Taken By Two Boys Ch. 02


"Hey faggot, where are you going?" Tim yelled at George, who tried to scurry away.

"W-what..." Was all he managed to stammer out as Tim addressed him.

"It's hotter if she's sucking my cock in front of you. Go grab me another beer, pussy." Tim demanded, taking this opportunity to rub his crotch into Amy's face in front of her husband.

Amy eye's widened as she took in the pungent smell of his balls and cock.

George's heart sank and eyes widened to the demands of the teenager, and before he knew it he found himself handing the boy another beer. Him and Amy briefly made eye contact and he couldn't help but notice her disappointment. Deep down she knew that Tim was more of a man than her wimpy husband, and that's why she was sucking on his cock and submissively collecting up the last droplets of his spent cock.

"Shit, this i turning me on. Jeff said.

"Alright bitch. My turn." Buzzed as he already was, Jeff then lit up another joint. He wanted to make the next fuck session last.

At this point Amy had already finished "cleaning" up Tim and had began bobbing up and down on Jeff's cock. Slurping noises filled the room as Tim restrained George and Jeff inhaled from his joint.

"I know you get off on this shit." Jeff said mockingly to George as he exhaled.

Amy's ears burned and she continued to bob up and down on the dick of the young boy.

"You don't even get to jerk off." He said, punctuating his insult. He then forced Amy's head down all the way to his pubes and made her gag.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!" He said, reveling in how great her warm, wet mouth felt as she struggled for air and her big lips wrapped around the base of his cock.

"Get used to it." Jeff said, looking down to Amy and smiling.

"You're going to be in this position every night when I sleep." These words made Amy and George's heart sink. Amy had hoped that this was only a one time indulgence for Jeff, but he must have enjoyed it so much he wanted to make it into a habit.

As these thoughts entered her mind, she was broken out of her daze by Jeff as he spoke to Tim.

"Dude, you know what I just realized?" Jeff added, grabbing the back of Amy's head and forcing it deeper down onto his shaft.

"Ullllllk!!!" She gagged as her eyes widened.

As she struggled to breathe, Tim laughed over her.

"What's that?" He asked.

"We haven't even fucked this bitch in the ass yet!"

George and Amy's eyes both widened in surprise. She was suddenly terrified that her last remaining cherry would be busted. As this realization hit her, she noticed the sound of a key unlocking the door. Billy had arrived home from school and saw his mother gagging on Jeff's cock. She looked over at him, his face sinking, as tears filled her eyes. Jeff still had her head firmly in place.

"Ahahaha, Perfect timing." Jeff smirked as he removed his cock from Amy's mouth and put out his mini-joint.

"Alright slut. Get naked, and get On all fours."

Billy had chosen the worst time to get home.

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Instead pf degrading the Mom, the 2 boys could have had Amy degrade and spit on her Husband and son, and even piss on them-EATANDBEMERRY

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