tagErotic HorrorTaken By Fire: Ignited Ch. 07

Taken By Fire: Ignited Ch. 07



Lilly knew she had gotten herself into some deep trouble. The idea of being spanked and tied up was always one of her other fantasies, but she never thought it would ever come true or be taken so far. Too make matters even more scary, the guy she was about to beg and call 'master', was actually a demon, taking her secret fantasy to a whole new level.

The last thing that happened was Ethan shouting at her and she waited for the painful shock of his hand hitting against her ass, but it never came. There was silence. She could hear faint water dripping somewhere inside this dungeon and she could smell the strong smell of moss, but she couldn't hear Ethan. Even his breathing stopped.



The sound of footsteps alerted her, and then she realized that Ethan was walking somewhere, somewhere to the back of the room. She heard various types of metal scraping against each other, like someone was dragging a chain on the stone floor and then there was silence again.

Suddenly she heard Ethan speak to her from the back of the room, "My Angel, I hope you are ready, I know you have always wanted to try this 'master & slave' role playing, so now you get to do it with your real master!"

Ethan's sadistic laughing bounced of the walls and made her shiver at the thought of what's in store for her tonight. Luckily her tears were long gone and somewhere in her body excitement and fear started growing, but she tried to hide it from him. If he knew this was turning her on a little and making her afraid, he would not stop.

His footsteps came closer and she could hear him dragging something metal behind him. When he was behind her, she felt him place something cold around her neck and with a click sound, the thing was locked. The cold metal made her shiver.

"Do you like your collar and chain my Angel? No slave is complete without a collar and chain so that their master can control them."

"Ethan this thing is too tight and cold, take it of!"

Suddenly Lilly felt a sharp pain against her check and realized that Ethan slapped her thru her face. There was a certain heat and the obvious pain radiating from her check. She was too scared to look up and didn't know why he just did that.

"First rule my little slave, I'm your master, and that's what you call me. Do you understand slave?"

Slowly Lilly lifted her head, staring at Ethan with her eyes tearing up a little and finally she answered.

"Yes master."

Ethan smiled at her, approving the way she acknowledged him as her 'master'. He loved the way the dark, cold metal contrasted with her light, hot skin. He pulled the chain lightly a few times and watched as her head yanked back making her choke a little. He wanted to see her cry and beg him for mercy, so he pulled the chain back harder until she was forced to stand on her feet, with her back towards him.

Lilly stood with her back to Ethan and was too afraid to turn around, but she could feel Ethan's gaze penetrating every inch of her skin, causing her to get very aroused. She didn't know if the arousal was because of the fact that this was one of her fantasies that was finally happening or the fact that Ethan was her master. The only thing she knew was that he was one sexy demon and he seemed interested in her. If he wanted her dead, she would have been already, but instead he is making her wet and craving his touch.

"Seems like my slave is finally understanding what her master wants from her."

"Yes Master," Lilly answered him.

"Well, let's test it my little slave."

Lilly wondered what he meant by that statement and could feel him pulling on the chain again, causing her to fall to her hands and knees on the ground. The ground was filthy and full of mud and she cringed as her hands sunk into the grimy wetness. Ethan pulled on the chain again and this time she realized he wanted her to crawl forward.

Lilly knew that if she did this, she would submit to his will completely and she wasn't about to give up without a fight. She needed him to know that even though he was more powerful than she was, he couldn't make her play any little sick game – no matter how much she secretly wanted to. She knew he would never kill her, so she decided to disobey him; she secretly wanted him to punish her.

Lilly protested furiously, "I'm not your pet Ethan, you can't make me."

Ethan smiled sadistically, flashing his fangs at her, making a shiver run down her spine. He walked up to her and kicked her legs apart, giving him a perfect view of her womanhood and little star. Lilly almost fell into the mud when Ethan kicked her legs apart and she immediately tried to bring them back together. Ethan grabbed a handful on her luscious locks and pulled her hair hard, causing her back to arch and her head forcefully yanked back. He pulled her hair so tight, little drops of tears formed in the corners of her eyes.

As he was holding her hair he bent over, rested his head on her shoulder and whispered in her ear, "Never try to disobey me. This is the way I want you to greet me from now on; you legs spread and ready for me to take my fill, understand slave?"

"Never Ethan, I will never obey a filthy demon like you."

Ethan smiled; he knew his Angel was playing along and didn't expect her to. He wanted her scared and afraid of him, but he sees now that she is becoming aroused, so he decided to make this a fun role playing evening and live out one of her fantasies.

"Oh you really think I'm a filthy demon? Maybe I should show you what a filthy demon is really like."

Lilly stood up and was surprised that Ethan didn't yank the chain to pull her back down. She turned around and stared into his eyes, "Oh Ethan, do you really think I'm afraid of you? You are just a little demon trying to get attention."

Ethan glared at Lilly with his mouth twisted in a sick smile, waiting for something. Lilly thought that he would hurt her, but nothing happened, he just stood there smiling at her, "You really shouldn't have said that." Ethan whispered at her.

Lilly wanted to argue back, but felt something cold and slimy loop around her hands. When she looked up she saw green, thick vines coming from the ceiling and twisting themselves around her wrists. Ethan snapped his fingers and the vines pulled her arms up, stopping until her feet was hanging a few inches from the ground. She looked like a piece of meat hanging in a butchery and felt very vulnerable with Ethan's gaze boring into her. Ethan walked away and returned with two things; a whip and some type of horn. The more Lilly squirmed, the tighter the vines twisted around her wrists and it became very painful.

"Ah, is my slave a little uncomfortable?"

Ethan loved seeing her like this and enjoyed teasing her. He took the whip and dragged it down her body, watching as he body stiffened under it.

"Answer me slave!"

"Yes master, I am a little uncomfortable. Please let me go."

Ethan took the whip and swung it at full force and hitting Lilly over her stomach. A loud snap was heard and then a horrible scream. Lilly's stomach was on fire and the burning wouldn't go away.

"You don't order me around slave, I will let you go, but first I want to have some fun with you."

Ethan picked up the Horn and held it in front of Lilly's face, "Do you see this? This is one of my favorite toys. Guess where I'm going to place this."

Lilly looked at Ethan and could see his vision was becoming clouded with lust and was afraid to answer his question.

"This little toy is going in to that pretty little ass of yours. I'm going to push this in so deep that you will bleed and then I will lap up your sweet blood and listen to you scream."

Lilly felt a rush of adrenaline run thru her. She's never had anything inserted into her ass and felt herself becoming wet at the thought of it. The room started feeling hotter and she wished that Ethan would fuck her again.

Ethan walked behind her and stroked her ass. As he looked down he noticed a little bit of wetness on her lips and smirked. Slowly he dragged his finger thru her lips and made Lilly gasp. He easily felt her wetness and brought it to her eyes, showing her wat her body is feeling.

"See this slave? Look at how wet you are and it is just for my enjoyment. Suck off my finger slave, now!!"

Lilly didn't hesitate at Ethan's command. She sucked his finger and tasted her own wetness. She also noticed that while she was sucking Ethan's finger, a visible bulge appeared in his pants and that made her even wetter.

Ethan walked back to her ass and admired the beauty of her virgin asshole. He took the horn and dragged it thru Lilly's slit, lubricating it. Slowly he pushed the horn inside of her little star, stretching her and filling her. Lilly was almost overcome with the different sensations that swept thru her at that moment. At first it hurt, but immediately it was replaced with the feeling of pleasure and passion and made her moan loudly. Ethan started pulling the horn out until just the tip rested inside of her and rammed it back inside making her juices flow down her legs. While he fucked her tight ass with the horn, he reached around to pinch and pull her nipples, causing Lilly to cry out his name.

"Oh Master! That feels wonderful!"

"Yes my slave, feel who owns your body! You're mine!"

Ethan removed the horn from her ass and unzipped his pants, revealing his hard erection already dripping with pre-cum. He walked around her, stopping in front of her, watching her rubber her legs together to continue the pleasure she was receiving. While Ethan stroked his erection he spoke to her, "Tell me how much you want this slave."

Pleading in utter frustration and desperation, Lilly barely spoke, but it was loud enough for Ethan to understand, "Please Master Ethan, I need you to take me."

With a very satisfying grin on his face, he motioned for her to wrap her legs around his upper thighs. He could feel her wetness and heat from her core as he grinded his erection against her lips. Lilly's breath caught in her throat when Ethan pushed his entire length inside of her. He could feel her inner walls clenching on to him as he started speeding up. While he was pounding her mercilessly, her breasts jiggled in his face and he caught one in his mouth. When Lilly looked down to see what he was doing, he pierced her breast with his fangs and blood spilled into his mouth. Lilly couldn't take it anymore; she felt the explosion erupted inside her core, sending her a wave after wave of pleasure. She clenched so tight onto Ethan that he immediately started spilling his seed inside of her.

Lilly collapsed in the vines, her limp and exhausted body hanging from the ceiling. Her whole body was covered in sweat and Ethan' cum was running down her leg. Ethan thought she's never looked more beautiful than now, especially with his mark running down her leg. He was the only one that could ever pleasure her like he did tonight and he wouldn't mind role playing again with her, even though he was in reality her real master too.

Barely awake, she heard Ethan speak to her again, "You've never looked more beautiful my Angel."

Lilly could barely move and just heard a snap of a finger. She felt the vines loosen themselves around her wrists and she just dropped to the ground. Luckily Ethan caught her in his arms. She snuggled into his chest as he teleported them back to his house.

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