tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTaken by Tribe in Africa

Taken by Tribe in Africa


We sat around the table in the camp; there were eight of us -- five men and three girls. We had been running safari trips on border of Zimbabwe and Botswana. We were close to Zimbabwe but officially in Botswana. We had heard that the local chief in Zimbabwe was agitating. There was a risk of him picking on our camp as 'white-run'. We decided that we would spend a couple of days packing up and would then move further into Botswana.

I was deeply disappointed as I had spent four years building up business -- building the camp, getting local relationship with the villagers and securing local sources of supply for the camp.

I had a great team -- I, Andy, had been there right through as had Pete and Colin. Paul and Steve had joined later. All five men were aged 24 to 29 -- I was oldest at 29. The girls tended to stay for less time but we recruited through word of mouth. The three girls were Susan, Alison and Louise, all 23 or 24. Susan had been with us least time -- for just four months. All three girls were attractive but we all knew that we could not to get involved in relationships -- it would have been too complicated. It didn't stop the men fancying the girls and taking sly peeps when they were showering behind the woven grass screens

Next morning, the tribe came at dawn - there was no time to pack up. They collected all of us together in the middle of our own camp. The tribe numbered about 60 -- probably 35 men and 25 women. The chief was an impressive man -- about 6' 2" and muscular. All wore native dress; the men had hunting loin cloths and the ladies wore skirts and beads but were topless. The men were all lean and fit -- they were used to running to catch food. The women were mainly lean too.

The chief had roused his tribe to fever pitch; it could have turned nasty. We all had our elbows tied together behind our back with strips of leather made into thin thongs. Our feet were tied with similar thongs but allowed 18" of slack so could walk but not run.

I was pulled to centre and the chief sat in my camp chair. The rest of my team were lined up to one side between us. The tribe was baying and wanting action. The chief held up arm to quieten them and he told us that he was in charge.

The chief told me that my team would be let go if I agreed to his conditions -- did I agree? I asked what the conditions were. He paused. He said in a loud and clear voice that I was to agree to be his slave for one week. If I agreed then I would be let go at the end of the week and given a Landrover to drive away. The rest of my team would be able to leave later that night in another Landrover.

The tribe started shouting loudly, enjoying the prospect of the white man being the slave of the Chief. Chief held up his arm again. He said that I had to demonstrate that day my subservience to him. The tribe bayed and shouted. He said that, for my team to be let free, I had to do two things that day to demonstrate that he was my chief.

I asked what they were - I had a bad feeling. The tribe was absolutely silent.

He said that I had to suck his cock in front of the whole tribe and in front of my team. He said that he would then fuck my arse in front of everyone.

I looked him in the eye and said that I would never agree to his conditions. He walked over to me and walked around me. He was 6' 2" to my 5'7" so he towered over me. When he was in front of my I looked him in the eye. He walked back to his chair.

He pointed at Susan and ordered his men to bring her to the front, in the shade of the tree that supported the dining hut roof. His tribesmen loosened her elbow binds but then attached long strips of thong to each wrist. The other ends of the thongs were passed over the lowest branch of the tree and pulled tight. Susan's arms were pulled up and apart above her head. Further thongs were tied to her ankles and then to the tree trunk and the leg of the table. She was still hobbled by the original 18" thongs but her feet were now held that distance apart.

The Chief came over to me and asked me again if I would agree to his demands. The tribe was silent. I again refused. The Chief walked over to Susan and took out his hunting knife. He cut Susan's blouse from her.

He asked me again and I refused

He cut Susan's shorts from her.

He asked me again. It was clear which direction events were heading. I looked at Susan; she was now dressed only in a white cotton bra and matching white cotton panties. Her breathing was short and sharp and she was wide-eyed with fear.

I again refused his demand

The Chief returned to my camp chair and sat down. He called to one of the young women from his tribe. She came forward and collected his knife. She went to Susan and cut through all the straps of her bra but held it so it did not fall away. The tribeswoman then stood behind Susan, still with her hands over Susan's breasts, holding the shreds of the bra in place. The Chief nodded and the tribeswoman let the bra drop.

The noise of the tribe increased -- they were seeing a white women humiliated by the Chief and they liked it. The tribeswoman started to massage Susan's breasts and to tease her nipples until they were erect. Susan closed her eyes and breathed through her nose, causing her nostrils to flare. The tribeswoman let one hand pass downwards, caressing Susan's skin as it travelled towards her panties and massaged Susan's flat stomach. The tribeswoman was standing behind Susan, pressing her bare breasts into Susan's back and pushing her pubic mound against Susan's bum.

The Chief ordered the tribeswoman away. As the tribeswoman returned to the crowd, she was patted on the back and congratulated. The Chief called to one of the tribesmen -- he was about 18 years old and his black skin glistened as if it had been oiled. He picked up the knife and stood in front of Susan. He placed the sharp tip of the knife just under Susan's left nipple and pushed upwards, lifting Susan's breast on the tip. Susan looked directly into his eyes. He smiled and moved the knife away. He stood behind Susan and placed his left hand over Susan's mound His fingers curled under her so he cupped her cunt completely.

With the knife he cut her panties from the leg to the waist on both sides. He dropped the knife and moved his right hand up to caress Susan's breasts. He then pulled the remnants of Susan's panties away and threw them to the Chief. The tribesman then stood behind Susan and lewdly masturbated her with his right hand and teased her nipples with his left hand. The tribe bayed its appreciation. The Chief picked up Susan's shredded panties and brought them to his nose. He called out that the panties were soaked with her cream. Susan was hanging somewhat limp against her bonds as the tribesman continued to caress her cunt. Susan's blond pubic hair, which she had trimmed to quite a short length, was soon dark with the juices of her arousal.

The Chief called out and the tribesman immediately walked away and returned to the crowd. The tribesman let other members of the tribe smell and lick the white girl's arousal from his fingers. The tension in the tribe was almost palpable. I looked at the other members of my team. They were wide-eyed at what they had seen. No one had ever seen Susan naked and now we had seen her stripped publicly and seen how aroused it had made her. I looked at Susan -- she had recovered her defiance and was standing with straight legs but her hips were still rocking slightly betraying her arousal and that she had been left unfulfilled.

The Chief called for the old witchdoctor to come forward. The Chief asked me again if I would cede to his demands. Again, I refused.

The witchdoctor uncoiled from his waist a whip made like a cat-o'nine-tails with about twenty leather thongs joined to a single handle. The Chief told the witchdoctor to show me the whip As it was held in front of me, I could see that each of the tails had tiny shards of what looked like flint pressed through the thong. The Chief explained that the whip would initially be used gently and that the little sharp edges would create a sharp tingling in the skin where it landed. He explained that, if wielded hard, it was an extremely painful whip.

I was expecting the Chief to ask again if I would agree to being his slave together with the prospect of what I would be subjected to that evening. The Chief did not ask.

He sensed that the tribe wanted to see the white whore whipped who was so aroused at being stripped and fondled in front of them. The witchdoctor tore a section of Susan's discarded blouse into a strip and tied it round her head through her mouth as a gag. Susan was breathing sharply through her nostrils, again causing them to flare. The witchdoctor started whipping her gently.

He started with her back then moved down to her buttocks then concentrated on the back of her legs. This was hidden from us as Susan was bound standing facing us. We saw her flinch when the whip landed but she did not cry out. The witchdoctor moved around in front of her and started whipping the front of Susan's thighs. Where the whip landed, you could see that the skin turned deep red as the blood rushed protectively to the area. It was not a single weal but an area of high sensitivity. He whipped her stomach never letting the thongs land below the top of her blond pubic hair. He whipped her breasts to a dark red colour and her nipples stood proud.

The Chief called out and the whipping stopped. Now he asked me if I was prepared to be his slave and do as he wished. I was confused and hesitated.

The Chief called out again and two tribesmen came forward and cut the 18" thong that bound Susan's feet together. Then they tied new, long thongs above her knees and outwards to the tree trunks, pulling Susan's legs much further apart until she was almost hanging from her wrist straps with her thighs pulled crudely apart. The witchdoctor suddenly whipped her hard, bring the tails upwards into her completely unprotected cunt. Susan's eyes flew open and her head jerked back but no sound came out. The witchdoctor landed another cruel, hard upward blow and this time a strangled scream came past the gag.

I shouted for it to stop. The Chief asked if I now agreed to his terms. I shouted that I did. He told me to repeat out loud what I was agreeing to so the tribe could hear. I gathered myself and said in as calm and clear a voice as I could muster that I would suck his cock and that he could fuck my arse, all in front of the tribe.

Susan's bonds were cut and she slumped to the ground. She was carried back to the tribe, not to rest of my team, and she disappeared from sight.

The Chief himself cut the thong that bound my elbows together. He sat himself down in my camp chair while I stood in front of him. The tribe was silent. I imagined I could just hear Susan sobbing gently.

The Chief uttered one word: "Strip". I knew I had no choice. I removed my safari shirt. I dropped my shorts to the ground and stepped out of them so I was left with just some white short-style briefs.

The Chief said "Strip completely right now". I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of by briefs, dragged them to the ground and stepped out of them. I stood up with my hands clasped behind my back. I was not going to cower in front of the Chief. I may only be 5' 7" but I have a cock which, when erect is 10" long and very, very thick. All my girlfriends have told me that it is well above average. Men's cocks when limp are either 'grow' or 'show'. Cocks that are 'grow' are a lot smaller flaccid than when erect but grow impressively. 'Show' cocks are big even when limp but do not grow as much when aroused. My cock is a 'show' cock. The tribe, and my team, therefore saw a thick 8" cock hanging down between my legs. Some members of the tribe gasped when they saw it.

I also have large balls, matching in weight and size the thickness and length of my cock. In hot climates, men's balls always hang low in their sac for ventilation. Due to the hot climate, I had been in the habit of trimming my dark curly pubic hairs quite short to allow air circulation. The Chief, the tribe and my team therefore saw my large cock and balls fully on display as I stood with my legs slightly apart.

The Chief announced to his tribe that they should return at 4.00 in the afternoon and that they would all be able to 'test' me before I undertook my tasks and showed my subservience. I had no idea what he meant. He told his team to take Susan and me away and prepare us for the afternoon.

I was taken to a tent and given sweet drink which I swallowed gratefully. Quickly I became very drowsy though not unconscious and was aware of being washed and having creams rubbed into me. At about 3.00 in the afternoon I came to - I was naked still but the cream had obviously been a hair removal cream. There was absolutely no hair anywhere on my body. I rubbed my head in case that was bald but my hair there had just been trimmed short.

At 4.00 the tribe reassembled in the camp. All the members of my team except Susan were there and looked as though they had not been interfered with. I was marched into the centre of the camp by the two women who had prepared my body. Susan was brought in and was strung up naked to the tree in the same position she had been at the end of her previous trial, with her legs tied widely apart. Like me, she had been depilated and so her pubic hair had gone. Her skin had recovered completely from the whipping and she showed no sign of soreness where her cunt had been so badly thrashed.

The Chief sat in my camp chair as I stood in front of him. At his order, one of the pretty young tribeswomen walked forward with a number of long leather thongs. The first she tied around my waist. With the second she fashioned a loop in the centre of the thong and placed it over my balls from below. The two ends she pulled up the front of my legs and drew them taut. As she did this, my balls were pulled forwards away from my legs and upwards. My bollocks were crudely displayed to all and then she tied the ends to the waist thong to maintain that position.

She tied my elbows together again behind my back. She then knelt down in front of me and fashioned another loop in the middle of a leather thong. This she placed over the base of my cock and drew the loose ends up through between my legs and rested them gently through the back of the waist band. She took my cock into my mouth and sucked in the most exquisite way. Many girlfriends have performed oral sex on me as they tell me they enjoy having such a large cock in their mouth and they also enjoy how it makes me melt. This was an outstanding blow job and I was soon massively erect. At that time she quickly pulled the thong tight and fastened it at my back. She had made a very effective cock ring -- the return path of blood away from my cock was inhibited so my erection would be maintained for as long as the thong was drawn tight. Equally there could be no respite through orgasm as the tight loop of thong also stooped my body being able to ejaculate the sperm from my balls that were now so prominently displayed. The way the ends were tied back between my legs meant that my erect cock was no longer pointing upwards but was drawn down and was parallel to the floor. I looked down and could see that my prick was now heavily engorged with blood, was a dark red in colour and was both longer and thicker than I had ever seen it

The Chief ordered two of his men forward and soon I was made to lie on my back, on one of the benches that we sat on at the communal dining table to eat. My head was at one end, I was supported by it as far down as my coccyx and my legs were tied far apart to pegs in the ground. My arms were by my side, pulled apart and also staked to pegs. I could not move. A small pillow was placed under my head so I could look down my body. My cock was now vertical. My balls were horridly displayed between my widespread legs. Past the end of the bench I could see Susan displayed star-like and upright

The Chief announced that the tribe was now free to sample both Susan and me for a period of one hour. The crowd knew that with my cock in bondage I would not achieve orgasm no matter what they did to me and that I could not resist anything they wanted. Equally they knew that Susan could easily be aroused again and that she could be made to come as many times as possible in the hour. Again, all her orifices were available and she could not resist. The other members of my team were tied together in a line and attached to a tree so they could see all that was going on but could not intervene. The Chief announced that he was leaving and would return in one hour

The crowd surged forward. The first member of the tribe to touch me was the girl who had given me a blow job and then tied the thong around my cock. She sank her warm mouth over my throbbing cock and fellated me. It was very pleasurable but I was immediately conscious of the pressure building in my balls as my level of arousal built. At the same time another lady caressed my balls and moved them around in their heavy sac. A third hand rubbed that sensitive band of skin between my balls and my arse. I closed my eyes and felt my hips buck involuntarily as I responded to their touch. A tribesman who had positioned himself next to my head told me to keep my eyes open so that I could see who was doing what to me and to Susan.

I looked past the ladies who were touching me and I could see Susan surrounded by three young, muscular tribesmen. All three were naked. One was behind her, rubbing himself against her buttocks and reaching round to caress her stomach. Another was between her legs, licking her clitoris. A third was suckling on her erect nipples. Her head was tossing around in ecstasy as she was brought to orgasm. The stimulation did not stop -- they were determined to drive her to multiple orgasms.

The ladies touching me melted away and were replaced by three more. My cock was dark red and engorged with blood. The veins stood proud on the surface of my shaft. The head of my cock stood proud. Some oil was poured onto my body and many hands rubbed it into me -- I lost count of how many people were touching me simultaneously. One older lady stood between my thighs and fixed me with a stare. She reached down and slowly inserted a finger into my arse. She stretched my anus and inserted a second finger. She then started to massage my prostate. At the same time, a girl was sucking my cock and others were rubbing my balls. I was sweating profusely and breathing in short spurts. My hips were thrusting upwards. I was desperate to come but somehow that release would never come -- the thong tied around my cock would ensure that I could not come and would stay erect.

I heard Susan cry out as she had another orgasm. I focused on her and saw that two tribesmen were fucking her simultaneously -- one was in front and pistoning into her cunt. The other was behind her, ploughing her bum with his glistening black prick. As I watched those two tribesmen withdrew from Susan and walked away. Their pricks were going soft and spunk dribbled from the ends. They had come inside Susan simultaneously in her cunt and her arse. Immediately two more tribesmen stepped forward with proud, erect cocks bouncing in front of them. One stood behind and I saw Susan push her arse backwards as he entered her -- she was enjoying the penetration. Then I saw her part her thighs even further as the second man stuffed his dick up her cunt from the front. She came again at that point. The tribesmen started their thrusting and Susan seemed to have a long, continuous orgasm that wracked her body as they ploughed her.

I could not think straight -- all I wanted was the release of an orgasm. My balls felt as though they would burst and my dick was throbbing mightily. I had never seen my own cock so hard and erect -- right at that time, I was sure it had grown to 11" long and was fatter that it ever had been before.

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