tagNovels and NovellasSylvia's Mother Ch. 21

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 21

byD.C. Roi©

About an hour after their awe-inspiring lovemaking session in the shower, Jason and Karen were hiking through the woods on their way to the little isolated pool and, Jason hoped, more skinny-dipping and more lovemaking. Jason was wearing jeans and a T-shirt. Karen had on a pair of snug-fitting faded jeans and a pink cotton top that clung lovingly to her lean body and was held shut in front by a series of hook and eye-type closures. He'd been fantasizing about undoing those little closures since he first saw her in it.

They walked through the forest slowly, holding hands like lovers and, as they moved deeper and deeper into the woods, Jason found himself wondering about Brenda's comment about her mother being in love with him. "Could it be true?" he mused as he walked with the beautiful woman he cared about more than he ever believed it was possible to care about anyone. He also wondered about Sylvia's mother's reaction when he'd mentioned Brenda's comment the night before. She hadn't denied it, but she'd never really answered him, either.

"So what did you and Brenda talk about this morning?" he asked.

"Ah...well...I...I asked her how she felt about...about us..." Karen responded, a little hesitantly.

"What did she say?" Jason asked.

"Pretty much the same thing you told me she said when she talked to you," Karen said. "I had no idea how aware of the problems in our family she was. God, Milton and I have really messed up our children's lives, haven't we?"

Jason gave her hand a little squeeze. "Don't be so hard on yourself," he said. "You didn't make your husband drink and I doubt you had anything to do with making him the kind of man he is. Seems to me, that was pretty much decided before you met him."

"I suppose not," Karen replied a little wistfully. "But I can't help but wonder if there wasn't something I could have done, back before things really got out of control, to keep his drinking from becoming as bad as it has."

"That's not true," Jason told her. "It sounds like he may be an alcoholic. If he is, there isn't anything you can do now - or could have done - to keep his drinking from getting worse. The problem is, people close to alcoholics always feel the same way you do. It's called co-dependency and its part of the disease."

Karen stopped, turned, and looked at him in amazement. "How do you know so much about alcoholism?" she asked.

"My dad's a recovering alcoholic," Jason told her. "He's been in AA since I was about five, I guess. Mom goes to Al-Anon and I go to meetings with her sometimes. I've been to Alateen meetings, too. And I've done some studying about alcoholism on my own."

"Yes, but your father is sober," she said. "What happened to make him stop drinking?"

"From what he's told me, it was his boss telling him he better get sober or he'd lose his job," Jason said. "That and Mom telling him she was going to leave him. I don't remember much about that time because I was pretty young when it happened, but both Mom and Dad told me it wasn't easy the first year or so. He celebrated his fifteenth year of sobriety last February."

"But Milton's his own boss," Karen said. "And he's certainly not going to tell himself to sober up or else." She shook her head sadly. "And I'm not sure my telling him I'd leave him if he didn't sober up would do much. I'm afraid he'd tell me to go ahead and leave."

"Would that be so bad?" Jason asked. He knew it wasn't right, but part of him wanted her to leave her husband because, deep down inside, he had fantasies that she'd come to him if she did.

Karen thought for a moment. "It might make my life a little easier, but I think it might be horrible for the girls," she said. Then she shrugged. "Although from what Brenda says, I'm not sure she'd mind." She grinned. "And unless Sylvia's lifestyle was disrupted, she might not even be aware that he'd gone."

"I'm not sure I understand how Sylvia turned out the way she did," Jason commented. "She's not at all like you and Brenda. I mean, she really is a...a..." He wasn't sure he should continue.

"You probably would like to say 'airhead,' wouldn't you?" Karen said, grinning. "I sometimes wonder about that myself. I guess she got a larger helping of her father's genes than of mine."

"Probably," Jason said.

They resumed walking and soon arrived at the pool. Jason shrugged out of the knapsack that held their lunch and set it on the ground. They spread out the blanket they'd brought and sat down next to each other on it.

"It really is neat out here," Jason commented. "I'm really glad you decided to bring me out here."

"I am, too, my darling," Karen said softly.

Jason turned toward Karen and she turned toward him. For a few seconds, they gazed into each other's eyes, then he leaned toward Sylvia's mother and she moved closer to him. The next thing they knew, their lips were touching. The kiss deepened while their arms slid around each other and their mouths opened and, feverishly, their tongues began to entwine.

Fire flashed through Jason's body and, holding her against him, he laid back on the blanket, drawing her down with him. He finally got to open the fasteners down the front of her shirt and discovered they weren't nearly as hard to undo as he expected them to be. Once they were undone almost to her waist, he slid his hand under the shirt, onto her bare breasts.

"Mmmm!" Karen moaned when he began caressing her bare breasts, "Oh, Jason! That feels so nice!" Her hands went to the waist of his jeans, opened them, slid inside, and wrapped around his penis, which was already swollen and throbbing.

Jason shuddered with delight when Karen grabbed his erection. "Oh, God! Oh, God, Karen!" he groaned. He rolled over, pushed her shirt farther open and began sliding his hands over her smooth, warm skin.

When his lips moved onto her straining nipples, Karen groaned and arched her back, pressing her breasts into his. "Uhh! Yes! Oh, Jason! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!" she exclaimed. Her body strained and twisted as his hands roamed over it.

Jason's hands trembled as he explored Karen's lithe, lovely body. And, as they always did, his gentle caresses evoked a joyous response. While he was still nursing on her nipples, he opened her jeans and pushed them down and was delighted when she kicked them off. He began to slide his hands over the insides of her slim legs. Abandoning her breasts, he started to kiss his way down over her chest and, at the same time, he began to explore her need-moist opening with his fingers. Gasps of ecstasy continued to gush from Sylvia's mother while he caressed her. When he brushed her clit, her body twisted and strained even more fervently and her groans of joy rose in volume. Finally, now on his knees between her legs, he leaned forward and began to kiss her flat belly. He caressed her everywhere with his lips, including the faint stretch marks he found which, he thought, only made her more desirable.

Karen groaned, "Oh! Ohh! Jason! Jason!" and the movements her body was making became more and more frenzied. "Uhh!" she grunted when he slid one of his fingers into her well-lubricated opening. Her hips began to rock up and down insistently and her head rolled from side to side on the blanket.

Jason, who was almost as turned on as it appeared Karen was, reached down inside himself and found a reservoir of self-control he didn't know he had. Instead of plunging his erection into her, he kissed his way down through her pubic hair and then, while his finger continued plunging into her, he started to lick her clit with his tongue.

Karen's body arched and she went wild in response to his actions. "Ah! Uh! Oooo! Uhh! Jason! Uhh! Oh!" she moaned. Her body stiffened then went into a series of powerful spasms when an orgasm exploded through her.

When, at last, Sylvia's mother lay relaxed on the blanket again, Jason, who had shed his jeans and could no longer wait to possess her, slid his body atop hers. Once he was in position, he lifted his hips, then lowered them and felt his erection plunge into her.

Karen's eyes opened and so did her mouth. "Oh!" she moaned when she felt him entering her. "Oh, darling! Yes! I need you! Yes! Oh, Jason! Oh, Jason! Oh, Jason!"

Holding most of his weight off her on straightened arms, Jason thrust into her powerfully, his swollen shaft penetrating deep with each stroke. The force of his thrusts made Karen's body quake. Her breasts jiggled and her erect nipples scribed tiny circles in the air. She was so tight, so hot!

"Oh, God, Karen! Oh, God! Oh, God!" Jason groaned when he felt his explosion growing imminent. "Ah! Oh, God!" His hot come gushed from him, bathing her insides with moist heat.

"Jason! Oh, Jason! Oh! Oh! I...I...I can feel you! It's so hot! Oh, God, Jason! Oh, God! Oh, God! Jason, Jason! Aahh! Aahh!" Karen cried. Her hips strain upward, and twisted, grinding her pubic bone against Jason's, while gratification suffused both of them.

When their passion was finally spent, they lay in each other's arms, enjoying the contact of their nude bodies against each other.

"That was incredible, Jason!" Karen murmured. "Oh, darling! You are such an extraordinary lover!"

Jason was going to say something, but before he could, he looked over Sylvia's mother's bare shoulder and noticed movement in the forest. As he watched, a black bear emerged from the woods not too far from where they lay and started shambling toward the pool, looking around alertly. "Karen, look," he whispered, "Over there..."

Karen rolled around slowly. "A bear!" she whispered. "Oh, Jason, I've never seen a bear here before in all the times I've come here. This is so wonderful!"

They lay there, keeping still, watching the bear drink from the pool. A few minutes later, two smaller bears emerged from the underbrush.

"Look, there's more of them," Karen whispered. She snuggled her firm bottom against Jason's groin.

"Those are her cubs," Jason whispered as they lay there, watching the two tiny bears waddle down to where their mother stood next to the pond.

The cubs began to drink while their mother stood guard and looked around warily. When they young bears had drunk their fill, all three of them disappeared back into the woods.

"That was so fabulous!" Karen whispered.

"Want to go swimming before we eat lunch?" Jason asked. He figured it was either that or make love again. Her snug bottom pressing against him was having a decidedly invigorating effect on his penis.

"Sure," Karen replied. She jumped to her feet and, beautifully nude, headed for the pond.

Jason watched Karen dash toward the pond and marveled how beautiful she was. Finally, he got to his feet and started walking toward the pond.

Karen had swum halfway to the center of the pool before Jason reached the water. He launched into a shallow dive into the cool water, came up swimming strongly, and caught up with her in the center of the pool. He grabbed her waist and pulled her against him.

Karen turned in Jason's arms and kissed him as they floated in the chilly water. After a while, they ended the kiss and swam slowly toward shore.

When they reached shallower water, where it was possible for them to stand, they stopped and turned to each other. "Today has been so wonderful, my darling," Karen said. She slid her arms around Jason's waist and pressed her warm, nude body against him.

Despite the fact that they were standing in the chilly water, Jason felt his body reacting to the pressure of Karen's against it and, he saw a smile form on her face as she, too, became aware of his reaction. "My goodness, Jason!" she whispered. She dipped her hand into the water and wrapped it around his thickening penis. "You...you're getting another erection!"

"Uh-huh," Jason gasped. "I can't stop that from happening when I'm around you." He cupped one of her breasts, thumbed the nipple and felt her shudder.

"Oh, darling, you do know just what to do to arouse me, don't you?" Karen purred. "Let's get out of the water and go back to the blanket!" She tugged on his erection.

"I bet we could do it here," Jason croaked.

An interested look formed on Karen's face. "Do you really think we can?" she gasped. She began to tremble when his hand slid between her legs and he began to rub his thumb over her clit.

"I bet we can do it easily," Jason said. He guided her closer to shore, where the water was a bit shallower. "Lie back and let yourself float," he told her.

Sylvia's mother lay back, letting the water buoy her, and floated on her back. Jason moved between her slender legs and discovered, much to his delight, that she was floating at just the right height. He grasped stiffened penis in his hand and slid the tip up and down between her swollen, puffy vaginal lips.

"Oh! God! Jason!" Karen moaned, "You have such incredible ideas! We...uh!...this was a wonderful idea. I guess we can do it here!"

Jason slid his erection into her a little way, and then he grasped her hips and pulled her all the way onto him. Once he was fully hilted in her, he began thrusting steadily, making his rigid shaft ride easily in and out of her well-lubricated channel.

"Yes! Oh, yes! More! Give me more! Please, Jason, darling! Please!" Karen cried. Her arms flailed, churning the water, as he plunged into her. "Aahh! Jason! Jason! Take me! Take me! Jason! Jason! Jason! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh!"

"Karen, yeah! Oh, God! Oh, God!" Jason groaned. He shuddered and spewed more of his molten juices into her.

When they finished making love, they got out of the water and collapsed in each other's arms on the blanket. A while later, dried by the warm sunlight, they rolled on their sides, facing each other.

Karen kissed Jason gently. "You are so wonderful!" she whispered as she gazed into his eyes.

Jason gazed back at her, not sure what to say. At that point in time he believed she was everything he'd ever wanted in a woman, and then some. He never wanted to leave her. He began stroking one of her breasts, noting with delight that as he did, she purred softly and pressed herself against his hand.

Karen's hand wrapped around Jason's penis, half-hard and sticky from their recent session of lovemaking. "You really know how to use this thing, my darling!" she giggled softly.

Jason shuddered as a bolt of delight shot through him. She was making him hard again!

Karen, grinning, let go of the swollen organ and stood up and Jason, who'd been lying there, befuddled, enjoying Sylvia's mother's caresses, felt his erection cooling in the soft breezes blowing over them. He managed to get his eyes to focus and saw her standing next to him, grinning down at him. "Do you want me again, Jason?" she asked.

"You know I do!" Jason replied. He reached for her, but she stepped back, just barely out of his grasp.

"If you really do want me, you'll have to catch me," Karen told him. She turned and dashed away, looking like a lithe, lovely nymph dancing across the grass surrounding the pool.

Jason clambered to his feet and, with his rigid shaft bobbing as he went, he chased Sylvia's mother over the grass surrounding the pool. He quickly discovered that running with an erection isn't the easiest thing in the world, but he kept going, determined to catch her. And, while Karen managed to evade him, he found that the more she did, the more it turned him on.

They'd been romping around the pool for a couple of minutes when Karen looked back over her shoulder to see how close Jason was and, when she did, she stepped into a low spot in the grass, lost her balance, and fell. Before she could get to her feet, Jason fell on top of her, rolled her onto her back, and plunged his erection into her wet, waiting opening.

"Oh, yes!" Karen groaned, jamming her hips up to meet his thrusts. "Take me, Jason! Take me! Take me!"

Jason, more aroused than he believed it was possible to be, slammed against her, forcing grunts of delight from Karen with his pounding hips.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" she groaned. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" She clutched Jason's buttocks and her legs locked behind his as passion flashed between them.

"Take me, my darling, I need you!" Karen cried, "Take me! Aahh! Take me! Oh, yes! Take me! Now! Now, darling, please! Take me! Now! Now!" Her fingers dug into his buttocks as her orgasm erupted.

"Yeah!" Jason yelled. He came, too, spewing more jets of his seed into Karen's writhing body. "Oh, yeah!"

"I can't believe you did that!" the young man gasped as they lay side by side on the grass afterward.

"I'm not sure what made me act like that, but it was wild and wonderful, wasn't it?" Karen agreed. "I liked being chased by you." She giggled. "You aren't angry because I did that, are you?"

Jason pulled her into his arms and kissed her gently. "No way!" he said. "I love you!" His expression of the words that, up to now, he had only thought, surprised him and, judging from the look on her face, it surprised Sylvia's mother, too.

Karen, looking stunned, stared at him for a second, and then she wrapped her arms around him, pressed her face against his chest and clung to him. "I...I love you, too, Jason! Oh, God, my darling, I know it's wrong, but I love you, too!"

The words Karen uttered were the sweetest Jason had ever heard. All that he could think about was that the beautiful woman he held in his arms had just told him she loved him. His mind was swimming, full of wild thoughts. Maybe he could get her to leave her husband and they could get married. That would be so wild! Clearer thoughts intruded and reminded him that Karen was old enough to be his mother. "It doesn't matter," he thought as his mind spun. "She loves me! God!"

A sniffling sound coming from Karen snapped him back to reality. "What's the matter, Karen?" he asked softly. He began caressing her back, allowing his fingers to trail over her warm, smooth skin.

"I...I didn't want you to...to say that..." she sobbed into his chest. "And...and I...I shouldn't be...be saying...be saying it...either."

Jason was puzzled. "Why not, if it's true?" he asked.

"Because...because I...I didn't want this to...to happen," she murmured. "It...it was the one thing I...I was most afraid of."

"Why were you afraid?" he asked. He had no idea why she was acting the way she was.

"Be...because it...it means you...you're going to get hurt," she said softly. "And that's the last thing I want to happen."

"How am I going to get hurt?" Jason asked.

Karen pulled back and looked at him. Her gray eyes were sad and filled with tears. "You really don't understand, do you, my darling?" she asked while she caressed his face gently with her fingers.

Jason shook his head.

"What will we be doing Friday morning?" she asked.

At first, Jason didn't understand the question, then it hit him. "We...we'll be going...home," he said slowly.

"Exactly," Karen said.

Jason realized he'd purposely been avoiding thinking about what would happen once his visit ended. Now he was being forced to think about it and as he did, he began to realize what she might be talking about. "So?" he asked. "Why does our going home have to change anything?"

"Oh, Jason, darling, I'm so sorry," Karen said sadly. "I should never have come to your room. I've done some terrible things in my life, but that has to be the most terrible."

"Why?" he asked. "I sure don't think so."

"You will," she said sadly. "Believe me, my darling, I'm positive of that. I believe that some day, you'll have second thoughts about what I've done to you. I know you don't understand, but I'm afraid you will."

"All I understand is that I love you," Jason said. "And I always want to be with you."

"That's the problem, though, isn't it?" Karen replied. "Jason, first of all, I am married." She put her fingers on his mouth, keeping him from replying. "I'm sure you are going to argue that I could get a divorce, and maybe I can and will. Who knows? But even then, there's no future for us."

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