tagNovels and NovellasSylvia's Mother Ch. 16

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 16

byD.C. Roi©

When Jason finally did get up, he was disappointed to discover that it was raining. "Damn," he thought as he walked down the hallway to the bathroom. "If it's raining Brenda and Sylvia will probably be hanging around the house all day." Then something good about the rain occurred to him and he brightened. "Of course, it also means that Karen has an excuse not to go out on that asshole Duke's damn sailboat."

He got the shower running and, when the water was hot enough, he stepped inside and took his bath. When he finished, he got out of the shower, dried himself off, and wrapped the huge bath towel around his waist for his trip back to his room. He figured nobody would be upstairs to see him and, even if they were, the towel covered him more than adequately.

He was surprised to find Karen in his room stripping the bed when he got back from the bathroom. She had on a loose-knit light green sweater and a short cotton skirt. She had started to strip the bed, but she stopped and turned when he came in. "I'm glad you're up," she said, smiling. "Did you notice what kind of day it is?"

"Yeah, it's raining," Jason replied glumly. "I suppose that means the girls are home."

Karen shook her head and smiled. "Brenda's at the riding academy. They have an indoor arena, so it isn't a problem," she said. "And Sylvia went down to the lodge to meet Paul. Why don't you get dressed while I finish this? We can go downstairs and I'll make you some breakfast."

She turned and bent over the bed, reaching for the rumpled sheets. When she did, her skirt rode up, revealing the lower edge of her fine bottom to Jason, whose penis had begun to stiffen the minute he walked into the room and found her there. Displaying a level of boldness that surprised him, he let the towel fall from his waist and, with his erection bobbing in front of him, started across the room toward Sylvia's mother, who remained bent over the bed, apparently unaware of his approach. When he reached her, he put his hands on her bottom and gave her a little shove, making her fall forward, onto the rumpled bedclothes. He fell atop her and felt his erection pressing against her bottom.

"Jason!" Karen cried, squirming under him. "Oh!" she whispered when she felt his erection continued to press against her bottom. "Oh, God! Oh, God!" she whimpered while he shoved her skirt up and pressed his erect penis against her panty-covered tush. "Jason we...Oh, God! We..." she stammered as he reached between them and fumbled aside the leg opening of her panties. When the wispy band of cloth out was of the way, Jason shoved forward again and felt the tip of his erection brush against her labia which, he was startled to discover, were soaking wet.

"Oh, God! Yes! Yes!" Karen whimpered, pushing her bottom up at him. "Take me, darling!"

"Oh, yeah!" Jason exclaimed when he felt the tip of his erection begin to enter her warm cave. He kept pushing and felt the elastic band at the leg of her panties rubbing him as he sank all the way into her. He was a little surprised that he'd been brave enough to do something like this, but now that he was making love with her again, he wasn't sorry.

"Oh, Jason!" Karen groaned as she lay pinned under him on the rumpled bed. "Please, darling! Oh, God, yes!" Her bottom started making little round and round movements, causing his erection lash to her rippling insides.

Jason, who was still standing on the floor, leaned forward, braced himself on the bed and began shoving his erect penis into her with faster and faster thrusts of his hips. He wasn't turned on at all when he walked into the room, but now he was about to explode. And, it seemed, so was Sylvia's mother.

"Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh!" she gasped while he continued to thrust against her. "Oh, darling! Oh, darling, yes!"

Jason straightened up, grabbed her lean hips, and began hauling her back onto his engorged rod. It occurred to him that they probably looked pretty silly, what with him being totally naked while she was completely dressed, but that thought only seemed to inflame him more. With more and more force, he continued to thrust into her, loving the way it felt. Then, try as he would, he could hold back no more. "I'm gonna come!" he moaned and, with the wonderful, powerful surges he'd come to know so well, he exploded his hot juices into her.

"Yes! Oh, darling yes! Take me, my love! Take me!" Karen wailed and her body went wild in his hands.

Afterward, spent, they lay next to each other on the rumpled bed. Karen smiled at Jason and shook her head. "My darling, don't you remember what I told you yesterday about our needing to be careful?" she said as she ran her fingers through his hair.

"Yeah, I remembered, but there's nobody here," he replied. "That's what you said, isn't it?"

"Well, yes, I guess that is true," Karen replied, grinning. She shook her head as if she was trying to clear it. "I don't know what it is about you, my darling," she said softly. "The minute you touch me, I'm wet and..."

"It's the same with me," Jason added quickly. "I walked into the room, saw you, and..."

"Nothing like this has ever happened to me before," Karen said, looking a little concerned. "It's a bit frightening."

"I'm sorry," Jason said, "I..."

Sylvia's mother laid her hand on his lips. "My goodness, my darling, you certainly don't need to apologize," she told him, then planted a gentle kiss on the tip of his nose. "It's just that I'm not used to being out of control and it seems like when I'm near you I'm always out of control."

Jason put his arm around her and pulled her against him. "I kind of like it," he said.

"I do, too, my darling," Karen replied. "But remember what I said. That doesn't mean we don't have to be careful. If anything, it means we have to be even more careful. We'll be in big trouble if the girls ever find out what we've been doing."

"Yeah, all right," Jason said. "I understand. From now on, I'll try to be a little more careful. I promise."

Karen gave him another gentle kiss and smiled at him. "Now," she said, "why don't you go and get dressed while I finish stripping this bed?" She paused and grinned. "And I'm going to be watching my back, buster, so don't think you can sneak up on me and do this again."

"Yeah, OK," Jason said, grinning back at her. He got up and, while she finished stripping the bed, he put his clothes on. Then, before they went downstairs, he helped her re-make the bed.

"Are computers your only hobby, Jason?" Karen asked while they worked.

"I like to listen to music, too," he said. "I've got a pretty big collection of CD's and a bunch of old records, too."

"Oh, what groups do you like?" she asked.

"Well, I guess my favorite is the Glenn Miller Band," he replied. "But I like country, too. And older rock, I like that a lot; more than the stuff they play now. I have every album Creedence Clearwater Revival released and most of what Chuck Berry put out, too."

"Really?" Karen said, sounding surprised. "I thought all you teenagers liked heavy metal and that new thing, what do they call it, rap?"

Jason chuckled. "Not hardly," he said. "Compared to the stuff John Fogerty and Chuck Berry did, the stuff they're doing today is junk. Rap, too. It doesn't make any sense to me."

"Me, either," Karen replied. "I like country music, too, but I don't get to listen to it much. The girls don't like it and neither does my husband. Who are your favorite country artists?" She liked this conversation. She'd been intimate with him, but she knew so little about him. It was nice to learn more. She found it nice that they had similar taste in music. She and her daughters certainly didn't.

"That's hard to say," Jason replied. "As far as female singers go, I guess I'd have to say I like Reba the best, although sometimes I think I like Patty Loveless just as much. Martina McBride, too, she has an incredible voice. I like Garth Brooks a lot, but I think Ricky Skaggs is underrated, and so is John Berry. Actually, I like Cajun music sometimes. I loved Mary Chapin Carpenter's 'Down at the Twist 'n Shout.' Have you ever heard Doug Kershaw?"

Karen nodded. "I think I have, once," she said. "He's real Cajun, isn't he?"

"About as Cajun as you can get," Jason replied. "But sometimes I like other kinds of ethnic music, too. I've got every album the Chieftains released, too."

"That's that Irish group, isn't it?" Karen asked.

"Yeah," Jason said. "I'm not sure what it is, but there's something about Irish music that makes me smile. Even the albums they did with American country stars and rock stars have the same feeling."

"I'm not sure I've ever heard the Chieftains," Karen said. "Maybe I'll have to get one of their CD's."

"I could loan you one of mine," Jason said.

The bed was made so they started downstairs.

"I've learned more about you in the past few minutes than I have all weekend," Karen commented as they descended the stairs. "You are a very fascinating young man."

"What kind of music do you like?" Jason asked.

"Pretty much the same kinds you do," Karen replied. "I like classical music, too, but you can imagine how much of that I get to listen to in this family. When we're home, the girls have MTV on all the time."

"Our music teacher played some classical music for us this year," Jason said. "I liked it. It blows me away that it's still popular hundreds of years after it was written. I can't see any of the songs they play on the radio being around ten years from now, much less a hundred."

"You certainly are right about that," Karen chuckled.

They arrived downstairs and went to the kitchen. "What would you like for breakfast?" Karen asked.

"Actually, just some milk and an English muffin or something would be OK," Jason replied. "It's pretty close to lunch time, isn't it?"

Sylvia's mother glanced up at the clock. "Yes, I guess it is," she replied. "My goodness, your mother certainly has taught you well, hasn't she? I have to fight with the girls all the time not to eat between meals and spoil their appetites."

"I'm pretty good about that," Jason said. "When I first started working at Biggie Burger, I was eating all the time, but I got over that quick."

Karen got a package of English muffins out of the bread drawer, cut one in half, and stuck it in the toaster. "I wish I could convince the girls...and Milton...that working would be good for them," she said. "Actually, I think Brenda would love to have a job. Sylvia..." She grinned and shrugged. "It doesn't help that their father keeps insisting he won't have any daughter of his flipping burgers."

"Actually, I kind of like working at Biggie Burger," Jason said. "Most of the time, the customers are nice, and the work isn't that hard, except when a bus comes in or something. They pay pretty well, and you can get promoted if you do a good job."

"You sound like a recruiter for Biggie Burger," Karen said, smiling.

Jason felt his face get warm. "Ah...you know...it's just that I do like my job and all..." he said.

"You are the most amazing young man," Karen said. "Most boys your age don't have half the manners you do and very few of the ones I've met have your work ethic. You're a bit of a throwback to an earlier age, when manners and a willingness to work counted for something."

"Ah, my being a throwback...is that good or bad?" Jason asked.

Karen grinned. "My darling, I think it's wonderful," she said.

"Oh, good," he replied. "I kinda hoped it was. And if you say it is, I'm happy."

The muffin popped up in the toaster. Karen put some butter on it, put it on a plate, and got him a glass of milk. Then the two of them walked to the kitchen table and sat down.

Jason ate the muffin and drank the milk, then he wiped his mouth with a napkin and smiled at Sylvia's mother. "What are we going to do today since we can't go outside?" he asked, grinning.

Karen blushed, which surprised him, and replied, "I'm pretty sure I know what you're thinking and, to be honest with you, my darling, I'd love nothing better, but...well...with the weather like it is, there's a very good chance Sylvia could drop in any time."

"Yeah, I know," Jason said, sounding a little glum.

Karen reached across the table and took his hand in hers. "Don't look so depressed," she said softly. "We have tonight, and the weather report says tomorrow is supposed to be sunny."

Jason squeezed her hand and smiled at her. "Can we go up to the pool again tomorrow if it isn't raining?" he asked.

"I'd like that," Karen replied, and returned his squeeze.

Just then the door opened and Sylvia, her hair matted down with rain, walked in. Her mother pulled her hand out of Jason's quickly and smiled at her. "You're all wet, Sylvia," she said.

Sylvia made a face. "It's awful out there," she complained. She walked to the refrigerator, got out a can of soda, opened it, and swallowed some. "God, this weather sucks!"

"Sylvia, you know I don't like it when you talk like that," her mother scolded.

"Aw Mom," Sylvia retorted. "It's the way all the kids talk. Jeez. What have you guys been doing?"

"Actually, Jason just got up a little while ago," her mother replied. "He and I have been talking. He's a very interesting young man, you know."

"Yeah, I know," Sylvia replied. She took another swallow of her soda, then she looked at Jason. "Jason, I am sorry about the way this weekend worked out," she said softly. "I...I really screwed it up for you, didn't I?"

"That's OK, Sylvia," Jason replied. "I've been having a fun time with your mother."

"What have you and Mom been doing that's so much fun?" Sylvia asked, looking at both of them with interest.

"Oh, you know, we play cards, talk, and stuff," Jason replied. "Heck, we even took a walk the other day. Actually, it was kind of fun. I've never been out in the forest before."

"Where did you go?" Sylvia asked. "We've been all over this place in Paul's Jeep, but we didn't see you."

"We just walked up the road behind the cabins, dear," Karen replied.

Jason looked across the table at her and saw that she appeared to be a little flushed. "Hey, cheer up, Sylvia," he said. "It's supposed to be nice tomorrow."

"God, I hope so!" Sylvia said. "Call me when lunch is ready, OK, Mom?" She walked into the living room and, seconds later the sounds of rock and roll music filled the house.

"I hate that damn satellite system Milton put in," Karen whispered. "It used to be I at least had some peace and quiet up here. Now I have to put up with MTV here, just like I do at home."

"Let's make lunch," Jason whispered in reply. "I'll help. Maybe she'll go back down to the lodge after she eats."

"Hopefully," Karen said.

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