tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTaken by the Wolf Ch. 04

Taken by the Wolf Ch. 04


Dr. Margolis led her to a large room, all the walls were tiled and white as was the floor. Steel cabinets lined one wall, their gleaming surfaces giving no hint as to what horrors might be concealed inside. There was a drain in the center of the room, which Bella stared at with a sinking feeling. In the far right corner there was a shower stall, with nothing to obscure the view of anyone inside it, and in the center of the room was the kind of table she was used to seeing on her rare visits to the doctor. Well. Almost.

Made out of padded black leather and steel, it had stirrups attached to one end and a multitude of straps hanging from the rest of it. Bella didn't doubt that a person could be secured to it in far too many ways.

"Come, come," Dr. Margolis said impatiently. "Get on the table and put your feet in the stirrups."

Standing at the end of the table, Bella turned and put her hands on it to help hoist herself up, as she did so she saw the soldier taking up a post by the door. It was a strange thing to be relieved by, that there was another man there to see her naked body and witness whatever Dr. Margolis was going to do to her, but she was glad not to be alone with the doctor. The fact that Alex had obviously been taken to a completely different room altogether made her feel more alone and vulnerable than ever; she'd take an extra pair of eyes on the doctor any day. Especially since she hoped the presence of the soldier would keep the doctor from exceeding the Wolf's orders.

"Feet in the stirrups."

Whimpering slightly, Bella stared at the floor as she did what he asked. She hated the spread position of her legs and the way her pussy lips seemed to stick together for a moment. Her inner thighs were slick with Alex's cum, which had been dripping out of her all the way down the hall and had just trickled past her knees. Since she'd been following the Doctor, she hadn't had a chance to wipe herself off.

"Now lay back."


"Quiet!" The doctor's voice snapped at her, and he reached out, grasping one of her nipples and pinching it hard. Bella shrieked, her hands coming up to bat his fingers away to no avail; he just pinched harder. "Put your hands down and lay down."

Tears rolled down her face as she forced herself to put her hands down and lay back. Her nipple was throbbing in the strong grip of his fingers, and she whimpered as she inadvertantly tugged as she lay back. Once she was on her back, Dr. Margolis released her nipple, watching her face intently. Her fear of him spiked again as she realized that the soldier in the doorway hadn't batted an eye and the Wolf's words came back to her.

She needed to be good and do as he said if she wanted to avoid punishment, and obviously the doctor was allowed to mete it out. Perhaps the soldier would stop him, perhaps he wouldn't...

And right now he wanted her to be quiet and lay still. So she forced her fears down and lay there, quiescent, as he strapped her down to the bed. Straps went around her ankles, fixing them to the stirrups, one went across her lower belly, another across her chest just under her armpits and above her breasts. Her arms were stretched out over her head and strapped down, and another band went across her forehead, immobilizing her and leaving her completely helpless in front of the sadistic doctor.

Moving back down to her feet, Dr. Margolis grasped each of her ankles and forced them wide apart, making Bella cry out at the sudden movement and stretch of her muscles. Muscles which were already sore from the double rape she'd endured. Her pussy was splayed wide open, feeling like it was splitting apart and she knew that there wasn't a single centimeter hidden from the doctor's lascivious eyes.

Not that he was looking there; he was watching her face, obviously enjoying her fear and her helplessness, aroused by his control over her. Locking the stirrups into place, he went to one of the cabinets. Because of the strap across her forehead she couldn't turn to look and see what he was doing, but she could hear the clinking of metallic objects. Not knowing what he was gathering only made her anxiety even worse.

She looked at the one thing she could see, which was the soldier in the doorway. That wasn't reassuring either because he was staring straight at her spread pussy. Closing her eyes, she forced herself to breathe deeply, trying to calm herself. With her eyes closed, she could feel her heartbeat pounding in her ears.

The screech of wheels and rattling of metal instruments had her opening her eyes again. As the doctor came into view, her breathing starting to accelerate again. The gleam in his eyes and grin on his face said that whatever was about to happen, she wasn't going to enjoy it.

"First things first," he said, almost conversationally. Holding up what looked almost like a gun with a long needle attached, he smiled at her, reveling in the terror on her face. Walking around to the side of her, he wiped a small area on the meat of her bicep with a wet pad and then pressed the needle to the spot. "This will just pinch for a moment."

Bella cried out as the needle slid inside of her, holding as still as possible to keep it from moving around in her flesh. It stung on entry and she felt sick as she could actually feel it probing down inside of her flesh. There was a small noise and it pinched again, before the needle was pulled away and he wiped the spot again. This time it burned a bit when he ran the pad over it and the astringent smell trickling up to her nostrils told her that the pad had some kind of disinfectant on it.

"I just inserted a tracker into your arm," Dr. Margolis said, running his finger over her cheek as he grinned down at her. "Anywhere you go, anywhere on Earth, the Wolf will be able to find you. Although right now it has a double duty; it's not just a tracker, but if you try to leave the compound at all, it will begin to release an electric charge through your body. It won't kill you, but it will be excessively painful." That last was said with a certain kind of relish that stabbed fear through Bella's heart again. Just when she was thinking she couldn't be more afraid of the doctor than she already was, he said something that sent her up to another level she'd never known existed. "Now then, let's clean you up a bit."

Returning to her spread legs, the doctor methodically cleaned all the residue of cum – now dried – from her legs and pussy lips. He wasn't gentle about it either, pinching her labia between his fingers and pulling the tender flesh away from her body as he cleaned it, running the wipe between every single fold. Bella winced and bit back her pleas, knowing that it wouldn't matter and not wanting to give the sadistic man even the slightest excuse to punish her. If this was his normal treatment, she hated to think of what he might do to her if he was allowed to.

"Now to clean your insides," the doctor said, his sadistic grin spreading.

Unable to keep quiet, having no idea what his words might mean and therefore finding them even more threatening, Bella moaned and squirmed against the restraints. Of course they'd been tightened far too well for her to do more than wiggle, causing her breasts to sway gently back and forth.

The doctor picked up what looked almost like a hose with a long, metal tube at the end of it; on the other end the hose was attached to some kind of machine. The tube was perhaps an inch and a half in circumference and had little holes all over it. Bella gasped as the doctor stepped between her legs and pressed the cold metal to her hole, pushing it inwards. She could hear the sloppy, sloshing sound as its cold length was inserted into her vagina, pushing out some of the cum that had rested there previously.

"This is called a douche, my dear," Dr. Margolis said, pushing the nozzle even deeper into her. Bella winced and moaned as the metal tube was completely inflexible against her soft walls. "We'll start with a nice hot one for you."

Bella screamed as the inner walls of her cunt were suddenly pummeled with water so hot that it felt like it was burning her. She had no way of knowing that it had been nicely gauged to the perfect temperature to be painful without actually causing any damage, to her it felt as though molten lava was spraying her insides. As she pulled and wriggled against the restraints, crying out and begging for him to stop even though she knew it would be useless, hoping that the soldier would intervene, the Doctor pressed another button and the spray stopped. When he pulled the hose from her tight channel, a mix of water and cum sprayed outwards with enough force to get some on his jacket. Not that he seemed to notice. The rest of it trickled down the drain next to the table.

"Please, please not again," Bella begged as he reinserted the metal into her pussy, her walls feeling even more sensitive than before after the hot torture. "Please, I can't take it."

"Well, you don't really have a choice now, do you?" The doctor asked, smiling unpleasantly as he pushed the button again.

Ice water sprayed her insides at high velocity, making Bella scream and writhe again. It burned, but in an entirely different way, the chill sinking into her body, feeling like it was sinking into her very bones. Crying, pleading, had no effect but she couldn't stop as the icy water froze her overheated insides, the extreme difference making it all the more painful.

When the doctor finally removed the douche wand from her pussy, she was crying incoherently, shivering with the shock and the cold.

"Mmm... you look a bit cold, my dear," the doctor said, reinserting the wand into her frozen pussy. "Let me heat you up."


The combination of heat and ice inside of her caused Bella's body to bow against the restraints, but there was no where for her to go. Her screams echoed around the room; the water felt even hotter because the walls of her cunt were so cold from the ice water and she thought that surely it was actually boiling her insides.

When the doctor pulled the wand out from her pussy, it was against followed by that spray of water that was quickly reduced to a dribble. As Bella panted and sobbed, he leaned close to inspect the swollen, angry red folds of her abused cunt.

"Hmmm... too much hair here."

Bella barely heard what he was saying. In fact, she barely registered it as he spread the depilatory cream over her abused pussy and mound. At that point she didn't care that he was permanently removing her pubic hair, at least it didn't hurt! As he scraped the hair away, leaving her pussy bald and smooth, the prominent pout of her swollen lips became even more pronounced. The doctor pulled and tugged at the abused folds, making her squeal a bit, as he inspected for stray hairs, but after the pain of the hot and cold douches, a few pinches were bearable even if they were to a sensitive and sore area.

"Now that you're all clean, it's time to take a look inside," the doctor said cheerfully, pulling over a large stool to sit on. Bella could just barely make out his head in between her legs, his face only inches away from her pussy and she moaned, sure that whatever was to come it would be some awful torment.

Something cool and slick pushed into her pussy; unyielding and hard, it wasn't comfortable but it wasn't painful either and she breathed a sigh of relief. Then she heard something click and click again and suddenly there was a great amount of pressure on her pussy, as if the walls were being forced apart.

"What are you doing?" she asked, too exhausted to do more than wriggle a little. The doctor smacked the top of her freshly bared mound and she squealed.

"Be silent."

But she couldn't stop herself from moaning as there was another clicking noise and her pussy stretched again. Bella realized that the doctor didn't seem to mind noises in response to what he was doing, screams and pleas didn't invoke any sort of reaction other than sadistic pleasure, it was only questions that provoked retaliation.

Another click and she was having trouble breathing, her pussy felt so hugely stretched.

"Oh please... please stop... it's too much," she begged. Ignoring her the doctor clicked his instrument another setting and her pussy gaped even further. But he didn't punish her for speaking, it just didn't do her any good.

Tears leaked down the side of her face, not sobs, but tears of humiliation, of degradation. She wasn't entirely sure what kind of instrument he had inside of her, but she was quite that the doctor was actually looking inside the most private area of her body.

When the pressure suddenly eased, she gave a sigh of relief as her breath seemed to come easier as well. The instrument slid easily from her body.

Then the doctor made a few more movements and she felt his finger, slick with some kind of lubricant, prodding her anus. Immediately Bella tensed, trying to clench her butt cheeks together even though it was impossible due to the wide spread of her legs.

"Don't! Stop!"

Chuckling, the doctor increased the pressure on her anus, wedging the tip of his finger into the wrinkled hole as Bella let out an outraged cry.

"Don't enjoy anal, my dear? Don't worry, you'll have ample opportunity to get over that."

"I've never done it!" Bella snapped back at him, still trying to move her body away. It took her a moment to realize that the doctor had frozen. Immediately the pressure was removed from her anus and he was standing between her legs, looking down at her helpless body.

"You mean that? You've never had anal sex?" The doctor snapped at her.

Realizing his excitement, Bella snapped her lips together. The doctor scowled and smacked her pussy lips with his open palm; after all this abuse her poor privates had taken in the past few hours, it hurt more than she could have ever imagined. Bella howled, her muscles straining to close her legs protectively, but of course the restraints were too strong. As if to emphasize her helplessness and the need to cooperate, the doctor spanked her pussy again, before repeating the question.

Tears in her eyes, Bella gave in. "No. Never."

"Have you ever had anyone play with your anus?"


The smile that suddenly spread across the man's face had Bella's heart sinking even further. She hadn't known it could go any lower.

"Well this is unexpected... unprecedented in fact." The doctor leered at her. "You, my dear, are the very first anal virgin that the Wolf has ever taken."

The first? Surely that couldn't be true... Bella was aware that some of her friends thought she was a bit of a prude, and it was true she hadn't experimented with sex as much as a lot of them, but she hadn't thought she was truly all that unique. Even though it seemed like a lifetime ago, she suddenly wondered if the reason Ken had cheated on her with Lisa was because Bella had always refused to let him even touch her there. Or touch him there. It was a well-known, common perversion, but had never been one that appealed to her.

"Dr. Margolis," the soldier by the door said suddenly, giving a short cough. "You can't..."

"I won't," said the doctor sharply, obviously resenting the soldier's presence and reminder. For a moment Bella thought she'd gotten a bit of a reprieve, but then the doctor leered at her again. "But there are certain things that I can do."

This time he stood right where he was, so that he could watch her face as he pressed his lubricated fingertip back against her anus and began to steadily push in. Knowing how much he liked her reactions, Bella screwed her eyes shut and tried to show as little as possible on her face, although she knew that she wasn't entirely succeeding.

The doctor's finger pushed in rudely, slowly, as if he was enjoying making a leisurely invasion of her virgin hole. The sensation wasn't entirely unpleasant, but it was extremely uncomfortable and it just felt WRONG. Bella could imagine how Alex had managed to take the Wolf's cock in his own asshole, just the doctor's finger felt incredibly huge, like it was too big to fit. She couldn't help moaning as he pumped it back and forth inside of her, forcing her tight sphincter over the ridges of his knuckles again and again. It felt dirty and nauseating, and yet there was something about it that felt a little good too and she really, really hated that part.

She didn't know how long the doctor frigged her ass for, although she could well imagine just how lewd and awful it looked to the witnessing soldier. The puffy red lips of her pussy, spread and swollen, while beneath the depraved doctor was using his finger to stretch her virgin asshole. When he finally stopped, she sighed with relief and opened her eyes, only to find the doctor smirking at her.

"Time for the plug, my dear," he said. "Trust me, you'll thank me later." Holding up the plug, it didn't look very big, but it still looked way too big to go in her asshole. At least as long as his finger, it was tapered to a point and the big bulge just before the narrow neck that attached it to the base was definitely bigger around than his finger.

Without putting any extra lubricant on the rubber probe, the doctor pressed it against her anus, which had already been fairly well lubricated from his intensive fingering. Bella groaned and mewled as the plug began to push in; without any extra lubricant it wasn't an easy passage and she began panting as the doctor slid it back and forth, stretching her anus a little wider every time. When it came to the fattest part of the plus she let out a cry, squirming to try to get way as her sphincter protested the invasion, the burning discomfort becoming almost an ache.

Then it was past and inside of her and she moaned with relief. Uncomfortable, yes, but at least it wasn't painful.

The doctor toyed with her for a few more minutes, making her whimper as he twisted and pulled on the plug. Whenever he did the latter it made her feel like she was about to go to the bathroom and sweat broke out on her forehead. It was only when the soldier in the doorway shifted and the movement caught Dr. Margolis' eye that he sighed and desisted.

Bella nearly cried with relief as he moved away from her lower body.

Looking a bit sour, the doctor came back up to her head, holding a tube of something. "Open your mouth."

For a moment she considered resisting, but she was feeling too battered at this point. Besides, what could he possibly want to put in her mouth that would be so horrible? Everything he'd done so far had a point, even if he did it in the most painfully degrading and humiliating way possible. Did she really want to give him an excuse to make whatever was about to happen embarrassing and painful as well?

So she opened her mouth.

To her relief the doctor didn't do more than squeeze something out of the tube and into her mouth; it felt like cool gel and tasted like mint. In fact, it was the least unpleasant part of her day.

"Swallow it."

She did as he said and she could feel it tingling and coolly soothing all the way down the back of her throat. Until now, she hadn't realized quite how much the inside of her throat hurt from all the crying, yelling and begging she'd been doing, but the gel made it feel much better.

Dr. Margolis smiled at her. "That should take care of your gag reflex for at least a month, my dear. That pretty mouth is going to become very well used and it wouldn't do to have you constantly throwing up."

Suddenly the coolness in her throat seemed to send a chill through her entire body as she realized what he meant.

But it was over... the doctor began unstrapping her from the table. As she sat up, her head spun dizzily and the soldier came forward to help steady her and help her stand. Which she was exceedingly grateful for, not wanting Dr. Margolis to touch her any more than was necessary. He made her skin crawl. The soldier might be the lesser of two evils, but she'd take him in a heartbeat over the doctor.

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