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Sybian Engineer 10


Could it get better? A simple yes

After the shower she wanted to massage baby oil on me, as part of her showing me off to Gracie I supposed. I had an erection as soon as she started; she put me in the perfect mood to make love.

She was still massaging me when Gracie arrived. I turned onto my stomach and lay there waiting, anticipating the three of us making hot sweaty love.

I looked over my shoulder as Gracie walked in. She had a short skirt and a halter top on under her outer coat.

"Fran, be a love and make us some coffee," Saffy asked.

I rolled over on the bed, my tool springing up as it was freed. I could see Gracie sizing me up again, examining my full glory, my six inches.

Gracie was massaging oil into Saffy when I returned with the tray, she was naked and oiled herself, I could see the light shimmering of her skin. Her breasts were small and pointy, with large black areoles and puffy round nipples. I would have to wait till she turned round to see more of her.

Saffy heard me come in and turned her head.

"Franky lover, can you get out the machine, it's in the cupboard over there," she requested. "Gracie wants another go before we start."

I dutifully got it out, unreeled the wire and plugged it in. I was getting jealous watching her hands working Saffy's flesh. My penis had shrunk back from its full girth and length from being left out.

Saffy moved on the bed, rolling to the side. Gracie turned to face me, I saw her shaven pubes, they looked weird, she had a Y shave in them, with its foot growing from her clit, it was vaguely erotic the bare skin amongst the neatly trimmed hair. It was bringing my cock back to life.

She climbed on the bed as Saffy got off, lying face down with her rump in the air.

"Can you put it in for her," Saffy asked.

I went over and knelt on the bed. Gracie smelt of oranges and a subtle sweet smell, the sight of her pudenda glistening with its open folds was enough to bring me to full arousal. Both my tongue and cock were begging for first turn.

I positioned the machine and had Gracie back onto it while I guided it into her. As soon as it was in she started it.

"Shall we let Gracie enjoy herself a while," suggested Saffy, holding out her hand to me.

She took me into the living room again then lay wide legged over the arm of the sofa.

"Come, give me your tongue, I want to catch up to her."

It took but a few minutes for her to climax, Gracie in the other room must have heard her too. I was working on a second when Gracie walked in.

She came beside her, just visible to me and began to fondle Saffy's breasts. With the ministrations of the both of us Saffy surrendered to her second in a matter of moments.

She lay there panting while Gracie and I eyed each other.

She leant forward and took my cock, beginning to slowly jerk me off.

Saffy turned and sat up.

"Wait; let's play a game of dare first, to get things started."

Saffy produced a deck of cards from behind the cushion.

"Highest one wins, lowest has to do it," she proclaimed.

She shuffled and dealt the cards.

Gracie turned hers over, a ten.

I turned mine, a nine.

It was all on Saffy's card. She turned it and showed a queen.

"Lick Gracie's nipples," she commanded.

Gracie turned and faced me. I put both hands on her breasts and dually licked her erect nipples, they tasted of strawberry to my surprise.

She dealt another hand.

This time as we turned them over I was the winner; I had Saffy give my cock a quick suck.

Saffy won the next with an ace, she made Gracie suck my cock.

Then Gracie won, she looked at the pair of us and then asked me to see how far I could get it up her with one push. It went all the way in so easy I almost gave her a kiss.

Gracie won the next as well, having Saffy suck her breasts, she held her head while she did, fingers ploughing furrows in her hair.

Then Saffy won again, making me lick Gracies pussy, she had flavoured this too, with sweet oranges this time. I was looking forwards to giving it a slow tongue lashing later.

Then Saffy called last round, which she won, making me lie on the floor where she slid her juicy hole down onto my cock.

"Come on," she beckoned Gracie. "Let's give him a thrill."

Gracie knelt astride me, as I raised my arms up over my head, and lowered herself onto my mouth.

I sucked her lips in, washing them with my tongue, the sweet taste of oranges mingling with her fluids. Saffy was wiggling on my tool and I could hear them both giggling.

Gracie's lips were smaller, and a bit stiffer, there was a bit more of a 'back of the mouth' taste, but letting my tongue roam over it was sweet delight. I explored all round then dipped the tip of my tongue into her hood, her clit was already peaking out and I let it circle it.

Her legs tightened either side of me, my hands felt her buttocks clench, as I massaged them. The hair was stiffer to, almost springy. She was different, but the same, I only cared that both were enjoyable.

Saffy was not fucking me, she was jiggling about, rolling her hips so it was moving inside her. Gracie was beginning to move as well, they must be enjoying themselves up there, I know I was down here, though I could be more comfortable in bed.

I was focused on her clit, with occasional flips down into her lips. My arms were over her legs, my fingertips brushing her pubes as I held us together. Time to go deep into the hole, I let my tongue slide, slowly tracing a route into the depths and flicked it over the entrance.

I let it plunge in running it round the rim, pressing my lips against her, as it stretched inwards. I felt her shudder, her legs tighten even more, and her weight press me back down to the carpet. I would definitely be better off on the bed.

I licked in her cum, it was slightly more bitter, but sweet none the less, I wondered if Saffy could feel my cock swell inside her. To me it was bursting, her gyrations had only kept it hard yet now I could feel the tingle even in my balls.

My last girlfriend hadn't been that keen, but to me cunnilingus was on a par to fucking itself. I've got my first girlfriend to thank for that, 'cause she loved it too.

As Gracie recovered and I pushed her to free my face; Saffy said. "Time to change round."

I felt her slip of my cock as she rose, taking Gracie up as well. I turned and scrambled out, we were off to the bedroom for round two.

The sybian was still on the bed, where Gracie had abandoned it to join us. I climbed on and shifted it to the very bottom, tossing the remote with it.

There was space enough to lie with my feet on the pillow, Saffy was on behind me, clambering over me as I settled, the finer hair meeting my tongue as it reached out. Then the bed took the weight of Gracie, I felt her hand take my cock, and her mouth pressing a condom down my tool.

I felt her hands press my chest then my cock was sliding into her, her hand rocking it as she slid down. She gave no pause, but began using it straight away, gliding smoothly as she established her rhythm.

I felt them lean together, I moved Saffy to stay on target, tickling her clit. It was this that really got her off. A minute of this, with maybe a few diversions and she would be screaming. I pressed it hard as I rubbed it back and forth.

I slipped one of my hands from her thigh, guiding it so's my big finger slid onto her clit. My tongue slipped down to her hole, dipping straight inside. Her legs stiffened, she pressed harder on my lips, taking as much as she could. She trapped my finger, I could only wiggle it, then eased up as I slid a second in to join it.

My fingers now stroked down the hood, squeezing her clit between them. Her vagina convulsed on my tongue, her cum coating it. I mimicked a cock going in and out, curling it as it penetrated her.

She came with a gush, a tablespoon full filled my mouth, this was Saffy's sweet nectar. I let it swill round as her hips jerked away from me, but my fingers followed, still working their magic.

Saffy's soft explosion brought Gracie to her peak as well, she jerked to a stop, her convulsing vagina holding the full length of me. She brought me near but she came too soon to ease my release, as the both rolled to the side.

They kissed, their hands still on each other's breasts, and both sighed. I propped myself up on my elbow and looked at them. They lay there, each holding the others arms, Saffy turned and looked at me, then saw my still rampant tool.

"Oh, you didn't cum?"

I smiled sheepishly at her.

She got to her knees and bent over, removing the condom and taking it into her mouth, licking it along its length as it slid in. I saw Gracie stir and take an interest. She joined Saffy, taking my sac in her mouth. Then they were both licking it, one each side, my cock was alive with sensations.

My cum spurted up, and came back to shower on them, they looked up as it splattered onto their faces, into their hair.

It was my turn to lay back and love it; the girls were tongue kissing each other, my head brushing both their teeth.

I was content to lie with both their heads in my lap, but Gracie stirred, then Saffy followed, they both needed a shower, or at least wash the cum out of their hair.

While they were showering, I did a quick nip out to the car, daringly naked.

I had the balls in and, under the pillow; they would tried in the morning.

Saffy came and kissed me when she came out; I had already got the biscuits out and was nibbling on one, waiting for the kettle to boil.

Gracie followed her in, also naked, the Y in her crotch standing out.

Saffy giggled.

"Gracie says you lick like a girl, you know your way round in there."

I looked at Gracie.

"Your better than most girls I've known. You've surprised me, you're the best man I've had."

It was my turn to blush again, I could see Saffy smiling, pleased at the acclaim I was getting, basking in the reflective glow.

"If you ever want to do it again call on me."

"I might," said Saffy, still with a smile on her face.

She dressed and had a cup of coffee with us then excused herself. It was getting late, she made me promise her one of the first off the line when they were made, and was off, with kisses all round.

Gracie's kiss told me that she was serious about her offer, did Saffy want to do it again. Viagra was called for, then we could make it a party.

Saffy had a biscuit and I had another, I thanked Saffy for not taking me first and letting Gracie have it instead, even if the left over's was the climax in both ways.

I sat on a cushion between Saffy's legs, stroking her legs and thighs draped over my shoulders.

"Shall we go to bed and sleep?" she asked me.

"If you want," I acquiesced.

Truth was, I was knackered as well.

In the morning we woke back to back, I'd snuggled up to her after my pee, it made me uneasy for a moment, the thought that it might be a sign of the day ahead, flashed brief around my head. It was gone and I was in love with her, I turned to cuddle up to her, my hand going round to her breast.

"Are you trying to seduce me?" She was awake. "Try a bit harder."

She rolled to me pushing my hand between her legs. Her hand went round my neck pulling our heads together.

"You are the bestest man, even Gracie was saying."

Then she kissed me gently on the lips.

"Shall we have breakfast in bed?" she squeezed my hand with her thighs.

Her hand was folding round my cock, which was eager to do business.

"I've got a surprise for you." I brought out the balls, four pool sized balls three inches apart on cotton cord.

"What's it do?"

"It goes inside you...."

"I should have guessed," she half laughed.

"... then when its time you pull them out." I continued.

"What time?"

"When you're ready," I said dryly, not quite sure if she wasn't kidding me.

"Are they for now?"

She released my cock and took them in both hands, stretching it.

"Will all this go inside me?" That was a rhetorical

She bent forwards, folding the duvet down, and widening her legs; the one slipping over mine.

"Do you want some baby oil?"

"Yes, that might be a good idea." She turned and watched me fetch it from the syb still at the bottom of the bed.

She held it face up and I poured a drop onto the sealed end. Saffy let it spread a second then pressed it firmly up into her vagina. I put a drop on each of the balls as they went in; she paused at the third and gave me a look, her eyes wide.

She lay back down, waiting expectantly while I replaced the oil. I rejoined her, lying head to foot, my head at her groin. My hand went over her hip and into the valley, fingertips skirmishing with her brush, pinching and stretching it out.

As she took my cock I rolled my hips to her, and she rolled to me. Now my tongue could do the exploring instead of my fingers. I pushed her leg up and she opened it, pushing it up and curling it down behind my neck, her thigh resting on my shoulder.

I bent in and planted my tongue on her clit, beginning to swirl it round to clear the hair back up. My hand went over her leg and took the end of the string, pulling it taught and bouncing it lightly. She gave my shoulder a squeeze with her calf.

My tongue raced round her clit, my lips pressing in on it, then I brought my teeth in and nipped it, letting it scrape out.

Her mouth was firmly planted on my tool. Her tongue racing right round the rim. My head was afire.

I gave a jerk and the first ball popped out, then I pulled the second nearly out and held it. She gagged on my cock as she gasped; as she recovered I slowly pulled the second out. The next hit her hole and mounded it as it pressed inside her.

My cock lay neglected in the corner of her mouth, her hot breath rushing down it as she panted and moaned.

My tongue was tracing down through her lips, then back up to tease the clit once more.

As she came I pulled the last ball out with a jerk, grasping one of the lower balls for more leverage.

When she recovered she sucked my cock back in, then mouth-fucked me sweetly till I came my load for her.

I rolled back onto my back, my shrinking tool slipping from her grasp. Her sigh was enough to tell me how satisfied she was. We lay quietly, snatching the moments of contentment before real life rebooted.

She stirred and did a one eighty to face me. There was a look on her face, that kinda smirk you get when you know a secret and are thinking how delicious it is to share it now.

"Frank darling, can I tie you up and rape you, you wear shorts and I cut them off, you know, force myself on your dick?"

"Your weird, do you really want to do that?"

"Yes, I think it'd be sexy, you can do it to me as well if you want."

I had no objections, if it turned her on and we had great sex then why not. She had my trust that she wouldn't bite it off and eat it.

"We can do anything you want, I just love you whatever," I said. "You wear the egg, and I have the remote as well."

It would give me a dog in the race.

"Ok, I agree to that. Can we fuck while I've got it in?"

"I'm not sure, I didn't ask, I just picked it and paid," I explained. "I shouldn't think so though, not with the size of it."

"Oh, that's a pity" she sighed.

I rolled to the side of the bed, stepping off and heading for the shower, Saffy was close behind, going to the toilet before joining me as I finished soaping myself. She reached up and took the rose, rinsing me, and rubbing her hand in all the right places.

I stayed and washed her, treating her to a quick thrill as I played the water between her legs. Then I was off to a shave, while she dried herself.

"Do you want coffee?" she asked, throwing her towel into the clothes bin as she came up behind me.

"Yes please if you're making one."

Her arms went round my waist and she hugged me, her breasts squashing into my back. I would have turned and kissed her but for a half face of shaving cream adorning me.

"I love you," she whispered softly in my ear.

It still gave me a thrill to hear her say it, that she allowed me to posses her body and wanted to please me.

"And I love you," I repeated softly back.

I slid my free hand round and squeezed her hip, eliciting a little sigh from her.

"I'll go and make that coffee," she said, reluctantly withdrawing her arms.

I thought about her request of the other day, tying me up on the bed, I had intended going into town today, and it would be nothing to nip into the sex shop and see what was on offer. With that bright thought in mind I went to join Saffy and see if the coffee was ready.

I was going in to talk to a rep about the material for the sheath itself, I had a number of specifications in mind that I needed to satisfy. I dropped into the shop first, strolling round to see what was on offer, I walked out with four pairs of handcuffs, a blindfold, and four lengths of Gorian silk slave rope, a half inch thick and two foot long.

The talk with the rep found me a near perfect material; an electro conductive polymer with a low temperature melt exhibited a quasi piezo effect. It would take a mass if wires that might stiffen it somewhat but I could wire it in rings and make it contract in part, as a whole or rhythmically pulsing up and down.

It would have to carry capillaries for lubrication as well, which meant we had to make the thing from the inside out. Laying down a thin film on the mould to embed the wire in, a delicate operation that called for a robotic solution, a simple arm would do for the experiments.

Saffy was home, playing on her laptop, a glance over her shoulder revealed a photo of Gracie, a safer friend than Babs. She turned and greeted me, pouting her lips in an air kiss.

"Got it sorted out then?" she asked.

I had a quick guilty thought about the brown paper package tucked down the back of my pants.

"Yes, there's a meta-material that is perfect," I began.

"Alright, I don't need to know the details, go and undress."

I wandered into the bedroom and undressed, hiding the package in amongst my clothes.

"Do you want a cuppa?" I called to her as I walked through to the kitchen.

"Yes please. Any thoughts on what we can have for dinner?"

"I don't know, I'll have a look in the fridge, there's probable time to get a home delivery or we could shop ourselves," I replied.

I filled the kettle first then had a rummage round in the fridge and freezer, there was some frozen salmon steaks, I knew she liked that.

"How about a bit of baked salmon with buttered potatoes?" I shouted through.

"That'll be fine by me." Came the voice back.

I continued with the coffee, thinking about the restrains I'd stashed away, when and how to revel them. I settled on the single bed in the spare bedroom, having them set up and using the blindfold to take her in there and lay her down first. I'd need to sort a pair of Y fronts first.

Saffy was still browsing when I brought the coffee in, putting hers on the table opposite her.

"Gracie has a party on Friday, do you want to go?" she asked, pushing the laptop down onto her knees.

She obviously wanted or she wouldn't have mentioned it.

"Yes. What kind of party? Do we have to get a present?"

"No, it's more like a social get together, we'll take a couple of bottles or maybe some beer."

I remembered back to the kind of party where you brought your own booze, usually ending up with a mass drunken grope, back when I was a student. I'd grown out of that in the first year.

"Oh well, that could be fun."

I sat next to her, putting my cup on the table.

Saffy was busy typing out our acceptance.

"Get a post code for the sat nav," I whispered hoarsely, as she pounded the keys.

She gave a little nod of her head.

I stretched and grabbed my coffee, sipping at it while it was hot. Thoughts about Gracie's other friends flitting through my mind, wondering where we'd fit in in the mix.

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