tagFetishTables Turned Ch. 09

Tables Turned Ch. 09


Chapter 9 – Realisation

Jack left the office and headed off toward the bus stop. On his way a devilish though crossed his mind. He diverted towards a shop that he had seen advertised on a fetish web directory – one that he thought could provide the perfect 'toys' for the next phase of his plan. Sitting on his bus, he glanced down at the bags resting between his feet. One contained a special tool vital for the culmination of his plan. The other contained Miss Sharp's cum covered boots and leather gloves. At this precise moment in time, Jack wasn't sure which bag excited him more!

Helena Sharp had left her office & sped through town, thinking of nothing but the violent & passionate morning she had just experienced. Pulling into her driveway and stepping through her front door she was almost in a state of shock. Helena decided to have a long hot soak in her bath & attempt to sort out her befuddled mind. She felt numb. Almost violated, but in a way that excited her. She had never been in a position where she was not in complete control & although it scared her, it was also the most thrilling feeling she ever had.

Jack arrived back at his flat, took a bath then decided to relax. He thought of the next step in his plan & decided to keep Miss Sharp 'on ice' for the night. Sat on his bed naked, he grabbed the bag containing Miss Sharp's boots & gloves. Reaching out to them, his hand was trembling. Lifting one boot up for closer inspection, he sniffed. The smell of Miss Sharp's cum was still pungent & it drove his nasal senses wild. Placing the boot onto his foot, he reached down and pulled the zipper up. As the zipper rose up towards his knee, it sent what felt like an electric shock through his foot travelling all the way up his leg towards his cock which was now at bursting point. Jack pulled on the other boot and sat, eyes a glaze, staring at Miss Sharp's boots now encasing his legs. He stood up and felt the electrifying pulse shooting through his whole body. It felt so right. Taking some steps around the room, he reached for the leather gloves. Pulling them onto his hand, allowing his fingers to fall in place snugly wrapped around the leather sheaths. Raising his leather covered hand up to his nose, that aroma hit him again. He ran the fingers across his lips & tasted her sweet juice. Standing in his bedroom, naked except for Miss Sharp's knee high black leather 5 inch stiletto boots & her wrist length black leather gloves that only a few hours ago she was wearing, laying in her office touching herself at his command. Instantly, Jack felt his orgasm shooting through his entire body right on to her other glove. Laying back on his bed, Jack cleaned himself up & decided that he would snuggle himself into bed for the night, wearing her boots to sleep of course.

The next morning Jack was sat at his office desk. It was only 8am and there was nobody else in yet, but this gave him the time he needed to make preparations. Placing the 'gift' into a square white box, he typed out a note with instructions. He strode into Miss Sharps office & placed the package on her desk.

Checking his watch it wouldn't be long until the first members of staff started turning up. Perfect time to pop long the street and grab an early morning coffee & then turn up to work like 'normal'.

Helena Sharp woke early. She lay there, her mind still floating somewhere between bliss & torment. Nervous about today & whether 'Sir-Vitude' would contact her she needed to reassure herself. She needed to re-assert that authoritarian confidence that gave her her power & nothing gave her a more powerful feeling than when she dressed to impress.

Pulling open her closet, Helena decided on a pair of black seamed stockings with a black leather suspender belt. Matching these with a tiny black leather thong & bra which rode up between her sensuous pussy made her feel electric. Reaching up, Helena pulled out a knee length black skirt that hugged at her hips but flared out at her thighs. Coupling this with a tight white blouse, she turned to eye herself in the mirror. She looked amazing but something was still missing. Peering into her shoe closet, she lingered wondering what would complete her outfit. Remembering her authoritarian feeling, she reach & pulled out her favourite pair of 5 inch black leather thigh boots. Stepping into them, she tugged them onto her feet & pulled the zipper up. Straightening her skirt down covering the tops of her boots, she sat & touched up her make up. Completing her look was her black leather biker jacket & matching gloves.

Striding through the office car park & through the lobby, she felt a thousand pairs of eyes melting on her & it felt amazing. Her power was back.

Approaching her office, she saw Jack sat at his desk. He smiled up at her & said 'Good morning Miss Sharp' with that sexy little smile of his. She felt tingly inside, she knew his desires for her. She knew the power she had over him & it turned her on.

'Good morning Mr. Peters. Any messages?' she said to him in that authoritarian tone that excited her.

'No Miss. Nothing yet. Would you like coffee?' Jack replied.

'Yes, good idea. I have some paperwork to finish today so it will be another solitary morning.' She said.

'Of course Miss. I'll get your coffee now.' Jack said.

With that, Miss Sharp entered her office & Jack grinned – knowing full well that in a minute or so she would be his again.

Miss Sharp took off her jacket & gloves & sat at her desk. As she turned on her computer monitor something caught her attention out of the corner of her eye. She picked up the box and an envelope slipped off the side. Opening it, she read the note:

'My Dear Little Bootslave, I hope our experience yesterday excited you as much as it did me. I have left a little gift for you in the box & want you to wear it for the duration of the day. It is remotely activated through a WiFi signal. I will contact you when the time is right...'

That feeling of fear coupled with excitement ripped through her as she re-read the note. He was here? How did he know where she worked, let alone able to get in? She became worried, yet could not resist tearing the lid off of the box. Inside, she picked up the object which seemed to be a tiny whispy leather thong. Touching the front, she could feel little sensor pads. At that moment, she heard a knock on her door which made her jump. Immediately, her hands shot under her desk, still gripping the object.

'Hello Miss, I have your coffee here.' Jack said as he strode across her office towards her.

'Th, thank you Jack. Very good.' She nervously said as he place the coffee cup on her desk. Noticing that the empty box was on her desk, Jack smiled.

'Jack, did you see anyone here before I arrived this morning?' Miss Sharp nervously called at Jack just as he was walking back towards the door.

'Sorry Miss?' he replied, trying to conceal his excitement & wanting to apply a little more pressure onto her already nervous disposition.

'Did you see anybody in here this morning, before I arrived.' She repeated anxiously.

'No Miss, I'm sorry I didn't. why, is everything ok?' Jack replied.

'Oh yes, fine. I'm fine. No need to worry at all.' Miss Sharp lied, in her reply.

Jack smiled and returned to his desk, logging in to the webcam system. Bringing up the camera in her office, he pulled his phone out & started typing.

Miss Sharp cautiously inspected the box. It was plain, except for the item inside. She inspected it closely, the sound of her phone vibrating causing her to jump a little. She pulled out her phone & read:

'Good morning my little bootslave. By now, you would have received my gift. You are to put it on straight away. I will contact you again soon.' With that, Miss Sharp nervously walked over to her office windows & closed the blinds. Then, she hitched up her skirt and delicately removed her thong, replacing it with the new mystery one. Straightening her skirt back down over the tops of her thigh boots, she sat back at her desk. And waited.

Jack couldn't believe what he just witnessed. He knew from the moment he saw the blinds coming down it would be good but he couldn't have imagined the surprise waiting for him as he witnessed the scene on the webcam. Seeing Miss Sharp hitch up that skirt, his eyes were transfixed on the glistening leather of her boots. They kept going, and going until he realised they were thigh high. Was it fate that she would wear these, today? Did she know it was him all along? Watching & listening intently, he saw that she was now wearing 'his' thong and had sat down at her desk.

An hour had passed & Miss Sharp was reading e-mails, almost unbeknown to herself, she had been lightly stroking the top of her leather boot & tracing a nail up her thigh when her phone vibrated.

'How are you my little sexy bootslave. Turn your audio on. I hope you are enjoying your new gift? I thought they were very sexy & would complete you. I am imagining you sat there, wondering what to do with yourself. Shall we play a little game to pass the time? It read.

Flicking the button, she replied: 'Yes Master. They feel wonderful. Thank you.' Almost straight away, her phone vibrated again.

'Now, I want you to hike that skirt of yours up & gently stroke your inner thigh. Every little tingle you feel, I want you to imagine it is me teasing you with the end of my riding crop.'

'Yes Master. Hmm, that feels good sir.' She replied, almost instantaneously feeling an electric charge shoot through her body. Her nails scraped along her inner thigh as her legs parted. She could feel her stiletto heels digging into the carpet, balancing her feet as more pressure was applied. One hand reached up and cupped a leather encased breast, gently kneading and squeezing it while the other continued to tease & tantalise her thighs around the tops of her boots.

'Yessss Master, I can feel it. Your crop, it owns me. You own me master...' she purred as she could feel herself slipping further & further into his grip.

All of a sudden, she could feel a tingling burning sensation around her pussy. The little leather thong had started gently vibrating against her pussy lips.

'Oh Fuckkkkkk, Master, please, what are you doing to me. Fuckkkk this is good. Sir, please, sir, I can feel it.' She almost screamed out as she could feel her blood reaching boiling point. She was reaching the point of no return, her nails clawing at her leather covered breast, ripping at her thigh boots while her thong vibrated against her now soaking pussy. Her phone vibrated again.

'I think not slave. We shall wait a while.' She read. And with that, her thong stopped vibrating. She almost screamed.

'NO, Master, Please! Please, Sir.'

Her entire body was on fire as she sat there. Taken to the edge of excitement, yet cruelly denied at the pivotal point was too much to bear.

Jack sat glued to his cam. He was beside himself with glee at the prospect of Miss Sharp now being in his complete control. Picking up a stack of papers, he walked towards her door.

Helena Sharp was a mess. She was on fire and was only moments ago at the heights of delirium, but had now sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Her heavenly orgasm had been cruelly snatched away from her just at the right point. She could feel her body was now rigid with excitement & could think of nothing else but release.

Just at that moment she heard a knock at her door. Jack walked in & strolled through sitting opposite her at her desk.

'Hello Miss, I forgot to say earlier. Mr Frederickson asked me to deliver these papers to you. They need signing off & returning to him before lunch today.' He said almost automatically. Looking up & across the desk at her, he could see that he had broken her. He sensed that she was on another planet right now. So far, so good.

'What? Sorry. Right now?' she replied, not really taking in anything Jack had said.

'Yes Miss. Right now. Shall I stay and help you?' Jack offered.

'Err, Yess. Ok, Let's get this over with.' She reluctantly replied.

As they started going through the papers, Jack could see that Miss Sharp kept reaching down under the desk with one of her hands. The horny bitch is playing with herself he thought! Still wanting to keep her body 'on edge' Miss Sharp was delicately playing with the tops of her boots and thighs. She could see that Jack was talking her through the papers & every now & again, she was signing them but she was not focused. Her mind was firmly fixed on her master.

Jack allowed the situation to carry on for a little over fifteen minutes. He paused & sat back in his chair while Miss Sharp 'read' one of the papers. He could see that her heart was not In it. He could also see that she was being driven to distraction with one of her hands. He could almost smell the wetness emanating from beneath her desk. Reaching into his jacket pocket, he slowly hit one of the buttons on the remote control.

Instantly, Miss Sharp felt a sudden reaction in her pussy. She dropped the paper & grabbed the side of her desk with one of her hands, her nails making a vice like grip on the hard wooden edge. Jack smiled. Jackpot.

'Oh no' she thought. 'Not here, not now. Please no.' she almost said silently in her mind, but her body was betraying her. It was too late. Jack clicked another button & instantly the thong moved up a gear. He could see the affect it was having, as Miss Sharp shifted uncomfortably. He could feel her legs kick out & when he leaned back slightly, he could see her stiletto heels dig themselves into the carpet beneath them. She tried to hide it. She tried to remain in control. The conversation carried on & Jack smiled insanely. He cold see the effect it was having on her.

'Are you ok Miss? Is everything alright?' he asked her.

'Yyess, I'm fffine. It's. It's just, getting a little hot in here. That's all. Mmm. Fine.' She replied.

'Are you sure Miss. You look very hot. And you are swaying, can I get you anything?' Jack asked and stood up so that she was now looking directly up at him, into his eyes.

'Nnnoo, I'm ffine. Yesssss, I'm ffineee. Hmmm Mmmmm. Fine.' She replied, now almost at the point where she had two hands gripping her desk as her whole body was fighting against her will to retain control.

Jack moved round to stand beside her, and almost automatically put his hand under her chin so that he lifted her face up towards his, towering over her. Looking up at him with those passionate blue eyes, he could see that she was biting on that scarlett coloured lip in a way that seductively told him to fuck her right there, right then. Glaring down at her, he smiled and spoke two words.

'Release Bootslave'.

With that, she gasped & let out a little scream. Looking up at him she dreamt the words he had just spoken to her & her body erupted. Violently shaking, she screamed out as the wave hit her. Over & over. Her hand reached out to grab at him & wrap itself around his waist. Her nails ripped into his skin as wave after wave of orgasmic power rippled through her body. He could see that her legs were shaking & that the tops of her boots were glistening with sweat as her body tore itself apart from within. Her head rested against him as her body took control of her. Her feet spasmed, while her beautiful long heels ripped themselves into the carpet.

With eventual subsidence, her now limp body slumped in her chair. Her head resting tenderly on his side while he stood towering over her.

Gingerly raising her head to look up, she saw that he was smiling down on her.

'You like my little gift for you then Miss Sharp, or should I say my new Bootslave?' he said, looking down into her big blue eyes.

'Yes my Master. Yes. Thank you Master.' She replied. Smiling.

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