oh sweet one?” He gently brought her hand back up to his chest and she caressed him and purred a bit, he whispered into her ear, “I want to make love with you for hours, so let’s not rush things down there”.

He pulled her close and held her; they were almost one now. Michael reached and unhooked her bar and then slid his hands down and under the waistband of her panties. He hooked his thumbs on the band and caresses his way down her backside bringing her panties with him. She stepped out of them and then let her bra fall from her shoulders. Pam started to reach for her stockings but Michael stopped her, he wanted them to remain. The two stood before each other, bare and wanting.

He led her to the bed, he was taking charge of this it was apparent. He made love to her in a way he had never done before, she changed him somehow, he didn’t know exactly when or how yet, but he was feeling rooted, as if here he would grow. With each touch upon her, she became a new woman, she allowed herself to bloom as if he were the water and sun, she couldn’t deny the feelings she had now and more than he could. He made love to her so tenderly that it took his breath away, and then they made love to each other.

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