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Swingers' Halloween Masquerade Ball


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Swingers' Halloween Masquerade Ball

A long time coming, Jim finally coerces his wife, Julie, to attend a swingers' dance, the Swingers' Halloween Masquerade Ball.

Scene 1: The Blowjob

While wishing she had remembered to buy kneepads from the hardware store, Julie assumed her position on her knees in front of her husband yet again. She unzipped his pants, pulled down his pajama bottoms, pulled down his sweatpants, pulled down his underwear, pulled down his bathing trunks, or fell between the legs of his naked body. Constantly, continually, and seemingly always, she was forever blowing her husband. Boring, boring, boring, it was all so very boring. She more felt like one of the prostitutes servicing Al Swearengen from the HBO series Deadwood.

Seemingly she was always on her knees giving her husband a frigging blowjob when he seldom gave her what she needed an oral orgasm. She couldn't remember the last time he licked her pussy to an orgasm. She couldn't remember the last time he pleasured her instead of only thinking of himself. Whenever he started fingering her pussy, always he'd stop when she was wet enough to mount her.

"Suck my cock, Julie. Suck it. Blow me, baby, blow me," he said with sexual excitement. "I need to cum. I want to cum in your mouth, on your tits, and all over your face," he said.

Always he wanted to cum somewhere different but somehow how no matter where he ejaculated, whether in her mouth, on her tits, or all over her face, him cumming always felt the same. There was nothing exciting about him ejaculating that was pleasurable for her. It wasn't always that way but now it was that way and she was so sexually frustrated that she could scream. Assuredly, there was no difference between her those women who lived in the 1890's. Sex was all about what the man wanted and what the man needed. Sex was never about her. Sadly, her hands, her mouth, and her pussy were just tools to pleasure her husband.

Now his thing, a recent thing, was to give her a cum bath. He looked at her as if she'd be just as sexually excited receiving a cum bath as he was sexually excited giving her a cum bath. Bad enough he was always wanting to cum in her mouth and wanting her to swallow his cum, whatever happened to him reciprocating? Whatever happened to him giving her as much pleasure as she gave him? Whatever happened to him licking her pussy in the way she constantly and continually sucked his cock?

"You like it when I blow you, don't you baby?"

She played his game while staring up at him with her big blue eyes so that he'd hurry up and cum in her mouth and go the fuck to sleep.

Every Saturday night it was the same old thing, her ending up sucking him while he talked about her having sex with another man and possibly even a woman. She only wished he wouldn't talk to her about such things until after his dick was out of her mouth. Ruining whatever sexual excitement she had for him, he ruined her sexual mood by talking about her having sex with someone else.

"I do, I love it when you blow me, Julie. Stroke me faster while sucking my deeper," he said reaching down to feel and fondle her big breasts while fingering her nipples. "I only wished you'd suck one of my friends so that I can watch you blow him while he fondled your big tits and fingered your hard nipples," he said.

She only wished that she as into blowing him as much as he was into having her blowing him. Only, instead of feeling any sexual excitement at all, she just wanted to get it over with so that they both could go to sleep. Maybe if he ate her first, perhaps if he gave her an orgasm or two, she'd more readily suck him while enjoying blowing him.

"I'll never have sex with anyone else but you, Jimmy," she said.

She hated it when he talked about her sucking someone else's cock especially when his prick was buried in her mouth.

"Maybe one day we can find another couple to have some sexy, swinging fun while exploring all of our sexual fantasies," he said annoying her.

If it wasn't so dark in the room, he'd see her rolling her eyes at him. If it wasn't so dark in the room, he'd see her making a gagging face as if she was about to puke. All of their sexual fantasies was all of his sexual fantasies. After the romance disappeared from their marriage, she no longer harbored any sexual fantasies other than to go to sleep. Sleep along with her dreams was the only peace she had.

"Don't get your hopes up Jimmy," she said stroking him faster so that he'd cum and she'd get this frigging blowjob over with yet again.

Enjoying himself, he humped her mouth and fucked her face while no doubt thinking of her blowing one of his friends. He was such a pervert. He never appreciated the fact that she's a faithful wife, a good woman, a church going woman, and was a virgin when he married her. All of that didn't mean anything compared to her agreeing to have sex with others. Seemingly all he wanted was to watch her having sex with another man and, perhaps, with a woman.

"Maybe one day, if you're horny enough and drunk enough, you'll change your mind," he said.

She suddenly had the urge to bite down on his cock to get him to shut the fuck up about her having sex with someone else. Instead of sexually exciting her, his constant dialogue of infidelity physically sickened her. She wished he'd talk about something else. She wished he'd talk about her. She wished her tell her how sexy and beautiful she is, and how lucky he is to have her as his wife. Only, his dialogue was always about him and about her with someone else.

"Cum Jimmy. Cum in my mouth baby. I want you to cum in my mouth," she said coaxing him while trying her best to get him to cum.

Allowing him to emotionally abuse her, she knew that it excited him to talk about her having sex with others. If that's what he needed do cum, she was willing to let him talk. She's rather that he'd cum sooner than later. Willing to do whatever she had to do to sexually satisfy her husband, she's given up on him sexually satisfying her.

"I'd rather give you a cum bath," he said.

It's not enough that she blows him all the time. It's not enough that she allows him to cum in her mouth and she swallows his cum but now he wants to give her a frigging, messy, sticky cum bath. He's been watching way too many porn videos. She'd have to wash her face and pick cum out of her hair again for him to give her another frigging cum bath.

"Not tonight," she said. "I'm too tired to get cleaned up all over again. I just took a shower and washed my hair. Just cum while imagining me sucking one of your friends. Image me sucking all of your friends. Imagine your friends gangbanging me and cumming in my mouth and in my pussy. Okay baby?"

As if a dormant volcano that suddenly erupted, Jimmy put a heavy hand behind his wife's head and exploded a week of cum in her mouth. An expert at sucking her husband, she knew how to get him to cum. All she needed to do was to tell him how much she wanted to have sex with his friends, even though she didn't and never would. Just the mere thought of having sex with anyone but her husband sickened her.

* * * * *

Scene Two: I'd like to watch you having sex with another man, maybe another woman too.

"I know that you'd never agree to have sex with another man," he said looking down at her with obvious disappointment while she slid up to him after he ejaculated in her mouth again. "Watching you having sex with another man is just a sexual fantasy that I have when masturbating. One day, if you're agreeable to it, I'd love for you to have sex with others, not so much individually but as a couple," he said looking up at her, obviously to see if her reaction had changed when he mentioned her having sex as a couple instead of her having sex individually.

A couple her ass. It made no difference to her if she or he had sex individually as a couple or alone. Besides, whether they were a couple or not, he just wanted to watch her having sex with another man while he had sex with another woman. Having sex with anyone still broke their marriage vows. He's insane. She knew he was just saying that about them having sex as a couple to ease her into having sex with another man before having sex with many men and before having sex with a woman. No way. Her having sex with anyone but her husband would never happen.

If it was up to him, he'd like to watch her having sex with another man. If it was up to him, he'd want her to do all of his friends. If it was up to him, he'd talk her into doing a gangbang or a circle jerk with three or four men or more. If it was up to him, he'd want her to have lesbian sex with a woman. If it was up to him, he'd turn her into a whore. Then, no doubt, once she became an insatiable whore and did any man and any woman, he'd divorce her because she was a whore.

"I'd feel like such a slut having sex with a stranger Jim," said Julie while acting so coyly demur and shyly modest, her normal state when it came to talking about sex, especially when talking about her having sex with others.

As if he had a chance at convincing her to try having sex with a man or with a husband and a wife, he looked at her and smiled. Only, there was no chance at all of her relenting to have sex with anyone but him. Her having sex with anyone but him would never happen and if he continued in this sexually inappropriate, disturbing way, she'd stop having sex with him too. Tired of living her life for him, she'd rather get on her knees to pray than to get on her knees to blow him.

"They wouldn't be strangers after we talked to them. They'd be our friends, our new friends, our special friends, our swinging friends. I imagine us finding a nice couple, having dinner, and after having a couple of drinks, the four of us retire to the bedroom," he said looking at her with sexual excitement while she looked at him with disdain. "It sexually excites me to think of watching you with another man just as it sexually excites me to imagine you having sex with a woman," he said. "Wow. That would be so unbelievably hot to watch you having sex with a man and a woman at the same time."

Ruining her mood and the afterglow of sex, sometimes he made her sick to her stomach with some of the things that he said about him wanting to watch her having sex with others. At least she broke his bad habit of talking to her about having swinging sex with strangers while his cock was still buried inside of her mouth or in her pussy. Obviously, no longer sexually satisfied with her, he wanted more. He wanted someone else. He not only wanted her to have sex with others but also he obviously wanted to have sex with others too. Perversely perverted, he's such a pig. Now instead of not only participating in swinging sex, he wanted to watch.

'Gross. That's just so nasty,' she thought to herself.

"I'm sure it's a nice sexual fantasy for you to have while masturbating yourself," she said making a sour face of exasperation while rolling her eyes.

She was always making a face, sighing, and rolling her eyes over some of the things he said. Moreover, she had no idea why he needed to masturbate when she'd be willing to give him sex, usually a blowjob, whenever he wanted her to give him sex.

"It is an exciting, sexual fantasy to have," he said while giving her a look as if inviting her to masturbate with him sometime, no doubt while they had pillow talk about her participating in the swinging lifestyle.

How so disgusting, even the vision of him masturbating over her having sex with another man was disturbing. How dare he? How could he want her to have sex with another man, especially while he watched her sexually pleasuring someone else? Never would she understand his fixation with the swinging lifestyle just as she'd never understand his desire for him to want her to have sex with others.

"As long as I'm still married to you, Jimmy," she said holding her diamond ring up to his face, "I'll never have sex with anyone else but you. And forget about me being with another woman, I'm not into that. I'm not a lesbian nor even bi-sexual," she said emphatically while making a sour face, rolling her eyes, and letting out a big sigh of exasperation. "The thought of having sex with another woman does absolutely nothing for me."

Only this time, his pillow talk was different from last week and all the weeks before. Normally she felt pressured to relent and to agree to try the swinging lifestyle but this time she not only felt pressured but also she felt doomed. Knowing him well enough to know that his mind was already made up about them having sex with others, she felt that her participating in group, orgy like sex was inevitable and just a matter of time. With nothing that she could do to change his mind and/or her sexual fate, with only one option left to do, she imagined divorcing him.

Unfortunately this time with him on a mission to get her into the swinging lifestyle, she had a feeling that she'd be having sex with some fat, sweaty, and bald man while he had sex with the man's sexy, beautiful wife, a woman no doubt with a great ass and big tits. This time, she had a foreboding feeling that his sexual fantasy was soon to become her sexual reality. This time, pressuring her and coercing her, she knew him well enough to know that he wasn't taking no for an answer. This time would be the last time that she could proudly proclaim that her husband was the only man she's been with sexually. Once she agreed to participate in the swinging lifestyle by attending the Swingers' Halloween Masquerade Ball, in her book, she'd officially be a whore.

* * * * *

Scene Three: If that's all there is, then let's go dancing

"I read online about an upcoming dance in our area," he said out of the blue.

He looked at her and smiled while reaching out to touch her hand instead of grabbing her ass in the way that he always does. She couldn't believe he was holding her hand instead of holding her ass. He hasn't held her hand in this way since he proposed marriage to her seven, long, suffering years ago.

"A dance? I love dancing. I'd love to go to a dance with you. I can't remember the last time you took me dancing," said Julie excited that he wanted to take her dancing. "Other than food shopping, which I usually do alone, and picking up takeout food, I can't remember the last time you took me anywhere."

"I take you places," he said. "I took you with me to the hardware store last month to buy a new electric screwdriver and we had lunch afterwards."

"Yeah, that was nice," she said with a loving smile. "Only, I would have preferred you taking me to see a movie instead of you taking me with you to buy more tools."

Maybe she misread him. Maybe he wanted to rekindle their romantic spark by taking her dancing. Then, she thought, maybe his invitation to take her dancing was just a ploy. As his ruse, maybe he wanted to take her to a normal dance before taking her to a swingers' dance. With him being sneaky like that, she didn't trust him. If she couldn't trust her own husband to be honest with her, who could she trust?

"So, should I respond to the ad? It's by reservation only," said Jim. "There's a phone number that I can call."

As if she was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, she imagined him waltzing her around a big ballroom while everyone watched them dance. Maybe he's a changed man. Maybe overnight, he suddenly found religion. Maybe with him having a new set of morals, he's opened his heart to God and will be accompanying her to church this Sunday. Maybe after all of this pillow talk that he insisted on having every Saturday night about her having sex with others, she finally got through to him. Maybe she finally convinced him to drop the swinging lifestyle dialogue after telling him that she wouldn't have sex with any other man other than him and would never have sex with a woman. Finally, this part of her perverse life is over, thank God.

"Yes, God yes," she said so hungry to have some intimacy with her husband other than the same, boring, Saturday night sex that always ended with her blowing him. "Go ahead and make the reservation. Please. I'd love to go dancing with you, Jimmy," said Julie.

She looked at him and smiled the love that she had for him. Having misjudged him, apparently he wasn't the pervert that she suspected him to be.

"Actually, in addition to it being a dance, it's a Halloween Masquerade Ball," he said.

She looked at him with the glee of a little girl after her father told her that he was taking her to the circus.

"Seriously? No way! Wow," she said clapping her hands with glee. "A Halloween Masquerade Ball? Are you kidding me? Oh, my God. I can't wait."

She's always wanted to attend a masquerade ball.

"I'm not kidding you. It's a Halloween Masquerade Ball," he said. "Why?"

She grabbed his face between her hands and kissed him on his lips.

"Because I'd love to go to a Halloween Masquerade Ball," she said. "Halloween has always been my favorite day. I've always wanted to dress up for Halloween. I'd love to wear a costume," she said. "Oh my God, if it's not enough that you're taking me dancing, I can't believe we're going to a Halloween Masquerade Ball. I can't wait to tell everyone, my mother, my sisters, and all of my friends."

Suddenly, she felt how Cinderella must have felt with the prince taking her to a ball. Putting the drudgery of their Saturday night sex behind her and him always pressuring her to try the swinging lifestyle, already she was thinking about a costume. What to wear? What to wear? What should she wear as a costume?

"Not everyone wears a costume. It's up to you if you'd like to wear a costume or not," he said. "You don't have to dress up, if you'd rather not. We can wear our regular clothes."

She hasn't been this excited about Halloween since she was a kid going trick or treating.

"Oh, I'd definitely wear a costume," she said nodding her head up and down with excited enthusiasm in the way that Amy Farrah Fowler, played by Mayim Bialik, acted on the Big Bang Theory when given a tiara by Sheldon, played by Jim Parsons, instead of the ring that she was hoping to receive.

With wearing a costume for the Halloween Masquerade Ball in mind, she'd either go as a ballerina or as an ice skater. Only, she'd rather wear her ballet slippers than lugging around a pair of ice skates hanging from her neck.

"What would you go as?"

He looked at her as if she was his princess and he was her prince.

"I can still fit in my ballerina and ice skating outfits. I'd go as either of those, as a ballerina or an ice skater. There's no way that I could fit in my old gymnastic outfit without showing most of my ass and/or too much of my boobs," she said with a laugh.

He gave her a naughty smile as if undressing her with his eyes. In the way that he was looking at her, obviously, he was imagining her dressed in her skimpy, tight gymnastic outfit with the tops of her big boobs and her long line of cleavage as well as her ass cheeks on public display.

"Actually," he said with a leering look and a dirty laugh. "Your gymnastic outfit may be more appropriate for the dance. It would be preferably appropriate for you to show your beautiful ass and/or your big boobs."

Suddenly, feeling uncomfortable literally and figuratively, she imagined showing too much of her sexy body while wearing her gymnastic outfit instead of her ballerina outfit. Taking exception to his leering look and dirty laugh, maybe, instead of going as an X-rated gymnast, completely covered from head to toe, she should go dressed as a Nun. Yeah, not knowing what kind of dance this was but now suspicious, perhaps she should go dressed as virgin Sister Virginia of the Holy Virgin Mary convent.

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