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byBig Gunz©

Megan Taylor was a little hesitant at first, but her husband's enthusiasm for the idea had eventually won her over. Even though the couple had openly spoke to each other about the fantasy of being with other lovers, when Paul told her about the swingers party she was quite nervous about the idea.

They had been married for just under five years and by all accounts were very happy. Their sex life was vibrant and fulfilling and they were both very open to trying new things whenever either suggested it. In the past they had shared with each other the fantasy of having sex with other people, both as part of a threesome as well as in the form of swinging or swapping partners with another couple. The idea was a turn-on for both of them, but until now they had never actively pursued it.

Paul had heard about the party from a casual acquaintance at his work who informed him that another guy in their office had once told him that he frequented such events. While he did not particularly care for the guy, Paul had heard the rumours of Jake's notorious sexual reputation and was certain that he was the type of guy who would definitely go to something like that. He discreetly had his friend find out the details of the next party from Jake to set about arranging for him and Megan to score an invitation.

To his chagrin, he found out that the only way to snag the coveted invite was via a personal reference by someone already attending. Despite his dislike for Jake, he would have to ask him to get them into the party. Paul knew that his co-worker would revel in his needing his help, especially for something of such a personal and taboo nature, and was not surprised when Jake questioned whether he and his wife were up to the standards of the regular party-goers. To support their request for an invitation, as well as to further embarrass Paul, he had him provide photos of himself and Megan for review. Finally, after scrutinizing the pictures and making several lewd comments to him about his wife's assets, Jake agreed to recommend an invite for the couple.

So, with the arrangements in place, they were on their way to their first swingers party. They had been told of the agenda for the evening and it seemed straightforward enough. Ten couples would arrive and mingle over cocktails for about 45 minutes at which time the men would be directed to one of the bedrooms. The hostess would then randomly assign the women to the numbered rooms and the fun would begin. None of the participants would have any advance knowledge of who they would be paired with and significant others would have no way of knowing who their partner had drawn for the swap.

Upon arriving, they quickly grabbed drinks to take the nervous edge off and then began the somewhat awkward act of mingling amongst the group, not knowing which of the other guests they would soon be having sex with.

They had both dressed sharply for the occasion, self-consciously not wanting to appear like they did not belong at such an event. As the socialized, they quickly became very aware that, as newcomers, a lot of eyes were frequently on them, no doubt judging and evaluating their appearance and behaviour.

Megan tried to act casually and flirty, hoping to convey an ease about the evening's festivities that was totally an act. There was no doubt in her mind that she looked good, as she had no shortage of confidence in her 36-year-old shape and natural good looks. She was wearing a simple, chocolate coloured, slim fitting little jersey dress that featured a plunging v-neck that nicely showed off her pushed-up cleavage, while a pair of burgundy leather platform sandals with five inch heels nicely complimented the short, above-the-knee cut of the dress. Her dirty blonde hair was styled into a unique mix of texture with varied curl sizes through its length, giving her a big, messy look.

Paul looked the part as well, dressed in an expensive black sports jacket overtop of a stylish grey button down shirt with a pair of designer blue jeans on the bottom. At 38, he had a very slim, athletic build, and the well tailored outfit definitely was cut to show off his slender frame. His dark brown hair only had a hint of grey, and gave his shaggy style a distinguished look, nicely complimented by his two day old stubble.

The couple chatted with the other guests, returning the appraising glances and doing some judging of their own as well. When Jake greeted them, he too took stock of the couple's appearance, and made a point of taking his time doing so with her, enjoying Paul's uneasiness with his lingering evaluation of his wife.

Megan found his gaze unsettling as well, knowing of her husband's distaste for the man and his clear gratification in making him feel uncomfortable. Regardless of their personal dislike for him, she nonetheless assessed his appearance just like everyone else.

Despite his objectionable attitude, she had to admit that Jake was a good looking man. Somewhere in his mid-forties, he was in very good shape as his tight fitting navy sweater was clearly meant to showcase. His salt and pepper hair was cut short and gave him an almost military look, while the small soul patch facial hair beneath his lower lip made him seem like an aging hipster artist.

Not long after the last of the guests arrived, the men were rounded up and swept away to their respective bedrooms. As she said goodbye to her husband, Megan's heart began to speed up, her earlier nervousness now joined by feelings of excitement and anticipation. When the hostess assigned her to room number four, she could feel her knees wobbling as she strode down the hallway, seconds away from finding out the identity of her new lover.

She turned the handle and slowly pushed open the door to room number four. The shaking in her knees immediately ceased and was replaced by a giant lump in her throat and a hollow feeling in the pit of her stomach.

"Hello Megan. Come on in." Jake said with a mischievous grin.

As she shut the door behind her and entered the room she could feel her hands trembling. There was no doubt in her mind that he had somehow engineered their pairing, but she also knew that there was likely nothing she could do to change the situation -- short of walking out. It was not as if there was someone to complain to. He could tell by the look on her face that she was not impressed by the turn of events.

"Is something the matter my dear?" He asked, once again revelling in the uneasiness he was causing.

She swallowed hard and took a deep breath. There was no way she was going to let him control the situation.

"Not at all," she snapped back as she tossed her purse onto the chair by the window. "Should there be?"

"I dunno," he replied with a slight chuckle. "By the look on your face I thought maybe you were thinking about backing out. Maybe all this is just too much for you. Maybe you and Paul are in over your heads."

She stared daggers at him as he spoke. He was trying to get a rise out of her by insulting both she and her husband. She had no intention of giving him the satisfaction.

"Shall we get started then?" She asked, ignoring his words as she stepped towards him.

Jake smiled devilishly, impressed at the game she was playing. His cock had been hard for her since he first saw her that night and he was even more aroused now that she was there and challenging him so.

"Absolutely." He replied as he quickly stepped forward and wrapped his arms around her.

Megan was not ready for the aggressiveness of his kiss, nor that of his hands as they slid around her back and waist and down onto her firm ass. His tongue pushed through her lips and swirled against hers as his hands groped at her body. She had no choice but to reciprocate his kiss and her body almost involuntarily sunk into his embrace as he pressed into her. When he finally pulled his lips from hers, she was short of breath and her head was spinning as a result of the sudden onslaught.

"Let's get a little more comfortable." He recommended as he swiftly pulled off his sweater, unveiling a toned and chiselled chest underneath. "Let me give you a hand."

She could feel her whole body quivering as he reached behind her and unzipped the back of her dress. As his eyes fixated on her body, she slowly and timidly began to lower the garment, gradually revealing a sassy, leopard print push-up bra that seemed to add at least two cup sizes and a maximum amount of cleavage.

"Very nice." He whistled as he took in the view.

As the dress slid down to her waist, Jake once again moved in. This time he placed both of his strong hands on either side of her face and pulled her in for another brief kiss. The dress fell to the floor just as his hands moved from her cheeks down to her shoulders and his lips left hers.

"On your knees." He ordered as his hands forcefully pushed down on her shoulders to force her action.

Megan could not believe the audacity of the sudden demand, nor how quickly he was able to undo his pants as she dropped down to her knees. Her eyes widened as he pulled out his cock mere inches from her face. It was significantly larger than her husband's, both in length and thickness, and to her shame, she immediately found herself wondering if she would be able to take such a large specimen inside her pussy. He must have recognized the look in her eyes as he swiftly grabbed the back of her head and began directing her towards his manhood.

"Bigger than the old man's isn't it?" He remarked with a laugh. "Don't worry, you'll be able to take it."

She was unable to offer a reply as he pulled her face to face with his dick and she had no choice but to part her lips and accept it into her mouth. To her own amazement, there was no hesitation on her part and she immediately began bobbing her head back and forth as she sucked his cock. Her left hand quickly took hold of the base as she worked him with her mouth, and she was soon stroking him off in time with her sucking.

"That's it baby," he encouraged. "I knew you liked sucking cock."

While she did enjoy giving Paul a blow job, the comment was clearly meant to degrade her and she quickly glanced up at him with disapproving eyes as she continued pleasuring him orally.

"Oh yes baby," he continued. "Look up at me with those pretty eyes as you do it. Show me how much you like my cock in your mouth."

Jake's demeaning words appalled her to no end. Her husband never spoke to her like that during sex and she knew that this man meant them as the ultimate sign of disrespect towards her and as a symbol of his dominance. But despite her disgust at his attitude, she still refused to give him the satisfaction of seeing her wilt before him, so she did just as he asked and stared up at him as she gave him a blow job, defiant in matching him in the battle for control.

She could feel his dick getting harder in her mouth the longer she pleasured him and she wondered to herself if the sexual servitude would be limited to the blow job and her taking his load down her throat. As he groaned in obvious satisfaction she thought that maybe he was already close to finishing, but she quickly realized that it was not the case. He reached down and intertwined one of his hands in the curls at the back of her head and began to dictate the pace of her movements.

"Rub your pussy while you do it." He told her as he began to pump his hips slightly back and forth in rhythm with her bobbing head.

Megan's free hand immediately moved down in between her legs and slid inside her lace panties. She was amazed at how damp she already was. Her fingers twitched back and forth over her quickly swelling clit as she continued to glide her mouth back and forth on his shaft. She could feel the pace of his thrusting increasing and the grip he had on her hair tighten as his other hand made its way to the back of her head.

"Yes, that's it." He growled in pleasure. "Finger that dirty cunt while I fuck your face."

Again, his humiliating words sickened her, but she refused to show him there effect. Two of her fingers slipped inside her slick pussy and she obediently began to pleasure herself. At the same time, he held the back of her head and continued to pump his hips back and forth, forcing his cock deeper and deeper into her throat with each push. The speed of his thrusting continued to increase, as did that of her fingers dunking in and out of her snatch. He could not help but notice the rapid movements of her hand inside her panties.

"You fuckin' love it don't you?" He declared, much to his own amusement and delight. "You love getting your face fucked while you finger your pussy like a slut."

She could tell the demonstration of dominance turned him on and hoped that it would also get him off sooner rather than later. And despite herself, performing such acts in this submissive way was starting to arouse her much more than she wanted to admit.

Without warning, he rammed his dick down her throat as deep and as hard as he could before completely ceasing his relentless assault on her mouth and pulling his cock out completely. She was gagging and spitting up as she struggled for air when he suddenly yanked up on her curly hair and roughly pulled her to her feet.

"Now let's get down to some real business." He growled as he pulled her up beside him. "Let's see those nice titties."

Her head was spinning and she was still gasping for her breath as he quickly reached around and undid her bra, pulling it off to expose her heaving breasts.

"Nice." He complimented and then surprised her with a swift smack to the side of her right tit, sending shock waves through her body. "Very nice."

Finally catching her breath, she could not believe how physical things had quickly become. Her breast was still stinging as his lips latched onto her right nipple and one of his hands pinched her left one. Without even being fully aware of it, she let out a whimper that signified both pleasure and pain. Her whine caused him to speedily raise his head back up and offer further comment.

"Oh she likes that does she?" He grinned, relishing in his increasing power over her. "Let's see just how much she likes it."

Jake's hand was down her body and slipping inside her panties before she even knew what was happening. She let out a full blown moan as his thick fingers slid inside her cunt.

"Nice and wet," he announced, telling her nothing she did not already know. "Looks like she's primed and ready. And I think I know just how you like it."

He pulled his hand out of her panties and once again took a handful of her hair in order to control her movements. Spinning her over to the bed, he forced her head down with one hand as his other strong arm pulled her knees up onto the side of the bed. Her heart pounded as she felt him yank her panties over to one side, exposing her glistening pussy to the cool air. She looked back and saw him behind her, pants still down around his ankles as he lined up his big cock with her opening.

"Are you gonna put a condom on?" She managed to nervously ask as she felt the tip of his dick rub against her cunt lips.

"Don't worry honey," he reassured her. "I won't come inside you."

Before she could protest, Megan felt him push inside of her. She let out another deep moan as he forced all of his manhood deep into her pussy. Biting her bottom lip and squeezing her eyes shut, she had never felt so full.

"Yeah, I figured a dirty slut like you probably likes to get come all over her tits anyways." He continued as he began to pump his hips back and forth. "Am I right?"

Too distracted by the massive dick thrusting into her to answer, she could only offer a groan in response. She heard him chuckle at her inability to speak as he continued to pump in and out faster and faster. Out of the blue she felt his hand smack down onto her ass cheek with a sound that echoed throughout the room. She grimaced in pain and let out another whimper.

"You like that?" He asked as his hand crashed down on her flesh a second time. "You like being spanked like a little bitch?"

Still unable and unwilling to answer his degrading question, her hands gripped at the bedspread as she sobbed in response. His cock felt amazing inside of her, and she knew that his aggressive tactics were having quite an effect on her, though she was reluctant to admit it to herself, let alone him.

Not satisfied with her non-verbal replies, he reached forward and pulled her arms back, forcing her to relinquish her hold on the bedspread as he pinned her arms behind her back. His hips thrust back and forth even faster, slamming his dick into her so hard that she could feel the entire bed moving under her.

"You like it rough, don't you slut?" He demanded, as he restrained her beneath him. "You like taking it like a bitch."

"Yes," she snivelled, finally managing to get a word out. "God yes."

Pleased to hear her admit it, he released her arms and immediately grabbed a mitt-full of her curly hair, pulling her up off the bed and close to him as he continued to plough into her from behind.

"Say it, bitch." He whispered as he pulled her head up to him. "Tell me you love getting fucked rough and slutty."

"Yes, fuck yes." She moaned. "Fuck me. I love it rough. Fuck me hard and slutty."

Jake let go of her hair and wrapped his arms around her, taking hold of both her breasts as his hips thrust upwards, driving his cock forward into her hungry snatch. His face was buried in her messy curls and she could feel his breath on the side of her neck.

"Does my cock feel good in that slutty cunt baby?" He groaned into her ear. "Do you like having another man fucking that married pussy?"

Megan could not take it anymore. Her pussy spasmed and she exploded in orgasm at his words and his continual pounding.

"Yes!" She wailed as her body shook in ecstasy. "Fuck yes!"

He offered no break for her as he unrelentingly fucked her through her release, squeezing her tits as he pounded into her dripping fuck-hole. Her body quivered as she came down from her orgasm and he moved one of his hands from her chest and grabbed her hair to turn her head slightly to face him.

"You like coming on my big cock bitch?" He asked as he stared in her eyes. "You like being another man's slut?"

She wanted to look away but his grip on her curls made it impossible to turn away.

"Yes," she conceded quietly. "Fuck yes I do."

He offered her a quick, mocking smirk before he pulled her in for a deep, yet fleeting kiss. As he pulled his lips off of hers, his grip held firm and he forced her to continue looking at him.

"Now, do you want to ride it?" He told more than asked. "You want to fuck me and show me how much you like it?"

"Yes," she nodded, still locked on his eyes. "I wanna ride it. I wanna fuck you."

She could feel her own come running down the inside of her legs as he pulled his dick from her cunt. He let go of her hair and swiftly tugged off his pants and flopped down onto the bed, stretching out on his back with his rock hard, glistening shaft awaiting her. Without a second thought, she pulled down her panties and reached down to take off her sandals.

"Leave the shoes on." He ordered. "Makes you look sluttier."

Another act of domination, but she had to admit the whole aggressive attitude was getting her off just as much as the impressiveness of his cock. She left them on and slid onto the bed, quickly straddling him and lining her opening of above said remarkable dick. He reached up and held her hips, preventing her from descending down onto him.

"I wanna hear you say how good my cock feels." He demanded, clearly wanting to push his dominance over her even further. "Tell me how much you fucking love it."

"It feels so good in my pussy." She answered, eager to feel it back inside of her and willing to play his game to get it. "It's so big, I love fucking it."

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