tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersT-Girl, the Superhero

T-Girl, the Superhero


This story is pure fantasy. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. And as always, votes and comments are appreciated. Enjoy!

Stan was sitting in his car in front of the bank, waiting on his new friends to make their withdrawals. He was new to the city and didn't know very many people yet. So when he met Frank and Vince while playing pool at a bar near his apartment, he welcomed their friendship. They seemed to be decent guys, but he still didn't know them very well.

The bank didn't appear to be too busy and after several minutes of waiting, Stan began to wonder why Frank and Vince didn't just use the ATM on the side of the bank. Then he got his answer! Frank and Vince burst out of the bank running back to Stan's car. They each carried a gun and a bag, obviously filled with cash. Before Stan could react, they were in the car, Frank in the front passenger seat and Vince in the back seat, both yelling, "DRIVE, DRIVE, DRIVE!". Stan didn't know what else to do... so he drove.

"What the fuck did you guys just do!?", Stan asked while he drove.

"We robbed that bank, dumbass!", replied Frank while pointing his gun at Stan, "Now just drive where I tell you and we won't have a problem! Hell, we might even give you a cut of the money if we don't get caught!"

So many thoughts raced through Stan's mind as he raced through the streets. He wasn't the type of person who would ever rob a bank, but he had to admit, getting a cut of the money did sound nice. It sure as hell sounded better than getting shot. "I'm such an idiot!", he thought to himself, "They just wanted me to drive the getaway car, my car!"

Just then, they passed a cop car going in the opposite direction. Stan watched in the rear view mirror as the cop car spun around in the middle of the street and the flashing lights turned on. Then he felt something against his ribs and heard Frank say, "Keep driving!". He looked down to his side and realized it was Franks gun. Stan did as he was told.

Before they realized it, their were several cop cars chasing them. "What do we do now!?", Vince finally spoke up. "Start shooting, dummy!", replied Frank as he leaned out the window and started firing at the police cars. They both shot several times. One of them must have hit the right spot, because the lead cop car swerved quickly several times before hitting some parked cars and then took out the other cop cars that followed.

Frank and Vince cheered and exchanged high fives and fist bumps. Then Frank directed Stan to drive into an abandoned warehouse a few blocks away in an old industrial area. Once inside, Stan noticed it was completely empty, except for another car. "Park there by that car." Frank instructed. Stan did as he was told and just when the car came to a complete stop, Frank and Vince got out and made their way to the other car. Stan quickly got out before they reached the other car and said, "Hey, what about my cut of the money?"

Frank and Vince stopped in their tracks, looked at each other for a second, then turned to face Stan and raised their guns straight at him. Stan put his hands up as if to surrender. Suddenly, from the direction of the door opening they just drove through, two hands grabbed the guns and took them away from the bank robbers. All three men looked towards the opening and couldn't believe what they saw. Nearly fifty feet away, dropping the guns that she had just confiscated, stood... T-Girl!!

They all knew who she was. She was a superhero, with the ability to stretch her whole body like elastic for great distances. And she was smokin hot in her super suit! She wore shiny black high heeled boots that came up to her thigh, a matching black skirt that ended a couple of inches above the boots, and a tight white top with short sleeves and a big black 'T' on it covered her large breasts but was short enough to show off her flat, toned stomach. Her long blonde hair flowed in the breeze. She was standing in the classic 'superhero pose'. With her fists on her hips and her feet spread apart. The sight of her was enough to make any comic book nerd cream in his shorts.

She broke the silence by asking innocently, "What's going on here, boys?" Frank and Vince looked at each other for a second, then bolted for the other car. But they were quickly knocked down as T-Girl stretched her arms out again, hitting them hard in the back. The rest of her body soon followed and she was standing over them. They rolled over on their backs and with one hard punch each, they were out cold. Then she turned her attention to Stan, who still had his hands up in the air. "So, do you want to tell me what's going on here, or would you like to join your friends there on the floor?", she asked Stan.

"No, no! These guys just robbed a bank! And they made me drive them in my car and they were about to kill me!", Stan replied.

"I see... and what was that part I heard you say about your cut of the money?", T-Girl asked.

"Well, they said if I do as I'm told, that they might give me a cut of the money. I swear, I'm the victim here!", replied Stan.

She looked him up and down and said, "I'm not sure if I believe you or not. But let's see how well you can do as you're told. Grab that rope over there on the floor and tie up your pals while I think about this. And make sure they can't get free."

Stan followed her instructions and tied them up the best he knew how. She watched him like a hawk the whole time. When he was sure they couldn't get free if they woke up, he looked up at her from his crouched position and asked, "How's that?"

"That's fine. But I'm still not sure if you're a good boy or a bad boy. I think I'll let the police figure that one out.", she said. Then she brought her wrist band/two way radio up to her pretty face. She pushed the button and was just about to speak when Stan interrupted her.

"Wait!", he said

She released the button and with a confused look on her face, asked, "What?"

He took a deep breath, paused, and said, "I gotta know something first. Why do they call you 'T-Girl'?"

"What are you talking about? Don't you see this big 'T' on my suit?", she replied as she pushed her big chest out.

"Well yeah, but why a 'T'? What does it mean?", he asked

She smiled seductively and slowly walked toward him. She stopped right in front of where he was still crouching. She looked down over her big tits at him for a few seconds and put her hands on her hips, then asked, "What do you think it means?"

He broke eye contact and looked right at her short skirt that was just about a foot away from his face.

Stan had a thing for shemales for as long as he could remember. But he had never met one. So naturally, he had always wondered about this superhero. If she really was what he hoped.

He looked back at her beautiful face and she said, "Go ahead, you bad boy. See for yourself why they call me 'T-Girl'."

He smiled nervously and shifted his attention back to her skirt. With a shaky hand, he reached out and slowly lifted her skirt until he had a full view of her black lace panties. He was amazed and delighted to see a definite bulge hiding under them. With his other shaky hand he reached out and rubbed the bulge through the thin material. She took hold of the skirt so he could use both hands. After just massaging it for a minute or two, he couldn't stand it anymore. He had to see it! He slipped his fingers in the side of her panties and pulled down and out. And her cock flopped out from its tucked away position. It was semi erect and it was beautiful! They looked at each other and shared a smile. He noticed that her head was getting closer to his own but she was still standing up straight. Then he remembered that this was T-Girl, the elastic superhero. She stretched her neck until they were face to face and started kissing him passionately while he slowly stroked her cock. He paid special attention to her tongue, sucking it into his mouth. It too stretched out and down his throat. He gagged a little at first, but got accustom to it soon enough.

After a few minutes she broke the kiss and said, "Now be a good boy and give my cock the same attention you just gave my tongue." They both looked at it and it was now fully erect. He noticed it had been getting harder while he was stroking it as they kissed, but he didn't realize how big it had gotten.

He whispered, "Holy shit! It's huge! How long is it?"

"It's about nine inches.", she replied, "But I can make it bigger, if you want!"

And with that, it grew several inches longer, thicker too. His thumb and middle finger were no longer touching. In fact, there was about an inch between them. And the length was now well over twelve inches. Probably closer to sixteen inches. He had never been so turned on in his life, but he was afraid at the same time. So he admitted to her, "This is the first cock I've ever touched, besides my own."

"No problem! I'll start you off slow and smaller.", she said

Her cock shrank back to the nine inches and he felt better about it. He noticed the big drop of precum that had formed at the tip. It looked like it was about to drip off. So, instinctively, he stuck his tongue out to catch it. Then followed it back to the source. It tasted amazing as he swallowed it. Then, like a man possessed, he took the head in his mouth and sucked hard, drawing more into his mouth. When it reached the back of his throat, he gagged a little. But again, he got used to it and the gagging subsided. Soon he was taking all nine inches in his mouth and down his throat. She was moaning and whispering in his ear the whole time. Encouraging him more and more.

But after about five minutes, he needed a breather. He reluctantly took the big cock from his mouth and just licked it all over while he caught his breath. He made his way down to her big balls and sucked on them while he stroked her shaft. He felt her hand moving his hand away from her cock and looked to see why. She smiled and then took her own cock in her mouth. Sucking it just as eagerly as he had.

His hand instinctively went down to his own rock hard cock and he squeezed it repeatedly through his jeans. Soon the material became too restricting and he stripped them off along with his boxers. He noticed his cock looked bigger than it ever had before. Probably because he had never been this turned on in his life. He was looking it over while he played with it. T-Girl saw this and stopped sucking her own cock. "What's wrong?", she asked, as she lifted her head back up to normal level.

"What... oh, nothing. It's just that my cock has never been this big before!", Stan replied.

"Oh, I see! Well, my semen has that effect on people. Even my precum. It transfers my powers to them too, for a little while. Not only my elasticity, but also my ability to have multiple orgasms with buckets of cum.", she told him.

"You gotta be shittin' me!", he said.

She stood face to face with him now. "Go ahead and try it then!", she said.

Stan looked back at his cock and concentrated on making it grow. Then, to his amazement, it did! He made it grow until it touched his mouth. Smiling the whole time, he licked the head of his own cock for the first time. Then he pointed it away from his body to get a better look at it. It had to be around two feet long! He pointed it back to his mouth and began sucking it like he had sucked T-Girl's only minutes earlier. He stretched his neck and found he was able to deep throat himself. But he didn't stop there! He kept moving his head lower and lower down his body, taking all of his now two feet long cock in his mouth. Within a minute, he felt his orgasm building.

Several times before, he had laid on his back and flipped his legs over his head while he jacked off and came in his own mouth and all over his face. And many nights, he had dreamt about sucking his own cock until it exploded cum into his mouth. And now it was about to happen for real.

T-Girl just watched, licking the and sucking the tip of her own cock, now also around two feet long. Then she whispered, "Yeah that's it! Be a good boy and eat it all!"

That sent him over the edge! His mouth was around the base of his cock when the first shot hit his throat. He started swallowing while bringing his head back up to his shoulders. He had swallowed about nine or ten shots by the time his head was back to its normal placement. He wanted to swallow it all, but he needed air now. He took it out of his mouth and shot the rest on T-Girl. His cum covered her face, her huge tits, and most of her huge cock. She just moaned and kept sucking her own cock while rubbing his cum all over her body.

When he caught his breath a little bit, he asked if she was close to cumming yet. She took her cock from her mouth and said, "Oh yes! Suck it for me! Suck my big cock!"

He replaced her mouth with his own and again stretched his neck to take the whole thing in his mouth. But this time he moved his head rapidly up and down the entire two feet length. Seconds later, he felt her stiffen and unleash a load that felt bigger than his own. It was too much for him and he pulled his head off her cock and let it erupt into the air between them. He started stroking both of their cocks and then he began to cum again! Just a few seconds later, they were both covered in cum and shaking from the intense orgasms.

"That was terrific!", said Stan.

"Hell yea it was!", said T-Girl, "You're turning out to be a very good boy! You do as you're told very well! But I want to keep going!"

To Be Continued...

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