tagLoving WivesSwinging with Julie Ch. 03

Swinging with Julie Ch. 03


"So, do you wanna have some fun?" I asked.

"Yeah," Julie grinned brightly, "I do."

The party was warming up, loud music playing and lots of people hanging around drinking and chatting. Not really being much of a drinker or a chatter, I mostly came to these things to watch people. I like watching, especially watching Julie, but that's another story. Actually, no, that is this story.

"Why don't you give me a backrub," Julie said with a sultry smile. "We'll see if anyone else wants to join in."

I smiled. The thing about Julie is she loves backrubs. Really, really loves them. Something about strong hands massaging all the tension out of her muscles. She gets very relaxed. She also gets very horny. Most than once Julie has said that after a good backrub, she'll do almost anything. Looked like this was going to be a good night.

I followed her out of the main part of the party, to a little side room we knew where there was a TV and some couches. As usual, there was porn on the TV – in this case some blonde with fake tits and a fake smile getting nailed by a big guy with tattoos – and a bunch of guys, and a couple of ladies, lounging around on the couches watching.

When Julie swayed in, several hungry stares turned her way. I don't blame them. She's hot. Slender and curvy in the right places, her tight black knit dress clung to her curves and emphasized her full, round breasts. Her hair was purple tonight (she changes the color often), and it neatly framed her lovely face. With her knee high black boots and black choker, Julie looked sexy but just short of slutty.

We dropped down onto an open space on a couch, next to a tall man with a heavy mustache who gave Julie an appraising look. I dropped my hand onto her shoulder, firmly massaging, while Julie turned her attention to the screen. For a while, we sat like that, watching the blonde and the tattooed guy on the screen move through various choreographed positions, until he finally blew a sticky load over her fake smile. The screen faded out and a new scene came up, the blonde replaced by a brunette.

"Why don't I stretch out," Julie whispered into my ear, nodding to a big, comfortable looking foot-stool in the middle of the room, "and we can do a serious backrub?"

"Whatever you want," I smiled back.

Gracefully, Julie swayed to the center of the room and knelt down by the foot-stool. Totally unselfconscious in front of a half-dozen pairs of hungry eyes, she slipped out of the straps of her dress and smoothly pushed it down around her waist. If her breasts had looked nice in the black knit dress, they looked absolutely mouthwatering in only a lacy black bra.

With a smile and a little sigh, Julie laid herself down on the foot-stool. It was large enough that she could rest her head on her arms, her back across the stool, kneeling neatly on her legs with her firm ass, still covered in the black knit dress, raised a little. I forgot all about the action on the TV screen. A quick glance showed that most of the other guys agreed that a live half naked woman beats bad porn any day.

I knelt down beside her and started to rub her back. Julie purred and sighed as my fingers eased the tension out of her muscles. After a little bit, I neatly undid the clasp of her bra, letting it fall free. Much easier to work on her whole back that way, after all. Julie smiled and purred more. Eyes that had wandered back to the screen turned back toward us.

I massaged my way down her back, letting my fingers push a little under the edge of her bunched up dress. Julie sighed a little and I decided to step things up. I dropped my hand down, reaching under her dress, and started to massage her thighs. Julie gave a loud moan as my fingers moved up her leg and over her panty-clad ass.

"Can I help?" asked a rough voice. I looked up to see the man with the heavy mustache looming over us.

"OK," Julie purred. She sounded half in a daze, which she probably was.

At this point, the idea of more than one set of hands rubbing her body was just intoxicating to her. I smiled and nodded to the guy. He knelt down on her other side and started massaging her back. For a short while, he massaged her on one side, while I worked the other. Julie just sighed and purred under our hands. Soon, the mustachioed guy got more daring and his hand dropped back to rub her thigh. Julie sighed and gave a little gasp. I guessed that his fingers had brushed across her panties.

I like to watch and I especially like to watch Julie. The way things were going her dress was in the way. When the guy moved his hands up to her back again, I decided to do something about that. With a clever little grin, I took hold of it and slowly pulled it down. I hadn't really considered how tight the dress really was. Before I realized what was happening, I'd pulled both the dress and Julie's panties down.

Julie's firm ass, slightly raised by her position, was suddenly bared to the mustachioed guy's hungry gaze (and the gaze of every other guy in the room for that matter). It was, I realized, a little too late to do anything about that. Besides, I knew Julie didn't really mind. We'd actually planned on things going this way eventually. With an inward shrug, I pushed her dress and panties the rest of the way down around her knees.

The mustachioed guy didn't need any further invitation. His hand quickly caressed Julie's firm ass and slid down between her legs. Julie moaned. I kept up the pretense of giving Julie a backrub, my hands moving slowly against her shoulders as I watched. The guy lifted his fingers, popped them into his mouth and then pushed them back between her thighs. Julie moaned.

After a moment the mustachioed guy moved to kneel behind her and quickly buried his face between Julie's thighs. Julie gasped and moaned. As quickly as he started, he lifted his face again and thrust his fingers back into her. I gave up on even the pretense of a backrub as I watched the mustachioed guy alternate between licking and finger-fucking Julie's pussy.

The mustachioed guy stood and went back to kneeling beside Julie. One hand still rubbing between her legs, he took her hand in the other and guided her fingers between his legs. Unhesitating, Julie rubbed her fingers over the bulge in his pants. Quickly he opened his pants and pulled out his hard dick. Julie's fingers wrapped around his shaft, stroking him.

A moment later, Julie sat up. For the first time that night, I watched her full breasts swing free and bare as she leaned over to the mustachioed man. Her head bobbed slowly up and down. The mustachioed man groaned. I reached out, pushing her purple hair to the side so I could watch the man's hard dick disappearing between her lips.

"Say," the mustachioed man groaned as Julie sucked him, "You her husband?"

"Yeah," I said.

"You like watching?" he growled.

"Yeah," I said, entranced by the sight of Julie's head bobbing up and down, her lips stretched around his hard shaft. I like watching my wife suck cock. I'm a freak that way. Don't knock it, you might get your chance.

"Great," he moaned, thrusting his dick into my wife's face.

Movement out of the corner of my eye distracted me. I glanced around, remembering suddenly that there were other people in the room. Across from us, the only other woman in the room had apparently decided not to be outdone. She was seated in a chair, her top folded down to reveal her firm breasts, and her head was bobbing up and down on hard dick of a guy standing next to her. The movement I had seen was another guy, who had left the couch across from us and walked over to her. I watched as he pulled his dick out and the woman wrapped her fingers around it.

Smiling, I turned my attention back to Julie and her new friend, just in time to see her lifting her head off his dick and smiling up at him.

"Would you rather fuck me?" she asked with a sultry smile.

"Sure," the mustachioed guy said.

Without needing further invitation, he quickly stripped off his clothes, completely indifferent to the fact that he was in a room full of people. As he moved to kneel behind my wife, I handed him a condom from my pocket. He grinned at me as he rolled the latex sheath over his hard dick.

Settling himself behind my wife, the mustachioed guy lined his dick up with her pussy. With a single, powerful thrust he drove himself into her. Julie squealed as she was penetrated and, simultaneously, the force of his thrust sent the foot stool she lay upon sliding across the floor. Laughing, she tried to catch herself just as the mustachioed guy thrust again, once more pushing them both across the floor.

"This isn't going to work," Julie laughed. "Let's go find a bed."

Julie pushed herself to her feet, pulling her dress and panties completely off. Gathering them up with her bra, naked except for her boots and a black choker, my wife led the way down the hall, the naked mustachioed guy, me and three other guys trailing behind.

In short order, she found a room with an empty mattress and a few chairs. On all fours, she crawled up onto the mattress. The mustachioed guy climbed up behind while the rest of us took seats to watch the show. Julie grunted as he slammed into her again but the bed held. My wife's lovely body swayed as the mustachioed man vigorously fucked her pussy.

"You think would she suck me?" a grey-haired guy leaned over to me to ask.

"Go for it," I said.

Needing no other encouragement, the grey haired guy quickly stripped himself naked and moved to stand in front of my wife. Finding a naked dick hanging in her face, Julie glanced over at me. I nodded to her and we both smiled at each other. A moment later, she wrapped her lips around the grey-haired man's dick. I watched as she was stuffed full, two grunting guys thrusting their hard dicks simultaneously into her mouth and pussy.

"Damn man." The guy sitting next to me, a bald Black guy, smacked my shoulder, his eyes fixed on Julie. "Look at those titties bounce. Those are nice titties."

I smiled as I watched Julie's very nice titties sway under the force of the mustachioed guy's thrusts. She was being pushed forward with each thrust, driving the grey-haired man's dick into her mouth. Her whole body shook between the two men.

The mustachioed man grunted and gave a final, hard thrust. His ass clenched as he buried himself in my wife's pussy, unleashing a massive orgasm into the condom I had given him. Slowly, he withdrew his hard shaft from her. With a grin at me, he gathered up his stuff and left the room.

Meanwhile, Julie continued to bob her head on the grey-haired man's dick. With a long moan, the man clutched at her head and unloaded a flood of cum into my wife's sucking mouth. Julie clutched to him, sucking hard as she swallowed the grey-haired man's entire load.

"Can I eat you?" the grey-haired man asked Julie when his orgasm had subsided.

"Sure," Julie smiled, flipping herself around to lay on her back, legs spread. The grey-haired man wasted no time burying his face between her thighs and vigorously licking her well-fucked pussy. I watched them for a minute and then turned to the guy next to me who had commented on Julie's tits.

"You can touch her if you want," I said simply.

"Yeah?" the bald guy said, looking shocked. "I can touch her titties?"

"Go ahead." I nodded toward her.

"Oh damn," he said, clearly unable to believe his luck.

The bald guy moved quickly, as if not wanting to give me a chance to change my mind, and knelt over Julie. She smiled up at him as he ran his fingers lightly over her breasts, gently teasing her nipples. Julie moaned as the grey-haired man ate her pussy and the bald guy stroked her breasts.

"Oh so soft," the bald guy moaned. Turning back to me, he added, "Can she touch me?"

"Sure," I said, wondering why I would say anything else.

A moment later, Julie's hand crept up as the bald guy opened his pants. Her fingers wrapped around his shaft and she leaned up toward it. Ordinarily, I don't give much credit to the myth of Black guys being extremely well hung, but this guy's dick looked massive. Julie wrapped her fingers around his shaft, taking the tip in her mouth. The guy moaned. His head rolled back, eyes closed, as he reveled in the feeling of my wife's lips around his dick.

I never did hear exactly what passed between them, but I know Julie loves a good hard dick in her pussy. Suddenly, the grey-haired guy moved away. Julie turned, legs spread, offering herself to the bald guy. I tossed him my second condom. Looking a little in awe at his luck, he rolled it down over his huge shaft and lay himself between my wife's legs. She moaned and smiled as he entered her. I heard him thanking her over and over as he thrust slowly into her pussy. She said later that his dick was very large but he knew how to use it well. It wasn't long before he unloaded inside her.

As he stood up and gathered his clothes, still thanking us, I smiled down at my lovely wife.

"You want some more?" I asked. Julie and I have done things like this before, but she has never fucked more than two dicks in a night. I expected, after fucking two and sucking one, she would be done. So I was pleased when she answered.

"Yeah," Julie said. "I want to fuck another dick."

"Any dick in particular?" I asked.

"My favorite one," my wife smiled at me. "Come here and fuck me."

Really, she didn't need to ask twice. I dropped my pants and climbed up on the bed with her. My dick was already rock hard. I knelt behind her, lining it up with her wet, well fucked pussy. Slowly, I sank my shaft down between her swollen wet folds. Looking up, I noticed the last guy who had followed us from the porn room watching intently. With a smile, I waved him over. He quickly moved to stand in front of my wife, his dick in his hand. With a grin, Julie took him in her mouth. Groaning, he and I started to thrust deep into Julie's well fucked body. It wasn't long before I unloaded a massive blast of cum deep into her (husband's privilege) and the last guy flooded her mouth with his spunk.


A short while later, dressed and cleaned up after our exertions, Julie and I were heading home.

"You guys aren't leaving already," a voice asked. We turned to see Joe, a friend of ours from another night.

"Yeah," Julie said. "We're heading out for the night."

"But it's early yet," Joe insisted. "I mean, did you guys have any fun yet?"

I look at Julie, as she straightened her black knit dress. She was all but glowing, fresh from sucking and fucking five dicks in one night for the first time ever.

"Well," I asked, "did you have fun?"

"Hell yes," Julie grinned back at me.

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