tagMind ControlSX69 - Ultimate Love Potion

SX69 - Ultimate Love Potion


This is the first of a series of stories about a scientist who has discovered a very, very powerful love potion.

Thanks to larryinseattle for editing it.


On January 30, 2011, the multi-government supervising group ended our secret research project and told us to destroy all samples of chemical SX69. They threatened us working on the project with dire consequences if any word of the project is leaked. To me, stopping the research is unthinkable. This might be one of the greatest discoveries of mankind. I am determined to continue the research whatever the risk.

Let me explain our research project. Many developed countries are experiencing a decline in population due to couples having fewer babies. Projections show a dangerous decline in the population over the coming decades with a large shift in the ethnic mix as immigrants have larger families. Several European countries particularly Italy, panicked. We in the U.S. added our expertise. This research project to find a solution to enhance the fertility of the population commenced in 2007. We had a huge budget with no guidelines and we nerds went a bit extreme but with great success. We used new techniques of gene splicing and DNA transfer to make chemical SX69. It is a combination of selected DNA and genetic material from bonobo monkeys and the common shrew. Bonobos have 99% of human genes and use sex as a constant casual social bonding activity. We discovered how to make the female human brain splice the bonobo sexual instinct DNA proteins into the neurons of the human brain itself. Equally important was our discovery that the common shrew's pituitary gland secretes a uniquely powerful variation of the "bonding hormone" oxytocin. They mate for life after the female shrew first smells the males oxytocin secretion, even briefly. We were able to combine at the molecular level, the unique difference in the shrew oxytocin with the human male version to make a true human pheromone.

We proudly showed off our discovery to the government by demonstrating with chimpanzees. It worked amazingly. They were humping gleefully or having full-on sex almost immediately after smelling SX69. The chimps took on the instincts of the bonobos and we know that chimps have very similar DNA to humans. We wanted permission to move to start human trials. They reacted very badly. They cut off the project instantly, the stupid bureaucrats! I think it was the Vatican that influenced the Italian delegate. Those pompous prudes.

I decided to sneak a large quantity of the potion out of the labs before it could be destroyed and continue this valuable research. I would conduct human experiments using myself and various unsuspecting females. In watching numerous films of bonobo female monkeys in the wild, I noticed that they were always very contented. This was my justification for not informing the female subjects. I would be helping and not hurting them. Plus, I have to admit that I am a horny guy and the idea struck my fancy. Hugh Hefner mixed business with pleasure. I would mix science with pleasure.

August 2011.

My trials of SX69 begin.

I chose as my first subject a beautiful and intelligent girl named Sarah who works as a librarian at Mid-Western University where I am a new assistant professor. I had talked with her briefly several times. She is very sweet. Once, when I remarked that she did not have a wedding ring, she blushed and said she didn't even have a boy friend. That is good because I do not want to cause problems with jealous husbands or boyfriends. I speculated that she might even be a virgin, even though it is almost impossible to find an untouched girl in her early twenties, like her nowadays.

I must admit I have been rather shy with women in the past and did not have a lot of experience in the area of sexual relations. I wanted to have a first subject that was less experienced as I am and one with a gentle temperament.

I loved the way she dressed. Other female librarians wore jeans or very casual pants and boyish shirts. She wore nicely fitted feminine skirts and tailored blouses. My guess is that she weighs about 110 pounds and stands about 5' 4". Her nails were manicured with only a light coat of clear polish unlike the others who had garish neon colors. Her hair was naturally blonde and fell to her shoulders. I wondered at the time if she had a natural blonde bush on her private parts. She wore little makeup except for a light colored lipstick and a bit of eyeliner. Her skin was perfect. I am about a head taller than her. Once, when she was standing close by me looking the other way, I could see the tiny blonde hairs on the skin of her neck just below her delicate ear. It was a great turn-on especially since I could smell her intoxicating flowery perfume.

I would just like to say at this point that my detailed descriptions in this journal are for scientific purposes only. I am not trying to appeal to the prurient appetites of the reader but simply want to offer a possible cultural and psychological profile of a subject. This may help future researchers. Also, you will find that I sometimes use slang to describe events rather than scientific terms.

I had noticed that the library is very deserted late on Sunday evenings. The female subject was always working alone at that time. This would be a perfect time to conduct my first human trial.

I applied 10 milligrams of the lotion to the back of my right hand. I noticed it had a deep musty scent. I then asked her to help me find a book far back in the biology section. She happily accompanied me to that section. When she found the book and handed it to me, and as I took it from her, I lifted my hand close to her face so that she would smell the potion on the back of my hand. The effects were immediate and profound. She froze with a quizzical look on her face. After not moving for about a minute, her eyes started to open very wide. I could sense there was something happening in the brain cells behind those wide-open eyes. My previous experience with lab animals convinced me that what is going on is like a computer software reset. She stayed frozen another five minutes or so. Then amazingly, her pupils went from pinpoints to totally dilated, back to pinpoints and dilated again several times like a pinball machine hitting a jackpot. She then broke into a broad luxurious smile and stepped towards me so that her body was pressed to mine. This was totally unexpected by me and I just stood there between her and the bookshelf in shock. She tilted her head up and kissed my neck just below my ear as she pressed her breasts to my chest.

She whispered in my ear very seductively, "You are so wonderful. I have been waiting for you all my life."

My God, I thought. She doesn't even know my name. My biology training kicked in and I realized this potion has sexually imprinted me in her brain just like birds when they hatch are instantly imprinted to the first thing that moves.

I decided to gauge her reaction to manual manipulation. I slid both my hands to her buttocks and massaged them through her skirt.

She moaned deeply and said, "Yes. Oh yes, touch me." I continued to kneed her firm buns. I could feel the outline of her panties. She clasped her hands behind my neck giving me free access to her body and continued to kiss my neck softly. My penis was hard as steel and she was rubbing her crotch on it. She picked up momentum until she was humping my groin area aggressively. I was thinking about feeling her breasts but she beat me to it and opened a couple of my shirt buttons and slipped her warm small hand inside and stroked the hair in the center of my chest.

"Ummmm. Yes, your skin feel so good." she cooed and then started pinching my nipple.

I was on fire. Who could blame me? I looked around frantically for a private place to continue our experiment. I spotted the library office open. I took Sarah's hand and led her to that private room. The light switch to the large library room was beside the door and I had the good sense to turn it off to darken that area and keep others out. We went in to the office and I closed the door behind us. She pushed me against the door and started undressing me in a rush. She made low grunting sounds as she unbuttoned and removed my shirt. Then she kissed my chest and sucked on my nipple. I just looked down at this beautiful girl in wonder as she continued her mission. She ducked down and removed my shoes and socks. I was embarrassed when she spent several minutes kissing my bare feet. I couldn't wait to get naked so I undid my pants myself and pulled them down and stepped out of them. My underwear went next. She stood back and looked me up and down with a look of sheer admiration and hunger - like I was some Adonis or something. Don't get me wrong. I am a 32 year old nerd who is about twenty pounds overweight and I haven't seen the inside of a gym since high school. But I guess what is good is in the eye of the beholder.

Then she did something that blew my mind. She went over to the desk, bent over and put one hand on it, reached behind her and lifted her skirt fully over her back, exposing her bottom. What a glorious ass she has. I could see a giant wet spot in the crotch of her white panties. Man, was she sexually excited. She then reached to the waistband of her panties and pulled them down to her knees exposing her her moistening nether lips. What an incredible sight. The lips were bright red. I could see that she had a light covering of blonde pubic hair that reached almost to her anus which also was in full view. She planted her pretty face on the desk and started to wave and hump her hips seductively. Her motion said she was begging to be fucked. Then it struck me. That is exactly the way bonobo monkey females display to the dominant male before copulating! That male is me!

I could here her say, "Yes, Yes, Yes," now begging with her voice along with her beckoning hips.

I rushed into position to mount her. She reached back and spread the cheeks of her ass in total submission. My cock was like granite and I briefly nestled the head of my cock into the tight opening of her flaming red vagina and pushed forward. There was a blockage. I thought, "Fuck, she's a virgin." My instincts were almost as raging as hers and I just rammed forward and thrust balls-deep. Her vagina was incredibly tight and seemed to grasp and milk my erection. I thrusted in a fury and soon had an incredibly intense screaming orgasm. It could have been seconds, minutes or hours. I lost all track of time when I was ramming my penis blindly into her welcoming womanhood.

I withdrew and sat on the edge of the desk, a bit out of wind. Sarah slid her face over to my hand and kissed my fingers sweetly. I pushed back her blonde hair to see her beautiful face and I could see her look of complete contentment.

She looked up with adoring eyes and said, "Please, let me be with you always." She kissed my hand again. This gave me a surging feeling of power and control.

I just sat there thinking that this potion had amazing powers. My mind reeled at the possibilities.

After a few minutes on contemplation, my penis started to rise again. It is only natural when a man is in the presence of a beautiful willing girl. I felt a sense of control like I had never felt before. Maybe the potion has an effect on the male brain as well. I must research that some day. But now I am busy continuing this experiment.

I look down at her and say, "Sarah, please stand up and take off your clothes."

"Of, course, ahhhh"

I could see that she was searching her memory for my name. I said, "Edward, yes Edward Vitello."

"Of course, I will show you my body, Edward. My body is yours."

She stood back and slowly took off her blouse with no shyness and then her bra. Her breasts are a perfect 32A with quarter-sized areolas and tiny nipples. Then she reached behind her back and unzipped her skirt and dropped it to the floor. She had a nice patch of blonde pubic hair that had obviously never been shaved but one could see the camel toe notch below and the lips of her young pussy. I could see a small amount of blood on the inside of her thigh from when her virginity was lost.

"I hope you like my body, Edward. Please let me be with you forever. I will try my best to be your perfect mate."

"Yes, Sarah you can be with me forever and be my perfect mate. Now come over here and suck my cock before we fuck again." By now, I fully expected her to comply and I was not disappointed. She rushed to the floor in front of me and then first kissed my feet. I don't think I will ever get used to that. Then she was licking and sucking my dick with gusto. I was so horny watching her beautiful lips on my pole that I got a frenzied urge to literally fuck her face. I grabbed her ears and plunged over and over until I screamed and came in her mouth. I closed my eyes and stood there panting. Then I realized what I had just done to this sweet girl. I had used her for my own blind pleasure with total disregard for her. What must she think of me? Then I opened my eyes and amazingly she was back face down on the desk again, waving and humping her hips and displaying the red lips of her pussy just inviting me to fuck her. I guess she didn't mind. This time she had one knee up on the edge of the desk so that her pussy was even more prominently displayed. Wow, talk about a perfect mate. But, I do hope she will fuck missionary sometimes too.

I walked over and gave her ass a pat and said, "Sorry baby, I need a break." She looked up disappointed.

Then she stood up and went over to the phone and dialed. I was thinking, who is she calling, the police? For a pizza? Who?

"Hi mom, it's me Sarah. I just wanted to call and let you know that tonight I won't be home. I am going to live with the man I love. His name is Edward Vitello. Yes, I know moving in with him is very sudden but don't worry. He is a great man. I met him recently but I feel like I have known him forever. I can't wait for you to meet him. I will be over to get my clothes and things soon. Love you mom. Bye."

I look at this beautiful young girl who has totally given herself to me and I think I should pinch myself but don't because I don't want to wake up. I am in a male dream world.

But I realize that my experiment has turned into a relationship with a real person, a very sweet and loveable, real person. I will take responsibility for this and give her the best life possible by my side.

Luckily, I have lots more SX69 potion since my research will need many future subjects to have a valid scientific result. And by the looks of it, I will have to buy a bigger home to house my growing number of mates. This will be a perfect mix of science and pleasure.

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