tagNovels and NovellasSylvia's Mother Ch. 05

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 05

byD.C. Roi©

"What happened last night?" was the first thought that entered Jason's mind when he woke up the next morning. He was in a huge bed in a strange bedroom flooded with morning sunlight. As he grew more and more alert, he moved and felt a wet spot on the bed. Tentatively, he reached down into his groin and could feel the dried remnants of his lovemaking with Sylvia's mother in his pubic hair. "It was real!" he thought, his mind spinning. "I wasn't dreaming! Sylvia's mom and I did do all those things!"

He sat up and looked around, his mind filled with confusion and fear. What would happen if anybody found out? How was he going to face Sylvia and - Oh, God! - her father? And how was he going to face Sylvia's mother? He saw a towel and washcloth lying folded on the dresser. "I guess I can start by taking a bath and getting myself cleaned up," he mused. That would keep him busy for a while and would delay his having to go downstairs and face people he didn't want to face.

He got up, slipped on his jeans and a T-shirt, and headed for the bathroom. It was, like the rest of the house, huge and filled with things he'd never seen in a bathroom before. There was, as Sylvia had said, a Jacuzzi, and the sauna, and the shower stall was larger than the bathroom in the mobile home he and his parents lived it. He figured out how to turn the water on, got it warm enough, and stepped inside.

As he stood under the pelting hot spray of the shower, he thought about all that had happened since he arrived at the Dooley house the day before and a sense of amazement filled his mind. He'd hoped to get laid one day, that was for sure, but he never dreamed his first lover would be Sylvia's mother! And he certainly didn't expect it to happen the first night he was there. He didn't for the life of him understand why the woman had done what she had. He did know he wasn't sorry he'd been the recipient of her attentions. He wondered what she'd act like when she saw him this morning, and was sure that, somehow, everybody else in the house would know what had happened.

He stood under the stream of hot water with his eyes closed, lost in thought, savoring how wonderful it felt. He was shocked when he felt a warm hand slide around his hip. It moved downward then he felt fingers encircling his penis, which was half-hard from his memories about what Sylvia's mother had done to him the night before. Jason stiffened. "Wha...?" he exclaimed. He opened his eyes, turned his head and, over his shoulder, he saw Sylvia's mother's flushed face.

She gave him a warm smile. "Good morning, Jason. Do you like what I'm doing to you?" she murmured as she stroked his penis, making it harder and harder. "You don't want me to stop, do you?"

"Ah...yeah...no...ah...I...um...like it...don't stop," Jason stammered, while her hand continued to massage him to full, throbbing erection. "Jesus, I don't believe this!" he thought. "Damn! It's going to happen again!"

"I heard you go into the bathroom and I couldn't resist joining you," Sylvia's mother murmured. She let her free hand roam over Jason's soap-slick body while the other one continued to pump his now-hard organ.

"No! Oh, no!" Jason groaned. "I-I don't mind...not...not at...at all!" He felt his legs getting rubbery. He had an opportunity to see Sylvia's mother's body in full light for the first time, so he turned around and studied it. Her body wasn't perfect, but it was - in his opinion - pretty damn close to perfect, and he thought it looked even better now that he could see it in the light. Her smooth white skin glistened with jewel-like droplets of water deposited on it by the shower. Her nipples were hard and she rubbed them against his arm while her hand stroked him. What she was doing was making him feel incredibly good.

"I love taking a shower with a man," Sylvia's mother murmured. "I always have. It can be so delightful. Would you like to give me a bath, Jason?"

"Ah...yeah...sure..." the befuddled young man stammered. He realized he was still holding the soapy washcloth in his hand, so he grabbed the soap, got the cloth filled with suds, and began to wash Sylvia's mother's body. His hand was shaking and, at first, his actions were clumsy, but Sylvia's mother uttered a soft moan of contentment when he began sliding the cloth up and down her back.

When he had her back covered with suds, he got bolder and moved his efforts down, to her bottom, which was very firm and had a wonderful shape, he discovered as he ran the soap-filled cloth over it.

"My goodness, Jason, you certainly know how to give a woman a wonderful bath," Sylvia's mother murmured.

"Are-are we alone?" Jason asked as he continued to sweep the sudsy cloth over Sylvia's mother's skin. He still had some presence of mind and couldn't believe she would do something like this with family in the house. The Dooleys seemed to be a strange family, but he didn't think they were that strange.

"My-my husband's off...playing...golf," Sylvia's mother gasped in reply. "With...his...friends. Brenda...she's gone...horseback riding. And...Sylvia...she isn't home, either." She tugged his erection gently. "My goodness, Jason, that feels so nice! Don't stop!" She turned around to face him.

"I wonder where Sylvia is," Jason thought but, as he stood there, staring at Sylvia's mother's nude, wet body, thoughts of Sylvia faded from his mind. He knew from what he'd seen in the moonlight the night before that Sylvia's mother had a good body, maybe even an incredible body. The thing was, he had nothing in his past experience to compare it to. His eyes traveled from her face to her chest, where he saw that her breasts, which he knew were firm because he'd held them, looked just as good in bright light as they had in moonlight. And her nipples were even larger than he'd thought. "God, I'd love to suck on them! Maybe, the way things are going, I'll get to!" he thought eagerly.

His eyes continued moving downward, taking inventory of the wonderful things he was seeing for the first time. Sylvia's mother's belly was just slightly convex, and he could see traces of stretch marks, reminders that she had borne two children. He found the stretch marks fascinating.

"I love having you look at me, Jason, but I want you to wash me!" Sylvia's mother said, her tone urgent.

Jason's hand was shaking as he reached out and resumed washing Sylvia's mother. He did her shoulders next, then her chest. While his hands moved over her warm, slick flesh, he could hear her gasping for breath. Then she surprised him by jerking the washcloth out of his hands.

"I think it would feel a lot nicer if you spread the lather around with your bare hands, don't you, Jason?" she murmured.

"Ah...yes, ma'am," Jason replied, and began doing what Sylvia's mother asked him to do. He laid his trembling hands on her and began spreading the lather and caressing her. He found her skin soft, warm, and very smooth. He worked on her shoulders first, then moved his shaking hands down to her chest and began massaging her breasts. Her nipples, rigid as little fingers, felt rubbery against his palms. She gasped and took hold of his wrist while he massaged them.

"Oh, darling, that feels so wonderful!" Sylvia's mother murmured.

Jason spent a considerable amount of time "washing" Sylvia's mother's breasts and nipples then, reluctantly, he began moving his caresses lower, down onto her lower chest and belly. Her skin rippled as his hands moved over it, spreading lather, inflaming her with need. He looked at her face and could see the desire in her eyes. What he saw energized him. "I'm really turning her on!" he thought. "She really loves this!" His caresses continued, moving farther and farther downward, toward the mass of wet pubic hair between the lovely woman's legs.

"Isn't this wonderful, Jason?" Sylvia's mother asked while the young man's hands continued to slide over her bare skin. She'd gotten her hands soapy, too, and was doing some of the same things to him he was doing to her, much to his delight.

"Ah...yeah...this...this is awesome!" Jason stammered in reply. His hands were on Sylvia's mother's lower belly now, moving toward her pubic hair. He had an erection that felt even stiffer than it had the night before and he could feel his heart pounding in his chest. He inhaled sharply, and so did Sylvia's mother, when his fingers began sliding into her pubic hair.

"Yes, my darling, go ahead, you can touch me there...I want you to!" Sylvia's mother purred.

Jason slid his hand between her legs and could feel the soft, silky lips that formed the outer surface of her vagina. His fingers rubbed over a stiff protrusion, almost like a tiny finger, at the upper edge of her opening and she jolted and gasped.

"There! Oh, God, darling, yes! Touch me there!" Sylvia's mother whimpered, quivering.

"That must be her clit!" Jason thought, recalling something he'd once read about the female anatomy in a copy of "Penthouse Forum" he'd managed to acquire without his parents knowing about it. Using his soap-slick fingers, he devoted considerable attention to the tiny finger of flesh. Much to his delight, Sylvia's mother responded powerfully. The look in her eyes grew more fervent and she stopped caressing him and was hanging onto his arms, as if she was afraid she'd fall. It wasn't long before she was gasping and shaking with need.

"My God, Jason!" Sylvia's mother moaned. She reached between them, grasped his erection, and squeezed it. "I don't think I've ever been washed th-this wonderfully!" Jason's hand continued to move insistently between her trembling legs. Her hips were rocking against him with the movements of lovemaking. He knew she was close to coming.

"Le-let's get out of here, dry off, and go to the bedroom," Jason gasped. Like Sylvia's mother, he was quivering with need.

"We can do what we need to do in here. Would you like to try?" Sylvia's mother suggested.

"How...how can we do that?" Jason stammered. He was having a difficult time thinking and couldn't imagine how they could make love in the shower.

Sylvia's mother smiled at him. "You'll see," she purred. She turned around, bent over, and clutching the faucets, presenting her lovely bottom to him.

Jason got the idea quickly. He moved behind her, grabbed his erection in his hand, and slid the tip up and through the cleft of her lovely buttocks and the suds-covered lips protecting her vagina. This was wild! He'd never dreamed it was possible to make love this way!

"In me! Please, Jason! Take me! I need you!" Sylvia's mother groaned. She pushed her lovely bottom back at him and wriggled it.

Jason heard Sylvia's mother's ardent pleas, but he didn't comply with them...not immediately. His fingers probed between her buttocks while her body continued to buck and quiver. He discovered her anus and, when she moaned in delight, he began poking one finger against it. "Jesus, it sure looks as if she even likes having her asshole played with!" he thought as he played with Sylvia's mother's nether opening.

"Oh! Oh, God! That feels so wonderful!" she groaned and pressed back at him. "Keep doing that! Slide your finger in there!" She just finished uttering her fervent request when her frantic movements caused Jason's soap-slippery finger to slide slowly into her snug little opening.

Jason was shocked to find himself finger-fucking Sylvia's mother's ass! His cock got still harder. This was too much!

"Jason! Oh, God, my darling! That feels so good! So good!" Sylvia's mother groaned. Her passion-inundated body twisted and turned while he explored her snug rear opening.

Getting his finger inside Sylvia's mother's bottom increased Jason's level of passion to the point where he could no longer hold back. While he kept his finger in her anus, he used his other hand to guide his erection to her vagina. When the tip was between her labia, he gave a powerful thrust of his hips and slammed it all the way into her, until his thighs slapped against hers. Once he had her impaled on him, he began to lunge against her powerfully, his erection plunging wildly, his finger matching the pace in her bottom.

"Oh, Jason! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh!" Sylvia's mother whimpered as he plunged into her.

Jason couldn't take much of this; it felt too good. He felt his fluids bubbling up inside him, then he exploded into a whirlpool of delightful feelings. "I-I...can't...wait! Uh! Yeah!" he groaned as he hosed Sylvia's mother's insides with powerful spurts of his hot, sticky cream. It was the most intense sexual experience he ever had!

"Oh! Yes, Jason! Oh! Oh! Yes!" Sylvia's mother groaned in reply while her body bucked and writhed under his dual assault.

When their intense need began to wane, the two lovers sank to their knees on the floor of the shower while warm water continued to pelt them. Kneeling there, they clung to each other until their strength returned.

"My word, Jason, that was unbelievable!" Sylvia's mother breathed when his softening penis slipped from her and he pulled his finger out of her bottom. "What ever gave you the idea to put your finger in my bottom?"

Jason wasn't sure she'd liked that and wasn't sure how to answer. "I-I don't know," he stammered, "I-I just did it! You...you aren't mad at me, are you?"

Sylvia's mother turned and kissed him passionately. "How could I be angry with you, my dear boy?" she asked. "God, you made me feel so wonderful! I-I've never felt anything quite so wonderful! You are quite a stud!"

Jason felt his face reddening. He had a hard time handling compliments about his lovemaking ability, especially since he'd had so little experience. "Ah...I-I'm glad you liked it," he said.

"Liked it! I loved it!" Sylvia's mother said and kissed him again. "Do you have any plans for the rest of the day?"

"Ah...if...if Sylvia's not here, I-I don't know," Jason said.

Sylvia's mother caressed his face lightly with her long, slim fingers and planted a gentle kiss on his lips. The fire Jason had seen in her eyes returned. "Since Sylvia's treating you so badly," she said softly, "I guess it's up to me to find something to help ease the pain." She smiled at him. "You wouldn't mind if I did that, would you, Jason?"

Jason realized what she was suggesting and felt a stirring in his groin. He shook his head and said, "No, I wouldn't mind. Not at all."

"Good," Sylvia's mother said, then she chuckled softly. "Why don't we get out of here and dry off before we wrinkle?"

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