tagFetishTables Turned Ch. 01

Tables Turned Ch. 01


Chapter 1 – Beginnings

Jack had only been with the company for two weeks but was already beginning to feel like a fish out of water. 24 years old, fresh out of university with a degree in business administration & finance and this was the big wide world...

He thought back a few weeks & how he nervously waited outside the interview room like a worried schoolboy sat outside the headmasters office, and then bang. In the distance he could make out a tall slender figure striding towards him. As the figure got closer and he could make her out he felt his stomach twist & crunch in that never ending pang of gut wrenching desire. She was about 5'8, long deep red hair with piercing blue eyes surrounded by dark make up with pillar box red coloured lips. He could make out a black business suit under a long black leather trench coat that flowed with her sway of authority. Then it hit him. As his gaze lowered, he saw them. Black 'over the knee' stiletto leather boots with at least a 5 inch heel. Click-clack click-clack. The boots...

Jack had been a boot admirer for as long as he could remember. His earliest recollection was a family get together over the holidays when he was 16. Mandy, who was Jacks 19 year old step cousin, wore some black cowboy boots all day long – he was sure she had caught him staring at her, more than once (did she?). That night, the adults all settled down for an evening of cards & wine whilst the children were all packed off to bed. Mandy had kindly agreed to share her sisters room so that Jack could use her room.

After saying goodnight to the family, Jack found his way up to Mandy's room & started getting ready for bed when there was a knock at the door. Answering, Mandy apologised & said that she had forgotten to collect her pyjamas. As she took them from her drawer, she slipped off her boots & threw them on the floor outside her wardrobe. Slightly giggling, she said goodnight to Jack and closed the door as she left. Jack paused. Why was she giggling? He got changed into his shorts and got into bed. Laying there, Jack was feeling very strange. There was the pungent aroma of Mandy's perfume along with this strange other smell that was mesmerising him. Jack tossed & turned, struggling to settle when out of the corner of his eye he glimpsed the sole of a boot. Not able to take his eye off of it, Jack just stared. For about 20 minutes. A mixture of feelings & emotions were whirling through his mind when he could resist it no more. He quietly leapt out of bed and picked up a boot. Touching the black leather immediately sent a shiver down his back. He held it closer and deeply inhaled the aroma. It was intoxicating. Never before had Jack felt anything like this. The smell of leather combined with the smell of Mandy's feet had Jack feeling very dizzy – as though he was high on emotion. He picked up the other boot & inhaled. 'Hmmm. That's nice' he thought. As he run his hand all over the boot, Jack noticed the size was stamped onto the sole – 6 ½. 'I wonder' thought Jack, as he automatically lifted his foot to put it on. He was only a size 7. The boot went on, a little tight at the toes, but it was on! He tried the other & on it went. Wow, this felt good. Strange, but good. There had been a lot of stirring going on, now Jack was deeply aroused but worried. Nervously, he took them off and crept towards the door. Turning the lock, he felt better now he couldn't be suddenly interrupted. Jack opened the wardrobe to put the boots away but was hit by a stomach churning thump. Neatly arranged at the bottom of the wardrobe were 4 other pairs of boots. Immediately, Jack was on his knees pulling a pair out for inspection. Light brown, knee high pull ons, 2 inch stacked heel with a rounded toe. He sniffed the aroma. Mmmm, there it was again. The next pair were calf length 3 inch heel white stiletto's. The next were a dark brown pair of knee high chunky 3 inch heeled suede boots. These smelt different, almost musty. But nice. The last pair were black leather 4 inch stiletto heeled knee high lace up with a side zip. These were the best. Jack deeply inhaled. He had to try these on. They were very squished at the toe, but he managed to pull them on & quietly zip them up. Pulling himself up, he sat on the bed staring down at his booted feet. Almost automatically he grabbed the cowboy boots & started inhaling. Feelings stirred and Jack couldn't hold off anymore. As his lips softly brushed against the leather, the musky aroma of Mandy's feet was like a drug through his nose he felt himself cumming. Instantly he turned & stood, positioning himself so his knees balanced him against the bed as he shot a load of hot white cum all over the shaft of Mandy's cowboy boot.

Shaking with excitement, quivering with relief, Jack felt amazing. He looked down at the black cowboy boots now covered in his own cum. He was sure there had never, ever, been this much before. Whether it was the feelings just experienced or not, Jack hadn't noticed but he was standing tall relatively comfortably in Mandy's 4 inch heeled boots. After cleaning up the cowboy boots with a damp towel from the wash basket, Jack neatly arranged the other pairs of boots back in the closet. He then sat to take the boots off, not resisting the urge to run his hands up & down them once more. After taking them off, he replaced them in the closet & crept into bed. Laying there with a huge smile on his face, it wasn't long before he drifted off – content & amazingly relaxed.

The next morning Jack went down for breakfast to find Mandy sitting already dressed & eating. He warily glanced down at her feet to find she was wearing the lace up boots!

'Morning Sleepy Head' she said. 'Sleep well did you?'.

'Err, yes thanks. You?' Jack replied.

'Not too bad, although I missed my bed. At one stage I almost got up to come & join you just to keep warm!'

Jack went a bright shade of scarlet as he bowed his head.

'You must have been out of it as you didn't notice me come in this morning to get my stuff' She said. 'Anyway, I'm off out. I'm off shopping with some girlfriends. I've just been paid & have seen a really sexy pair of boots that I must grab before they sell! By the way...'

She said with a wry smile curling across her face, bending down to give him a peck on the cheek as if to say goodbye, then whispering into his ear

'Thank you for tidying up my boots for me. I hope you liked them as much as I do'.

Jack was stunned. With that, she beamed a huge smile & went out of the back door. Jack smiled & thought to himself 'I suppose that's that then.'

Jack hadn't seen Mandy since that morning. She had gotten herself a fantastic job in Manchester - something in fashion, and had moved away. He sat there in the corridor with a sly grin on his face.


Jack was startled.

'Are you Jack Peters?'

It was her. The redhead was now standing over him.

'Err, yes. That's me' replied Jack

'You're here for the Assistant Finance Manager's Job? Well then, lets get this started shall we? I don't have all day'

With that she turned & pushed open the office door, leading him in.

'Here goes' thought Jack nervously.

To be continued...

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