tagGroup SexTaken in by Demons Ch. 02

Taken in by Demons Ch. 02


Earlier I described how I came to be a club girl for the Demons Motorcycle Club. I moved into their club house and became one of them, giving up what few items I owned in the process. I eventually stopped talking with my family since every time I called I was drunk or stoned and I really didn't have much in common with them any more. I had a new family. My parents and brothers didn't like it but I had my own plans and they didn't include going back to college.

I was given a vest after my rather intense initiation. It had a patch that read "Property of Demons MC" and I wore it proudly. In the clubhouse I rarely wore more than the vest and panties for the first month. I was the new plaything and everyone wanted to play. Skeeter had named me Cherry and that was all anyone ever called me. I didn't even use my own name any more. That name was from another life. Since I was considered club property everything I owned belonged to the club. I could leave whenever I wanted by simply taking off my vest and walking away with nothing but the clothes I was wearing. Taking even a change of underwear would be stealing from the MC. I had no intention of leaving though.

The MC was involved in various activities. Chef cooked meth which the guys and some of the girls would sell. Although using it was discouraged, many of the club members did. I had no desire to try it myself; especially after Chef said if I did she'd put me in a shipping crate and send me to a whorehouse in Bolivia. Jimbo ran a service garage and did repo work on the side. The MC actually owned two clubs and a downtown motel that rented rooms by the hour. It was essentially a whorehouse for street walkers. One of the clubs was they owned was the one I was at when I met Skeeter and Danny Boy. The other was a strip club called the Snake Pit. In addition to meth the guys sold coke, weed and guns. They did collection work for people, repossessed vehicles and provided security for those who were willing to pay for it. Many of the women had daytime jobs to help support the club. Some were either prostitutes, dancers or both.

Most of the male members had legitimate jobs. Some did not. Ax, the Sergeant-at-arms, and all of the enforcers held concealed carry permits and were always armed. Since nobody in their right mind would ever testify against a member of the MC, none of the enforcers had felony convictions. It was a pretty secure feeling knowing that whenever we went anywhere there were people around us who would fight to the death to protect us. Nobody messed with club property, and the women in the MC were all either club property or the property of a member. I think my favorite was still Skeeter; a natural born skirt chaser with an addicting smile and a knack for charming his way into the pants of nearly every woman he met. My least favorite was Danny Boy. He made no pretense about seduction. He simply took what he wanted when he wanted it and tended to be rough about it.

When I had been with the MC for about two months Spider, the president, suggested that I take up dancing so I could earn some "walking around" money. I took that to mean that my time of doing nothing but drinking, smoking weed and having sex with any and all of the club members was coming to an end. I wasn't opposed to the idea of teasing a room full of guys but I had absolutely no talent. "Mary Kate," one of the strippers who looked a lot like the Olson twin of the same name, agreed to work with me. After two weeks of daily stretching, workouts, running and starving, I was beginning to think she was trying to kill me. My dancing was so bad she brought in reinforcements, and soon teaching Cherry to dance became a club project. I was so tired when I went to bed at night that I didn't even know who was on top of me; or care.

We went to the Snake Pit on Sundays when it was closed and during the week before it opened. It was a rough looking place in a very old building, but in its day it was probably a classy place. It had crystal chandeliers that nobody had bothered to steal. The bar was mahogany trimmed with brass. A thrust stage was the central focus of the room with tables arranged around it. A corridor on the opposite side of the room as the restrooms led to the VIP rooms, which was surprisingly well kept. The dressing room door was opposite the rearmost VIP room. A narrow corridor connected to the back of the dressing room. Another short corridor and heavy velvet curtains connected to the back side of the stage. The dance pole was centered in the stage and well secured; anchored to the floor and a steel catwalk which was 15 feet above the stage. A tape strip at the 12 foot mark indicated the highest point a dancer could climb and still be seen by the entire audience.

The dance pole was intimidating at first since I couldn't seem to climb it and the other girls did it with ease. Mary Kate told me to just keep practicing and not worry about it since I didn't have to climb up the dance pole to turn men on. I had lost a few pounds since joining the demons. I was now just over 100 pounds and five foot three, with 32C breasts, long red hair, green eyes and a baby face that all the club members enjoyed blasting with semen. Actually I liked it too. It made me feel like a porn star.

The manager of the Snake pit was appropriately named Snake; a tall, lean man in his 50's whose features betrayed a lifetime of abusing booze and drugs. His Special Forces tattoo was featured prominently among the others that sleeved his arms. His sunken eyes didn't miss anything, though. He sat back by the DJ booth sipping straight bourbon and watching over every detail; whether it was dancers practicing in the off hours or whether the club was packed and girls were hustling drinks and lap dances. He gave me the creeps at times.

The first Sunday I was there I was on the stage with Mary Kate, dressed in a skimpy two piece outfit with crazy high heel shoes that made it hard to walk, let alone dance. I had my back to the pole and she was showing me how to grip the pole over my head so that it looked sensual and not strained. Snake walked up on the stage carrying a larger red ribbon in his hands. Immediately I gave Mary Kate a "What the hell?" look, but I said nothing. She just stepped back as Snake walked up to me and began to tie my wrists to the pole with the ribbon. I had a pretty good idea where this was leading. Having sex with Icabod Crane wasn't very high on my to-do list, but something about it all did seem a little sexy. He didn't tie me very tightly. I guess he wanted me to know that it was all a show. Then he reached back and pulled the strings to my top. As it fell loose on my breasts I wondered how he was going to take it off with my hands tied to the pole. The answer was simple. He wasn't. He just pulled it up and leaned forward to tease my nipples. His tongue circled around them one at a time, and then he reached out and caressed my breasts. By the time he began to tug on my nipples them with his teeth, I was actually getting turned on.

When it came to my bottoms, he simply untied both sides and let them drop to the stage. I figured he was getting impatient, but he wasn't. He took the free end of the ribbon and ran it over and around my body, very lightly teasing it over my skin. My hands gripped the pole more tightly as I closed my eyes. I knew Mary Kate was still watching. The other girls began to walk out on stage as well to get a good view of the show. Snake reached down and lifted my right leg. He kept it straight and pushed it back. I think he was impressed at my flexibility because he smiled when he my toes touched the pole. He looped the ribbon around my ankle and around the pole, securing it. Rather than tie it, he put the ribbon in my hand so I could put it down if I got a cramp or something. As I stood there, wrists and ankle tied to the pole, he lowered himself to his knees and slowly began to lick from my anus to my clit. I didn't have to fake the shudders of passion he was causing. He continued until I had no choice but to reward his efforts with one of the most intense orgasms of my life. I expected him to take his own pleasure at that point, but he didn't. I eventually had to switch legs because after two more orgasms I got a leg cramp.

Finally he released my legs so I could stand for a moment as he slipped his clothes off. Around me Mary Kate and the other girls were standing watching me with ashen faces and their hands inside the waistbands of whatever they were wearing. I think the girls masturbating watching made it even more exciting for me. I wouldn't wait for Snake to lift my legs and enter me. From how rigid he was as he slid inside I knew he couldn't wait either. My legs wrapped around his waist as he gripped my ass and began to give me what I desperately needed. I let out my sexiest whimper with each thrust, which he seemed to enjoy immensely. When it felt like he was getting close to cumming, I said, "Tie my ankles."

Without pulling out of me, he tied my ankles to my wrists and the pole. Bent nearly double and hanging off the pole felt so deliciously naughty I had to come again... and again. By the time I felt his hot seed bursting into me I'd cum at least ten times. My thighs were wet to my knees. My arms and legs ached but I didn't care. My face was flushed, my skin was wet with sweat and I really, REALLY wanted a drink. It was a rainy Thursday evening when I was first scheduled to dance at the Snake Pit. My stomach was so tied in knots that I threw up three times before I finally got the word that I would be next. The club was packed. In addition to a couple dozen Demons who were there to see my first night there were members of two other motorcycle clubs as well. The rest of the club was populated by locals, servicemen, and some guys in suits who were probably in town for some company meeting and looking for excitement. Security was handled by a guy called "Buffalo" who kind of looked like one, only without quite so much hair and with a lot of ink.

For my first set I would dance for two songs. During the first I would take off most of my clothes. When the second song started I would take off my lace bra and dance in lace panties. I had the option of working the crowd afterward or just returning to the dressing room. My plan was to do my set and get the heck out of there. About half way through the first song, though, I saw those open jawed stares of lust and realized that these men didn't care if I messed up the dance or not. My apprehensions faded away and I really began to enjoy the tease. I couldn't wait to see their reaction when I finally took my top off. My boobs weren't excessively large but they were boobs and that's all that mattered to this crowd. I guess three months of being passed around like a joint at a Grateful Dead concert had erased my inhibitions because I was almost completely naked in a room full of horny strangers and I loved every minute of it.

I finished my set and opted to work the room for tips. I didn't see any sense in putting my top back on since everyone had already seen most of my body and by now I was really enjoying pretending to be a movie star. I did a table dance on my knees for a few Marines. One of them put a five dollar bill in his zipper so I lay on my back on the table, leaned my head back off the edge and twisted around until I could get it with my teeth. He reached out to feel my boobs and immediately got the "Don't touch" warning from Buffalo. After I got the bill I stood on my knees on his chair, grabbed his head and rubbed my boobs over his face. Nobody could say I didn't support the troops.

By the time I was half way through the room I was so hot that if I had crossed my legs hard I would have cum in about three seconds. My mind became focused on getting through the crowd and returning to the dressing room to deal with the situation. While I was grinding on one of the business men who looked to be about fifty, he leaned in and asked me how much it would cost to have sex with me. Without even thinking I pointed to Spider and told the man he would have to ask the pres. As soon as I was off his lap, he made a beeline for Spider's table. I hadn't considered that the man might actually walk over to a table full of bikers and asked to have sex with one of their girls. They talked for a few minutes, and then the man went back to his table.

When I finished the room I had at least $100 and a few other propositions. As I started back to the dressing room, Spider caught me by the arm. "That gentleman would like you to go to one of the VIP rooms with him," Spider said. "You should have plenty of time before your next set." I knew right then that Spider had pimped me out, and I knew I'd never see a penny of the money. It actually didn't matter at the moment. I needed to cum so badly I was almost grateful. I just nodded and obeyed my president.

The man was a little nervous when we got to the VIP room. I was too hot to be nervous. When we got inside I sat down on the sofa, unfastened his pants and leaned over to take him in my mouth. His cock was fully erect and tasted like sweat and pre-cum. I could tell that he needed release as much as I did. After just a couple of minutes I had to stop and slap his cock against my tits hard to keep him from cumming in my mouth right then. We traded places. He sat on the sofa and I climbed up on his cock. As I lowered myself onto him I let out a whimper like it was the biggest thing I'd ever felt. It wasn't, of course. It was big enough to give me what I needed, though. I managed to delay his climax long enough to achieve my much needed orgasm. As the sensations began to fade he started slamming into me rapidly and I could tell he was going to burst.

I was using birth control so it really didn't matter if he came inside me or not, but I decided to give him the full show. When the moment was right I got off him, knelt in front of him, and took him in my mouth. He came immediately. My hand continued to stroke him as he filled my mouth, then I pulled him out and let him shoot the last couple of bursts on my face. As he sat back, gasping, I gargled his cum so that it dribbled from my mouth to my tits and then I swallowed the rest. After licking my juices off him, I stood up and put my panties on again. As I was leaving the VIP he stuck another twenty in my hand. I never asked Spider what he charged the man.

I did two more sets that night, and had sex with one more guy. I told myself that it wasn't the same as prostitution since I wasn't getting paid. I just did what I was told with whoever Spider told me to go with. The second guy was more my age, probably out partying with Daddy's money. I bent over the arm of the sofa and he fucked me from behind, then he came over my face and tits. It was probably the most exciting four minutes of his life. I did a few lap dances that night as well, but the customer had only paid for the dance so that's all he got. Several times people asked me where they could score some weed or other stuff. I referred them to the guys and said maybe they would know. I knew I didn't want any part of such dealings. By the time the club closed down for the evening I'd made a little over four hundred dollars in tips, which I turned over to Spider. He handed me back a hundred dollars and kept all the rest. When we got back to the clubhouse at about three AM it was time for the after party. I was exhausted. Chef brought out some white powder she called Demon Dust, which was essentially ephedrine and amino acids that you snorted like cocaine. It combined perfectly legal stimulants, but since it was absorbed through the mucus membranes it was an instant rush. It probably had as much of a placebo effect as anything, but it got me going again. Some of the guys had their own white powder which they kept to themselves for obvious reasons. For me it was like doing a couple of those little bottles they sell at the counter of most convenience stores.

I was becoming more like one of the group all the time. I had now graduated into stripping and prostitution to help bring money into the club. The girls began to look at me a little differently. I was finally more than a walking cock socket. I was financially able to pull my own weight and contribute like everyone else contributed. I got so smashed that night I let one of the girls pierce my nipples. Fortunately she was sober enough to do it right. The party ended for me about five AM when Danny Boy tossed me over his should and took me up to his room. Party time was over. It was time to face the devil. I actually liked it when he rolled me over on my stomach and took me from behind. I could close my eyes and pretend it was anyone else.

I actually enjoyed working at the Snake Pit. I never had to drive so I could drink if I wanted too. Lap dances were the most fun because I got to tease the clients unmercifully. They all wanted more and usually some would pay the MC to get what they wanted. I had all the sex, alcohol and weed I wanted and I never paid for any of it; at least not directly. The Demon Dust scared me because I could see where that could become addictive. I just did my own thing and become more like the others with each passing day.

The highlight of the summer was, of course, Sturgis. It was a week long party with concerts, bike races, wet T shirt contests (I placed third), pole dance competitions (lost), burn out contests, massive group rides and everything you'd expect when 400,000 bikers show up in the same place. Everyone wore their colors and for the most part things were peaceful. Demons from other chapters came together and it was like a big family reunion with people who only saw each other once a year or so. I ended up making out with a young blonde from Iowa while the guys cheered us on. It never went further than kissing and stripping each other though, because once we were naked the guys all wanted their own private show. It didn't really matter what chapter you were with. Demon girls were there for demon guys.

My second day there I went to get a tattoo. I had been very reluctant to put anything permanent in my skin, but I wanted a reminder of Sturgis and it seemed to be appropriate. I got a red cherry complete with a stem and a green leaf. The place was packed, but when it was my turn I just slipped out of my micro shorts, hopped up on the table and had the man put it where my bikini bottoms would cover. I didn't HAVE to remove them, but by then I had learned to really enjoy putting on a show. I was safe. I ALWAYS had patched members around me who made damn sure that nobody touched me... unless they paid for the right. You wouldn't think with all the free sex to be had that anyone would pay for anything, but I paid for a hell of a lot of booze with $20 blowjobs.

Something happened at Sturgis that I didn't witness and nobody was willing to share with me. From what I overheard, somebody felt like they got cheated on a deal and wanted to get even. I don't know who was involved, but it wasn't our chapter. Still, about two weeks after we returned security started getting tighter. The Demons were now at odds with another MC that also had a chapter in Montgomery. We went into a partial lockdown. Nobody went anywhere alone. So far there hadn't been any violence but everyone was sure it was coming.

I woke with a start when I felt a piece of paper hit my face. Rolling over, I saw Danny Boy standing in front of me with his usual, pissed off look. The paper was a bus ticket. "Go home, Cherry," he said. "You don't belong here now."

I was devastated. What did he mean I didn't belong here? Hadn't I proved my worth? I tried to plead my case through my tears, but he told me it was a club decision. I knew he was the one behind it, but what could I do? Three hours later I was at the bus station, dreading having to go back to stay with my parents. I had nothing in common with their world any more. I hated Danny Boy for sending me away and I wasn't shy about telling him so. I had managed to save some money so I wasn't completely broke. When I got on the bus Danny shoved some more money in my purse. I had a little over a thousand dollars, but I no longer had my vest. Just like that, I was dumped back into the world I had been so happy to escape.

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