Tables Turned


John's mother in law hated him. He had always known that she did; he just never knew why. He presumed that she didn't think he was good enough for her precious daughter, but, whatever the reason, he had had enough.

Evelyn was in her mid forties and, since John was ten years older than Alison, her daughter, it meant he was exactly in the middle of the two women when it came to ages. When it came to personalities, however, each of them was very, very different.

Alison had been educated in a Catholic, all-girls, boarding school and knew absolutely nothing about men when she came to work at John's office at the tender age of eighteen. Within two years John, the older, more experienced one of the two, had seduced the sweet virgin and married her. The fact that he was now her boss at work made life even better. Apart from their age gap, there was one major difference between the happily married couple.

John was very dominant, in private and in public also, whereas Alison was a natural submissive and she always obeyed her husband in everything. Maybe that's why Evelyn hated him so much, he often wondered.

The problem was, the happier John and Alison were, the more of a bitch Evelyn was to him whenever they visited his in-laws. It wasn't that he found her unattractive, he just didn't understand her. Although she was always very conservative in her dress, he had always thought her curves betrayed a very seductive body beneath the layers of clothing. Whenever the two of them visited her parents, Evelyn seemed to go out of her way to belittle him and to tease him in equal measure. He often fantasised about what he would like to do to her but never though anything would come of it.

That Saturday morning they had been summoned to Evelyn's, something John wasn't happy about as he had planned a lazy day of making love with his young wife. They had a very happy sex life and, thanks to John's previous experiences, a very adventurous one. Alison may have been a virgin when they met but she certainly wasn't by the time they got married. He had been her first; he had introduced her to oral and anal sex; he had taught her the delights of spanking and mild bondage. He had taught her so much in the bedroom that she now looked to him for guidance in just about everything.

When it came to her mother, however, he knew it was better to let Alison take the lead. So, getting into the car, he gritted his teeth and drove them both to the outskirts of town where her mother and father lived.

When they arrived, the front door flew open and a tearful Evelyn ran out, straight into her daughter's arms.

"He's left me," she wailed, as a distraught Alison tried to comfort her mother.

"You mean Pete has finally seen sense?" John asked himself. He had often wondered why Evelyn's husband stayed around so long because she was just as bitchy to him as she was to everyone else.

"He's been having an affair with his secretary and now he's run off to be with her. What am I going to do?"

"You're going to come home with us, is what you are going to do. Isn't she, John?"

John could think of a million reasons why that was a very bad idea but none that he could say aloud so he simply nodded and smiled at his beautiful wife.

"Thank you so much, darling. I knew you wouldn't let me down the way your father has. My bags are packed. We'll wait for you in the car."

The latter was directed at John and he knew that was all the thanks he was going to get. He decided to bide his time, however since they do say revenge is a dish best served cold.

As the days passed he wondered how much he could take of his mother in law from hell. It had been bad enough when she was rude to him in her home; now he had to put up with it in his own home for Alison's sake and he wasn't prepared to let that continue for much longer.

A few days later came the day that changed everything.

Evelyn appeared in John's office, not to see him, of course, but to cry on her daughter's shoulder once more. Once again she was in tears and, once again, it was her daughter who had to console her.

"He's stolen all my money," she moaned. Evelyn had never worked a day in her life; she had gone straight from her parents' house to her husband's and had always had everything provided for her. The fact that Pete had simply emptied their joint account of his own money didn't seem to make any sense to her and she cried piteously to her daughter.

"Don't cry; we can soon put this right, can't we, John? You can come and work with us. Won't that be fun?"

At first it sounded like the worst hell imaginable to John but then he had an idea. Maybe he could make this work in his favour for a change.

"Of course your mother can come and work with us. She can help you in any way you see fit. It will have to be under the same terms and conditions, however."

At that, Alison's face fell. No one knew about their secret life and now John was talking about exposing her darkest secrets to her mother, of all people.

"What do you mean?" demanded Evelyn. "What terms and conditions?"

"Your daughter and I have our own private arrangement which goes beyond the normal company rules and regulations. Alison, show your mother what I am referring to."

Alison stared at her husband. She knew what she was supposed to do but how could she possibly lift her skirt, bend over his desk and show off the evidence of this morning's spanking. Her eyes flew between her mystified mother and her impatient husband. Did he really want her to show off her red bottom to her mother? Did he really expect her mother to submit to such correction?

"I'm waiting, Alison. You know better than to keep me waiting," said John in the very same tone of voice he used when he was not happy with her; and when he was not happy she knew she would be punished. That had never been a problem before, well, not since the first time anyway, but how could she do this in front of her mother. And why were her panties soaking up her juices even as she hesitated?

Telling herself that her mother would understand once John explained it, she released her mother from her arms, stared pleadingly but in vain at her husband, and slowly, very slowly, raised her tight black skirt. Even as she heard her mother's gasp of shock, she leaned forward and rested her forearms on the top of his desk. Her face was burning with shame, her bottom was burning from her earlier punishment and her pussy was burning in anticipation.

Evelyn couldn't believe what was happening. Today had been one shock after another. She was shocked when she had tried to buy some new clothes and her cards had all been declined. She was shocked when her bank informed her that her husband had emptied all their accounts and she was now penniless.

But she was even more shocked, now, standing in her son in law's office. She was shocked that her daughter had just exposed herself. She was shocked that her daughter was not wearing the plain cotton panties and thick black tights that she had been brought up to wear. She was shocked that the tiny thong her daughter was wearing barely hid her decency and, instead, along with the lace-topped stockings, showed off her full bottom cheeks to her eyes and those of her son in law.

She was shocked that her daughter's cheeks were bright red and showed the tell-tale signs of a very recent spanking. Most of all, however, she was shocked to find that she wanted to see how this scenario was going to play out and that her own panties were a little moist at the thought. That hadn't happened in quite some time so, for once, she said nothing and simply waited.

"As you can see, Evelyn, I sometimes have to punish Alison when her work is not up to scratch. If you want to work for me then you will have to be willing to subject yourself to such "encouragement". Is that something you want to do? Is it something you can agree to do? If not, then you know where the door is."

Evelyn's mind was in a whirl. Everything seemed to be happening so quickly. Her once comfortable, secure world was falling apart around her and now she had a momentous decision to make. Could she really subject herself to such an arrangement with her hated son in law? Could she really allow him to spank her? What if spanking wasn't enough for him? Could she really trust him not to want even more from her? What if he wanted to touch her or made her touch him?

All the while her mind deliberated, she couldn't tear her eyes from her poor daughter, bending over her husband's desk, exposing her plump bottom, completely at his mercy. Could she really do that? Could she submit herself to his mercy and take what he gave?

She was in a hopeless situation; she was desperate and she was penniless. She had no choice. Taking a deep breath, looking her insolent son in law straight in the eye, she stepped forward and leaned over his desk, only inches from her own daughter.

John smiled to himself in secret delight but kept a stern look on his face for the benefit of his wife and mother in law. Pushing back his chair, he got up and walked round to savour the view of two sexy women leaning over his desk. He thought he was the luckiest man alive as he now had two voluptuous bottoms to play with and he thoroughly intended to make good use of both of them. But Alison could wait; it was her mother he had to deal with first. He had always wanted to teach Evelyn a lesson and now was his chance. He wondered how far he could go.

Advancing on his mother in law, he bent down to lift the bottom of her skirt. She stiffened as she felt his approach but they both knew there was a lot more to come. Slowly dragging her long skirt up the backs of her legs, he finally threw it over her back and stood back to admire the view.

"No, no, no. This will not do at all." There was no way he was going to let Evelyn think he was pleased at the sight of her round cheeks.

"If you are going to work for me you must dress appropriately. This afternoon Alison will take you to her lingerie boutique and ensure that you are kitted out with the kind of stockings and panties that I allow."

Wearing the black tights that she always wore, she silently cursed her son in law for exposing her like this. He seemed to be enjoying her humiliation and she shuddered at the thought of her own daughter choosing her underwear. Even worse, she knew her big cotton panties were becoming even wet as her shame increased. John's next words, however, took her embarrassment to a whole new level.

"Alison, remove those offending articles, please."

His wife's body stiffened at his command, knowing very well what he was asking, no, what he was telling her to do. She pushed herself up from the desk, afraid to look at her mother, afraid to disobey her husband. She was going to have to remove her mother's tights and, knowing her husband well, she knew he wouldn't allow her to stop there.

Evelyn tried to turn her head to see what her daughter was doing but a sharp "Eyes front" order from her son in law soon put a stop to that. Within seconds, however, she knew what was about to happen as she felt Alison's fingers tentatively reach into the waistband of her tights. Immediately she sprung up.

"Alison, what on earth do you think you are doing? Stop that immediately."

She spun round and faced them both, surprised to see her daughter on her knees.

"Have it your own way," John answered. "You may leave now. Alison will call you a taxi to take you back to the house. When you get there, pack your bags and leave. I've had enough of you and your bitching. On you go."

Evelyn knew she had nowhere to go. She had no home, no money and no man to pay for whatever she demanded. She had no choice.

She looked down at Alison pleadingly but her daughter's head was bowed and her eyes were fixed on the floor. Trying vainly to hold back a sob, she turned round to face the desk again and leaned across it. She had not been spanked since the last time her father put her across his knee, the night before her wedding. She had hated him and she now she realised she hated John even more. She didn't know what antagonised her so much about her son in law but it was enough that he had stolen her daughter from her.

John knew he had won and tried to keep the triumph from his voice.

"Very well, Alison, proceed."

Alison couldn't see her mother's face but she didn't think it could be burning any more than her own. She could never have imagined that she would be kneeling behind her mother's upturned bottom, pulling her skirt up over her legs. She could never have imagined she would be pulling down her mother's tights. She could never have imagined that she would be pulling down her mother's big panties, exposing her mother to her own husband. And she could never in her wildest imagination have believed she would be looking at her mother's naked backside, looking at the large damp spot in the crotch of her mother's white panties and smelling the arousal wafting from between her mother's legs.

She knew her mother had been out since early morning and, since it was a warm, sticky day, the scent from her panties was strong, very strong. She knew her mother would be embarrassed but she knew there was no way to escape her husband's demands.

Lifting her mother's feet, one by one, she helped her to step out of her high heel shoes and removed her tights and panties together. Handing them over to her husband like some sort of trophy, Alison got back to her feet and stepped out of the way. She had never understood why John delighted in sniffing her damp panties but, having been so close to her mother's, she began to see the attraction.

John took them from his wife's hands and walked round to the other side of the desk. Evelyn looked up and was shocked to see her son in law with a pair of panties in his hand, her panties, and he was sniffing the very part which had nestled against her private parts. What kind of pervert was this man her daughter was married to, she wondered.

She was about to find out.

"Your panties are wet, Evelyn. Can you explain that? Are you turned on at the thought of your daughter exposing your arse and pussy to me?"

Evelyn's face burned in shame as she shook her head in answer.

"Nothing to say? Well, that does make a nice change. Of course, we all know why your panties are wet, Evelyn, don't we? Your panties are wet because your pussy juices are running. I wonder if it's the humiliation or the anticipation which is turning you on so much."

Evelyn couldn't have answered that in a million years. All she knew was that her juices were running down her legs just as John had said. More than she ever had in her married life, she felt a tingling between her legs that she knew was demanding attention.

John could see just how tormented the poor woman was but he had dreamed about this day for so long now that he was going to make the most of it and nothing was going to spoil it for him. He walked back round the desk, kissed his wife, smiled at her and told her to kneel on her mother's right side while he took up position on her left. He knew Alison could never have dreamed of such a scenario but he also could see the tell-tale signs of her arousal. Her nipples were enlarged and poking through her lacy bra and tight blouse. She was obviously desperate to play with her pussy as he watched her hands fidget in her lap, trying to hold them clasped together in her lap, just as he expected her to.

He smiled down at his sexy wife and his smile broadened as she watched him caress another woman's arse only inches from her face. The fact that the other woman was her own mother seemed to only increase the lust in both their eyes. When he raised his hand for the first smack, however, she still was shocked that he was going to go through with it.

As the first slap landed on Evelyn's round cheeks she moaned but knew better than to cry out. What shocked her even more than the stinging in her bottom, however, was the quiet, "One" whispered by her daughter. On and on she counted as John spanked his mother in law a total of six times. He wasn't trying to seriously hurt her; he just wanted to show her who was in charge and how things were going to be from now on.

"You may get up now," was all John said when he was finished.

Tentatively she pushed herself up from the desk. Her skirt fell down and covered her poor bottom and, while she was grateful that her modesty had been restored, she flinched when the thick tweed rubbed against her punished cheeks.

"There is one more thing that I expect of you after a spanking, Evelyn, but today I will let your daughter show you just how I like it."

If Evelyn had thought that the day couldn't get any worse, she was sadly mistaken. John had sat back down on his chair and swivelled it round so that his legs were free of the desk. Indicating that the two women should come round to face him, Evelyn followed her daughter. When Alison dropped to her knees once again, however, she stayed standing. She dreaded the thought of what was about to happen but, even so, she couldn't take her eyes off the man who had spanked her or the daughter who had stripped her of her underwear.

Evelyn looked on in shock, trying not to look but unable to look anywhere else as Alison reached out and pulled opened the belt on her husband's trousers. Opening them wide, she pulled down the zip and reached into his shorts. Both women heard the older one gasp aloud when Alison pulled out her husband's cock and held it for a second.

She looked pleadingly up at John but she knew there was no point. She was going to suck his cock in front of her own mother. The only thing that had still to be decided was whether he came down her throat or shot his cum over her face. She wasn't sure which would be more embarrassing with her mother watching but she knew she had to do this. She knew she wanted to do this. The only things she didn't know was when she was going to be allowed to touch her pussy and how was her mother going to react.

Evelyn was amazed at how eager her daughter seemed to be. She knew that it was her perverted son in law who was forcing her own sweet daughter to do this disgusting thing but, even so, Alison seemed to be enjoying licking up and down her husband's penis, sucking on the head, swirling her tongue around the tip before opening her mouth wide and taking him in. She couldn't believe how much of John's thick penis seemed to be sliding into her daughter's mouth.

It didn't seem to be enough for John, however, as he took over by grabbing his wife's hair and pushed in, all the way to the back of Alison's mouth. He stood up so that he was towering over the kneeling woman and began to piston in and out of her mouth. Alison started to gag as his cock butted against the entrance to her throat and her mother began to seriously doubt that she would be able to breathe if John continued.

The married couple knew better, however, and pulling out for a second to allow his wife a deep breath, John plunged back in, all the way into his wife's throat. Evelyn could only stare in amazement as her daughter's face was pressed hard against her husband, her nose buried in his pubic hair. She could only give thanks that he hadn't forced her to do this but then remembered his words. He would expect her to do this in future and she was more frightened and more aroused than she had ever been.

Suddenly John seemed to pick up the pace and Alison was struggling to keep up with him as he felt the familiar tingle in his balls, the sure sign that he was about to cum. Pulling out of his wife's throat, pulling out of her mouth, he grabbed his cock and began to furiously jerk it.

He roared in delight as the first shot of cum hit his wife between the eyes. Pumping his cock, the next shot landed on her nose and the final one went straight into her mouth. It was still throbbing and still leaking as he smeared the head across Alison's cheeks and collapsed back down into his chair.

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