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"I'm thinking about joining the swim team," Mike announced over dinner one night.

The mere mention of a high school swim team brought back a flood of memories for Dana, Mike's mom. She had first met Todd, Mike's dad, during their senior year in high school when he was on the swim team.

Mike had been a late bloomer nearly all his life. Throughout his first three years of high school he hadn't shown much interest in activities or much of anything. He preferred to spend his time just hanging out with friends. Finally, near the end of his junior year he became interested in swimming when he developed a crush on one of the girls on the school's swim team.

At the mere suggestion of his possible interest in swimming Dana encouraged Mike. She told him all about his dad's background as a competitive swimmer and suggested that perhaps those talents might run in the family. She was so excited to see Mike interested in something that she desperately wanted to encourage him without pushing him too hard.

All through the summer after his junior year he visited the pool and swam more and more often. Dana knew he had been meeting some members of the swim team and working out with them at the school's pool as the school year approached. However, he didn't mention the idea of officially joining the team again until the end of summer and the start of his senior year.

He had just turned 18 and Dana was overjoyed with the fact that he was showing an interest in something. Deep down she was concerned for him since he certainly didn't have the body or look of a swimmer and she wasn't sure he was going to be interested enough to stick with this for the full season. She hoped he wasn't setting himself and his teammates up for disappointment later.

Mike wasn't fat at all, but he had never been overly athletic. He had always preferred just hanging out with his friends to doing any sort of organized sports or activities. He certainly didn't have the muscle development that swimmers needed, but Dana hid all of that and was very supportive of his announcement hoping that things would work out for the best.

Dana thought it was interesting that Mike discovered the swim team at about the same time in life that she had. She had first started hanging out with the swim team during her own senior year not too long after she turned 18. She wasn't so much interested in swimming as she was interested in watching a bunch of really lean, fit, and dripping wet guys walk around the pool deck in tiny swimsuits. She was immediately attracted to Todd and they started dating soon afterward.

All of this was more or less common knowledge in their house, but the part of the story that only Dana knew was that she had also fucked three other members of the high school swim team before her senior year was over. Once she had a taste of their hard cocks, muscular bodies, and seemingly unquenchable lust she couldn't wait to give herself to them again and again. She willingly and eagerly gave herself to Todd and his three teammates whenever she could for the rest of that year.

In college, Todd made the varsity team and Dana became a sort of student assistant coach. She came to all the practices and meets and ran errands or otherwise helped the coaches. Todd never knew a thing, but Dana quickly gained a reputation as the "team slut". She fucked nearly every guy on the team at one point or another and on many occasions partied with and fucked more than one of them at a time. There was simply something about the lean, strong bodies shaven clean of hair that she was unable to resist.

Once their relationship became serious Dana gave up all the other lovers in her life and remained true to Todd. All the time they were married the idea of having an affair wasn't something that Dana would even consider. For a while Todd was more than enough of a lover to keep her very satisfied.

Todd stopped swimming competitively after college, but still the thought of a swim team made Dana's knees weak from the memories. In fact, Todd stopped doing much of anything after college. Over the last few years, in particular, he had really let himself grow fat and unhealthy looking. Dana tried to make the best of things, but she sometimes yearned for the return of the swimmer's body and energy that he used to have.

After a while the only thing Todd was excited about was working. He had definitely become a success at his job and was easily making enough money that Dana didn't have to work and they had no worries for money. Sometimes Dana grew weary of the long hours and late nights and weekends that Todd often worked, but he wasn't really good for much around the house anyway so she reasoned it wasn't as if she was missing out on anything.

Aside from sitting on the couch eating and drinking beer Todd seemingly lost interest in anything that wasn't work. Unfortunately for Dana this also included sex. They used to have a wild and active sex life and Todd used to relish trying to satisfy Dana's huge appetite for sex. Dana still had a hearty sex drive, but Todd had no interest in satisfying Dana's desires. For at least a couple of years now she was left to using her own fingers and her drawer full of sex toys to try and satisfy her lust.

Then one day Dana received a phone call that changed everything. Todd was away at a business conference and she was again left alone for the weekend. Near dinner on Saturday the phone rang and Dana answered it, confused to find one of Todd's co-workers on the other end. Todd had told her that this co-worker was going with him to the conference, but when Dana asked about the conference the person on the phone had no idea what she was talking about.

Dana was very confused and immediately started calling as many of Todd's co-workers as she could. She tried to be careful with her questions and was able to find out that there wasn't any conference at all. It only took her a few more days to discover the truth. Todd was having an affair with his assistant and had been with her when he had been telling Dana he was working late or at meetings or conferences.

In the end Dana was a little embarrassed by how easy it was for her to find the truth. Had she been blind to it before? Had she seen the signs and just didn't want to believe it was true? Whatever had been the case before, she now knew the truth and it didn't take her long to let Todd know. She confronted him with everything and told him she wanted a divorce. In a move that equally pissed her off and yet didn't really surprise her, Todd didn't even seem to care or protest much.

There was a part of her that couldn't believe she could so easily ask for a divorce, but deep down she knew that their marriage had actually ended years earlier when Todd lost interest in her. The idea of being on her own with Mike had seemed really scary at first until she realized that she already was on her own. Todd had only been casually involved in family matters lately and she had been the one left with all the household chores and parenting duties.

After she confronted Todd he packed up some of his things and moved out. The idea that he had probably gone straight to his assistant's house and moved in with her pissed Dana off, but she just tried to focus on how she would eventually be better off without him.

Dana's discovery and Todd moving out happened in the summer after Mike's junior year in high school at nearly the same time Mike discovered swimming. She was happy that Mike had found something to do with himself and hoped that having an activity would help him deal with his parent's impending divorce.

Dana watched in fascination as Mike dedicated himself to swimming with a passion unlike anything he had displayed before. He worked out feverishly and spent nearly every waking moment in the weight room or in the pool. Dana still didn't know if he would be any good, but he certainly seemed to have that same passion for the sport that his father once had.

Both to support him and for something to do to get out of her big, empty house, Dana became a sort of "team mom." She attended every meet and helped the coaches by keeping stats on the swimmers or doing whatever else she could to help. Dana was happy to have something to do and enjoyed seeing her son finally excited and involved in something. She was amazed at Mike's transformation and felt very proud of him.

She was, however, more than a little embarrassed that she started feeling some of the old familiar emotions when she looked at some of the 18-year-olds that competed against Mike. It wasn't long before the faces of these young boys started dancing in her mind as she toyed with her pussy or massaged her clit.

She vividly remembered the wild times she had when she was in college with the boys on the swim team and started imagining herself reliving those scenes with the young boys she watched competing against Mike. Once these scenes started playing in her mind she found her lust and sex drive re-energized. With Todd uninterested in sex for the past couple of years Dana was very accustomed to masturbating to satisfy her desires and she continued her regular and frequent masturbation sessions while dreaming about Mike's competitors and teammates.

As the season progressed Mike decided that he wanted to continue swimming in college. Dana eagerly helped him search for a school where he could join the team. After much searching it turned out that their hometown college's coach was interested and had space on the team. Mike enrolled and continued to feverishly work out all summer after graduation. The college was on the other side of town from their house, but Mike decided to stay at home during his freshman year despite the 45-minute drive to campus.

The other significant development of Mike's senior year was Dana and Todd's official divorce. During this time the strange thing for Dana was how good she felt. In some ways it was like now that she was away from the negativity of being with Todd things just seemed better. She knew that this should be a terrible time in her life, but even as the official divorce proceedings started she felt fine.

The proceedings progressed so quickly it made Dana wonder if Todd hadn't been planning the whole thing for quite some time. It seemed like he had many of the plans and paperwork for how things should be divided ready to go with surprising speed.

Fortunately, one of Dana's friends knew a great attorney. Dana's friend called in a couple of personal favors and almost before Dana realized it she had her own attorney working on her behalf. Todd seemed more interested in just getting out of the marriage than in fighting Dana for many things, so the result of the divorce was very good for Dana. She retained possession of their house and many of their other belongings. Between her share of their considerable savings and investments and the fact that Todd would be required to share a portion of his salary with her Dana was left in a comfortable place in terms of money.

Just before the start of Mike's freshman year Dana introduced herself to the coach and explained that she would be willing to help in whatever way she could. The coach gladly listened to her offer and replied that he was short on assistant coaches due to budget cuts. He asked if she would be interested in helping out on a near daily basis with the team both at practices and at the meets. He said she could help with tracking their training and lots of other things that he just didn't have time for now.

She happily agreed and began to work with the team nearly every day. The men's and women's swim teams at Mike's college were each pretty small so they worked out together on most days. Technically, Dana was helping with the men's team but soon she was also helping the women's coach. Dana eagerly gave her time to the swim team happy to have an activity that felt important and was fun.

It was about a third of the way into the swim season when Dana first noticed obvious sexual thoughts of the young swimmers on Mike's new team entering her mind. She knew that she very much enjoyed watching the young, lean bodies of the swimmers but it had never before gone past the point of being enjoyable eye candy.

It first happened as Dana fucked herself with one of her dildos. Dana was feeling horny but by now she was more than a little bored with her sex toys. As usual, to get herself off Dana closed her eyes and imagined there was someone actually fucking her. Before she knew it the image of Jack, a boy on the swim team a year older than Mike, flashed to mind. Physically, Jack was everything that Dana thought a swimmer should be and she envisioned it was his cock inside her.

Her orgasm was more powerful and moving than anything she had felt sexually in a long time. She lay awake for a while in the dark quiet of her bed and wondered if she should stop helping with the swim team. She worried that she had crossed some line by having such an outright fantasy, but finally she decided that some harmless fantasies would never hurt anyone.

As the season continued, Dana began noticing another advantage for her to Mike's interest in swimming. She worked out regularly in the college's pool before the official team practices and had even started doing some weight training in the college's weight room. She hadn't gone into it with any grand plan, but soon she noticed her body changing and she loved the way she felt and looked.

The result was that Dana felt more fit and sexy than she had felt in a long time. Her 5'10" height had always helped to hide the extra few pounds she used to carry, but now her body fat was reduced to nearly nothing as she worked out regularly and ate a strict diet right along with Mike. She had started eating Mike's diet to support him and keep him on his plan but even now that he no longer needed the constant support Dana continued because of how good she felt.

Another unexpected side effect was that she began noticing many occasions when the boys on the swim team stared at her tits or ass as she walked to or from the pool in her swimsuit. Whenever this happened it made her pussy tingle with excitement. She loved knowing the young men were still interested in her and it made her feel horny and alive. She only wished she had a loving husband at home who would be interested in her new heightened state of arousal.

She had gotten pregnant during college and had Mike when she was only 21. Now she was 39 on the verge of turning 40 but she felt sexier and more confident about herself than she had since her days in college. Her blonde hair was long and straight and her average sized tits hadn't lost any of their shape from her younger days.

Her own fitness and confidence did two things for her that she hadn't expected. The first was that it made her all the more happy and comfortable with her divorce from Todd. She couldn't imagine still being around Todd and his lazy and unhealthy ways on a daily basis. The fitter she got the more comfortable and happy she was to be single again.

The second unexpected result of her new look and attitude was that she found herself reaching for outfits in her closet and buying new things that she previously wouldn't have considered. Her new clothes were much tighter fitting and often had deep necklines to show off her cleavage. She even started buying shorter skirts again and bought a few that would definitely be considered mini-skirts.

One day, near the end of the swim season, the coach asked Dana to help in the weight room by recording the progress of some of the guys. The coach wanted to get some stats on the guys so he could develop off-season training programs for them to follow.

Dana was given a list of things to record - things like how much they could bench press and how long they could keep up a certain pace on the treadmill. She moved around from station to station recording the information. As she moved she was very aware that several of the guys in the room were staring at her tits and ass. She wore a plain white T-shirt and a tight pair of tan shorts. The shirt was a little tight and she guessed they could pretty easily see the outline of her bra through the shirt.

She didn't mind the stares and actually felt herself growing excited at being the center of attention. She tried not to let it bother her but she felt her pussy getting damp and feared her nipples might start to stiffen. She left the room to get a drink and compose herself before she returned to the room. When she did return only three guys remained. Two of them left shortly afterward but she hung around because Jack, the one remaining person, was about to start on the treadmill and she needed to get his results.

He pulled off his shirt and Dana tried to stop her eyes from staring at his smooth, hairless chest as he started to jog. The treadmill quickly got up to speed and she watched Jack work like hell to keep up with it. She stood next to the treadmill as he held out longer than he had ever done before. "Maybe he's trying to show off for me," she thought excitedly.

Dana continued to admire the view of Jack as his workout continued. He quickly worked up a healthy sweat and the sight of his muscular body glistening under his own sweat made Dana's pussy tingle. She occasionally glanced around to make sure they were still alone so nobody would catch her so obviously staring at Jack. She was relieved to find that they were still alone and, in fact, it seemed as if there wasn't even anyone left on the pool deck. Comfortable in their temporary privacy Dana resumed gazing excitedly at Jack as her mind spun a series of wild fantasies about fucking him.

Dana continued creating wild fantasies right up until the point when Jack finally couldn't keep up with the treadmill. Jack tried to hit the button to stop the treadmill but he had pushed himself so hard he could barely get to it in time. As it was he still was nearly thrown off the back of the treadmill.

When Dana saw him falling she dropped her clipboard and tried to grab him. He staggered briefly and was just about to loose his balance completely when Dana caught him. Initially Dana was just concerned that Jack was all right. He really was a good kid and she wanted to make sure he was OK. He nodded his head in response to her asking if he was OK but he was still gasping so hard for air that he wasn't able to speak.

He simply leaned heavily against her as it seemed he had poured all of his energy into trying to keep up with the treadmill. Once her initial concern was addressed and she knew he was OK her mind suddenly shifted gears. A few moments earlier she had been staring wantonly at Jack and now he was wrapped tightly in her arms as he struggled to regain his composure. She could feel the heat radiating off his body and his smooth, sweaty skin beneath her arms and hands.

Her mind raced with visions of the fantasies she had just created and, before she knew she was even doing it, she started to rub her hands up and down his back as if to comfort him. On the surface it may have been a comforting gesture, but the real reason was that she couldn't resist this opportunity to hold him and feel the muscles she had been fantasizing about.

His body immediately brought back memories of the way Todd used to feel and the way Todd's teammates used to feel. Jack was lean and muscular and Dana quickly grew excited feeling his young, energetic body. Between the layer of sweat and his completely clean-shaven upper body it almost felt like her hands were able to glide over his skin with no effort at all. Dana knew she shouldn't be having these thoughts but his body felt so good pressed up against her that she couldn't stop herself.

"Thanks," he finally gasped between breaths. He stayed leaning on her for a while longer and Dana felt Jack's hands move to her lower back. He only rested his hands there and didn't try to do anything else, but still the feeling of his hands on her as they stood pressed together like this made her stomach knot and her pussy ache. He remained like this for longer than Dana thought he really needed to, and she wondered if perhaps he was enjoying this position as much as she was.

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