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Tahiti Ambrosia cum


At eight sharp, with an orchid in her hair, Kate was stunning when she walked out of the salon spa door directly towards me.

Her hair was immaculate. Her completion was radiant. She had the looks of a movie star with a calm confident attitude, wearing a soft black top with subtle yet dramatic embroidered lace, swooping down her shoulder, softly caressing and enhancing her ever enticing breasts.

A cream, Shanghai style side-split, pencil skirt was wrapped with a red belt, accentuating her curves and she wore the hottest red platform shoes, ever.

The executive salon had scheduled one good looking male doctor, one drop dead gorgeous female nurse and one astonishingly attractive female dental hygienist. They had fluffed and buffed my Kate for the last eight hours, even down to the clothes.

It was the quiet smile, an assured luminosity that was an immediate magnetic draw, when she saw me.

My mind was oscillating so fast I could not say a word. We walked... I urgently tried to talk but could not. Then softly she said: "I had man sex".

Four days earlier Kate and I had just arrived in Tahiti for two weeks to enjoy an all inclusive vacation. We knew the Spa Tahiti would be more than just extra-ordinary. The Spa attendants were all nurses, doctors, dentists or third year medical students who were highly paid and passed rigorous physical and mental examinations.

The spa was equipped with everything, for every human need, and had the best international five star reputations awarded. Little did we know how well!

We spent the first three days sleeping, eating, drinking and walking on the warm beaches and playing in the crystal blue water. It was so spectacular that we ordered chairs, an umbrella, drinks and a table, sat in the warm water and read. This helped us with overcoming jet-lag and getting in the mood to enjoy.

We had heard many things about the spa, and Kate was eagerly looking forward to the anticipated experience as she just loves hot steam baths, massages, her nails and feet done, having her hair done up and generally the royal treatment.

Kate knew, and I found out only after she entered the salon at 9:00 AM, that she would be interviewed on what she fancied physically and sexually, just after her medical exam, deep message, steam bath and snacks.

Thinking about Kate's anticipated experience kept me feeling like a teenager not knowing what to do or where to go. It was like controlled jealous agony waiting the eight hours. I loved it. I hated it and I love Kate, but nonetheless I was nervous in a sexual way.

The hours passed like days.

That's why I could not speak a word when she walked out, looking so HOT. I knew.

We went for dinner.

Kate knew it was thrilling, and painful, for me so she intentionally went slowly, taking the entire dinner to articulate the most pleasurable day in her life.

She started with the door closing after I left and the introductions of her staff for the day, changing into her robe and a tour of the facility. Then out-of-nowhere, we were interrupted with a bottle of wine from her nurse Cassie, who was having dinner with her husband Dr.Brant.

My Kate further tortured me after having a sip, got up and went straight over to thank Cassie for the day. Kate gave her a short nip-kiss on the lips, sat down and pointed to me, they all waved.

Within moments Kate snuggled back with another big smile.

Kate told me that Cassie was her nurse and the buffed doctor, Brant, was her husband. Part of their vacation deal was that they could enjoy all of the facilities and play with the guests. They contracted for 1 month at a time. Kate then continued with telling her experiences.

After the tour Kate took a hot shower getting ready for her massage by the doctor. She entered the room and Cassie was the assistant, making sure all was ready. The Doctor completed Kate's physical examination and left quietly with a reassuring smile, saying she would be "just fine". Kate just lay in wait for her massage to begin.

She explained it was a magnificent hot-rock massage. The music was hypnotizing. The doctor found every muscle pain and erased it.

After, this hot-rock experience came the natural flowered-perfumed steam bath. Cassie was there to speak to her about expectations. Then it was on to a snack and an intriguing interview with Nurse Cassie, Dr. Brant and Grace the hygienist.

It was during the interview Kate revealed her love for men, that she loved her husband, loved cum and wanted to try something sensually different, perhaps with Cassie and Grace, then Brant together. Nothing very detailed was discussed but generally, they all understood and went about the next sitting with the Hygienists.

Just before the meal was served Kate got up and went to Brant and whispered something. He smiled and she walked over with another smile on her face like she had just eaten the canary.

Yes, I said? She told me if I was a good boy she may let me know.

Kate continued with her story, starting before the steam bath and the teeth cleaning. She was instructed to slowly increase the temperature in the bath until she could not stand it anymore. Cassie was with Kate every moment and told her the next massage would be The Great-Tahiti.

After the bath Kate was ushered into a mini warm botanical garden, with soft sensual music.

Sitting in the middle was a special message table equipped with padded and fold out arm and leg rests, each having a round clamp, like a blood pressure cuff you see at stores, where your arms and legs were softly constrained while being monitored.

It was almost noon and Kate had been with her staff for almost three hours and felt completely comfortable. So up she went on her back and slid both legs and both arms into the soft binding cuff-clamps.Kate still had the large towel draped over her body. As Cassie and grace began to adjust her - the temperature in the room seemed to increase slightly.

Kate said she was sung as a bug in a rug.

Cassie brought out the oil. Grace began to gently spread Kate's legs apart on the moveable table, all the time talking to Kate about how beautiful and sexy she was. Kate described the feeling as exciting butterflies while her legs were softly spread and so where her arms.

Cassie and Grace began Kate's massage simultaneously.

Kate was so comfortable and could see everything with the mirrors strategically placed in the room. Cassie began her message on Kate's outstretched parted legs and Grace began with her elongated, comfortably stretched arms.

The towel imperceptibly dropped to the floor as the two naturally beautiful ladies worked on Kate. When Kate leisurely opened her eyes all three were naked.

As Grace messaged Kate's arm, getting closer to her nipples, they became hard and erect and anticipatory.

Grace, ever so gently, kissed Kate on the lips. All the while holding her breasts and squeezing her erect nipples. Kate said she just moaned as her eyes were shut enjoying the sensation.

Next she knew, Cassie was at her pussy and started to message her clitoris at the same time Grace started earnestly sucking on her nipples.

Then Cassie pulled up a stool, sat between Kate's outstretched and constrained legs and began to eat Kate out very gently at first.

Grace was almost imperceptibly kissing Kate on the lips while rolling Kate's nipples firmly and unrelentingly between her manicured fingers. Then stopped and began sucking hard on her nipples.

As Grace started on Kate's nipples Cassie licked all around Kate's pussy hole at first and sucked on her bum hole squeezing her tongue tip inside and sucked on her labia working her fingers into Kate's now juicy entrance. She began to nibble on her clit while resting her thumb on Kate's firm, contracting, but also yielding anus.

Kate said that she was in another world.

Here was my Kate – loving being constrained and outstretched on a bed being licked and possibly penetrated by two beautiful women who brought Kate close to orgasms so many times she could not count. Kate hated it. She loved it. She was afraid she loved it. She wanted more.

After about an hour of massage therapy, they both ladies furiously attacked Kate with their talented tongues –again and again. Cassie licking her clitoris while pumping her now sopping wet and slippery holes with her fingers. Simultaneously Grace was kneading her breasts and alternatively sucking her very erect nipples.

Kate said she has one long orgasm that almost made her pass out, but she was in such pleasure she would not allow that to happen. Both Cassie and Grace had their relief and proceeded to release Kate from the table, warmly covered her, kissed her and let her snooze until lunch.

The second serving had arrived and I was mesmerized Kate's story was so compelling I could hardly eat and here we sat with the salad, and Kate's story hadn't even got past lunch at the Spa.

We ate our salad in private silence. It was obvious Kate was reliving her day with quite pleasure. She continued at lunch.

Cassie and Grace gently woke Kate with gracious kisses on her face, neck, eyes, breasts and mouth. They had prepared the shower. All three entered and they began to soap and wash Kate. My Kate just had to stand and speechlessly reminisce.

They explained Cassie's husband would be hosting an informal discussion on the medical benefits of seminal fluids and the pain/pleasure contradiction. Both Cassie and Grace smiled and told Kate to look at their skin.

They entered a very private dining room for lunch to be served and the two ladies went to work on Kate's nails and toenails. Cassie always the vixen started the application with gently sucking each toe. Kate picked black polish. Just as they finished - a light lunch was served.

Doctor Brant made his entrance with professional elegance and began his discussion by introducing three other doctors, who then left. He was pleased Kate had admitted to enjoying ejaculating men with her mouth. Kate's insight and positive experiences made Brant's medical discussion more pleasant and personal.

He explained the components of semen, the nutritional value and its effect on the skin of the women who ingest it. He continued with quoting the amounts of nutrients and proteins in semen, how and why the body needs the fluid and the general well being created with a steady diet of semen.

Just like breast milk, he said, the taste can be altered by diet. He assured Kate she would be very pleased with the tastes of Tahiti. He covered the fine line between pain and pleasure and the exhilarating effects once it has been mastered.

He then excused himself and left the women to finish Kate's nails, begin clothes shopping and to prepare her for the 4:00 procedure.

Just like 'What Not to Wear', these two ladies were expertly schooled in every pleasure a woman could desire and took Kate from shop to shop, dressing her like a sophisticated sex-angel.

Dinner drinks appeared, again yet another complement from Cassie and her Husband. Shortly thereafter, were informed that Kate's staff was included for the entire stay while we were in Tahiti.

Kate again went over to their table, but this time thanked Cassie with the most sensuous girl-girl kiss I had ever seen or even dreamed of, and then winked at Brant. When Kate sat down she was flushed and said, "I just wanted to do that – if felt different, I think I liked it."

Kate continued, beginning at the shopping spree and the return to the Spa. During the day the girls gave Kate a vision into what was coming at the 4:00 procedure, and she loved the glimpse. You see the 4:00 PM procedure started and would last for 2 hours, at 6:00 she would get her hair done, makeup and clothes to prepare for her entrance at 8:00, for dinner with her husband.

When they returned all three were sweaty, warm, laughing and needed another fabulous shower and the two ladies were especially happy to accommodate Kate's wishes. After all who wants to begin the 4:00 procedure after two hours of shopping and sipping wine, without a shower?

They entered the very large and enchanting shower, with climate control and 10 shower heads. There were two rings hanging from the ceiling just about at Kate's outstretched arm's length.

What are they for, Kate asked, smiling?

The ladies just smiled, disrobed, adjusted the very warm water jets then, proceeded to soap-up Kate telling her to hold on to the rings as they washed her. While dripping wet, still holding on to the rings, Grace said we are going to prepare you for your session, please do not let go.

Grace then gave Kate another soft and sensuous kiss this time using her tongue at the same time Cassie was on her knees shaving Kate's vagina and pubic hairs. Grace proceeded to oil Kate's breasts, waist, and buttocks while intermittently sucking her nipples to full erection.

Cassie finished shaving Kate with the skill of an ER Nurse then proceeded to suck, nibble and flick Kate's labia, vagina and clitoris with her lovely tongue. Kate was having a hard time standing but now she knew why the rings existed.

These two ladies brought Kate to the brink and back and would not let her cum.

That would happen many times within the next two hours – but not here not now. They just devoured Kate's' juices' and shared them together, eventually spreading soothing oil on Kate's newly shaved, exposed and sensitive parts.

They got the heaviest cotton-towel robe Kate had ever seen, wrapped her snuggly and escorted Kate to the 'procedure' room. In the room sat the familiar and inviting massage table Kate had already used, and a very large and alluring super-king sized bed.

The entire room was filled with indigenous flowers.

Kate kind of knew what 'might' happen and had agreed to mask over her eyes and use the Bose noise cancelling headset with piped in voluptuous music. The ladies told her this was The Tahitian Man-Sex Procedure.

Kate didn't want to know what, when, where, or who.

She just wanted to experience the raw pleasure. Kate mounted the table with shaky anticipation and ever moistening labia. The ladies adjusted the table and padded clamps with air pressure, put on the eye mask and the headphones, to Kate's consummate enchantment.

The ladies had removed all their clothing and took the sheet placed over Kate off quickly; bringing a rush to Kate – and a smile. Still confined on her back, they slowly oiled Kate's entire body, languidly enjoying every crevice.

Doctor Brant entered, but Kate did not know until he tweaked her nipples and placed a lightly warmed chain, about a foot long, on her chest. He then, with great skill, installed nipple clamps with no pressure whatsoever.

She knew what they were, but there was no pain, no pleasure. They were just there. Then, the legs of the table began to move slowly out, just like last time.

This time Dr Brant began to slowly turn the screws on the nipple clamps awaiting physical reaction from Kate. Kate moaned, moved her waist and was dripping from her hole. He stopped turning as this was a gradual emersion technique that would allow her to move forward as she wished.

The dinner was over and the music stated in the restaurant, so we moved to another quieter room to continue this love-torture journey. Kate continued.

Here she was in a spa-session room, with that man and woman right over there naked, immobilized on the massage table with nipple clamps installed, and her pussy dripping in anticipation of basic, unadulterated pleasure.

What a rush!

Unbeknownst to her, Dr. Brant possessed a huge penis, just a little fact Cassie intentionally failed to mention. He was now standing inches away from Kate's hole and decided to ever so slowly push his well lubricated penis into her and sure enough got another reaction when he hit bottom, but did not move.

He instructed Grace to turn the knob of the nipple clips one half turn while he pulled out slowly and pushed his pink-purple, thick cock back in, firmly and deliberately, as he knows women worshiped his penis and glistening tense head.

Brant's technique had the desired effect.

Kate was so absorbed she didn't flinch at the half turn, increasing the nipple pressure presser ever so slightly. Brant quietly enlarged even more.

He then withdrew and Cassie took his place licking and loving Kate's juices' mixed with her husband's fresh pre-cum. Dr Brant then moved up to Kate's head.

With measure practice he placed his cock head at the entrance of Kate's now parted, moist lips. She opened and he began to ease his cock into Kate's mouth so he could leisurely fuck it while his wife licked Kate's pussy all the while keeping fingers in her vagina and a thumb resting and pressing at her juicy anus.

It was clear his mouth-fucking procedure was working well. All Kate had to do was salivate and suction with her mouth and she did it well, and she knew he was going to cum in her mouth.

She was so looking forward to this new Tahitian taste she could hardly stand it and Cassie was bringing this to a new level, never ever before experienced. Brant, Cassie and now Grace were pushing bounds she always wanted to cross, but didn't know how.

As Cassie worked on her pussy, Brant was building to a massive ejaculation by calmly fucking her mouth. Kate's head did not move, she was relaxed, she was lying down, and all she had to do was, feel his handsome cock as he fucked her mouth while building to a bigger and harder orgasm.

Grace made another one half turn and it was clear Kate was in the zone and she felt the electricity now, straight to her pussy, as she began to moan and move her hips to the music, to the pain, to the pleasure.

Kate could not see, could not hear, but she could and did moan and squeal in sexual contentment. Not once did she consider using the 'safe word' to stop the procedure – she told me.

This was one of the best simultaneous orgasms' she ever felt as Grace's finger penetrated Brant's anus, Brant filled every space within Kate's mouth with his warm cum, not once as she had to swallow three times and Cassie brought her over the edge again and again.

His cum blew out the sides of her mouth and she quickly sucked it back down her throat. She knew from the previous discussion not to lose one drop and continued to milk his nectar until he pulled out and the ladies took over.

Grace began to kiss and tongue Kate's lips and mouth to savor some of the indulgence she so often had to herself. Cassie was still loving Kate's pussy juices and was gently bringing her down as she swallowed every drop of Kate, while Grace was kissing her all over as she removed the nipple clamps sending hot rushes through her nipples and breasts as the blood surged back into Kate's reddening still erect nipples. Each lady softly licked each nipple until Kate calmed down slowly.

Kate mentioned she didn't think it could get any better than, this morning - but was she ever wrong. Grace told her the bed was to be used for the 'grand man-sex finale' as we still had 90 minutes left of the procedure.

Kate took a great sigh of relief and smiled. The ladies unhooked Kate and walked her over to the bed as she was a bit shaky in the legs.

They knew she wanted to continue so they began once again preparing her. But first, they wanted all three girls to lie on the bed together, before the final session began. This was the first time they could actually rub their bodies all over Kate.

This was actually how the final session was to start.

The ladies began by cuddling and moving their bodies all over Kate. Breast against breast, lips against lips, pussy against pussy, clit against clit, then Kate watched Grace and Cassie is a sixty nine position.

They both looked up and asked if she wanted the mask on or off. Kate at once, said off!

Cassie and Grace continued eating each other out and Cassie again looked up and said to Kate: You like, yes? Kate breathed out a yes.

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