tagFetishSylvie Gets Her Way

Sylvie Gets Her Way


I have a filthy mind. Just ask my wife Sylvie. A few months ago I was eating her pussy, and I thought it would be hot to jerk off while I licked her box. Pretty soon that became the way we usually had sex. She would sit on the edge of the bed with her knees drawn up. I would kneel between her legs and start licking her and playing with my cock at the same time. I would eat her puss until I came in my hand. Once in a while we would fuck in the good old fashioned way, but usually I just ate her and pulled my cock.

Then one night I decided to lick her ass. She had just come from the shower, so I knew she was clean back there. I took my usual position between her legs and reached my tongue back between her cheeks and started licking. As soon as my tongue found its mark, she started moaning.

"You like that, do you? You like me to lick your ass?"

"God, yesss!! It's so erotic!"

I reached for my cock and started jerking off while I rimmed her asshole. I continued licking her there until my cock erupted.

The next few times I did it that way, playing with my cock while I ran my tongue over her behind. By that time it had been months since my cock had been in her pussy.

One night I had gone to bed before her. I was asleep when she came to bed. She swooped down and took my soft cock into her mouth and started sucking. God, what a wonderful way to wake up. She sucked it for a while and then said, "I want you to eat my cunt."

"Which do you like better?" I asked, "When I lick your snatch or when I lick your ass?"

"I like it when you lick my ass, but I love it when you eat my pussy."

"How about if I do both tonight?"

"Yes, that's what I want, and I want you to keep licking until I tell you stop. I don't want you to play with your cock. Just concentrate on licking me."

She wanted me to run my tongue over he ass until she got really hot and then move to her pussy. It made me hot too, and by the time I moved to her pussy, my hand was on my cock.

"What are you doing?" she asked. "I don't want you to play with yourself while you lick me."

"I just got so hot," I protested.

"I know how to stop you," she answered. She went to the bottom drawer of my bureau where I kept some old ties. I used to tie her up sometimes when we had sex. Then she tied my hands behind me. She sat back on the edge of the bed, and I knelt down between her legs and started munching her slit. I wanted to play with my cock, but with my hands tied behind me, I couldn't. God, I was horny!

She started yelling when I moved to her clit. Soon she was humping my face and coming. She rested for just a few seconds and then said, "Again." I licked her until she had another orgasm.

She told me to get back up in bed. "Are you going to untie me?" I asked.

"Not yet."

What kind of kinky things did she have planned? I was really hot and ready for my reward for bringing her to two orgasms. She had my lie on my side, and then she pulled the blanket over me. She climbed into her side of the bed and moved back against me. She reached behind and grabbed my cock, gripping it tightly.

"I've always wanted to do this," she said. "But you wouldn't let me. Now you can't stop me."

Several times at night she had backed against me and grabbed my cock like that. She just wanted to go to sleep with my cock in her hand. The problem was, once she got her hand on my cock, I always wanted to fuck her, so she never got to do what she had planned.

"Come on, Sylvie, you can't leave me like this. I need to get off."

She squeezed my cock a little tighter. "If you're not quiet, I'm going to gag you. I've always wanted to go to sleep like this, with you hot and horny, wanting me, while I feel good and contented. You never let me before, but this time we're doing it my way."

To be continued?

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