tagFetishTables Turned Ch. 08

Tables Turned Ch. 08


Chapter 8 – 'Let the Games Begin'

Jack sat at his desk, phone in hand, his eyes transfixed to his PC monitor. A small window on his screen displayed the image that was laying less than ten feet away from him. His lips curling up to a wry grin, he started to type.

Helena Sharp cautiously pulled on her leather glove. She was nervous because she had never contemplated doing anything like this at work. This was her patch. This was her 'power zone', where she had built up her reputation for being a stern & efficient manageress. But for some reason, she was compelled to follow the instructions of this mystery 'Sir-Vitude'. She pondered the name & thought it genius. Without realising, her hand wandered up her thigh and across her stomach. As her leather gloved hand caught the bare flesh under her blouse, she exhaled as if being tantalizingly tickled by a light breeze. The leather glided across her flesh, heading upwards towards her bra. She cupped her breast and gently squeezed. Her phone vibrated & almost made her jump.

'I hope you are touching yourself' she read.

Nervously and fumbling slightly, she typed back

'Yes Sir. I am. With my leather glove as you told me to.'

Her gloved hand wandered back down to her legs. Her skirt had scrunch itself up & she could not breeze the leather against her soft skin just above her stocking top. She traced the outline of the suspender strap down towards her stocking top, gently pinging it with her leather covered thumb. Tenderly moving down, she almost teased her nylon covered legs – every now and again allowing her fingertips to trace a pattern towards her inner thigh.

'Good girl. Now, enable to voice function so that I can hear your breath. I want to hear you as you touch yourself for me.' Came the reply.

She fumbled with her phone & switch the audio to ON. Switching hands, she held her phone with her gloved hand. She now reached down and teased her other leg with her fingers, rising up to her thigh & softly scraping her long red nails teasingly across her inner thigh causing her to let out a loud gasp & sigh as the tingling sensation shocked her. She brought one leg up to a bent position & crossed her other leg so that she was now within reach of her boot. Reaching out, she gently caressed the black leather of the top of her boot. Allowing her fingers to trace down to her ankle, stopping & tracing her slender fingers into every crack & crease of her gorgeous boot.

Staring, almost jaw droppingly, Jack sat glued to his monitor. By now, he was ready to pound through the door and take Miss sharp in his arms but the submission was not yet complete. He had to instigate a balance, a measure of control so that she could not resist. A control that would make her fall to her knees in front of him & ensure that she would be his forever.

'I can hear you MissyH. I can hear your breathing getting louder & louder. Faster & Faster. You sound very excited.' She read, as another insta-message came through.

Without even thinking about it, she blurted out

'Yes sir, I am. So very excited!'

Now listening with his earphone secretly plugged in, Jack was shocked. She had spoken, without giving it a second though to type a reply. Watching her wriggle about on his screen he could see that this was going better than he could possibly have thought.

'Continue then my little leather girl. Show me how turned on you are. Show me how much you want to touch yourself. Prove to me that you want me to allow you to continue'

When Miss Sharp read this latest, her hand went straight to her crotch. She hooked down her little thong and flung it aside. Swapping hands, she traced the outline of her pussy with her leather gloved fingers – electrifying sensations engulfing her with the slightest of touches.

'Yes Sir, thank you Sir. I do. I am. I will.' She gasped as if she had been given the green light.

'Please sir. I am touching myself for you. My leather glove is teasing my wet pussy at your command. Please Sir, may I touch myself. Sir, Pleeease...' Came her reply.

Jack almost fell off his chair. Hearing this was music to his ears.

'Yes slave, you may begin. Let me hear your squeals. I want to her your soft moans as your leather takes you over.' Jack replied, transfixed to his PC monitor.

'Oh Sir, thank you Sir, Yessss...' Was all Miss Sharp could reply as she gently worked her leather finger over her now soaking pussy. She could hear the wetness squelching as she rubbed. Pulling her gloved hand away, she examined her own juices, bringing her hand to her nose & inhaling deeply. Reaching out, she rubbed her wet fingers along the shaft of her leather boot allowing the leather to touch leather, seeing her juices now trailing up the length of her now glistening leg.

'Please Sir, I need to cum. Will you allow me. Please, I need to cum. I want to cum all over my leather glove & then taste myself. Sir, Please...' she panted, now forgetting any possibility that someone might hear her.

Jack typed back, himself almost bursting at the seams.

'Not just yet my little leather slave. A condition of this control is that you cum on command. You will only cum when I believe you have earnt it, and only then upon the proper instruction. Do you understand me?'

Reading this made Miss Sharp even more excited. Now there was a target to aim for, now there was a goal to achieve rather than the normal anti-orgasm approach she had resigned herself to usually feeling.

'Yes Sir, I understand. I need you Sir, I want to taste my cum covered leather glove Sir, upon your command Sir.' Was the only reply Miss Sharp could pant through her phone.

Jack hearing this, glanced up towards Miss Sharp's office. Should he go in? No. He would let this little charade carry on just a little longer.

'You are close my little leather slave, I can hear you. When I send you the command, you are to cum. You are to continue rubbing yourself while you cum so that your leather gloves are coated in your sticky juices. You are then to taste yourself, and finish rubbing your juices along your glistening boots. I want to hear this for your master. Your command will be the two words: 'release bootslave'. Jack sent the message then sat back watching his monitor. X rated gold.

Reading this last message, Miss Sharp was not on the verge. She rubbed herself violently. She twisted & rubbed her clit in a frenzied like fashion. Breathing heavily & panting, she continued to whimper.

'Yes Master, I am your little leather boot slave. I am yours to own, while I pleasure myself at your command. Yessss, Yess Sir. Please sir, I am so close. Sir... Sirr.... Sirrrrrrr... Leather... Oh my lovely leather... Sir, I need you, please....'

With that, Jack send the final command.

'Release Bootslave.'

'Oh My Goddddd, Yess Sirrrrrr, Cumming, cumming, yes sir, yes master.... Bootslave is cumming.... Oh, Oooohhhh, Ohhh...'

Jack watched as her body spasmed. He watched as her whole body shook with wave after wave of orgasm. She lifter her gloved fingers and tasted. Then she gently rubbed her boot. Seeing the glistening trail on her boot, Miss Sharp smiled intently.

She slumped down into her sofa as though she had gone 10 rounds with a heavyweight boxer. After going through the most violent & physical orgasm she had ever encountered, Miss Sharp was like a rag doll. Deep breathing & panting, she struggled to lift her weary arms.

Jack watch intently. That was quite possibly the sexiest thing he had ever witnessed. Congratulations were in order he thought, as he typed a final message.

'Well done bootslave. That sounded fantastic. You have proven your devotion to me, and to our continued relationship. If you want it to continue, I will contact you this evening. I look forward to moving it to the next level.'

Spread out on her sofa, Miss Sharp jumped when her phone vibrated. Mustering the strength to focus on the words, she felt pleased. She felt excited. She felt appreciated, which is something she hadn't felt in a long time. All she could reply was 'Thank you master.'

Jack thought it best to give Miss Sharp some time to recover before he attempted to call her. He was tempted to barge in while she laid there, bare and exposed but a wicked thought crossed his mind. Now that there was a key word in play, he could use that to his advantage.

It wasn't until well after lunch that Jack knocked on Miss Sharp's office door & awaited her reply.


Jack almost bounced in, grinning broadly.

'Miss, I thought I would bring you some lunch as you have been so busy. I hope you don't mind me interrupting you?' Jack noticed that she was still lying on her sofa busily, so it seemed, glancing at some papers.

'Oh that is sweet of you Jack. Thank you. Yes I have been so busy today as you can see.' She replied.

Jack looked down at her, noticing that she looked very dishevelled. He could see the affect it had had on her & it was electrifying. Looking down, he noticed that her glove had dropped onto the floor underneath the sofa. Jack quietly brushed it with his foot so that it disappeared out of sight.

'Don't forget Miss that you asked me to drop your boots in to be re-heeled on my way home this evening' Jack said. Knowing full well that there were another couple of spare pairs of shoes & boots in the closet, Jack wanted to opportunity of inspecting these boots closer.

'I did? I can't recall that? Oh well, I suppose they could do with a re-heel.' She replied.

'Shall I change them for you now Miss?' Jack asked, already making his way to the closet.

'Yes please, you pick another pair for me will you?' Miss Sharp said, still feeling the affects of today's activities.

Jack opened the closet to see a couple of pairs of stiletto shoes, but he immediately went to the boots. There were a pair of brown knee high, chunky 3 inch heel in a sort of cowgirl style. He picked them up and covertly sniffed. Mmmmm, these will do.

Walking back over to the sofa, he sat at the end while Miss Sharp lifted her legs to allow him to sit underneath while they rested on his lap.

Jack reached out and ran his hand up the shaft of her boot towards her knee and zipper. He could see her eyes close & her back arch as she felt his hand through the leather. He teasingly traced a finger around the top of the boot and under the back of her knee and a huge smile appeared on her face. Slowly, he pulled down on the zipper & released her foot from her boot. He was tempted to sniff the inside, but didn't want to tempt fate!

Almost reactively, his hand reached out & began to massage the ball of her foot through her black seamed bylons. He could see her toes curling, her red painted toe nails glistening & curling as he worked into her foot. He heard that familiar groaning & sighing sound & it made him smile.

Removing the other boot, he massaged her other foot & again the reaction was one of pure pleasure. Pulling her brown boots onto her feet, she looked up at him and smiled.

'Thank you Jack. You really are a fantastic assistant.' She said as she sat up next to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

'Now, I have an appointment at 3:30 then I think I will head home for an early finish. Do you have much more to do today?'

'No, not really Miss. I have a few reports to file. Should be done by about 4ish.' Jack replied.

'Ok, well get away early & I will see you tomorrow. Don't forget my boots.' She said as she stood & pulled on her coat & picked up her briefcase.

Jack wondered whether she would look for her lost glove, but she didn't. With that, she had breezed out of her office as though in another world and was gone.

Fantastic, thought Jack. He scooped up the gloves & boots and put them in a bag.

'Her boots & gloves, all for me to play with! Funtime for me later!' he thought and went back to his desk, thinking about the fun he was going to have with Miss Sharp tonight.

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