tagFetishTables Turned Ch. 04

Tables Turned Ch. 04


Chapter 4 -- The Meeting

Jack awoke with a startle. Had it all been a dream? Ripping the duvet back, he looked down to see a shiny pair of glistening leather riding boots on his feet. Looking down over the side of the bed, he saw the other stiletto boots.

Instantly, Jack could only think of one thing & he slipped off the riding boots & put on the stiletto boots. Leaning back on his bed, he imagined Miss Sharp snuggling up with him -- herself wearing one of her many pairs of boots. He imagined her with one leg draped over him rubbing her boots up & down his skin. He reached and put his hand inside one of her riding boots and simulated her rubbing his now throbbing cock over the supple shiny leather before his imagination got the better of him & he exploded all over it.

He managed to pull the riding boot off his arm & shoot the last few drops down into the inside. He beamed as he thought of the next time Miss Sharp wore these boots, how her feet would inadvertently be rubbing against his dried cum. That was one hell of a sexy thought though.

Jack entered the office bright & happy, inwardly excited about the last 24 hours & the unexpected pleasures that this job was having on his life. Settling down at his desk, he started more research with his IT project. A number of different options presented themselves, but how would he achieve Miss Sharp's goal given the financial implications she had set the previous day.

After spending the best part of the morning searching websites for suppliers, researching systems & protocols, matching up hub's with cameras Jack was beginning to formulate a plan. There would be a significant amount of work that would need completing 'in-house' either by hiring a specialised IT co-ordinator or by outsourcing a contract. Jack compiled a brief presentation & e-mailed it off to Miss Sharp.

It was just after when Jack heard those infamous 'click -- clacks' of heels fast approaching. Trying to keep his head down & not make it blatantly obvious that he was like a prison guard on the lookout, he nervously tapped away at his keyboard. The office door sprung open & in she came -- almost gliding.

'Good Afternoon Peters' she said. 'How's our little project coming along? You know, I was thinking about what we could do with my bonus. I have a few ideas, and a special treat lined up for you!'

'Good Miss Sharp, I think it's going well. I have sent you a small presentation with some ideas to start off with' Jack nervously replied.

'Excellent. Why don't you organise a tray of coffee & we can go & have a read through.' She replied 'Did you remember to bring my boots with you?'

'Yes Miss Sharp. I waited at the store while your stiletto boots were repaired & also collected your riding boots' Jack said. He felt incredibly turned on discussing the boots with Miss Sharp, especially knowing the adventures that had taken place in the last 24 hours.

'Good boy. Bring them through with you, with the coffee' and with that, she waltzed through to her office.

Entering Miss Sharps office, he turned to see Miss Sharp laying on her couch reading something on her laptop. He noticed that today she was wearing a pair of black patent stiletto shoes. Feeling somewhat disappointed, put the tray on the centre table & waited for instructions. While he stood there, he analysed her outfit, imagining what hid beneath. Black seamed stockings, no doubt reaching up to those silky smooth thighs, attached with a suspender belt with a matching silk thong. Her smart knee length black skirt, with a small split just to the side tantalisingly revealing more of those goddess like legs. A white blouse, buttoned up just enough to keep those magnificent breasts caged in -- yet open enough to reveal a startling cleavage. Her make up was immaculate. Dark smokey eyes, scarlet red lipstick to match her nails. Not over powering, just oozing pure sexiness.

'Come & sit Mr. Peters' Miss Sharp said, beckoning Jack towards the couch. Miss Sharp didn't move, so Jack tried to squeeze at the end near her feet. As he sat, she pulled her knees up & lifted her feet whilst he made himself comfortable, then relaxed her legs so that her feet were perched upon his thighs. Dangling her stiletto heels right in front of his nose while she lay there was enough to send him into a frenzy. He could feel himself getting aroused, shifting uncomfortably while mesmerised by the dangling shoes.

Suddenly, Miss Sharp glanced up. 'I know this isn't strictly professional, but would you be a darling & give me a foot massage. I've been in these heels all day. For some reason when I wear heeled shoes, after a while my feet ache enormously. I don't know if you've noticed, but that's why I wear boots all the time. Wearing boots doesn't have the same affect on me'

'Of, of course I don't mind. I didn't really notice Miss.' Jack excitedly responded 'Bbbut if they help with the problem, it makes perfect sense to wear them all the time.'

'Exactly what I think.' She replied with that familiar sexy smile

Jack nervously removed one of her heels & tenderly started rubbing his fingers across the balls of her feet. Delicately, he lightly trailed his fingers up & under her toes noticing the through the nylon her toe nails were painted the same scarlet colour as her finger nails & lips. He gently applied pressure on the soles of her feet, rubbing back & forth whilst occasionally allowing his fingers to come up over the toes & gently massage the sides of her foot.

'Hmmmmm that's lovely' she whined, laying back further so that her feet now stretched tentatively across Jack's crotch. Nervously glancing up & down her body, Jack saw that the further she slid down, the further up the hem of her skirt rode. He was now directly within touching distance of those sexy stocking tops. The suspender clasp shot out from under the hem, revealing the soft tender thigh which poked out from above the top of her silky stockings.

Jack carried on rubbing, up & down. Side to side. He was sure he hear a slight moaning.

'The other one, don't forget the other one...' was all Miss Sharp could say as she continued to lie back apparently reading on her laptop.

Jack was now getting braver & braver. As he was about to switch to the other foot he gingerly replaced the shoe on the already massaged foot & rested it on his crotch. Removing her other shoe, he started to rub the other foot. He had guessed right & the immediate reaction to the pleasure was for Miss Sharp to press down with her other foot -- the heel now firmly resting on Jacks now throbbing cock. As the waves of pleasure passed through Miss Sharp, she pressed farther, harder & deeper with her heeled foot. Jack was at the point of exploding in his own trousers when she let out a tiny gasp & slumped back down on the sofa.

'That was lovely Mr. Peters. I see you are more than just a University Graduate. You have a way with your hands. Now, pass me up my boots.' Miss Sharp said as she lay there -- looking like a woman who had the world at her feet. Well, she did in Jack's eyes.

He passed her up the bag containing both pairs of boots & she took out the stiletto boots to examine them. Rubbing her fingers over the black leather, along the sole & scraping her nails across the bottom up to the stiletto tip, Jack was almost drooling. Sitting speechless, while her stiletto court shoes rested on his crotch, she must have known he thought.

'Be a sweetie & put these on for me while I check my riding boots would you?' she said, with 'that' sexy little smile whilst handing him the stiletto boots that only 6 hours ago he was wearing himself.

Gently removing the shoes, he placed one foot inside one of the boots and gave it a little tug. Instantly, it was snug around her ankle. As he delicately started doing the zipper, he glanced up to see Miss Sharp admiring her riding boots. Whilst it looked as though she was closely inspecting it, he was sure she was smelling the leather as it gently touched those scarlet lips. She was sniffing them & kissing them!

Jack finished one zipper & reached for the other boot. The booted foot then found it's way back to his crotch as she laid back continuing to admire her riding boots. The more she longed over her riding boots, the more she pressed down with her stiletto boots, right into Jack's crotch. He purposely took his time with her other foot so that he had an excuse to enjoy the sensation for longer.

When he had finished, she sat up with that sexy little smile and said 'Thank you for that. I feel completely refreshed. And thank you for looking after my boots. You've done a marvellous job with them.'

Did she know? Jack wondered. How did she know? What exactly did she know? He started getting worried.

'Well Mr. Peters, I have had a read through of your brief & it looks excellent. I have a query regarding the IT specialist required to install & maintain the system. What sort of person would we need for this role?' Miss Sharp said.

'Well Miss Sharp, it would need someone with a relatively good understanding of IT systems, wireless technology & data maintenance systems.' Jack replied.

'Good, so you can do it. We can make an allowance in the budget & have that proportion of a salary adjustment made to you for undertaking additional responsibilities. More budget saved than taking on another employee. More for us remember!' Miss Sharp said excitedly.

'Of course, it shouldn't be a problem.' Jack said.

'Excellent. I shall make my presentation to the board on Friday & all being well, we can make a start on Monday next.' She said. 'Job well done Mr. Peters.'

'Thank you Miss. Thank you very much.' Jack beamed. Right at this precise moment in time, if she had told him to open the window & dance the fandango on the balcony, he would have done it. She had him. Hook, line & sinker. Entranced by her every move. He was hers.

To be continued...

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