tagGroup SexSwingers' Halloween Costume Party

Swingers' Halloween Costume Party


The biggest and best bash is the swingers Halloween costume party.

Jack and Diane needed some excitement in their lives and they found that when their neighbors, Marsha and Roy came over for a barbeque. It was nothing that they haven't done before. They've had plenty of barbeques and pool parties with Marsha and Roy. What started as touchy feely with Jack groping Marsha in the deep end of the pool and Roy coming on to Diane in the kitchen, while she made drinks, ended with some honest dialogue.

After a few drinks, some innocent teasing, some more touchy feely, and with a conversation laden with suggestive innuendos, Marsha and Roy confided in their friends and neighbors that they had been participating in the swinging lifestyle for the past year. If you could read the look on both their faces, Jack and Diane looked stunned. All this time they had been filled with as much guilt as sexual excitement by Jack groping Marsha and Diane allowing Roy to grope her. All this time, Jack and Diane have been questioning their motives and examining their marriage for being so naughty with their neighbors, when, in fact, their neighbors were swingers.

To discover that their neighbors were swingers, after discussing this over pillow talk, Jack and Diane felt betrayed and violated. They felt that they had been played and taken advantage of by their friends and neighbors, the swingers. In hindsight, wondering if they had ulterior motives, they now wondered if Roy and Marsha were hoping to have sex with them and, no doubt, they were. Even though the thought of their neighbors wanting them sexually grossed them out, in reality, it excited them, too. The thought of having sex with their friends the swingers gave them hours of sexy pillow talk.

"It's changed our life," said Roy to Jack. "Because we've been sharing ourselves sexually with couples outside of our marriage, we've become more intimate, affectionate, and sexual with one another. Before we started swinging, we had fallen into a rut with the same old sex. Before we started swinging, Marsha seldom blew me and she never swallowed. She seldom allowed me to cum in her mouth, relegating me to cum on her tits, instead. Now, she enjoys giving me blowjobs regularly, as much as I enjoy receiving them from her. Now, she deep throats me and always swallows."

"Really? Wow. Gees, Roy, I never figured you guys for swingers. Yeah, sure, you make a great looking couple and Marsha always looks hot, but swinging. Damn. Diane would never go for that, for sure. Actually, honestly, I'm not even sure if I could have sex with anyone other than Diane, my wife, and the love of my wife."

"Don't you ever have a fantasy about having sex with someone else," said Roy probing his friend to confess his true feelings.

"Well, now that you mention it, Roy, I've had this fantasy of having sex with two women at the same time, but it's just that, a fantasy. I mean, I'd never do anything like that, other than just to use it as fodder to masturbate over."

Jack and Roy talked in private out on the patio, while Marsha cornered Diane inside the house.

"I'm telling you, Diane, having sex with others was the best thing I ever did," said Marsha. "Now, instead of being way ahead of me and trying to have sex with me, before I'm even aroused, Roy is more patient with me. Never experiencing one before with him, now he always gives me what I want and need, an orgasm. Until we started swinging, Roy never satisfied me sexually. He was always a slam bam type of man. Now, he's loving and generous. He's a real lover."

"Yeah, but, Marsha, swinging, how can you do that?"

"The way that I view it is, he's my lover that I sometimes share him with others," said Marsha with a look of self-assuredness.

"Wow. I wish Jack with take his time with me. The only orgasm I ever have is the ones that I give myself with my vibrator," said Diane, while looking at her friend with shocked interest.

"For the first time in a long time, I feel attractive and desired," said Marsha. "I feel wanted and needed. I finally feel like the woman that I always knew that I was inside." Marsha looked at her friend and patted her hand. "C'mon, be honest, haven't you ever fantasized about doing something sexually wicked?"

Diane looked at her friend, before turning to see if Jack and Roy were still outside and they were.

"This is going to sound crazy and totally off the wall but..."

"Trust me, been there and done that. I've even been with a woman," said Marsha proudly.

"No, really? Wow. That's something I could never do," said Diane.

"Yeah, well, I mostly did it for Roy. It was okay. So tell me your fantasy."

"Don't tell Jack."

"I won't."

"Or Roy."

"I promise not to, " said Marsha.

"I was reading this steamy novel and a women did a circle jerk."

"I've seen a woman do that up in the orgy room that they have after the dance. It was hot. I mean, it's not my cup of tea to be with multiple men at the same time like that, but whatever floats your boat," said Marsha with a shrug.

"Well, that's my fantasy," said Diane, a bit demurely.

After discussing it, after going back and forth over it, Jack and Diane took the advice of Roy and Marsha and now, their second affair, they are regular swingers at the swingers' Halloween costume party. Finally letting loose of all the puritanical conventions of their ancestors, they laughed, they dance, they drank, they teased, they flirted, and they had a good time. Truly, after being the father and mother of their brood of three children, it was here that they let loose and finally felt like the sexual animals that they truly are.

After the Swingers' Halloween costume dance, Diane was upstairs in the orgy room topless and on her knees surrounded by five bottomless men. Her husband was somewhere shacked up with two women, she supposed, but she didn't know where. Besides, it wasn't important where he was and/or what he was doing, as she was preoccupied living her sexual life large by finally experiencing her own erotic fantasy.

Masturbating and blowing multiple men was something she always fantasized about doing and, now, finally, she was about to do it. Just as she didn't want to watch her husband having sex with two women, why would she? Her husband was busy enjoying his own sexual fantasy and showed no interest in watching his wife experiencing hers with five men. This is why they were here at the swingers' Halloween costume party, after all, to experience singly, what they couldn't experience as a couple.

Before they were even swingers was when she first read about a circle jerk. That was years ago and she never told anyone about her fantasy, until much later, when she confessed her desire to have a circle jerk to her friend Marsha, just before finally confessing it to her husband. At the time, they had been toying with the idea of trying the swinging lifestyle. After talking to Roy about the swinging lifestyle, he was just as excited that Diane knew what she wanted, as he was excited that he always knew what he wanted, and that was to have sex with two women simultaneously. Now, with his wife not only agreeable to allowing him to experience his fantasy but also complicit enough to experience her own sexual fantasy, their married life, as swingers in the swinging lifestyle, couldn't get any better than this.

Even though few have tried it, even though so many wonder about it and have so many misconceptions about the lifestyle, with no room in between, the word swingers evoke two distinct and opposing reactions in people. There are those who are for the swinging lifestyle and those who are against it. There are those who are excited to read and live vicariously through couples who are sexually uninhibited and erotically adventurous when it comes to having sex with others. On the flip side, there are those who believe that kind of sexual behavior is counterproductive, destructive, and perverse in a monogamous society of families. Being that you are reading this story on a porn site, I assume that you subscribe to the former group of perverts rather than the latter group of prudes.

Even though it's exciting to have sex with someone else with the blessing of your spouse, while he or she is off having sex with someone else or both of you are having a private orgy in your room with one or more couples, think about the ramifications of your unacceptable sexual actions in a puritanical society. Even today, you'd be beaten with a cane and your wife would be stoned to death, if you lived in the Middle East. What would your family think if they discovered you had sex with other people? What would your friends and neighbors think of you after discovering that you and your spouse were swingers and fucked and sucked other couples you just met for the first time?

Who cares? So long as the children don't know what you do behind closed doors, it's none of anyone's business. This is your life and you only have the one to live the way you want to live it. If want to have sex with your neighbor and your neighbor is agreeable to having sex with you, and his and her spouse, along with your spouse are agreeable to fucking and sucking one another, who are you hurting? What does it matter? Let's get naked!

Go with the flow. Maybe this time next year, you'll be dead, God forbid, or impotent or frigid. Maybe if you don't take a ride on the wild side, now, just once or twice or thrice, you may regret that ill-conceived decision for the rest of your life.

"Damn, I should have blown him, while I had the opportunity."

"Damn, I should have fucked her, while I had the chance."

After living a marriage that was nothing like they thought it would be, when they were having fun on their Honeymoon and planning a life filled with love, romance, and sex. After three children, unemployment, and credit card debt, Jack and Diane had grown apart. Jack was able to find another job that paid less and between their mortgage and car payments, they were just staying one step ahead of the bill collectors.

With the reality of their romance extinguished, debt they could no longer afford strangled their marriage. The exciting fever of sex with the one they love was watered down by dirty diapers and constant childcare. The fun was gone with them just trying to survive a deep recession. Suddenly, too choked by the daily stress of living life, they weren't being affectionate and intimate. They stopped having sex.

Too tired and stressed out from work, when they had the time for intimacy and for sex, they didn't have the inclination. Instead, they'd rather sleep or flop out in front of the TV and eat or drink. Stressed out with her emotions, Diane had gained a few pounds and didn't feel she was receiving the assurance she needed from Jack for her to feel attractive. Unsatisfied with earning less in his new job, Jack was drinking and eating more and packing on the pounds, too. Yet, now that they were deemed swingers, now that they were living life on the wild side, now that they had a sexual outlet and were having more sex, they could more easily handle whatever life threw at them.

The first time she read about a circle jerk was in an erotic novel and she masturbated over the thoughts of doing one herself, while visualizing her giving several men a circle jerk. Just with her hand and with her mouth, it was so erotic to imagine sexually controlling and pleasuring so many men. As if a conductor at a symphony, she'd play their instruments to receive the assorted sounds of sexual gratification that she'd longed hear and to make her want to continue playing the next sexual instrument with her hand and with her mouth.

Going live in her performance tonight, she had practiced using two dildos, one in her hand and one in her mouth, but it wasn't the same. Besides, making herself so sexually excited, it always ended the same with her masturbating. Yet, now, it was show time. Now, she was at center stage and everyone was watching her perform.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, I'm going to cum," she imagined each man singing his sexual song of sated lust.

Having a bit of stage fright, the first time she ventured up to the orgy room, she was too frightened to even try to have a circle jerk herself. Not knowing how to even begin, afraid to approach men, which men should she approach, to ask them if they wanted to be part of her circle jerk, there was already one in progress. The circle jerk already happening took the pressure off her to have one. Yet, more than that, it gave her first hand experience to watch and learn how it's done. She watched a woman in her thirties on her knees and surrounded by four men.

The first thing she noticed is that none of them talked. The second thing she noticed was that she wouldn't even talk to any of these men, never mind stroke and suck any of these men. They all looked so nasty. They looked perverted. They were nothing like the men she imagined doing in her fantasy.

With talking so much a part of sex with her, she thought that was weird that neither the women or the men talked about what they were doing or what they wanted to do. She continued watching the woman blow one and masturbate another, then as soon as she got the man she was blowing to cum, she'd switch to blow the man she had been masturbating and reach out for another cock to fill her hand. As disciplined as she was masterful, the circle jerk looked too scripted. She couldn't help but feel that she was watching a third rate porn movie.

Unlike the way she'd look having her own circle jerk, the men appeared to be enjoying the woman getting them off, more than the woman appeared to be enjoying it. Obviously, it was more of a power thing for the woman doing the circle jerk than it appeared to be a sexual one. It wouldn't surprise her if the woman hated men. In the way she looked at the men, as if they were more victims than sexual partners, she certainly didn't respect men. She had that disinterested and faraway look of a prostitute.

It was obvious to her, by her look of distain that she had on her face, that she thought less of the men, while giving them so much pleasure. For this woman, it was more about control than it was about sexual gratification. If that were Diane on her knees, she'd be in total rapture. As erotic for her, as it was for the men, she'd treat the act of making them cum more as a personal experience than a forced one. She'd be enjoying her time with the men, as much as the men enjoyed their time with her.

Certainly, after seeing her first live circle jerk close up and first hand, she learned a lot from watching this woman dispassionately service so many men. She was more machine than she was an emotional woman. Yet, looking at the men's faces, they didn't care. For sure, they didn't even notice how she viewed them. She could have been a glory hole in the wall for all they obviously cared, which is why she knew that she had to hand select who she wanted to have participate in her circle jerk.

This woman she so closely watched was a production line of suck and stroke. As soon as one man was satisfied, men continued to step up to patiently await their turn to be masturbated and blown by her. The whole affair lacked the eroticism that it should have had. These men could have been at a doctor's office being weighed and their blood pressure tested for all the sensual sexuality this circle jerk had.

The circle jerk lasted nearly two hours and she counted thirteen men that woman satisfied with her hand and her mouth. Frustrated with herself for not having her own circle jerk, quivering with the sexual anticipation of having her own circle jerk, when she returned home, it was something thought about and she masturbated over for months. That is, until now, when she attended the swingers' Halloween costume party and decided to have her own, private, by invitation only, circle jerk.

Tonight was Diane's turn to have her own circle jerk and to experience the sexual fantasy she so longed to have. A faithful wife and a loving mother, never had she had a cock in her hand and in her mouth, other than her husband's cock. After tonight, she couldn't say that anymore. After tonight, she'd be a new woman, a swinger. As big a deal as going from virgin and having sex for the first time to a swinging woman, a woman of the world, she'd have a new attitude, that for sure, about sex, men, herself, and sexuality. She'd go from someone reading about and watching a circle jerk to a woman who has done a circle jerk.

She had already scoped out the room and scouted the men who interested her enough for her to want to masturbate and blow them. This was it, now or never, she wasn't about to chicken out again. With her husband off somewhere experiencing his sexual fantasy, she couldn't allow this opportunity to slip by her again.

"You, you, you, you, and you," she said, pointing to them, as if she was picking farm workers to labor in the fields for the day. "Come with me," she said, a statement that could have been taking literally, as well as figuratively.

The five men were all eager to follow her. They, no doubt, knew what she had in store for them. There were no virgins in this orgy room, that's for sure. Some had been through this adventure before, if not, they surely watched one. The circle jerk was the premier spectacle of the swingers' orgy room, right up there with the wife being gangbanged, while the husband watches from his chair scenario, and the two gorgeous women who don't look like lesbians going at one another. No doubt, they all knew the drill. Either having participated or watched before, they were all happy to take part in a circle jerk now.

When Diane fell to her knees, quickly, the five men removed their pants and underwear and presented them her cocks for her personal hands on inspection. As if trying to memorize the moment, taking it all in, taking her time, probably longer than the assembled men wanted her to take, she looked from one erect and semi-erect cock and from each man's face to the other.

As if performing a slow striptease, Diane unbuttoned her blouse, but before removing it, she engaged them in conversation, something the other woman she watched having a circle jerk didn't do.

"Do you like my tits," she said looking down at herself, before inviting the men with a sexy look to touch and feel her breasts beneath her unbuttoned blouse and through her bra.

One at a time, some in unison, they all responded.

"I love your tits," said one man cupping her breast through her bra.

"You have beautiful breasts," said one man teasing her nipple through her bra with his fingertips.

No doubt, the five men standing around her would have said anything to ascertain they'd receive their hand job and blowjob.

"Would you like me to remove my bra?"

"Yes," they said sounding so much like school boys responding to a teacher in class asking them if they'd like to take a field trip.

"Ask me, then. Ask me to remove my bra. Ask me to show you my tits."

Without doubt, even better than the circle jerk she read about in her steamy novel, she was determined to make her circle jerk the best. Like a fine, expensive wine, she wanted this memory to linger, so much like velvety blue cigarette smoke curling itself through a room filled with people, before disappearing so much like an apparition through the opening of a ceiling vent.

"Please remove your bra," said one man.

"May I see your tits?" Another man stared at her breasts waiting for her to release them.

"Yes, please show us your tits," said the other men.

Diane removed her blouse and carefully took the time to fold it, before reaching around behind her and, while looking up at the men, looking from one face to another, she removed her bra. Perched on her knees, this married mother of three small children, invited the men with a sensual look to touch her, feel her, caress her, and finger her nipples. She closed her eyes, as if imagining masturbating to the feel of their touches and caresses of her naked breasts.

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