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Taken For A Ride


I met Beth through this site. She was the first person that read my initial submission and her kind words, encouragement and obvious delight in the response to my work was greatly appreciated. We made arrangements to meet and I was thrilled to find her to be the very special kind of person who was as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside. She was a 5' 3" beauty with dazzling blue eyes, shining red hair and a voluptuous 36DD figure.

We talked about our different writing styles, she favored more of the traditional stories while I leaned more towards the bondage and discipline entries. I asked her if there was a story that she hadn't written it, a fantasy of hers and I watched as she blushed and then told me. It involved both her and my areas of interest and I think she could tell by the smile on my face that I was most interested. We left it at that and I began to plan.

We had made arrangements to meet the next Friday evening at the same location and when she arrived I had an envelope laid out on our table with the initial B on it. She looked at me quizzically and I suggested she open it and read. YOU WILL COME HERE TOMORROW NIGHT AT EIGHT, PARK IN THE BACK OF THE PARKING LOT AND GO IN AND HAVE A DRINK. YOU WILL LEAVE AT 8:15 AND GO BACK TO YOUR CAR. SOMEONE WILL STOP YOU BEFORE YOU REACH IT AND YOU WILL FOLLOW THEIR INSTRUCTIONS. YOU WILL COME TO NO HARM AND THEY WILL HELP YOU BRING YOUR FANTASY TO LIFE. IF YOU AGREE THEN PUT THIS NOW IN A PLACE OF SAFEKEEPING, IF NOT DESTROY IT IMMEDIATELY.

I had watched her read the note and loved seeing the rush of color that went to her face. She finished it and with a slight smile tucked it neatly in her bra. We laughed, talked and drank for hours, having a wonderful time together. I kept dropping hints about my tastes in clothing and she would act like she wasn't paying the least bit of attention but I think she was. As the evening drew to a close she leaned over, kissed me on the cheek and whispered, "I'm sorry I won't see you tomorrow night but I've made plans." With a smile, she waved goodbye and the game was on.

The next night came and right on time there she was. I watched from the van I had rented as she got out of her car and smile came to my lips when she stepped out dressed in a beautiful low cut white blouse with a short black skirt. Heels and stockings finished the outfit and I hoped she'd dressed as magnificently underneath as she had on the outside. Her head turned all around as she made her way to the door, looking to see if she could find me but from where I'd parked her attempt was in vain.

As she made her way into the bar, I started the engine and moved to park next to where she had. Once again, she was prompt and at 8:15 she stepped out of the establishment and began to make her way back to the rather dimly lit part of the lot. I watched from a vantage point where she couldn't see me as she got to the driver's side door and pulled the note that was taped there off and began to read. ONE FINAL CHANCE, IF YOU WANT THIS TO CONTINUE THEN GO TO THE TRUNK AND BEGIN TO OPEN IT. IF NOT, THEN GET IN YOUR CAR AND LEAVE NOW! There was no hesitation, she headed for the back of the car and when she got there I moved quickly up behind her.

I grabbed her around the waist with one hand and clasped the other one over her mouth. Whispering in her ear I said, "If you struggle I will hurt you, do you understand?" She nodded her head and with that my hooded accomplice came from in front of the van and walked up to her. "Put your hands together." She did as she was told and the figure that had yet to speak took duct tape and quickly bound them together. Her ankles were next and then as I removed my hand her mouth. A blindfold finished our work for now and we opened the back of the van and I picked her up and gently threw her onto the mattress in back.

My accomplice jumped in after her and I made my way to the cab, started the engine and drove off. I'd made plans to drive in circles, lots of turns, hoping that would throw her sense of direction off and confuse her even more. I looked in the back, saw my fellow kidnapper looking down at the helpless bound victim and then looking up to grin at me. The hood of the sweatshirt was now off and the eyes I looked into glowed with the thought of what the night might hold. I smiled back and kept driving.

After almost an hour I pulled the van over and stopped in a densely wooded area on the outskirts of town. I shut the engine off and made my way into the back where our captive was. I had to smile as my co-conspirator had already opened our victims blouse, undid the front closure on her black lace bra (she had listened to me) and was playing with her heaving breasts. Our gloves were still on so no fingerprints could be lifted but also so our new playthings nipples could be twisted and turned utilizing the rough material. By the way she was squirming and moaning through her gag it was proving to be extremely effective.

"I'm going to take the tape off of your mouth now but if you scream we'll be forced to harm you. Do you understand?" She shook her head yes and I gently pulled back the sticky substance. Beth slipped right into her role saying, "Please, please don't hurt me. I'll do whatever you want. I have money in my purse, take it, just please, please don't hurt me."

"Lady, we don't want your money" and then I leaned closer, "and I promise you WILL do everything, everything we ask." I stood up, saying "Let's get more comfortable so that we can better entertain our guest."

The sounds of shoes, pants and other items of clothing being shed sent our prisoner into a furious struggle trying to free herself but the tape held tight. Her try had been in vain, there would be no escape. "Well, that didn't accomplish anything, now did it?" I knelt besides her again knowing full well that watching her try to escape had accomplished one thing, I was now as hard as a rock. The click on the switchblade I was holding as it opened was quite loud in our confined little space and it provoked a bit of a yelp from our toy.

I placed the cold edge of the blade on one of her breasts and drug it over one of her already hardened nipples eliciting a delicious shiver. "I warned you what would happen if you screamed luv. I think we're going to have to gag you again. But, first things, first." I moved down between her legs and removed her skirt showing her black lace crotchless panties, garter belt and beautiful nylon clad legs. "Now, this blade is very, very sharp so I wouldn't move if I were you." I could feel her tremble as I took the knife and sliced away the tape on her ankles.

Two rough hands parted her legs and seconds later a tongue buried itself deep into her already steaming sex. A slight whimper was soon followed by a soft scream as the expert touch found her clit quickly and began to bathe it. I had moved up to kneel by her, "Now, where did I put that gag?" and with that I turned her head to the side and parting her lips pushed half of my hard cock inside her mouth. She opened wide and I slid in even further. I started moving in and out, feeding her just a little more each time. I must admit she was quite good, licking at the tip of my hardness each time it would just about come out before plunging back into her waiting mouth.

We kept up a nice rhythm for a minute or two but then her back arched and her hips began to buck. Her orgasm was an intense one and I watched as the fingers on her bound hands fluttered with wave after wave of passion filling her body. Finally, she went limp and her body fell back onto the mattress. I pulled out of her mouth and she issued a long sigh. "Switch places with me, I want some of that." As I took my place between her legs I said, "She's got a sweet mouth, you're gonna like it. Oh, and take her blindfold off. I want her to see what you've got to offer her."

I slid my cock into her fresh wetness and watched as her fellow kidnapper began to remove her blindfold. Her eyes grew wide at the sight of Lisa, one of the waitress's from the bar smiling down as she straddled her face and lifted her head to her waiting pussy. Beth's tongue snaked out and parted Lisa's folds who issued a moan of pleasure saying, "Oh god, you're right Will. She was the one to kidnap." The waitress had her prisoner trapped between her knees and she was taking every advantage of the poor girl. Meanwhile, I was loving the ride but then I remembered the other fantasy that our captive had shared with me.

"Lisa, turn her over, I have a need for that beautiful ass." The barmaid looked back and smiled at me remembering our discussion earlier that evening. "NO, NO, please?" begged the still bound prisoner but we quickly flipped her over saying, "On all fours slut." She had no choice but comply and soon Lisa's thighs held her tightly and her tongue was once was being put to good use. I reached my fingers down and slid into her beautiful pussy, bringing them out dripping and rubbing it all up and down the shaft of my cock. Leaning forward, I felt as she tried to move away but Lisa's grip and mine on her hips were too strong.

I let the head rest on her ass and began slowly putting pressure on her virgin ring. It didn't take long until it slipped in and I slowly began moving in and out, adding a little more each time to my thrusts. I knew she was getting used to the rather unique presence of something there because she began to match my movements with some of her own. Looking up I saw Lisa's mouth open as she was pinching and squeezing her own nipples, working on her orgasm. I knew it wouldn't be long for mine, the pressure, the tightness of her ass felt unbelievably good and I couldn't last much longer.

With a cry Lisa found her orgasm and I watched as she flooded Beth's face with her sweet juices. That was all it took and with a groan I pumped her ass full of hot, sticky cum. It seemed to last forever and our captive moaned her pleasure while receiving both our gifts. Slowly, my cock begin to ease it's way out of her battered opening and it slid free, my cum trailing down her cheeks. Lisa's grip on her had eased somewhat but she still was being attended to by our more than willing prisoner.

Finally, both looked at each other, Lisa smiled, gave her a kiss and then so did I. "Well now, you've gotten loose. We can't have that can we?" Our kidnapped victim shook her head solemnly no so the tape came back out and moments later she was bound, blindfolded and gagged again. We drove back the way we came and put her into the trunk where minutes later Lisa and I just happened to be driving by and found her. We rescued her from her ordeal and how she thanked us, well that's another story.

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