She couldn't believe she took the wrong turn driving from the conference center to the hotel. "Damn country roads!" she thought as she maneuvered slowly around a tight turn. The road was so narrow, she wasn't she if another car came from the opposite direction that they could both pass on asphalt. Asphalt! Calling it that was a laugh, perhaps at one time it may have been a smooth road but now it seemed it was all potholes and dirt. But the sign said Charlotte, and that's where she was supposed to be heading. Another tight turn came up on her quickly, rounding it the sudden glare from an oncoming truck caused her to slam on the brakes of the rental car. "Damn it!" she yelled. She saw the driver emerge from the old pickup truck, a large mountain of a man, wearing overalls over his bare torso. He was not pleasant to look at, a bushy black beard and a heavy brow gave a frightening countenance when combined with his size.

As he slowly approached her car, she felt a twinge of fear. His truck lights were suddenly blindingly bright. "Someone else is in the truck", she thought. Her fear grew.

She knew she was in the worst kind of trouble when she heard the squealing of brakes coming around the corner and a similarly old pickup truck came up from behind her, headlights on high, again blinding her. The truck stopped and she heard the sound of a door shutting a moment later. Her attention was pulled from the rearview mirror by the sound of another door shutting, looking back in front of her she saw another man walking towards her.

"No, no, no, no, no!" she screeched. She heard them laugh. She knew she had to get out of here. She threw the shift back in drive, and started forward. Suddenly, she felt a bump from behind, throwing her forward in her seat, the truck had hit her from behind. Her car lurched forward 10 feet and hit the truck in front of her. The impact was hard enough for the airbag to deploy. The safety feature worked against her in this instance, slamming into her face, leaving her disoriented. She saw the first man walking towards her now with purpose, a small crow bar in hand. He smashed the drivers side window with a quick flick of the crow bar and dropped it on the ground, reaching for her through the shattered glass.

She remembered struggling, she remembered the others, four in total, approaching. She remembered the terrible fear she felt, and their horrible shrieks of happiness. Then one of them put a cloth over her face with a powerful smell....

That was two months ago as far as she could tell. Her memory was hazy. The things she could remember she wished she could forget. Her earliest memory, after being kidnapped, she would never forget. She had awoken, on a linoleum floor, her wrists and ankles chained to the floor, with enough slack for her to lie down or be on all fours. She couldn't see very well and something hard and cylindrical was between her teeth. A bit and bridle, and horse blinders, she had realized after a few minutes. She was also completely naked. There was a faint light, seemingly from behind her, but no amount of turning her head to see around the edges of the blinders revealed a source.

She heard noises. What sounded almost animal, but she wasn't sure at first. And then it hit her. There were other women here as well. They didn't sound quite right and that scared her even more than she had been. She then heard voices. Men, the same men who had kidnapped her. She shivered and shook with fear. AS the voices got closer. They seemed excited, and she knew they were talking about her.

"Open it up Roger", said a deep voice. She heard a squeaking sound and the light got a bit brighter.

"There she is!" Said a voice, Roger? "I told you, a sweet strawberry one, Jim!" he exclaimed with pride.

Her red hair was a curse she thought. And this was the penultimate example.

"Well, grease her up, I ain't got all night." Jim's voice said.

She felt a rough slap on her ass, and Roger's voice said, "Get up on all fours, Strawberry!" She struggled to rise and another rough slap followed. "Move it sow!"

She felt the same rough hands pulling her back by the hips. "Ass up, face down!" Roger commanded, with another slap. She did the best she could, and suddenly she felt someone spread her ass cheeks. A moment later and she felt a cold wetness on her asshole itself, and rough probing fingers soon followed. He worked first one, then two, three and finally four fingers into her ass, announcing how many he had in each time with glee. She screamed around her bit, she thrashed a bit at first, but that was followed by a pause and two painful blows with something leather across the back of her thighs. She was sobbing by the time Roger had called out, "Four!" with a maniacal laugh. She felt pain, she felt fear, she felt humiliated, but she could feel the warmth in her cunt and was aware the she was soaking wet.

"She's ready now, get it in there." Jim's voice said.

"Ok Jim! Why you gotta be in such a rush? I was just having fun!" Roger replied. "Besides, looks like she's enjoying it!" Her face flushed as shame flooded her body.

" We still have other chores to do, Henry says that Sunshine is ready again."

Roger's shout of happiness filled her ears. "Well, alright! Strawberry, you're gonna have to wait awhile for any real fun!"

Soon his fingers were replace by something rigid, not quite as wide as his four fingers, which was a relief to her. Her relief was soon dismissed as it slid into her ass and stayed put as her sphincter closed around it. She felt something tickling the backs of her thighs and calves.

"Alright she has her tail, now let's finish it up and get to Sunshine." This was Jim. He seemed to be in charge.

She froze inside when she caught a whiff of something burning. She could feel something hot near her legs, the temperature in her cage was not exactly warm, whatever it was, it was noticeable. She felt a cold cloth on her right ass cheek. Alcohol her brain told her. An epiphany of fear came over her, as she realized what was about to happen, and that there was absolutely nothing she could do about it. She screamed as the hot brand seared her flesh. A loud, guttural scream of pain, a feeling that washed away all her discomfort, all the pain from her ass being reamed and plugged, a pain she could never describe with words.

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