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Taking Action


It was time to take matters into her own hands. Sure, they'd all discussed it. Bev discussed it with, Roger, her husband of 18 years. He kept putting if off. He loved her and wanted Bev all to himself. She'd also discussed it with Don, her online friend with benefits. Don knew that Roger wasn't thrilled with the instant messaging but that he accepted it as Bev's outlet. But now Bev wanted both of them and wanted them now.

She liked to play submissive during sex games but outside the bedroom, Bev took charge. She was detailed and could plan a family vacation down to every meal reservation. But she'd been waiting for this get together long enough.

The kids were all away for the weekend. Their two daughters were sleeping over a friend's house and their son was camping. Bev asked Roger if they could take a run to the mountains for a special time away they so desperately needed. Bev had arranged to meet Don at a local restaurant near their mountain home. She'd just explain to Roger she needed to go out to get some groceries plus a surprise for him and sneak out to meet Don. Everything was in place.

When the arrived at the mountain home, Roger had work to do at the house like mow the lawn and open it up for the season. Perfect for Bev. She took a quick look in the mirror. She left her dark, shoulder length hair curly rather than straightened the way she new Don would like it. Shorts just short enough to show her long legs and snug red knit top just low enough to look inviting. High heeled sandals to give her legs an even a longer look. Roger liked this outfit and she was hopping Don would, too.

Off she went to the restaurant. Roger smiled after the long, sensual kiss good-bye and got right down to chores. He wanted to be showered and ready for some games the moment Bev returned.

The parking lot was filled given it was Friday. She told Don she would meet him at the bar of the local chain grill restaurant. Bev recognized him immediately, tall, broad and solid. Buzzed head with a little goatee. She could only imagine that if his cock was in the same shape as his frame she would be very pleased tonight. They had never really met. Although they have been chatting for almost a year, this was their first face-to-face encounter. Don turned to catch her twinkling eyes just has Bev's thoughts were on his dick. As if he could read her mind, Don's face brightened with a full grin. With butterflies in her stomach Bev approached him and offered a big hug along with a very welcoming kiss. Their tongues met and instantly the chemistry they shard online became real and physical. No more pleasuring oneself when the real thing was available.

She knew Roger had at least an hour of work and would need to shower for his anticipated time away from kids with his loving wife. This gave Bev the time it needed to get really acquainted with Don. After a glass of wine, Bev was relaxed enough to make her first suggestion by asking Don if he wanted to leave his car in the lot and take a ride with her. Not even thinking about it, Don left the money for the tab on the bar, slipped his hand over her ass, and guided Bev to the door. He knew she drove a full-sized conversion van from their chats and there was only one in the lot. So, as Bev found her keys, his hand continued to massage her buns. She went to the side door rather than the front and opened it to reveal the back seat already moved into the bed position. After shutting the drapes to the front seats and pulling down the blinds around the windows, they had necessary seclusion and began hard, hot kissing. Bev's tongue darted in and out of Don's mouth. The kissing alone had them both so hot, it was difficult to breath. Don's one hand moved from Bev's ass and around to take her breast. Immediately satisfied that the nipple came to attention, he squeezed harder. Bev made a humming sound as the kissing continued and brought her hand around to the front of Don's bulging jeans. Already hard, she knew Don had everything she dreamed of waiting for her inside is pants. Not able to control herself, she unbuckled his belt, undid his fly and released his magnificent hard, throbbing 7-inch cock. Bev always worshipped cocks, but Don's was amazing. As solid as his frame, his cock was beautifully wide. Having a small mouth, she worried she would not be able to deep throat him the way she'd been imaging for months.

Why wait to see what she was capable of when opportunity knocks, take advantage. She motioned for him Don to get on the bed and while doing so Don slipped out of his jeans and shirt. Before her was a delectable course to be taken slowly. Bev knelt at the side of the bed and took Don's hard prick into her hands. First she teased it and explored it with her hands. Traced its tip with her finger and played with his balls with the other hand. When Bev saw the first drops of precum, she knew it was time to use her mouth. First she licked the drops from the tip and brought her mouth over just the tip. With her tongue she licked the head, and then she licked the shaft from balls to head as if she had the world's best ice cream cone. But she had something much more sweet and delicious to feast on. Don was pumping up as she started to suck. Taking in the first inch or two while her mouth adjusted to the girth of Don's powerful organ. Don had anticipated this moment as long as Bev and had difficulty controlling himself as he fucked her mouth. Unable to stop himself, he grabbed her head and pushed it down. Gagging slightly Bev quickly adjusted to the king sized cock and started pumping as hard with her mouth as Don continued to hold her head and fuck her mouth. He knew he couldn't hold on and with one final thrust poured his load into her. With another 4 or 5 jerks he unloaded what seemed to Bev like a gallon of semen. She couldn't swallow it all and some dripped from her mouth. Moaning, she cleaned him thoroughly. Licking any of his cum that leaked out. She kissed his balls and head. She brought her head up and faced Don with a huge smile of triumph.

Bev was left thoroughly aroused by the blow job she just performed. Don wanted her to cum as hard as he just had. Bringing her up to him, and laying her over him, Don began to kiss her. Bev was squirming on top of Don. "I'm so horny, Don. Help me. I'm tired of using a vibrator as you . . .I want you to make me cum," Bev pleaded with him. Needing no more encouragement, Don flipped Bev over on the bed so she was on her back and started to undress her. He stared down at his new found prize. At 44 Bev wasn't in bad shape. Not model material but with a little belly that added to her being the real woman she just proved herself to be. He looked at her 38D chest and grabbed on one nipple as he began sucking on the other. He twisted her tit in his fingers and sucked hard causing Bev to buck underneath him. Her pussy was dripping as she begged him to go down on her.

Admiring the almost completely shaved pussy, Don's big grin returned to his face. He admired the little circle of dark hair right above the smooth opening to Bev's cunt. He put his hand down and quickly fingered her already soaked hole. Bringing his hand up to Bev's mouth, "lick your hot juices off my finger and taste how horny you really are." Bev sucked on his finger as she had on his cock a few minutes early causing Don's cock to become stiff again. He slipped his throbbing dick into her wet pussy and slowly pushed in and pulled it out again making Bev moan in frustration and left her bucking under him for more. "Fuck, me. Oh god, Don, Please fuck me," Bev whispered in his ear. Again, he put his hard rod into her and pulled in out slowly just to torment her. "Like that?" he asked sarcastically. "Hard, please, hard. Fuck me hard, Don. I need it. I need you," Bev begged in reply. With that ragged request, Don began pounding into her hot pussy. Ramming with all he had. Bev was gasping in response, meeting his every hard stroke, holding tightly to his ass as he rode her. "Oh god, oh god, oh god," was all she could say. Don had never had it so hot, so good, and so filled with lust before. For his every thrust, Bev gave back completely, wanting more. Finally she couldn't take it anymore, and with a cry of orgasm, "Don, don't stop, I'm cumming! Fill me with your cum; shoot it into me as I cum!" And he did shoot it into her; releasing everything that was left in him, filling her hole with his fluid. With his release came Bev's climax, pounding up towards him as she shook with her orgasm squeezing his cock hard inside her. Exhausted, Don couldn't hold himself up anymore and collapsed down on top of Bev.

At 5 foot 7 inches, no one had ever made Bev feel small. Don, however, at 6 foot completed covered her as a warm blanket. She couldn't move either. That round of excellent sex completely wiped Bev out. This was the sex that she had looked forward to for months. It was a first for her. She hadn't been with anyone since she started dating her now husband over 20 years ago. Don was worth the wait. And the best was yet to be. He didn't know Roger was with her and Roger certainly didn't know Don would be joining them for the night.

Slowly they both recovered. "Am I hurting you, Sweetie," Don asked after he finally had the energy to speak. "Mmmmm, I don't think so but my all nerve endings were just used up," Bev said huskily. "But I've got a surprise waiting for us. We'd better get going. I just couldn't wait 'til we got back to the house to have you for the first time. Hope you didn't mind." Her brown eyes twinkled with mischief.

They got themselves put back together. Don followed Bev to the Quick Mart, where she picked up a few essentials they needed. About two hours after she left her husband, she returned to Roger for her night of heated threesome sexual adventures.


When Bev's van and Don's car pulled up behind the summer house, the grounds were newly mowed and the house seemed quiet and serene. Walking over to Don as he got out of his car, Bev gave him another tempting kiss, flicking her tongue in and out of his mouth. "I have a surprise for you inside." Bev took his hand and guided him through the yard and into the house.

Much to their surprise, Roger was in the kitchen, with just his towel on from just coming out of the shower. Roger's hazel eyes glowered at Don as he stepped into the room. Bev was prepared for this moment knowing the two were at odds over her. "Hi, Sunshine. I told you I was getting a surprise for you. And I guess you've already figured out what or who is the surprise," she stated provocatively. "I also guess it's time for me to explain things, the way I see them."

Both men glared at her as if she were the golden prize about to be warred over. Roger, you know I love you more than life. And, Don, our chemistry was just proven to be more than virtual, but very real."

Roger rudely interrupted, "so you fucked her?" and started after Don. Bev stepped between them and closely stood in front of Roger; so close her tits were rubbing against his chest. "Yes, we fucked. It was wonderful. You knew I wanted him for months and you give me what I want most of the time."

Don feeling bewildered at this situation, complimented Roger, "yeah, we fucked. Right after she gave me the best blow job. You're one lucky sob. But let's get this straight, Bev arranged all of this --- not me. So chill out and let your wife speak."

Feeling the tension in the room between these two men Bev felt strongly about only made her want them both more. "OK, gentlemen. It's time for me to come first. Roger, it's not about having an affair and not wanting you. It's about expanding our love life. Don, you know I've wanted you so badly these past months and I want you to be part of our sexual growth. Let's all chill, relax and see where this night will go. Agreed? You two will do this for me, OK?"

Both men could put their animosity aside for one night, one night for Bev. "Can I get either of you a beer? I'm having some wine." Bev really needed something stronger but she'd have a few glasses of wine to regain her courage for the night. Going to the fridge, she got everyone their drinks and asked what they wanted for dinner. Similar grunts indicating whatever she wanted would be fine. Well, she was looking at the double course meal she wanted to eat alive. What better time then now. "I think my meal is in front of me to devour." Grabbing both their hands, she led them upstairs to the bedroom.

What she failed to realize was that Roger had gotten their toys out for his anticipated round of light bdsm with his willing wife. The cuffs were at the bed posts. The blind fold was near the pillows. The soft strung whip was out and the room was filled with lit scented candles. Two of her favorite butt plugs as well as her vibrator she used when chatting with Don where also on the bed. Oh, this was going to be a wonderful night. "It's time you get ready, slut," sneered Roger. "If were going to do this, we're going to do it right. Undress and get on the bed, my whore."

Don was in amazement. This woman who had made all these arrangements, who always seemed so strong willed was doing just what her husband had requested. Not a request but a command. Bev quickly got undressed and went to the bed, spread eagle and hands above her head and ready to be tied. And that's exactly what Roger did. He tied her arms to the upper posts and her legs to the bottom with the fur covered ties. Bev was completely exposed. Next he brought over the blindfold and fitted it over her head. Then Roger sat over her face and shoved his cock into her mouth. Bev sucked it like it was her salvation. Don stared over at this erotic scene as his cock started getting hard. "Is she always like this with you?"

"Whenever I want. However I want." She's my wife, my life, my love, my sunshine and my slut. You can watch or you can participate. She wants us both. She's right. I enjoy giving her what she likes. Maybe I will enjoy seeing her so pleasured." Roger was saying all this while his wife was licking on his hard dick. "First some guidelines – I'll just put a ball gag in her mouth to keep her quiet for a while."

Bev interrupted, "don't I get a say in the matter considering I put this party together?" Roger assured her he would handle the specifics as he put the ball gag around her head and ensured it was tight enough to hear Bev's moans but not tight enough to really harm her. Then he kissed her forehead and spoke directly to Don while still sitting on top of his slut wife.

"First nothing really rough like broken skin. She likes it rough so spanking is OK. The redder her ass, the harder she sucks. Plus her tits are really good for pinching and she likes them sucked hard." Bev was squirming under Roger as he continued. Her real fantasy is to DP. I prefer my slut's cunt. So that leaves you her tight ass. Just make sure she is ready. I've got the butt plugs to get her stretched and plenty of lubricant. This should be really good. We can just play it by ear, if you want to get started. Oh, and she is used to taking orders. You want her certain way, just tell her." Roger smiled at the conclusion of his guidelines.

Don was astounded, "you really are a lucky SOB, Rog. Can I have some of her mouth to get started?"

"Go right ahead, friend!" With a mutual goal in their minds, previous issues evaporated and the men began to enjoy Bev's game. Don removed the gag as he straddled Bev's neck. "Suck it, slut," he commanded. As he moved his hard thick rod into her mouth, Roger got the larger of the butt plugs, added lubricant and gently slid it into her tight wanting ass.

Roger knew she would be wet before he put his first finger in her glistening pussy. He put his head between her spread legs and began licking her pussy. He could taste the remnants of Don's previous cum in her. He reached under her ass and gave it a hard swat, making the plug feel like it was fucking her ass. "Next time you fuck him, ask first or you'll really be punished." He forcefully added another finger and then a third while Don fucked their shared slut.

Roger had been on target. The more forceful Roger was with her pussy the more she wanted of Don's throbbing rod. "Rim him the way you do me, Sunshine. Show him how dirty you really are." Don glanced at Roger who nodded his approval. Don brought his cock out at moved forward for Bev to lick his ass. Never having felt this before, Bev put Don into ecstasy. "Let's switch spots," he suggested to Roger after a few minutes of receiving oral pleasure to his ass.

"Untie her. She's ready for us both." Roger replied. As the men undid the ties binding Bev to the bed, she reached her head forward for Don's cock while raising her hips up for Roger. She cried out in disappointment as both Don's cock and Roger's fingers were removed from her body in order to untie her. "Be patient, Sunshine, your fantasies are about to come true," Roger smiled up to her. "Let me lay down first."

Roger laid down flat on this back as Bev slid his hard dick inside her pussy. Don reached below and removed the butt plug. Bev started pumping Roger when Don told her to hold still. He mounted the top of her and put his already saliva soaked cock into her tight ass. She cried out slightly as he entered her tight hole. But she couldn't hold still long. Soon she was being fucked by both her husband and her new lover. One fucking her cunt and the other her ass. The men could feel each other through the thin layer separating their hard cocks. They soon had a rhythm going while Bev was moaning in all her glory. She couldn't believe her fantasy was coming true. Her ass adjusted to the width of Don's cock and she was ready to explode. She could feel her husband getting ready to shoot his load and she knew she couldn't hold her orgasm much longer. "I'm going to fill your ass like I did your throat and pussy early," cried Don as he smacked her ass cheeks hard. Almost simultaneously she felt Don push hard and release his cum. She couldn't take it anymore and started cumming. Roger felt both of their climaxes and pumped his seed into his wife. Bev was in a state of utter sexual satisfaction.

The three of them rolled onto the bed wiped out. Bev was smiling contently in between Roger and Don, gloriously satisfied and making plans for her next adventure.

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