Taken Ch. 03

bywhores Master©

You arrived at the office and found that you were the only one there at that time. Five minutes after you turned your computer on, the phone rang. You picked it up.

"I see you are early today."

You felt flushed as you stood, then went to the window and looked out across the street. You didn't see me, so you sat back down.

"Yes I had a lot of work to do. I won't be able to take off early today and besides I don't like the way you treated me yesterday. You don't own me."

"Yes I do."

You didn't answer.

"What color panties are you wearing now?"

You didn't answer again.


Your voice was low and timid.


"Why pink?"

"I thought they were pretty and I needed a little color to cheer me up."

"I don't like pink. Take them off and put them in an envelope and seal it. Put the name "M Masters" on it and tell the receptionist I will pick them up shortly."

"I can't do that."

"Do you want me to come there and take them off of you, you impudent slut?"



"No, Master."

"I will be there this morning to pick them up. I want them wet with your cum too...so get busy my slutty little cunt."

I hung up and went into the coffee shop down the street from your office. You locked the door. You didn't need to touch yourself much to comply, since your pussy was already wet. You were reluctant to admit how much my instructions excited you.

After a couple of minutes of rubbing and fingering, you leaned back as you climaxed. You cleaned your wet lips off with the crotch of the panties and folded them so the wet area was tucked inside and wouldn't leak into the envelope.

You flattened them and put them in an envelope with a few sheets of paper on each side, then sealed the envelope and taped it shut. You addressed it as instructed and set it on the desk until the receptionist came to work about an hour later.

You were busy all morning and the idea of having no panties on made your pussy even wetter. You got a pad from the ladies room to absorb the moisture that leaked and flowed from your cunt.

You did your best to stay away from everyone all morning lest they learn your naughty secret by the scent that you were sure emanated from between your legs.

The time crawled by and finally it was 1:30. You had already lied about having a doctor's appointment and when you walked by the receptionist on the way out, you noticed the envelope was still on the table where you left it a few hours earlier.

"Didn't someone come for this yet?"

"No, Lisa."

You picked it up to take with you but stopped after a couple of steps and put it back on the table.

"Don't let anyone else take this except Mr. Master, ok Shelly?"

"Sure Leese..no problem."

You drove toward home, nervously planning the things you had to do. You stopped at a gift shop and ran in to get a candle. You chose a large candle that was at least two inches in diameter and 10 inches long.

Soon you pulled into the garage. You grabbed the candle and the clothespins and raced to the bedroom, carefully leaving the door closed but unlocked.

You stripped naked in front of the mirror and stared at your pussy. You could see the lips parted slightly and looking so slutty, like they were open and needy.

You rubbed your lips a few times and watched your fingers disappear inside. You had never watched yourself before and you found it very exciting.

You played with your nipples to make them stand out hard and then carefully placed the first clothespin on the nipple. The pain shot through your chest and you quickly removed it.

Your heart was racing then from the excitement of doing what I had told you. The apprehension and fear of the unknown was about to overwhelm you and you looked at yourself questioningly.

"Can I really do this?"

You bent the clothespin back as far as it would go, trying to relieve some of the pressure. You placed it on your nipple again and gritted your teeth at the pain.

You tried to distract yourself and pulled the comforter off and took your clothing to the hamper. You got a robe out of the closet and laid it on the dressing chair beside the bed. You pulled the sheet back and fluffed the pillows.

You were then aware that the pain had dulled somewhat. Instead of it being sharp and excruciating as it was at first, it felt dull.

You could feel the throbbing of your nipples and the sensation was new and made you feel that you were a slut as I had told you. You clamped the other clothespin on and you went to the kitchen for the candle.

You sat at the edge of the bed so you could watch in the mirror and you rubbed the end of the candle against your vulva, then pressed it against your lips, then pushed it against them until they parted enough for it to press against your slit.

It felt so big. you wondered if you could really take it all up your pussy, but you really wanted to then. You spread your legs more and as you looked in the mirror you saw what a wanton slut you had become.

You stared at yourself as you pushed and you watched as the candle slid into your cunt and slowly disappeared an inch at a time.

You sat still with at least 8 inches of dark blue wax impaled in your cunt, then you pushed deeper and hunched your hips forward against your hands seeking to take it all.

You groaned as you felt the thick stiffness fill your belly. You pulled it back out and felt the slickness of the wax then spit on your hand and rubbed your cunt with it for lube before jamming it back inside as deep as you could take it.

You fucked yourself uncontrollably for a few minutes and when you had cum and were weak and disoriented you finally checked the clock, it was 2:25.

Your stomach churned then, not because of fear but because of need. You were ready for anything and everything I would do to you. You laughed to yourself as you thought about how greedily you would suck my cock and drink my cum.

You heard the door open and you crawled under the covers. Footsteps crossed the living room.

"Lisa. are you ok?"

You jumped up in shock and pulled your robe around you.

"Yes Paul, I am ok. What are you doing home hun?"

He walked to the bedroom as you removed the clothespins and the candle and struggled to hide them under the sheets.

"A detective from the police called me and said the neighbors had called because someone had broken into the house. Were they here when you got here?"

"No. I haven't seen any police and I didn't see any signs of anyone breaking in. I bet it was a prank call."

"Why are you here and undressed?"

"I had a bad headache and I came home to rest. I was getting ready to take a bath to see if that would help. I am ok dear. I know you are busy. Why don't you go on back to work."

You were at a panic point, hoping I wouldn't show up then while he was there.

He walked through the house and checked all doors and windows and when he was satisfied he called down the hall.

"OK Leese. I am going back. You sure you're ok?"

"Yeah hun. I will be fine.. See you tonight."

The door closed and you ran to look out the corner of the window. His car disappeared around the corner. You stood there for a few minutes more just to be sure he was gone and to watch for me.

Soon, the realization that I wasn't coming and had been the one that called him with the break-in story sank in.

"You son of a bitch."

You cursed me.

You locked the door and went back to your bedroom. The phone rang and you sat there unmoving.

"Ring.Ring. Ring."

It was silent then for a minute or two.

"Ring. Ring. Ring"

You wearily picked the phone up. You expected to hear my voice.

"That was a rotten thing to do."

"What Lisa? This is Shelly at work. That guy that you left the package for is here. He said he had an appointment with you at 2:30 and he is getting unhappy. He is wanting to talk to your supervisor. You better get down here immediately. I will stall for you, but hurry."


You cursed me again, screaming to yourself as you went to the bedroom and dressed. You threw your clothes on and ran to the garage and sped out the drive.

You parked in the side parking lot and as just as you got out of the car I pulled up beside you.

"Get in."

"Fuck you."

You tried to walk by me, but I drove beside you.

"Get in the fucking car.. NOW."

You stared at me with hate in your eyes and walked faster. I sped up ahead of you and stopped and as you came up, I jumped out and grabbed you.

"Now listen. This can be easy or hard. I'd suggest you make it easy. Get in my car. I have already told them I talked to you and rescheduled the appointment utill tomorrow since you were gone. They don't expect you in the office now. You are mine now."

You were shaking in rage.

"You are mine."

I repeated for emphasis. You looked at me.

"Why would you go to this much trouble to scare me?"

"So you will know I own you now and can do as I please with you, why else?"

You took a deep breath and sank in the seat a little.

"What do you want?"

"I will tell you at the right time. Now I want you to lean over here, pull your skirt up, your panties off and suck my cock as I drive. I have something special in mind for you if you please me."

You leaned over and unzipped my fly and took my cock out. You leaned down and hungrily sucked it back against your throat. You sucked harder and I could see your cheeks indent as you pulled at my cock with your mouth and lips.

You tugged at your skirt and raised it up to your waist. You slid your panties down and never missed a suck in the process.

I turned onto the interstate and reached over and rubbed your soppy cunt.

"Here is a trucker. I want you to show him what a cock sucker you are now."

You pulled at my cock harder and slurped it with a wet and flowing mouth that wanted all of it. As we pulled beside the truck you glanced at him and flicked the head of my cock with your tongue then pulled it back deep inside.

I spanked your cunt lips for being such a slut. You sucked harder and harder as I spanked your pussy. My cock throbbed to know what you would do and allow.

We showed four or five truckers your slutty behavior before I pumped my cum down your throat.

I pushed you back up in the seat.

"Where are we going?"

"What did you say, cunt?"

"Where are we going Master?"

"I am taking my new cum slut out to eat some cock. A lot of cock. I want you to be covered with cum....cum in your hair...on your tits...your face...your ass...your cunt...all over you."

I pushed your legs apart and felt your cunt. You were gushing like a fountain.

"Just as I thought. You are a real fucking cum pig and I bet you'd do anything for cum, wouldn't you, you fucking cock sucking slut? You pretend to be such a proper business woman, but I know what you are, don't I? Who is a cock sucking cum slut?"

I grabbed your face and turned you to face me.

"I am Master."

"Yes you are and I am going to give you what you want and need. See how good I am to you?'

I laughed maniacally as I drove to the wrong side of town.

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