tagBDSM"T" is for Tied Teased Tormented Ch. 02

"T" is for Tied Teased Tormented Ch. 02


Hello reader(s) – This is my ninth story submission (as of May 06) but may be your first read of me so some background should help you. I tried my hand at story writing based on the feedback I have received from a number of male sex partners (masters and fellow slaves) who have been really turned on by my stories of real life sexual adventures.

I would appreciate if anyone who reads them would give me feedback to encourage me to continue!

All the stories (including this one) are based on real situations – read my Bio to learn more about me if you wish. If you want to ask me any questions or even to convince yourself my stories are real, feel free to contact me or ask me any questions.

I have decided to list all my stories under the general theme of the A-Z of my Sexual Obsessions because I have so many tales to tell and so many obsessions it seemed the logical way to organise them – I hope you will follow them all over the coming weeks. I love my obsessions, I embrace them, I think about them and masturbate, I work on them to perfect my enjoyment of them and I always indulge myself fully in them.

For the context to this story it is important that you read Part 1 first. Kroma is still a prisoner .....

Again you awake from sleep, aware of a mixture of pleasant sensations. You are still not sure how much time has passed since you were last awake or how long you have been tied in this warehouse.

You are still suspended above ground, still naked, but with both hands tied at your side – no wanking this time you think - and now your legs are forced apart by a 'leg-spreader' – your ankles strapped to a steel bar and your legs at 45 degrees straight out. There is a delicious aroma of food and you are aware of how hungry you are. Girlfriend Emma, attending Mr Butt's slut training school is right in front of you and she smiles, puts her index finger to her lips and shakes her head to show neither you nor she is not allowed to speak but she can feed you with the delicious smelling bowl of food she has in her hand.

She reaches up and removes the ball gag from your mouth. You open your mouth and receive the proferred food from the spoon in her hand. Minutes later you have been fed and the ball gag is replaced.

She steps aside and you are now able to see again the computer monitor on the floor in front of you – once again it carries a message for you from Emma:

"Hi Kroma, it's Emma again. My training today starts off with deep throating and swallowing loads of cum! How exciting! Chantelle is an expert at it and Mr Butt requires all his girls to be able to do it and they agreed to let me start my practice in front of you! You're not allowed to touch yourself but you can watch me and if you're a good boy I will be allowed to make you cum too! Get nice and stiff for me, I'm looking forward to tasting your cum again!"

The message trails off, leaving a blank screen. Your hear noises behind you, like someone climbing a ladder and you twist round to see what's happening. To your right a large mirror has been suspended beside you enabling you to see Chantelle is indeed climbing a ladder directly behind you, her face level with your speadeagled legs! You can see in the mirror that she is dressed in red elbow length satin gloves, a black corset and choker, black seamed nylons and red patent 6" heeled spike shoes. Her long blond hair is tied up in a severely tied pony tail at the top of her head and something that looks like a horse tail is protruding from her ass! She looks fucking amazing and your cock is starting to respond.

"Hi Baby! Look at me"

Hearing Emma's voice you turn to the front again and there she is ..... or at least there is her ass! Emma, dressed identically to Chantelle has turned her back to you and has bent forward to touch her toes. You feast your eyes on her red high heels, up the seams in her black stockings and right up to her ass – she too has a horse tail and as she runs her fingers up her own seams and stretches her butt cheeks wide you can see that it is in fact a red plastic butt plug with nylon hairs sticking out. Emma is now fingering her wet pussy with one hand and thrusting the angry looking butt plug in and out of her asshole, moaning and groaning as she does so.

Now your cock is standing erect and you thrust involuntarily against your bonds in an effort to 'fuck' the air around you. Again, you are aware that there is movement behind you and you feel Chantelle's hands on your thighs, stroking gently from the knee to the crotch, tickling your balls and the soft patch of skin between them and your hairy butt hole. This simply adds to your tension. Emma, ass in the air in front of you, fingering her pussy with ever increasing strokes and squelching noises, moaning and groaning in time to the thrusts of her butt plug in her asshole; and now Chantelle's satin gloved hands playing with our inner thighs, your balls and your asshole.

You feel her hot breath on your cheeks as she moves her face between them and with an effort of will you manage to push against your restraints to force your butt cheeks wider apart and back to meet her face. Her red satin fingers encircle your engorged cock and start to stroke it firmly as she presses her nose between your buttocks and extends her tongue to lick and tickle your tight little virgin butthole.

Emma is forgotten as your head twists sideways to watch in the mirror. This most beautiful, sexy and slutty woman has her face buried between your cheeks and you watch her red fingers wrapped round this massive swollen cock, peeling the skin back and forward over the huge purple head.

"Fuck" you are thinking, "I never thought my cock was that big"

The sensations are turning to urgency; the feel of her tongue probing inside your back passage and the gentle satin fingers rhythmically stroking your massive dick; you manage to rock backwards and forwards in time with her strokes, desperate now for the release of a major orgasm. You catch a glimpse in the mirror of your own ball gagged face, bright red and perspiring, sweat running down you, pelvis thrusting like an animal.

Chantelle senses your need and matches her movements to yours, wrapping her whole fist round your shaft and wanking in long slow strokes, stretching the skin right back to the point of pain before releasing the pressure on the down stoke, covering the knob end with the foreskin. Her tongue is now stiffened and probing, no fucking, your butthole like a little pink penis. Who cares about the comparison with a male member, you are loving it you dirty horny bastard and Chantelle is strumming you like an experienced player with a favourite instrument.

Suddenly you are aware that the strokes have stopped, Chantelle has stretched back your foreskin and not this time released it and instantly the end of your bursting cock is being swallowed into Emma's mouth, deep into her mouth as you can feel the soft tissue of her tongue replaced by the hard cartilage at the back of her throat. She was never able (or willing?) to take you this deep before!

Chantelle is still fucking your ass with her tongue and you start the rhythmic swaying again, this time with Emma's throat as the target for your bulbous tip. Chantelle starts to tickle and stroke under your balls with her hand and Emma picks up the rhythm really trying to swallow your whole dick down her throat. Ohh, the tension is unbearable and the feeling of Emma's tight throat around the sensitive underside of your knob end is suddenly too much and you arch your back and shout a silent scream into the ball gag. Emma and Chantelle reach round your body simultaneously as if on cue and wrap their arms around each other's necks with your butt and cock as the meat in the sandwich. This forces your cock right down Emma's throat and Chantelle's face right between your ass cheeks and mercifully you feel your self explode.

Shuddering spasms rock your body ..... one, two , three, four, five, six ..... still the semen erupts from your balls like a dormant volcano returning to power .... Seven, eight, nine, ten .... Is there no end to your balls' capacity ... eleven, twelve, at last the spasms subside and you are left hanging loose against your bonds.

Emma is gagging and retching, doubled up before you and you realise that she has been forced to take that, the biggest load you ever produced, deep into her tummy. She draws long drafts of air into her lungs, her eyes are watering and her mascara and heavy face make up are streaked and running with tears but she looks like the sexiest slut you have ever seen and you want more.

Emma, still in recovery from the onslaught of semen she has had to imbibe, falls to her knees and her head sinks to the floor between her legs. From behind you Chantelle and a naked and stiffly erect Mr Butt appear and approach Emma. Chantelle grabs the pony tail on the back of Emma's head and yanks it backward while Mr Butt sticks his massive cock against her mouth.

"I was watching you, my dear." he says, "and you were very good. But I am sure there should be room for just a little more."

With that, Chantelle places each hand in the side of Emma's mouth stretching it wide and Emma's eyes glaze over with lust as she faces a fiercely masturbating Mr Butt directly above and in front of her.

"Stick your tongue out, my dear" he orders and Emma obliges as you watch on fascinated at the humiliation your girlfriend is willing to take.

Mr Butt leans forward and spits a large gob of thick saliva onto Emma's tongue. Emma balances it there until,

"You may swallow that now" she is told.

No sooner has she extended her tongue for another spit globule than Mr Butt slaps her tongue with his thick fat cock, then as he reached his peak, he rubs the knob end on her rough tongue and ejaculates a characteristically copious and creamy spunk parcel onto her outstretched tongue. Emma waits patiently, eyes transfixed on Mr Butt's face above her as the huge cock delivers the payload intended for her tummy. Many seconds pass and still semen oozes from his dick, the first spurts now sliding, thick and creamy to the back of her throat causing a gag reaction.

Chantelle knows what is required.

"Gargle the fat bastard's spunk, you bitch!" she says to Emma.

"Grrrrgh GrrGGlle!" is Emma's reply and you can see thick semen bubbles forming at her mouth. Without warning, a thick blob must have worked its way down her throat because she suddenly gulps down the whole massive load amidst another series of coughs splutters and retches.

"How do you like cum swallowing, my dear?" asks Mr B.

"Tastes fucking amazing." was her only reply as she straightens up to envelope his fat member with her lips and proceeds to suck it deep into her mouth, cleaning off all remaining traces of sticky salty seed and swallowing them greedily down to join their fellows deep inside her.

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