tagBDSMSwimming Lessons Ch. 03

Swimming Lessons Ch. 03


I let go of my pet's hand once we had reached the third step.

"Just one more," I said. Without breaking eye contact I lowered myself into the icy water until only my head was still visible. My muscles tensed up and the tiny hairs on my legs stood up, but the smile never vanished from my face.

"Come here," I said and opened my arms.

Slowly my girl moved her hand further down on the railing and rose her left foot but then she suddenly stopped. "I can't do it. It's too cold," she said.

"Sure you can. Its just because we were in the hot tub. In a minute you won't feel it anymore," I said but my pet had already started to back out of the pool.

Very slowly, trying not to startle my girl, I lifted my hand out of the water and blew her a kiss.

"Come here," I said. I used a voice so low and gentle that it almost sounded patronizing but my pet responded to it the same way she always did. A smile appeared on her face, then her left foot inched toward the water.

"That's good," Alicia suddenly said behind me.

I hadn't heard Alicia come closer so I briefly turned my head and gazed at her. I didn't mind her help but I was hoping she knew where the line was.

"Come here and be a good girl," I said as I had turned back to my pet.

Slowly my girl moved to the first step, then she stood there with the water barely reaching her ankles. Her legs were covered with goosebumps and her toes twitched repeatedly.

Still, it was adorable. She did something she hated, just to please me.

"Good girl," I said again and was just about to get out of the water to take her hand again when Alicia proved she didn't know how to behave herself.

"Yes, be a good girl and come to me," she said.

I forgot all about my pet and my head snapped in Alicia's direction.

"She is not your girl, so watch it," I hissed.

Alicia's eyes widened and she said something but her voice was drowned by my girl rushing into the water.

I barely had enough time to turn back to my pet again before her arms slid around me and she hugged me tightly. My anger with Alicia faded by the second and I soon hugged my girl and started to pet her behind.

"No reason to be afraid," I said and squeezed her butt gently. "No be afraid."

"Yes," my pet whispered, then she hid her face against my neck.

Eventually I relaxed my hug and looked up at Alicia.

"What did you say?"

"I..." Alicia hesitated. Her eyes darted across the room several times, only to settled on my magazine that was still laying on the floor beside the hot tub.

"I really didn't hear anything before," I said, trying to make it easier for her to chose if she wanted to repeat her previous words or find new ones.

An almost angry look appeared on Alicia's face but when she realized what I was doing, she relaxed and nodded slowly.

"I was apologizing," she said.

We both knew she wasn't speaking the truth, but I was happy that she had changed her mind.

"I'm sorry too," I said. "I'm just a little defensive when it comes to my pet."

"I noticed." The knowing smile returned to Alicia's lips. "But I don't know why. I'm not a threat."

I shrugged and pointed toward the other end of the pool.

"Why don't you stand there and see if she'll swim to you?"

"Do you know why she is so afraid of water?" Alicia asked.

I kept my eyes on my pet's behind as she was swimming toward Alicia. Her bathing suit had slid up a little and the base of her butt plug was now clearly visible.

"No idea. I asked her and she doesn't know herself. She has always been afraid of water."

"Then she's doing pretty well now."

I smiled and watched how my girl slowly made her way into Alicia's arms.

"Yes, I don't tell her she is a good girl for nothing."

"I know," Alicia said and helped my pet turn around. She kept her hands above the water, probably to prove that she wasn't doing anything I could get angry about.

Then my girl pushed off again and slowly swam toward me.

"I could do this all day," I said.

"Watch her ass?"

I chuckled. "No, I meant --"

"Good, cause her bathing suit doesn't even cover all her bruises," Alicia interrupted me.

I started to laugh again. It was a nice view and I surely had enjoyed it many times. Once her butt had been so red that --

My thoughts stopped when I realized that my girl was struggling. Instead of focusing on her breast stroke, she had reached behind her in an attempt to adjust her bikini bottoms.

I rushed forward as quickly as I could but even before I got close, her head went under and she swallowed water. She started to scream and cough and I had to force her frantically moving arms out of the way to get a hold of her body. With both hands I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her back into my embrace.

Her flailing arms hit my shoulders and neck several more times but when she finally suddenly realized where she was, she fell silent.

"It's alright," I said. "It's alright."

"I... I... sorry..." my girl stammered and pulled herself closer.

"It's alright," I said once more. "We'll just get out of the pool for now."

Alicia gave us all the space we needed and patiently waited in the pool until my pet and I had settled down in our lounge chairs. Then she leaned over the edge of the pool and showed off her cleavage again.

"I have to apologize," she said. "I didn't mean to distract you."

"It's alright," I answered. I knew the words were directed at my pet but to me that didn't matter. "But I doubt we'll be going on a cruise for Christmas," I added.

"I'm sorry, Master."

My pet sighed and tried to pull her hand out of mine. It broke my heart to hear that tone in her voice but instead of letting go of her hand, I just squeezed it tighter.

"It's alright," I said. "We'll just go back to Colorado."

The corners of her mouth ticked up. "I would like that."

"Me too," I said.

For the first time since we had gotten out of the pool she looked up at me with a smile.

"What's in Colorado?"Alicia asked.

My smile turned into a grin when I looked back at our new friend.

"It was the first week we spent together," I said.

"Oh? You going to share?"

"I'm sure you can imagine," I said. "Not really into providing masturbation material for others."

Alicia overlooked the tone of my voice and pushed herself further up until her boobs looked like they were going to pop out of her swim suite.

"Too bad. I was hoping I could watch you later."

"Watch us?" I asked.

"Yeah, you made it pretty clear I wasn't going to get to play with your girl. That was mean after I had to watch her ass and butt plug every time she was swimming away from me, so you can at least let me watch."

A pleading look replaced Alicia's normal smile.

I bit my lower lip and remembered my girl's reaction to just seeing Alicia on TV. What could have happened if Alicia was there in real?

"See?" Alicia said as if she could read my thoughts and pulled her swimsuit down until her nipples became visible. "Please? I'll just watch and play with myself while you enjoy your girl."

Alicia reached down and squeezed her nipple until it got rock hard. "Please? I can already tell your girl wants it. She's horny as hell and will suck you even better than usual."

Alicia's voice still echoed in the pool hall when the door opened and an older man came in. Quickly Alicia covered up and slid back into the water.

I grinned and picked up my magazine. Almost being caught served her right but knowing what I had seen of Alicia so far, that probably turned her on only more.

I started to flip through my magazine but before I had even found my page, the giggling of my girl caught my attention.

"Look, Master" she whispered and when I looked up, I saw Alicia sitting on steps. The older man was standing over her, shamelessly staring at her cleavage but Alicia naturally acted like she didn't notice. Only her smile showed me different.

"I wish my boobs could do that," my pet whispered.

"Your boobs are perfect," I told her. They barely filled B cups but that only added to her cute, innocent look. "B stands for best."

"Liar," my girl said, then she started to giggle again. "Thank you, Master."

When Alicia finally got out of the pool, she walked past us toward the hot tub.

"Going to join me?"

"Sure, why not," I said and got up.

I turned the timer past the 15 minute mark and then got into the water. I looked up at my girl, ready to coax her into the water but she seemed to have forgotten all about her panic in the pool.

With two quick steps she joined Alicia and I and snuggled up to my side. I folded my arm around her and pulled her closer.

"You two are too cute for words," Alicia said. "Still sure I can't watch?"

"Pretty sure."

"What if I beg?"

I chuckled. "You don't look like the type that is good at begging."

"Looks can be deceiving," Alicia said. Quickly she checked that the old man couldn't see us, then she pulled her top down and flashed us her ample tits again.

"That's begging?" I asked.

"I can't do more with others around."

"You could... " I started but lost my train of thought when I felt my pet's hand on my thigh.

"That will be 10 with the riding crop," I said.

"Yes, Master. I'm sorry, Master," she whispered but her hand slowly moved up my leg and slid into my trunks.

"What will?" Alicia asked but then she smiled that familiar knowing smile again. "Oh, I see. I guess I won't be the only one begging?"

I shook my head. My pet's hand had found my cock and her gentle grip had me wondering why I didn't allow her to touch me there more often.

"You know you're handsome," Alicia said and moved toward the other side of mine. "And I bet you have a nice cock."

Her voice got lower and lower as she moved closer and soon she was whispering in my ear.

"You could take us both up to your room and I will patiently sit there, watch how she sucks your cock, how you play with her boobs, how you cum in her mouth."

My pet's hand was moving up and down my shaft in the slow rhythm of Alicia's words.

"Then when she is done with you, we can go out and have some fun. You can have two girls flashing you, two girls mooning you and if you let us, two girls making out until you're hard again from just watching us, and then you can pick which one you want to fuck."

Two girls. Those words echoed in my head and I could feel my resistance wearing down. Alicia knew exactly what she was doing when she flattered me. She was promising me every man's dream and my pet's reacted only made it more difficult.

"Alright," I said and pushed my girl's hand away. "You can watch but the moment you touch either one of us, you're gone."

Alicia's eyes light up. "Yay! Thank you so much. So shall we go?"

"Yeah right. I'm not even close to being decent."

"I'll throw you a towel," Alicia teased and got out of the water.

Alicia got sidetracked teasing the old man again when she got out of the hot tub, but eventually she tossed a towel in my direction. I caught it with my left and quickly got out of the water. My pet helped me dry off while I was covering up my crotch, then the three of us made it to the elevator.

The doors slowly opened and revealed the family already inside.

Alicia's disappointment was obvious.

"You can wait two more minutes," I said.

"That's not the point," Alicia answered.

My pet nodded and huddled against my side. I laid my free arm around her and pulled her closer until I could feel her chest against my side, rising and falling with every breath. My cock was still rock hard and my pet's hot breath on my arm kept it that was until we finally reached our floor.

"Don't touch," I said when we reached the door to our room.

"I know, I'm a goner," Alicia said.

Her choice of words made my pet giggle but the giggling stopped again as soon as she stepped inside and bent forward. Without waiting, she pulled down her bikini bottoms and spread her legs.

"All shaved," Alicia commented. "You really are into that little girl thing."

I scrambled to close the door before anyone could see what we were doing.

"I'm not a pedophile," I said. "But look at her. So cute, so innocent."

"Innocent with something big and red thing buried in her ass?"

"Who would normally see that?" I said and stepped beside my girl.

I reached down and pulled apart her pussy lips. Alicia's nostrils flared up and I knew she could smell my pet's excitement.

With hunger in her eyes, Alicia stepped closer.

"She wore that butt plug to breakfast, too," I said and slid two fingers of each hand into my girl's pussy. A low moan came over my pet's lips when I pulled her wide open but Alicia's reaction was even more entertaining. Her mouth opened a little and her eyes bulged out as she stared deep into my pet's wet opening.

For a few seconds Alicia didn't move, not even breathing, then she suddenly looked up at me. She cleared her throat, then pointed at the couch.

"Mind letting me past? I really need to get out of this wet swimsuit before I catch a cold."

After my pet had hung up all our swim suites, she knelt down beside the bed, put her hands behind her back and then lowered her head.

I smiled at Alicia, then I reached down and started to play with my girl's hair.

"Master?" my girl asked. "May I please get on the bed and suck your magnificent cock?"

I grabbed her hair firmly but Alicia started to talk before I could remind my girl to use proper language.

"Magnificent?" Alicia said. "Wow, she is even better at flattering than me!"

"And at begging," I said and let go of my girl's hair.

My pet turned her head and briefly kissed the palm of my hand, then she started again.

"Please, Master? Please let me suck --"

This time I didn't let her slide. I grabbed her hair and yanked her head back firmly.

"Language!" I hissed.

I heard Alicia gasp but didn't even bother looking at her.

"I'm sorry, Master," my pet said. "Please let me worship you. Please let your slave prepare you to enjoy her body in any way you seem fit."

Alicia started to giggle. "Why don't you just fuck her?"

I glared at Alicia but I could tell that she was just teasing me.

"I do what I want," I said and motioned my girl to get up on the bed with me. "You don't tell me what to do and especially not with those words. Someone should wash your mouth out with soap!"

"Is that an offer?"

Alicia grinned and slowly turned to get a better view of what my pet was doing. Then she had cupped both her boobs and started to play with her nipples.

A content sigh came over her lips.

"No offer," I said.

"Too bad. Cum would anyway be better for my mouth."

While Alicia was talking, my girl had willingly laid down in front of me, her open mouth just an inch from my cock. Her eyes were closed once again and I started to pet her head.

"Isn't she great? Patiently waiting and if I got up right now and went over to fuck you, she'd still be laying there like this when I came back."

Both girls moaned loudly at my words but my girl stopped as soon as the head of my cock brushed against her lips. Her eyes opened for a moment, then she closed them again waiting patiently as I slowly pushed my cock into her mouth.

Once my pet had taken the full length of my cock into her mouth, I made her move so Alicia could get a better view.

"Impressive," Alicia said and continued to stare at my girl was doing. "She's good. I see why you like her. Deepthroating and she also loves it in the ass."

My pet moaned around my cock and took my hand of her head, her sign to start moving.

"Slowly," I told her, then I looked back at Alicia.

She was still playing with her nipples; squeezing and twisting them.

"She doesn't really love it in the ass," I said.

"Oh? Could have fooled me, butt plug and all."

"It's part of her training," I said. "I like anal sex and she knew it when she asked to be my slave."

"She asked you?" Alicia interrupted me. One of her hands slid off her breasts and between her legs. "That's hot."

I grinned. "Yes, she asked me. We talked for a while, then we met. It was a great three days but we never had sex. Didn't stop me from making her walk around wearing a butt plug though. She screamed and even cursed about it at first but I never made her wear it for more than like fifteen minutes at the time. Then when it was time to leave, I handed her a rather small plug and a plane ticket. The ticket was for a week later and I told her that I didn't want to hear from her. Not an email, not a text or a phone call. I would be at the airport to pick her up and she should wear a green dress and nothing but the butt plug underneath. That would be her last decision as a free woman."

I smiled at the impact my words had on Alicia. Before she had just rubbed her clit, now three of her fingers were buried deep in her pussy and she was working on sliding a fourth one in as well.

"So hot," she moaned, then she started to cum.

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