I would like to thank Stockton13 for her friendship and feedback prior to posting. There are alternate endings and would appreciate feedback on which one is more enjoyable (for future writings)?

I walk into my house and see a note on the table. It says to go over to the couch, put on the blindfold that is there, sit and wait for me to come home. Although it was probably only 10 minutes or so, it seemed like hours. My imagination of what was coming both excited and frightened me.

The front door opened and I heard footsteps coming towards me. I took a deep breath and slowly let it out. Nothing had happened, I had not been touched but I felt a tingling all over and began shaking with anticipation. My darkened world only allowed me to listen and the 10 or so steps from the door to the couch took an eternity.

I felt his presence right above me but he didn't say a word. His hand then touched mine and I jumped back and pulled away but he held on and I felt comforted by his touch. He raised my hands until my arms were outstretched and I slowly stood up.

He held on as he stepped behind me and lowered my hands to my sides. His hands then began to lightly massage my neck but he still remained quiet. His right hand moved lower and rubbed from my neck to the small of my back. His other hand reached around and began slowly unbuttoning my blouse. I stood there paralyzed by his touch and felt a warmness envelop my body. When all my buttons were undone his left arm wrapped around my taut waist and his hand rested on the small of my back. His right hand expertly removed my bra and shirt.

Standing there topless with his left arm still wrapped around my body I felt his strength and felt safe and secure. His right hand began massaging my chest and the warmth I felt before got stronger and I could not remember feeling so safe and vulnerable at the same time. I remained quiet and the only hint of my arousal was the wetness that had formed between my legs. This was my only betrayal.

With his left arm still wrapped around me, his right hand was now rubbing and pinching my nipples. Then I felt free as his left arm let go and both hands began alternating between rubbing, pinching and caressing my breasts and nipples. A noticeable gasp escaped my lips which was the first apparent sign of excitement, although it would not be long before he would really know what he had done to me.

He then moved to my side and his left arm reached between my legs and his hand rested on my ass while he slowly rubbed it and then dragged his hand back through my legs until he rubbed his hand against my pussy. He then took his right arm and reached between my legs until his hand rested on my stomach and gently brushed against my belly ring. He then slowly dragged his hand back through my legs until it rested on my ass, where he massaged each cheek. This was repeated several times until I had my first orgasm. My legs felt weak and I made a low guttural noise.

It was then I realized that he un-buttoned my pants as he methodically pulled my zipper down. His left hand pulled from the front while his right pulled from the back until I was standing there blindfolded and in my panties. I could not remember a time where I got so wet without having my clit touched directly. My pussy was on fire and I wanted to be touched, played with and most of all wanted to feel him inside me.

He took me and led me a few steps but I was not sure in which direction. He then gently put one hand on the back of my head and the other on my stomach as he slowly bent me over until my hands and face were resting on the table. His nails crossed over my back until they rested on the crack of my ass. It was then that I felt my last piece of clothing being removed. Bent over and fully exposed for his enjoyment and delight. With one hand lightly circling my pussy his other hand began rubbing my ass cheeks. He now knew how much I was enjoying this as it was like a faucet that could not be turned off. He then began to spank me, not hard but hard enough where I got even more turned on. I was ready for anything he wanted and was his for the taking. I would suck on his or any other cock and would put my tongue on another women's tits or pussy. Whatever he wanted he would have.

When he stopped spanking me, I wiggled my ass side to side and up and down hoping for one more strike. It was not coming but I did hear the most beautiful sound I had ever heard. The sound of his zipper being lowered and his pants removed.

He rested his erection against my ass as he reached around and played with my clit. Within seconds, I began cumming. I let out a scream followed by several more moans of passion. He stood me up, put my hands behind my back and on his cock. I began rubbing it up and down and cupped his balls while continuing to rub him. He somehow felt longer and thicker which turned me on even more.

He then picked me up and put me on the couch. He raised my legs, spread them and lowered himself on top of me until his erection rested against my opening and began rubbing it up and down. I felt him enter me and then pull out. He repeated this several times, going deeper inside me each time until I felt his entire length inside me. His pace started slowly but quickened and I knew he could not last much longer. I grabbed onto his ass and tried pushing him deeper and it was then I heard his sounds of passion as he began to twitch and shake as he emptied himself into me.

We both laid there completely spent wrapped in each others arms and fell into a sweet slumber. When I awoke a short time later I realized his weight was not longer on top of me and that my blindfold was still on. I removed it just as the phone began to ring. Although groggy I got up to answer it.

"Hi honey, I should be home in 10 minutes or so and I picked up some pizza for dinner". The words echoed in my ears as you put down the receiver.

Who was here, what had happened? I quickly got dressed and hid the blindfold. A million emotions went through my head.

Who was that who took me to heights I never thought was possible. Do I tell him or not? I decided to remain quiet during dinner but the entire encounter continued playing through my head as I began to get excited again.


I finally decided I had to tell him and deal with whatever consequences there may be. I sat him down and told him I had something to tell him. He smiled, which made me feel worse and said, before you tell me anything would I tell him where I hid the blindfold so he could put it away for next time. I jumped in his arms and hugged him like I never did before. He looked at me quizzically but I never did tell him what doubts had gone through my mind.


It was then the phone rang and broke my trance. I picked it up and heard a voice say, "if you enjoyed today's encounter you should do the same thing tomorrow at 2 PM". I hung up the phone without saying a word and when asked just said it was a wrong number. I sat there knowing that at 2 PM tomorrow I would be in position, like instructed for a repeat encounter. My arousal had started again and I could not wait for my relief that would certainly come tomorrow.

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