tagNovels and NovellasSylvia's Mother Ch. 06

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 06

byD.C. Roi©

They got out of the shower and began to towel each other dry. Their activities were playful at first, but Jason, still a bit overwhelmed by being in such close proximity to a beautiful nude female, soon felt his body reacting to the fact that he was touching Sylvia's mother's bare flesh.

It wasn't long before Sylvia's mother noticed his reaction and smiled. "My goodness, Jason," she said softly. "You seem to have a bit of a problem there." She reached out, her soft hand encircled his swelling penis, and she began to stroke him. Jason's breath caught and his hips jerked while incredibly wonderful feelings again swept through him.

"I don't want to make love in the bathroom again, do you? Come with me, my darling," Sylvia's mother whispered.

Still holding onto Jason's erection, she led him out of the bathroom and started down the hallway toward the guest bedroom.

Jason had no choice but to go along with her, even though he was worried someone might show up and see the two of them walking down the hallway naked and playing with each other. His body was on fire and his mind was a clutter of emotions, but he wasn't using his mind; another part of his body was in control.

As they made their way down the hall, Sylvia's mother slid her hand from the tip of Jason's swollen penis to the base and back again, massaging the sticky juices seeping from the slotted tip into the hot, veined shaft. By the time they got to the bedroom, he was gasping for breath and wasn't sure his trembling legs would hold him much longer.

In the bedroom, Sylvia's mother guided him to the bed and had him lay down. Then she knelt on the bed next to him and leaned over his middle. Then, as the gasping young man watched, wide-eyed, she bent and kissed it. The touch of her lips brought a cry of delight from him. "I can't believe it! She's gonna give me another blow-job!" Jason thought as he watched Sylvia's mother part her lips and lower her open mouth toward the head of his rampant erection. When his swollen, veined shaft slid between Sylvia's mother's lips, he shuddered with excitement.

While Sylvia's mother's mouth slid up and down on his erection and her hands fondled his balls, Jason lay there quaking, barely able to comprehend what was going on. He found it hard to believe that Sylvia's mother was giving him another blowjob, but that's exactly what she was doing! And, as they had the night before, thrills wilder than any he'd envisaged in his wildest fantasies coursed through him. If she kept doing what she was doing much longer, he'd come! And he was helpless to stop her!

Her mouth slid down over his erection and he felt heat and wetness engulf his cock. Unbearable thrills rocketed through him.

"Oh, God! Ah!" he moaned. The woman's expert ministrations proved to be too much. Before he could even think about warning Sylvia's mother that it was going to happen, his body exploded and sent a geyser of his hot, sticky fluids spewing into Sylvia's mother's mouth.

"Oh!" he groaned as his pulsing loins emptied his seed into the woman, who gulped it down madly, "Oh! God!"

Even after Jason's penis began to soften, Sylvia's mother continued sucking and licking it. When it was completely limp and licked clean, she let the flaccid shaft slide from her mouth, sat back on her heels and smiled at him. "Did you like that as much this morning as you did last night?" she asked breathlessly.

Jason nodded. "It was even more awesome this morning!" he replied. "When you do that to me, it feels so good it's...it's unreal!"

Still smiling, Sylvia's mother stretched out next to Jason, who slid over so his body was pressing against hers and, unable to keep his hands off her, began to explore her naked body. He ran his hands lightly over her smooth, warm skin, loving the way she felt, and could feel desire reasserting itself inside him. "Jesus, I keep getting turned on over and over again!" he thought with delight.

"Jason! Oh, Jason, my darling!" Sylvia's mother murmured, covering his face with wet kisses. "Make love to me! Please, Jason, make love to me!"

The young man pushed himself up on his elbow and gazed at her breasts. They were even more beautiful in full daylight than they'd looked in the moonlight the night before, and stood proudly atop her slim chest. Her nipples, large and erect, jutted from the dark circles of her aureoles. Jason's hand was shaking as he reached out and touched one.

"Oh, yes, my darling!" Sylvia's mother groaned.

Jason bent over her, lowered his head and, for the first time, learned what it was like to have a woman's erect nipple in his mouth. It was, he thought, incredibly delightful. He began to suck it softly. Sylvia's mother was writhing, moaning, and clutching his head while he did. He continued, shifting his lips from one nipple to the other and back. It was as if he couldn't get enough of nursing on her. She continued to clutch his head. "Jason! Jason! Oh, darling!" she wailed. "That's it! Kiss them! Oh, darling! Kiss them!"

Jason did just that for quite a while longer, while the woman he was enjoying continued to grow more and more aroused. Finally she moaned, "Take me, my darling! Please, my darling! Take me!" Her hips were rising and falling, showing that her body was demanding fulfillment. "I need you in me!"

Jason rolled atop her and her hips rose, seeking him.

"Take me, Jason! I need you!" Sylvia's mother begged.

His pulse pounding, Jason slid between her out-spread legs and felt the tip of his re-invigorated erection brush against her torrid, damp labia, then settle between them. He groaned softly, pushed forward, and felt the warmth of her vagina engulfing him. Shivers of delight rippled up his spine as he slid deeper and deeper into her.

"Yes! Oh, God! Yes!" Sylvia's mother groaned as his swollen cudgel slid into her. She pushed her hips upward, welcoming him, inviting him deeper.

Jason slid his erection in and out of Sylvia's mother's vagina, which rippled around his it, milking him. Her hips were pressed against his, rocking him, building his passion to a fiery peak. Even though he'd just come, he found he was too turned on. He couldn't wait; he had to come! "Oh, God! Oh, God! Can't wait! I can't wait!" he groaned. His juices came roaring out, flooding Sylvia's mother with warmth and wetness.

"Uh-huh! Yes! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Oh, yes!" Sylvia's mother cried when she felt his hot cream dousing her insides. "My beautiful, beautiful young man! Yes! Yes! Take me! Take meeee! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Yes!"

Their bodies struggled against each other while exquisite sensations flashed between them until at last there was nothing more to share. Spent, they lay in a warm, satisfied embrace.

"My lord, Jason, you are such a wonderful lover!" Sylvia's mother exclaimed. "It's been such a long time since I've been this satisfied!"

Jason didn't know what to say, so he pulled her into his arms and kissed her. Then, anxious to learn more, he pushed himself up on one elbow and began both examining and caressing the body of the beautiful woman lying next to him.

"My goodness, Jason," Sylvia's mother murmured as she lay there, smiling. "It seems you never get tired of this, do you?"

Jason stopped and looked up at her. "If...if you want me to stop, I will," he replied.

Sylvia's mother smiled at him and shook her head. "Please, my darling, don't stop," she replied. "You can't imagine how long it's been since anyone's wanted me as much as you do!" She shuddered when Jason's hand began to stroke her softly rounded belly. "God, this is so delightful!"

Jason, startled by her sudden movement, thought he'd hurt her and pulled his hand away. "I'm sorry," he said. "Did I hurt you?"

"No, you didn't hurt me, my darling," Sylvia's mother said, "That tickled a little. Don't stop! What you're doing feels so wonderful!"

Jason's fingers moved downward and he began to explore her love-slick vagina. He traced her labia with his fingers while she gasped and shuddered. It occurred to him that his actions were once again fanning the fires of passion in both of them, because his penis had begun to swell and her hips were twisting and rising. She gasped and her body shook as his exploring fingers moved over her clit.

Jason leaned over her, examining the place where his fingers were working and he decided to see if she'd let him eat her. He remembered hearing his friends say that women really liked it and was dying to try now that he had a willing partner.

When Sylvia's mother felt Jason's warm breath on her open, pulsing vagina, and his tongue began to probe into her, her hips jolted upward, pressing her slick opening against his mouth. He found the taste not at all unpleasant, and, since her reaction was intoxicating him, he continued doing what he was doing.

"Jason! Oh, God! Yes!" Sylvia's mother keened, "It's been so long! Uh-huh! Oh! Uh-huh! My sweet lover!"

Jason expected Sylvia's mother to like what he was doing, but he was totally unprepared for the power of her reaction. She thrust herself wildly against his mouth and he tasted her juices, mixed with his. His tongue lashed her silky surfaces and probed into her. Then he found her swollen clit. When he began licking it, her hips went wild. He had to grab her buttocks and hang on.

"Uh-huh! Yes! Uh-huh! Yes! Uh-huh! Yes! Uh-huh! Yessss! Jason! Jason! Oh! Jason!" Sylvia's mother yelled when she came. Her hands raked the sheets and her body convulsed with pleasure while his lips and tongue brought her to another crashing orgasm.

Jason wasn't sure she would ever stop coming, then Sylvia's mother's moans ceased and she went limp on the bed. At first he was scared he'd done something to hurt her but, as he watched her chest rise and fall evenly, he realized she had either passed out or gone to sleep. He gave her vagina one last kiss, then he stretched out alongside her, put his arm around her, and lay there, contemplating the good fortune that had befallen him. Sylvia's mother was a fantastic lover! He couldn't believe how excited she had been when he was eating her, and he was the man who made her feel that way. His self-confidence got a healthy boost. He hoped that, somehow, they could figure out a way to keep doing this, even though the rest of the family, and especially Sylvia, would be around.

His penis was still erect, it had gotten that way while he was eating her and, as he inspected Sylvia's mother's limp form, he smiled, then he rolled between her lean, lovely legs. "I don't think she'll mind if I..." he thought as he grasped his erection and drove it into her slippery warm opening once more.

Sylvia's mother opened her eyes and smiled up at Jason's passion-filled face, which loomed above hers as he lunged into her. "Oh, Jason!" she murmured happily. She reached up, pulled his head down, and drove her tongue into his mouth. Their tongues dueled, inflaming them even more. "Yes! Oh, darling, yes!" Sylvia's mother moaned. "Give me more! More!"

Jason kept driving into her. Having come twice, he seemed tireless, even though Sylvia's mother's clutching cave was sending fierce rushes of pleasure through him. Her body rocked up against his. The force of their coupling shook the bed, making it creak.

"I'm not sure I can have another orgasm, my darling," Sylvia's mother whispered, pulling him down to kiss him again. "I've already had quite a few wonderful ones. But don't stop! Oh, darling, what you're doing feels so good!"

Jason wanted her to come again, though, and was determined that she would. He remembered how much she'd liked having her breasts played with the night before, so he lifted one hand, placed it on her breast, and began to roll the rigid nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Sylvia's mother's eyes widened and her mouth fell open.

"Oh! Yes, again! Oh! Oh, Jason! Again! Oh God! Uh-huh! Yes! Uh-huh! Yessss! Again!" she cried as she pushed her hips up to meet his thrusts. Then she stiffened and her body went into a series of powerful tremors. "Uh-huh! Yes! Uh-huh! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Hearing, seeing and feeling Sylvia's mother come was all it took. Jason exploded, too, and his cries of delight mixed with hers. "Gaa! Agghh!" he groaned as, once more, he erupted into her.

Finally, totally spent and sated, they collapsed onto the bed. For a few seconds, Jason remained lying atop Sylvia's mother's lean body, feeling her nipples pressing into his chest. Then he rolled off her, pulled her into his arms, and held her while he recouped his strength.

Later, having decided they would allow themselves a chance to rest before they embarked on any more lovemaking adventures, they were making the bed. Jason had on a pair of jeans and a black T-shirt and Sylvia's mother had on a very short peach-colored cotton dress. They were almost finished when they heard the door open downstairs.

"Mom, Jason?" Sylvia's voice called. "Where are you guys?"

Jason froze and felt a stricken look forming on his face.

Sylvia's mother gave Jason a knowing smile. "We're upstairs, dear," she called. "Jason's helping me make the bed. We'll be right down."

When the bed was finished, Sylvia's mother and Jason started out of the bedroom. Before they went out into the hallway, he turned, pulled her into his arms, cupped her bottom in his hands, and kissed her deeply. Then he released her and, grinning, he whispered, "I hope she finds something to do this afternoon, too."

"I do, too, my dear," Sylvia's mother said.

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