tagLoving WivesSwinging with Julie Ch. 02

Swinging with Julie Ch. 02


"We've got an audience," I told Julie between kisses.

"Oh, good," she purred, pressing herself closer against me.

The couch we'd chosen to make out on was in a hallway away from the main party, but still in public view. Our host had made the oblique suggestion that there were spare bedrooms couples could use if they wanted, but when Julie and I had seen the couch we'd just smiled and sunk down on it.

My lovely wife was in the mood to put on a show, and she was wearing the right outfit for it. Her black top was little more than a bra with fringe, shiny and thin enough that you could see her nipples through it if you looked. The matching skirt was so short it barely covered her ass, which was bare apart from her little black thong. She was a hell of a sexy sight, if I do say so myself.

We leaned together kissing, while out of the corner of my eyes I could see more people gathering around us. With a wicked little smile, I reached out for her top.

"Damn it," I muttered after a moment of fumbling with the clasp. "How does this thing work?'

"Like this," Julie laughed, sitting back long enough to deftly undo the clasp, baring her lovely full breasts.

I reached for her, caressing her as she leaned back in for another long kiss. Her nimble fingers danced down my chest and seized my belt. With quick, firm motions, she undid the buckle and the buttons of my jeans beneath. I groaned as her fingers encircled my hard dick.

"You're not wearing underwear," Julie whispered, surprised, as she gentle pumped my shaft.

"No," I smiled.

My wife grinned and, in full view of our growing audience, sank down to engulf my hard dick in her warm mouth. I leaned my head back and sighed as her hot tongue swirled over the head of shaft. My fingers tangled in her hair and I closed my eyes, reveling in the feeling of my wife's lips sliding up and down my dick.

When I opened my eyes again, the audience around us had swelled to a crowd, all eyes on Julie's pretty blonde head bobbing up and down in my lap. I lightly lifted Julie's shoulder, and she drew herself slowly up off my hard shaft. Glancing surreptitiously at the crowd, she smiled at me.

"You up for a little audience participation?" I asked.

"Ok," She grinned.

I made a quick survey of the crowd and spotted a handsome, athletic looking guy who was hanging closer than the rest. I gestured to him and he stepped up to the edge of the couch. Julie, kneeling on the couch, her breasts bare and her lips shiny with saliva and precum, looked briefly uncertain. I nodded to her and she smiled. She turned to the man, her back arched slightly, presenting her full breasts to him.

"My husband likes to watch me give another man a blowjob," she said simply.

Call me crazy but it's true. I really do enjoy watching her go down on another guy. Everybody's got their kinks and that's mine.

"Ok," the guy replied, and without another word he opened his pants and pulled out a long, heavy cock, still slightly soft.

Julie took his long shaft in one hand while the other pulled his jeans down lower, freeing his balls. My pretty wife leaned down and ran her tongue along the stranger's cock, swirling over the tip before taking him into her mouth. Tenderly, she slid her lips up and down his cock. Her fingers cradled his balls, gently caressing them as he grew to his full, long hardness in her warm mouth. He stood still, letting her lick and stroke and suck his cock freely. Julie worked her lips up and down his considerable length, then lowered herself to lick and suck his heavy balls.

It was an amazing sight. With internet porn and all, I've watched my fair share of blowjobs, but comparing the workmanlike head bobbing of some porno-chick to what Julie was doing is like comparing a sitcom to Shakespeare. It's the difference between trash and high art. The way my wife sucked this guy's dick, it was beautiful.

Smiling, I slid my hands up her thighs to caress her ass. She barely seemed to notice; her attention was focused on the stranger's hard cock. Her mouth slid back up his length, taking him once more between her lips. Growing more daring, he moved his hands to Julie's blonde hair. He held her head as his hips started to rock slightly, gently thrusting his cock into her mouth. Julie grasped his shaft, stroking him as he thrust at her face.

Let me tell you, there isn't much more erotic to me than watching another man hold my wife's head while he gently fucks her face. You should try it sometime. I slipped my hand between Julie's legs, pushing aside her little thong and brushing the folds of her pussy, already slick and wet with arousal.

The stranger slid his hands down Julie's neck and chest to caress her breasts. My wife drew herself up off his hard cock, pressing her breasts into his hands while her nimble fingers continued to stroke his shaft. He lowered his face into her neck and my wife gasped. Her whole body shuddered as he licked her neck. The look on her face was rapturous.

The stranger's hand slipped down between Julie's legs, pushing my fingers out of the way. I'll admit, I felt a little annoyed as he roughly slid his fingers into her pussy. After all, she was my wife. He started thrusting his fingers rapidly into her. Julie moaned and I smiled. My annoyance was quickly forgotten as the stranger started to forcefully finger-fuck her.

Julie's back arched as his fingers violently thrust along her clit.

My wife's breath turned into ragged, panting gasps. Her hand pumped vigorously on the stranger's cock while her hips rocked in time to his thrusting fingers. Her gasps became ragged, desperate moans. Quivering, she threw her arms around the stranger's neck, tossing her head back, eyes closed as her whole body shook. With a wild cry she came, crushing herself against him while her body spasmed under his rough touch.

Shuddering, she sank back onto the couch to lean against me. Only then did I spot the streaks of white covering her leg. I realized he'd come, spraying his load over her thigh, and I hadn't even noticed when he'd done it.

"Anything else I can do for you?" the stranger asked, smiling.

"No, that's it," I grinned at him. "Thanks."

"Anytime," he smiled, tucking his softening cock away and pressing back into the gathered crowd.

"Your turn," Julie smiled fiercely at me.

Without further pause, she pulled off her panties and threw her legs over me. My dick, rock hard after that show, sank easily into her sloppy wet pussy. With wild, steady thrusts my beautiful wife rode my dick. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the audience gathering closer to watch. I moaned, trying to hold back a little, but Julie was relentless. With a sudden hard groan I let go, pumping my gorgeous wife's pussy full of cum.

With a triumphant smile, Julie rolled off me and looked at the crowd with wild eyes. In that moment, I realized later, she would cheerfully have taken another guy or even a couple of guys out of the audience and sucked or fucked them too. I, however, was spent for the night and really wasn't up for another show. Later, I would suggest to her that if she wanted another, she should take him first. I'd rather be her last. I know, I'm a freak and a perv. It's a thing.

"Thank you folks," I said, waving to the crowd. "You've been a wonderful audience. I hope you enjoyed our show."

"I need to get cleaned up," Julie said, her eyes still shining.

Without hesitating, my lovely wife stripped off the loose top which still hung from her shoulders and the mini-skirt bunched around her waist. Completely naked, with cum shining on her leg and oozing from her pussy, Julie strutted out across the main party room, through a crowd of partygoers, to make her way to the host's bathroom. ("Walk of shame my ass," she would later say to me. "I was proud!") Myself, I just watched her strut, smiling with unhesitating pride.

"You are a lucky man," one fellow said to me as he admired my wife's naked ass cross the room.

"Yeah," I smiled back at him. "I know."

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